Turkey Stalks Businessman: A Hilarious Battle Of Wills!

By Francis Tunwase

Today, we’ve got a tale of one man’s encounter with a persistent fowl. In this face-off of wills, it’s businessman Carrington Wentz against a turkey who just won’t take no for an answer.

Wentz was making his way to work when he noticed a turkey following him. At first, Wentz didn’t think much of it, assuming the bird would eventually wander off. But as he began to walk towards his office, the turkey started to follow him. And it didn’t just follow him for a few steps.

Source: @andersbk/Pexels

Oh no, this turkey was in it for the long haul.

Wentz tried to shoo the bird away, using his best non-gender-specific language. “Absolutely not. You’re done. No, ma’am… no sir. Whatever. I’m not gendering you,” he exclaimed, hoping to deter the persistent poultry. But the turkey wasn’t having it. It continued to follow him, getting closer and closer with each step.

Wentz couldn’t help but liken the situation to his own experience when work comes calling too close to the holidays. Like the turkey, work can be a persistent and unwelcome presence in one’s life. Despite his best efforts, the determined bird kept at it, further annoying Wentz. He even stopped to confront the bird, but nothing seemed to work.

Source: @tylerdonaghy/Unsplash

This turkey was on a mission, and nothing would stop it.

It simply proves that, occasionally, even the most determined opponents can’t be deterred. Whether it’s a turkey following you to work or work itself, sometimes you have to roll with the punches and embrace the unexpected.