Weird Things Some Families Do That Look Normal to Them

By Stephen M

Every family has a particular ritual or daily activities they follow religiously. These activities may be undocumented or unintentional; however, they are done on specific days or times. It could be daily morning prayers, eating a particular food on certain days, eating before brushing, or sleeping naked. Some Reddit users narrate some of the weird things their families do, which they thought were normal.

Father walking naked in the morning

“My father always walks around naked in the morning,” said a commenter. According to the poster, while enjoying Fruity Pebbles in the kitchen and minding your own business, then boom…, the naked dad with his thing would be stirring at you.

No Birthday Parties

Photo credit: Erik Mclean on unsplash

Another poster also revealed that there has never been a birthday party in the house. The birthday would be observed alright, but no parties. Nonetheless, he received toys and had some good meals, but no one was invited. Upon some investigation, he discovered that an ancestor died after celebrating his birthday, which became the family’s last birthday party.

Blowing air in each other’s mouth

We thought we’d seen it all until we read this comment. Meet the family that blows air into the mouth of any member who takes a hot bite. So, during dinner, when you take in a portion of hot food, the rest of the family would blow air into your mouth for it to cool.

Nothing is left off a chicken

Scientist says bones contain calcium and other minerals, so this family seems to be practicing what they’ve read. On his family’s weird stuff, this Redditor stated that the family leaves nothing when eating chicken. They chew everything, including the bone. As such, even at college, they would unconsciously pick bones left by other colleagues to finish it.

No top for girls

Girls in this Redditor’s family go topless until they start developing breasts. They sleep, swim, walk around, and do everything with no shirt on. They only wear a shirt when the breast starts developing.