When Construction Projects Go Completely Wrong!

By Anthony K

Construction requires advanced skills and accuracy to deliver the required result. Some projects may need to be more balanced and call for immediate corrections when executed by less skilled personnel. In some cases, these failed projects can be literally dangerous.

In other cases, they’re simply hilarious. Below are some shoddy buildings and repairs that will make you laugh like crazy!

More Glass Panes

Glass is fragile and could break when hit by tough and soft objects. You would expect an engineer to put up glasses in the most secure parts of the house. The image below is mostly an accident waiting to happen, as we know what would happen to the glass when the door opens.

Image Credits: typical.rykozhop

Before the owner could take any measures to protect the door, however, an oblivious person came around and smashed the door against the pipe. Safe to say that the owner was not too happy about this!

The Wires

Electricians may leave their workplaces so messy that other people would find them hard to navigate or comprehend. The image below shows a crowd of cables that intern engineers may find hard to navigate when making repairs.

Photo Credits: typical.rykozhop

Navigating the maze may give you a headache, especially for interns. We hope that future engineers shall find a way of navigating the maze to avoid causing more problems when making repairs and also to prevent any accidents!

Misaligned Lights

Lighting makes a room more beautiful with a unique touch. Engineers strive to make accurate installations with different patterns. Getting the pattern wrong may not prevent light from shining, but it will mess up the room’s beauty.

Image Credits: typical.rykozhop

The above flop features misaligned lights that will trigger anyone’s OCD. The installer may have been trying to get a specific pattern or install the lights in a straight line but delivered a different result. How do you even undo this whole mess?