Lost In Translation: 35+ Unexpected Encounters In A World Gone Astray

By Aileen D

There’s something comforting about things being where they ought to be. It’s like discovering your favorite pair of socks precisely where you left them or finding your coffee mug patiently waiting on the kitchen counter. It represents a logical order in a chaotic world, serving as a gentle reminder that, perhaps, some things do make sense after all.

But often, we stumble upon sights that make our jaws drop, of things that just don’t belong in the grand scheme of things. And this Facebook group has lots of pictures of things in places it shouldn’t be in. You would think that people would be uninterested but this group is pretty massive.

Guess people appreciate the reassurance that they are not alone in navigating this world’s chaos and illogical aspects. It is often preferable to find humor in such situations and make light of them!

With Her in Mind

What’s the deal with that hole in the baseball cap? Some folks insist it’s all about the style—purely decorative. Others argue it serves a practical purpose, providing a customizable fit. But here’s the real question: If the hole is in the front, do you think it still does the trick?

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

It turns out—especially ponytail-rocking women—have discovered a nifty trick. They can poke their long hair through that magical opening at the back. But hold on a second! If that hole were in the front, well, that’s when the chaos erupted!

For the Love of Seafood

There’s something magical about celebrating Christmas with a delectable seafood feast. While the classic holiday spread usually features roast turkey, turning the spotlight on seafood adds a charming and tasty twist to the festive table. It’s a delightful deviation that leaves taste buds dancing and brings a sprinkle of magic to the holiday season.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

For seafood lovers, Christmas becomes a joyous occasion where flavors from the ocean take center stage (literally). The aroma of freshly grilled shrimp, succulent lobster tails, or perfectly seared scallops fills the air, enticing everyone as they retrieve their gifts underneath the tree.

Pedestrian Cone, Please

When it comes to cones, we’re in for a delightful adventure that goes beyond ice cream alone. On one end of the spectrum, we have the sweet and frosty wonderland of ice cream cones. From dainty sugar cones to colossal waffle cones, they cradle frozen delights that are a pure bliss on a stick.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

On the other end of the cone spectrum, we find nature’s masterpiece—the mighty pine cone! These woodland wonders come in an array of earthy hues and boast textured patterns that make them the perfect companions to our ice cream scoops.

Difficult Exam

Exams can be daunting, no doubt about it. The pressure to perform, the weight of expectations, and the overwhelming flood of knowledge to recall—it’s enough to make anyone’s heart race. This student found himself on the teetering edge before the eruptive meltdown.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Defying gravity and common sense, there it was—a chair suspended from the ceiling, like a rebellious acrobat in a topsy-turvy circus act. Oh, if only academics were based on the strength of chair-throwing skills! Alas, our emotions soared to new heights during this moment of utter turmoil.

A Blow

When you think of bagpipes, what comes to mind? Perhaps a stirring Scottish tune or the image of a kilt-clad musician serenading a crowd with skillful mastery. But have you ever stopped to ponder what other purposes this bagpipe can serve?

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

The driver skillfully uses their arm to squeeze the bag, forcing air through various pipes and reeds, creating a harmonious blend of melodies. A delicate balance of muscle strength and finger dexterity breathes this tire to life, with music in the background.


Just when you thought you stumbled upon an ordinary stone, life throws you a delightful surprise! Take a closer look, and prepare to have your mind blown. Behold—a water pipe cleverly hidden within the contours of this seemingly unremarkable rock.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Why shape a water pipe to fit a stone? They could have just moved the thing. But they might have found the whole idea burdensome that they decided to spend hours more shaping these water pipes to overcome this monumental task.

Same Sentiment

We’ve got ourselves a captivating sticker that fearlessly shouts, “Legalize Marinara”! Now, we know what you’re thinking—absurd, right? Let’s dive deeper into this saucy mystery. Could it be clever wordplay or perhaps a playful message about the mighty combo of food, culture, and the freedom to explore alternative remedies?

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Marinara sauce, a beloved staple in Italian cuisine, holds a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide. Its rich tomato base infused with aromatic herbs and spices has the power to transport us to the sun-kissed Mediterranean shores. Sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

Taking A Dump

In the realm of coding and technology, creativity often knows no bounds. Programmers, known for their relentless pursuit of innovation, can be found in the most peculiar situations, driven solely by their passion for crafting lines of code.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

No wonder they call it the multiverse. There are levels and levels of security to get past as Toiletbowlcoder types away on his keyboard and looks deep into the bowels of his monitor. With messy hair, he hunches over his workstation.

Hanging By A Moment

Imagine walking into a bathroom and being greeted by an adorable sight that makes you smile. There, hanging on a towel rack, is a dog snugly wrapped in a towel. It licks its lips and then paddles with its limbs.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As you tiptoe closer, prepare to be enchanted by the dog’s utterly content expression. Those twinkling eyes reflect a delightful blend of comfort and curiosity as if it has stumbled upon the ultimate cozy hideaway. Behold the wonder of a towel that transforms into a furry friend’s hammock!

New Flavour

Imagine stepping into an ice cream parlor, eagerly anticipating the delightful flavors and sweet treats that await. But as you approach the counter, you notice something unexpected—perched on a waffle cone are two meticulously formed scoops of ground beef. Talk about a savory surprise in a sea of sugary delights!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As you observe the beefy scoops, you notice their rich aroma wafting through the air. The beef is seasoned to perfection, with spices and herbs dancing together in an irresistible blend. The sight of the cone, typically associated with sweet indulgences, now holds a savory surprise!

Look Inside

An old barn stands on a picturesque countryside farm, nestled among rolling hills and sprawling fields. Its weathered wooden exterior holds a rich history, echoing the memories of hard work and generations past. But if you look closer, you’ll notice something peculiar—a hole in the barn wall.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

What fills the void left by that absent entrance, you ask? A makeshift door ingeniously crafted from a repurposed toilet seat! As you gently push open this peculiar door, a world of wonders unveils before your eyes. The sights and sounds of the barn’s interior welcome you with open arms.


You’re out in the great outdoors, enjoying a sunny day filled with adventure. You reach into your bag and pull out a can of your favorite refreshing beverage, ready to quench your thirst. You pause and remember a crucial detail: you’ve just pampered yourself with a fabulous manicure.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

In a stroke of sheer brilliance, your eyes scan the surroundings, and behold! There it is, a trusty can opener—the very tool designed to crack open cans of delectable food. With a mischievous smile, you realize that this versatile gadget can also come to the rescue for your beverage.

During the Pandemic

Two neighbors live side by side. They long for connection and a shared experience, yearning for a way to bridge the gap between them. And then, an idea sparks—a picnic across the balconies, with a drawn table as their meeting point.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As they set up their respective sides of the table, anticipation fills the air. The neighbors prepare their favorite dishes, filling their plates with mouthwatering treats. They arrange their culinary masterpieces along the drawn table. Quite the daredevils, these two!

Marketing Campaign

You order a delicious pizza, piping hot and oozing with cheesy goodness. You eagerly open the box, ready to indulge in a tasty slice. But wait! What’s that? To your surprise, you find not only the usual toppings but actual dominos scattered across the pizza!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

You can’t help but chuckle as you examine the scene before you. Every domino rests in its place, forming an impeccable arrangement that appears meticulously planned and executed. It’s a sight that catches you off guard, and you can’t help but applaud Dominos for their brilliant marketing design.

Way to Work

This fashion-forward hen is sending a message. She’s showing us that safety doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. Even in the animal kingdom, there’s room for a touch of style and practicality with her high-visibility construction jacket. So strut your stuff, fashionable hen, and inspire us all!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Why on earth would a chicken need a high-visibility jacket? Well, this clever mother hen knows a thing or two about keeping her brood safe. With her vibrant jacket, she’s ensuring everyone can spot her from a mile away. Safety first, even for our feathered friends!

Exclusively For

As you stroll along the beach, relishing the refreshing salty breeze and the sound of crashing waves, your gaze fixates on the horizon. And there, amidst the vast expanse of the shoreline, you spot something quite remarkable—a water container purposefully set aside for the seagulls, or so you thought…

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

And then, out of nowhere, a seagull swoops down and lands gracefully next to the container. With a curious tilt of its head, it peers inside, seemingly aware that this water is meant for its kind. It’s a delightful sight, watching a seagull take a moment to quench its thirst.


Have you ever noticed how cats seem to have a knack for finding the most precarious perches? Take, for example, a bare tree with only the thinnest branches remaining. You’d think that would be the last place a cat would choose to lounge, right? Well, think again!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Imagine walking through a park on a crisp autumn day, and there it is—a solitary tree, its branches stripped of leaves, standing tall against the sky. And what catches your eye? These cats perched ever so delicately on the thinnest branches.

Biscuit Circuit

These ingenious individuals embarked on a mission to develop a sustainable circuit board that would be readily available in any store. They wanted to avoid the need for rigid materials like fiberglass or ceramics. They needed something that could withstand moderate heat without losing its structure.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

So they thought, why not use cookies? Shortbread or gingerbread fit the criteria perfectly, and more so, biscuits! Miniature electronic components like LEDs or small sensors can be carefully embedded using icing sugar or caramel. That’s certain to light anyone up!


A teddy bear’s face is a focal point, but not so for this toy company. The idea of a teddy bear with its face plastered on its body presents a playful twist, especially if you love to bodyslam the teddy bear all over the room.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Can you imagine the possibilities? You could have a bear with multiple faces scattered all over its soft form, or maybe one with an extra-large face that makes you go, “Aww!” This is a toy your nieces and nephews won’t want to mess with.

Be Careful or Else

You’re hanging out with your crew at the local skatepark. The sun is shining, and the sound of wheels grinding against concrete fills the air. It’s the perfect day for some sick tricks, but out of the corner of your eye, you spot something that stops you dead in your tracks.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

At first, you do a double-take, thinking maybe it’s just some kind of weird skate obstacle or art installation. But as you get closer, you realize it’s the real deal. A legit black coffin, telling you to be careful, or else…

Cross Over

You’re browsing through a collection of action figures and toys, searching for that perfect addition to your ever-growing collection. As you peruse the shelves, your eyes land on a package that catches your attention. It’s a Battlestar Galactica toy package.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

With a curious blend of confusion and intrigue, you pick up the box, inspecting it closely. The packaging appears genuine, with all the logos and details you’d expect from a Battlestar Galactica toy. But the toy inside—not what you’d expect. You find a Spider-Man action figure. Different multi-verse.


YYou embark on a bold mission driven by a desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Today, an audacious idea takes hold of your imagination: to ingeniously repurpose a microwave into a fully functional monitor. As you delve into this transformative project, you envision a convergence of technology and creativity that defies conventional norms.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

With determination in your eyes, you begin disassembling the microwave, carefully removing the components that no longer serve their original purpose. You marvel at the seamless transformation, the fusion of kitchen appliances, and technological innovation. And then it all explodes into shambles.

Dry Fit

You’re feeling the urge to engage in a friendly boxing match with your pals, but there’s just one problem—you forgot to bring your boxing gloves. And then, struck by a sudden idea, you notice a nearby pack of baby diapers.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

In a stroke of comic genius, you can’t resist the temptation to repurpose those fluffy, absorbent wonders as your impromptu boxing mittens. Who would have thought that baby diapers, known for their thickness and padding, could double as boxing gear? It’s time to put these innovative mittens to the test!


A bare tree stands before you, in all its quirky splendor, its branches gracefully swaying in the breeze. But lo and behold, instead of leaves or birds perched on its limbs, a riotous ensemble of fluorescent street cones has taken up residence, transforming the tree into a true fashion maverick.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Who wouldn’t burst out laughing at this conical spectacle? It takes sheer dedication to arrange all these cones without falling off the tree and unto the pavement. Who needs expensive ornaments and twinkling lights when you can have a tree like this?

What’s the Commotion

It’s a Saturday morning, and you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of a package. You’ve been anticipating the delivery of a brand-new canvas for your latest art project. As you anxiously peer out the window, you see the delivery person approaching, a determined look on their face.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

But wait, what’s this? Instead of gracefully placing your precious canvas in your hands, they swiftly shove it into the mailbox in the apartment basement. You can’t help but gasp in disbelief. Did they mistake your mailbox for a black hole?

Just How We Like It

Hold on to your sweet tooth because we’re about to embark on a delectable and slightly eccentric culinary adventure. Picture this: you find yourself at a whimsical dessert-themed party, and guess what? They’re serving your all-time favorite treat—(kink)! It’s a heavenly confectionery delight that tickles your taste buds with its scrumptiousness.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

There, before you, lies a table covered in a luscious array of chocolate drizzles, sliced fruits, and colorful sprinkles. But instead of plates or bowls, the centerpiece is a pair of feet artfully arranged to resemble a serving platter. Yes, you read that correctly—feet as a serving for dessert!

A Disaster

You’re standing in your kitchen, a mischievous grin spreading. In a moment of culinary madness, you decide to challenge the laws of kitchen appliances and push the boundaries of breakfast innovation. You take a toaster and, drumroll please, place it inside the microwave.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As you watch the toaster snugly fitting inside the microwave, you can’t help but wonder what kind of toasting magic might happen. Will the microwave’s electromagnetic waves and the toaster’s heating elements join forces to create the perfect golden toast?

Wash Her Up

You stumble upon a sight that leaves you questioning your sanity. Sitting innocently on the kitchen counter is a bottle of dishwashing liquid. But wait, what’s that inside? Oh, just a casual Barbie doll, having the time of her life, swimming in a sea of soap suds.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Barbie, the queen of fashion and glamour, decided to trade in her fashionable swimsuit for a dishwashing adventure. Who knew she had a hidden talent for diving into cleaning supplies? She is going full-on rub-a-dub-dub on this squeaky adventure! Watch out, dirty dishes, because Barbie is here.

the Good Old Days

You’re standing in a packed venue, the crowd buzzing with excitement and the music pulsating through your soul. Everyone around you is wielding their fancy smartphones, ready to capture the epic moments of the concert. But wait, what’s that you have in your hand?

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

We all know the legendary Nokia 3310, renowned for its durability and battery life that could outlast a marathon. It’s the Chuck Norris of the cellphone world, capable of surviving anything. Yet, here you are, amid a modern-day concert, feeling a bit defenseless without a way to capture the epic sights unfolding before your eyes.

Cleaning Em

You’re going about your day, grooving to your favorite tunes with your loyal AirPods comfortably nestled in your ears, when suddenly, an intense itch strikes both of your ear canals. You decide it’s that time of the year and throw them into the pan.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

You give them a cold rinse and shake the pan so that all the debris and the gunk will fall off the inner compartments. Then, place them onto a plate and leave them on the countertop to dry. Just like iPhones, they’re ip68, right?

Wild Ride

Get ready for a wacky adventure through furniture innovation and grocery store shenanigans. You kick off your slippers with a mischievous grin as you enter the living room. It’s time to experience the pinnacle of eccentricity and comfort as you position yourself to sit on this extraordinary living room chair.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Need to move it to a different spot in the room? No problem! Just give it a little push, and it glides effortlessly on its sturdy wheels. You’ll feel like you’re on a supermarket spree, except this time, you’re redecorating your living space.

Efficient Flushing System

You walk into the bathroom, fully prepared to answer nature’s call, but what awaits you is beyond your wildest imagination. A washing machine perched on top of the toilet bowl! Suddenly, that urge to relieve yourself disappears as you marvel at this eccentric design.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Why let all that precious water from the washing machine go to waste when we can give it a noble purpose? How about using it to flush the toilet? It’s the ultimate fusion of laundry day and bathroom business, a glorious display of efficiency!

Dutiful Boyfriend

You have a dutiful boyfriend who is always ready to lend a helping hand. One day, he surprises his tennis-loving girlfriend by making a slight adjustment to her game. Little does he know, his idea of a surprise involves replacing her trusty tennis racket with…

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

A frying pan! As this Redditor surveys the court, trying to process this unexpected turn of events, her fellow players can’t help but burst into laughter. She has a powerful backswing, but with this racket, she might just put a hole in her opponents’ rackets.

Needs More Picks

You’re sitting at a fancy restaurant, eagerly awaiting your delicious soup. But as the server sets it down in front of you, you notice something unexpected—there, floating gracefully in the soup, are not croutons or herbs but a dozen toothpicks.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

You notice that the chef may have underestimated the perfect prickliness in your soup, so you reach over the table, get the condiment bottle, and sprinkle some more toothpicks on your soup. Now that’s more like it, prickly, just like it should be!


As you stroll down the cleaning supplies aisle of your local store, something catches your eye. Against the wall, you spot a collection of mops adorned with vibrant and wacky-colored wigs as mopheads. Who would have thought cleaning tools could have such fabulous hair?

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

The world of mophead fashion knows no limits. You can switch it up with a fiery red wig, transforming your mop into a sassy and fierce cleaning companion. Or perhaps a sleek black wig, channeling your inner mysterious cleaner. The possibilities are endless.

Needs More Voltage

Get ready for a unique auditory experience that will have you tapping your toes and doing laundry at the same time. Nestle a speaker inside your trusty washing machine and listen to it blast out tunes as your clothes spin.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Say goodbye to the monotonous days of laundry chores with nothing but the sound of water swishing and machines humming in the background. With a speaker inside your washing machine, laundry time becomes a full-blown dance party. Get ready to show off your best dance moves while folding clothes and sorting socks.

Hold Tight

You’re on your daily commute, standing in a crowded subway car, desperately searching for something to hold onto to maintain your balance. But alas, the handrails are out of reach, and you find yourself longing for extra stability. Enter the plunger!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

That trusty tool typically reserved for unclogging drains has now become your secret weapon for subway stability. With a firm grip on the handle, you summon your inner superhero and confidently stick the plunger onto the subway ceiling. Voila! You now have a convenient handle within arm’s reach.

Nice Ride

You’re cruising down the road, feeling like a true car enthusiast, when suddenly you realize something is missing. It’s not the fancy rims or the turbocharged engine—it’s the lack of a sink faucet and handle on the front of your car!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

Forget about the standard BMW fixture; it’s time to make a splash with a car accessory that’s truly functional and unique. With a flick of the handle, water starts gushing out, and you’re suddenly equipped to douse passersby or give your car a quick rinse.

The Priest is a Player

Picture this: A priest standing at the pulpit, ready to deliver a sermon. Instead of the traditional Bible held in hand, this one-of-a-kind priest has a Nintendo console-shaped Bible holder, seamlessly blending the worlds of spirituality and gaming. As the congregation gazes in amusement, the priest skillfully presses buttons and scrolls through biblical passages on the built-in screen.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

It’s a moment where reverence meets retro gaming, reminding us that even the most sacred traditions can have a whimsical and unexpected side to them. Prepare to level up your spirituality with this delightful fusion of faith and pixelated nostalgia!


Imagine finding yourself in your guidance counselor’s office, where you enter with a hint of sheepishness and apprehension. Sitting on an incredibly uncomfortable chair, you brace yourself for the inevitable question: Why did you skip class? The anticipation builds, and the confession lingers on your lips, creating a mix of anxiety and awkwardness.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As you would expect, the number of kids in conflict with the law has reduced at this school (having to sit on a chair like that). It seems they’ve collectively realized that frequent trips to the guidance counselor’s office weren’t exactly a dream vacation destination.

Put Some Tape On It

You walk into the bathroom, ready to take care of business, and reach for some toilet paper. But instead of finding a fresh roll nestled in the toilet roll holder, you stumble upon something unexpected. Your friend really wants you out of the house.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

After that embarrassing mishap, you decide to handle all your nature-related business in the comfort and privacy of your own house. Thankfully, your friend takes note of the situation and steps up their game by replacing the infamous duct tape with a more pleasant alternative: soft-ply tissue rolls.

Wrong Fit

You’re strolling along the sandy shores of the beach, enjoying the sun, the surf, and the delightful sight of seagulls soaring overhead. But wait, what’s that? You spot a seagull sporting a rather unusual accessory among the flock of birds.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

It’s not that these webbed feet do not need shoes; it’s just that the beach is no place for them. Look at these spotless kicks left damp by the ocean water and ruined by the sand around it. This fit is totally impractical!


Step right up and behold the marvel that is the Pre-Plan Pizza Company! We’re not just your ordinary pizza joint. No, no! We believe in a future filled with both preparedness and scrumptious satisfaction. Guaranteed, we’ll give you a free pizza box as we discuss all the options at your disposal.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As we delve into the nitty-gritty of securing your future, we guarantee a free pizza box to keep you fueled and happy throughout the conversation. It’s like a delicious incentive for adulting or a means to hasten the availing of these options.

Must Buy Catnips

A cat stands in front of the machine, confidently withdrawing some cold, hard cash. That’s right, folks, this feline is rocking the financial world, one meow at a time! What do you think it’ll need that money for? Probably catnip!

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

As much as we’d love to believe that our feline friends have joined the ranks of the financially savvy, we all know this is just a whimsical figment of our imagination. Cats may be clever and mischievous, but handling money? It’s more likely to break into a bank!

Stationary Delight

Talk about a stationery delight! This pencil case will give you culinary gusto to finish your book or ace that exam. And with its spacious interior, you can even store packets upon packets of ketchup and mayonnaise! Buns sold separately.

Image courtesy of Things in Places It Shouldnt Be / Facebook

This offer gets even more enticing with a vibrant, bun-shaped bag sprinkled with sesame seeds! Imagine strolling around with this delightful accessory, making your stomach growl and causing your classmates to do hilarious double-takes. Get yours now for a dollar and fifty, free shipping!