Where’s The Context? Confusing Images That Make Us Laugh But Make No Sense

By Anthony K

A picture speaks over a thousand words as it may communicate to a diverse audience. Some photos are easy to read and understand, while others may need closer scrutiny and more context. If the original poster doesn’t add captions, that simple action leaves massive room for correct and wrong interpretations.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – these out-of-context photos make for a good laugh because they’re simply hilarious.

This piece explores photos that need more context to communicate the intended meaning.

Bear Cab

Lots of people would run to safety if a taxi driver pulled up in town with a giant bear in the backseat. But the bear doesn’t seem to care about the humans; it is in awe of all the skyscrapers and the nightlife.

Source: ConfusingImages/Twitter

We have questions about their motive to visit the city and how the bear intends to survive in the concrete jungle. The driver seems less surprised; probably because they are longtime friends.

Park in the Sky

Cars should be parked specifically at designated points, or else drivers get parking tickets. This picture makes us uneasy as we seek answers on how the car got to that parking spot.

Source: ConfusingImages/Twitter

We’d appreciate clarification on how one can park like that. We’d also like to know the specifics on whether the car could fly to its reserved helipad. We can’t wait to see the driver moving the car back to the ground.

It’s a glitch

Source: ConfusingImages/Twitter

If you enjoy playing video games, you’ve probably had to deal with bugs and glitches. Open-world games are full of these glitches, like when cars start flying, or the ground just disappears from beneath your character’s feet. Well, we have no idea how that truck got stuck on the utility pole cables, but if we had to guess, we would say this was a glitch in the matrix. This picture is definitely intriguing and not knowing the context is driving us crazy!