Mama Nature Is Hungry: 40+ Images Of Trees Munching Random Objects

By Ayomitide F

With evidence such as hurricanes, typhoons, and earthquakes, everyone can testify that nature is a wild and unruly beast. Trying to find the answer to the billion-dollar question of why nature does all the things it does is almost impossible. It is simply because that is how nature is: beautiful and terrifying.

One of the strange phenomena of nature is its ability to devour everything around it. For example, trees are quite skilled at swallowing up everything in sight. However, why would trees devour objects? And how is it possible? These are very important questions we tend to ponder, but we, too, can get lost in the endless, senseless matrix. From our point of view, it is better to sit back and observe nature at work. Some of these pictures may terrify you with their ferociousness or fill you with wonder at nature’s theatrics; either way, they will astound you.

Forest Limits

Nothing spells out “Limits” like a tree gobbling up a sign. It is essentially a warning from nature and its guardians about coming any further. You don’t get any more warnings. Good job, nature. Only the daring or stupid would ignore this.

Just so you understand the memo, we are clearly past the days of the introverted Mother Nature. Nowadays, trees will just gobble up signs to show they are not playing. We can guarantee that this message is heard loud and clear.

Eat the Fence

In life, you have a couple of choices. You can either jump over the fence, sit on it or stand behind. Then there comes nature just eating up the fence. Looking closely at the image, it does seem like the tree was cut to provide space for the fence.

Either way, nature ends up winning. The carved eyes do grant a nice comical edge to the whole thing, but it won’t be so funny at night. Do not let those goofy eyes fool you; this tree will eat you up!

Consumer and Product

Growing pains can be both internal and external. Here, this abandoned ceramic pot is the unfortunate victim of this tree’s unstoppable growth. As nature consumes everything in its path, no pots or vessels are safe. Trees will always consume indiscriminately.

You can not help but wonder about the story behind this whole thing. The vessel was likely placed here for a while up to the point of neglect. This almost looks like it would be ripped from the pages of a fantasy novel.

Who got the Keys

Nature got the keys. Literally and figuratively. It should be clear now that there is no limit to what trees can eat up. Small, big, or medium, they are all just another dimension of products ready to be consumed for nature’s immaculate purposes.

The story behind this? Let’s say it was left there for safekeeping. And to whoever did keep the key in this safe location, they are certainly ahead of our time. The key is truly safe, locked, and insured by all laws of nature.

Socket in a tree

Digging deep to exploit the full force of nature has helped to advance society as we know it. Move aside wind turbines and solar energy; we have a new champion of energy resources. If this actually works, we won’t spend another dime on electrical bills.

Tapping from the source is always an excellent idea. All you need are trees, some determination, and a lot of sockets. Then voila, you are free from the matrix. You can go on to live your happy off-grid life surrounded by your energizer trees.

For the Kids

What could be a better sign holder than a tree? In this case, it is all about the kids. A tree with a sign alerting drivers and road users about kids on the road. Nature can be quite the wholesome force.

Thankfully, the tree is sensitive to the importance of that sign and only gobbles it moderately. You have to respect it, nature comes through in every which way, and this one just warms the heart even more. Way to go, Mother Nature!

Alabama Superjack

The chicken or the egg? Which came first? As puzzling as that question is, this picture is even more bemusing. Which came first between the barbed wire and the fence? The tree is a climbing plant known as Alabama Superjack.

Judging by the picture, it is very likely that the barbed wire was there first. Alabama Superjack is a member of the buckthorn family, which is a specie native to Northern and Central America. It is found in several habitats on the continent.


Trees have become casual habitats for all sorts of signs. However, they have also developed a reputation for just gobbling them up. Dangerous times for signs, if you ask us. In this risky abode, a sign is always at risk.

There are no in-betweens for signs on trees. They either survive, or they don’t. Although we cannot see the main part of this sign, the “Help” stands out very clearly. Help, what exactly? The tree? The kids? The country? Guess we’ll never know.

Nature’s way 

There are three certain things in life: death, taxes, and nature finding its way. No matter the form of nature in question, give it time, and it will find a way to burst through any barrier placed in front of it.

Image Credit: VerGuy/Reddit

If that requires bending over a wall, then so be it. In actuality, the wall in this picture was built by cutting through the tree trunk. However, that did not hinder the tree from growing and thriving. Nature really is weird and wonderful.

No Mercy

Nature can be without mercy or empathy. In this case, the tree has taken over a tombstone and refuses to give it back. The grave’s cross is long gone too, and warped into the tree trunk forever. No end in sight here.

The fact that the cross seems to be broken in half is incredibly ominous. It is quite likely that the tree grew around the grave instead of away from it and took the whole cross hostage in its wake. Creepy.

Oh Christmas Tree

Cutting into a tree to insert lights is not a bad idea. However, it is quite clear that nobody thinks about the tree’s ability to just swallow up all the cables. It does make for an incredible effect when the lights are lit up.

In fact, it looks like the light source comes from within the tree. All you need do is hang a mistletoe from one of the branches, and there you have it. Let’s see what happens when the tree gobbles up the light bulbs too.

The Muncher

Perhaps it is time for people to stop cutting into trees to make way for a fence. In this case, though, the outcome is kind of amusing. Parts of the tree were initially cut for the purpose of accommodating the fence.

Image Credit: soool93/Reddit

Afterward, the tree began to regrow in those parts, which provided the visual effect of “eating the fence.” With a great sprinkle of humor, a select portion of the tree was chiseled to make for a pair of googly eyes. A masterpiece.

Green Being

Nature truly doesn’t care. These trees are gobbling everything up. Statues, aliens, and humans; nothing is safe out here. Although it bears a likeness to a mythological oracle, what looks like a UFO in this tree is actually the statue of a green being.

This particular tree happened to grow around the statue and eventually consume it. Clearly, the Children of the Forest are livelier than ever. But rest assured, we are safe from this weeping angel for now. We can’t help but appreciate when nature and man-made art intersect.

Do Not Eat

We all know how unruly nature can be. This is greatly exemplified in a tree consuming a “do not eat” sign. Nature can be such a daredevil. This might just be a practical joke from a jokester. However, we can all agree that nature is the greatest jokester of all.

It seems we will have to find another way to stop trees. These instruction signs just don’t cut it for nature anymore. And quite clearly, they never have. Maybe, the sign should have been more specific. But we will never know if that would have helped at all.


Some things never change. Here, again, we have the familiar image of a tree gobbling up a sign. These signs must taste really delicious. Though, this particular sign looks like it was quite the mouthful. Despite that, the tree still managed to consume it whole.

The true test is trying to figure out what the sign says. It looks to be a speed sign. If it is, then nature really is the biggest practical joker. Now motorists will have no idea of the speed limit. We can’t imagine the number of speeding tickets that will arise from this.

Fence in a tree

Too many questions arise from this picture. But the biggest ones are about where the iron fence material came from and how it got stuck in a tree. From the little we can see, it seems the fence was built to encase the tree.

After seeing the other gobbling acts of trees, seeing a fence wrapped into and fully consumed by a tree is probably the most impressive of all. We would love to see what the inside of this tree looks like now.


There is no better natural pairing than trees with a swing in between. And why not? It is an incredible place for swinging and brings up nostalgic memories of childhood. As we already established, the combination of man-made utilities and trees makes a very wholesome combination.

Trees in nature are just perfect beings. But things become even more immaculate when humans use them for the purpose of everyday utilities. In the case of this swing, it creates an almost perfect scenario for relaxation and fairly nice swinging.

Ted 3

It seems this teddy bear is some sort of sacrifice to nature, especially when you consider the two other teddy bears ready to be consumed. Perhaps it’s something to keep the trees warm and cozy at night—they need love too.

This is a thoughtful gesture if you really think about it. Trees give us so much, so it’s nice that someone gave them a gift back. However, things can get really twisted at night when you have a mysterious stuffed animal peeking out of a tree.

Picket Pin

This picture speaks volumes about nature and the passage of time. Picket Pins date back to centuries past. Nowadays, they might be just for décor. Asides from its aesthetic value, the picket pin is more valuable for its actual uses, which go beyond hanging keys or twirling.

They were used during the Civil War to keep horses hooked and to keep them from wandering. In fact, a competently crafted and well-placed picket pin could hold two or more horses just based on the tree’s sheer sturdiness. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Tree Belt

What can we say? Even nature adores safety. This is simply a great reminder to always use your belts and helmets. Trees might be rooted in one spot, but even they don’t play around when it comes to safety measures and precautions.

And if even trees wear seatbelts, what excuse do we have? It would be quite interesting to know how a belt ended up in the tree trunk. But the message remains clear, belts are important. You’d do well to remember that.

Wheel of fortune

There is really no limit to what trees will do. Put a wheel there? They will just bend around it. You have got to admire the effort. Nothing stops nature except for nature itself, and even that is rare to see.

The phenomenon here occurs because the tree lacks foliage which allows it to twist and bend in any direction it wishes. It is certainly an amazing sight to see, especially for the person who has this right on their front lawn.

Red Ranger

At this point, we have seen trees eat just about everything. But even we are confused about what could have transpired here. In this picture, a whole bicycle was suspended 7 feet off the floor and got stuck right in the tree. This particular phenomenon is located in Vashon, Washington.

Many stories have been spun about it. In fact, this awe-inspiring exhibit has become immortalized in Berkeley Breathed’s children’s Christmas storybook, Red Ranger Came Calling. The book chronicles an unusual Christmas fantasy that revolves around the tale of the Red Ranger bicycle.

Poor Bike

This seems to be quite the trend among trees, gobbling everything that moves. What a jealous bunch trees are; we guess if they can’t move, then you can’t either. The balancing sense of nature is quite terrifying, to say the least.

On the other hand, this is a fantastic piece of art. Everything about it holds a pristine sense of aesthetic value. The mysteries and workings of it alone will spark an audience. You can donate your old bike to the nearest trees and watch the magic unfold.

Stronger and Fiercer

Cutting through trees to make space for a fence? Rookie mistake. Trees are the veterans of nature’s playing field. A fitting analogy for scenarios like these would be Joe Pesci’s Nicky in Casino. You better uproot them, or they will keep coming right back.

At the end of the day, it is good to see nature coming back against whatever odds stand in the way. Give it a few years, and that fence will be a part of the tree’s belly. But then, maybe that was the point all along.


We can all tell what a bad pitch is, especially when the ball goes way out of bounds to the neighboring trees. That Pitcher is definitely not on the Mets roster, but who knows; that might have been Jacob deGrom’s last bad pitch.

The person who threw this ball is clearly a future Cy Young Award winner. Watch this space. And there is no better catcher than some good ol’ trees. You may never get your ball back but be rest assured that trees are solid teammates for baseball.

Neighborhood friendly

Holding a bench for a bunch of strangers? What a polite tree this is. Once again, human ingenuity and nature’s awesomeness make an incredible team. We certainly need more of these everywhere. Sitting on this bench on a nice afternoon must be blissful.

Image Credit: thefabulousweirdtrotters/Reddit

The trees provide shade and an extra distorted backrest for the weary. The way the bench has been absorbed into the tree is just incredible. Sooner or later, there will likely be nothing left of the bench. Residents of this area should enjoy this bench while they can.

Trees need sight

There is really no blaming a tree for bossing up its sight game. In fact, we need more trees to gobble up eyeglasses. The fellow who dedicated his pair of glasses is truly a sweetheart. How considerate! We just hope he managed to get a new pair.

On the downside, the glasses are a sad pair with a broken frame and a missing lens. But it does not take anything away from the overall warm feeling. The trend continues; a tree gobbles up yet another unlikely item.


This list just keeps getting better. A tree gobbling up a stop sign is right on brand for the chaos of nature. There is an odd sense of poetic justice in this feature. Nothing insane, just a subtle hint that nature takes no orders.

We will certainly see trees gobble up more signs, but none will have the full circle sense that this one does. And, of course, this tree just doesn’t care about anything. Those poor motorists will have to be extra vigilant from now on. 


We have certainly seen a lot of strange things being swallowed up by trees, from tombstones to bicycles. But a tree with anchor chains? Who are these uncanny artists? This is incredible, nothing like what you would ever imagine. Truly one of a kind.

The chains fit right in like a branch. A great resting place for the rusted chains, and nothing looks out of place. This might be a bromance we never expected. In fact, it might just take the top spot for the most random thing devoured by a tree.


There are several theories one could think of about how a bottle managed to get lodged into a tree; however, none will give any satisfactory explanation. With a list like this one, you should already expect some more of nature’s insane antics.

Image Credit: [unknown user]/Reddit

Trees love it all and want it all. Whatever it may be, bottles are included. If you can guzzle a few bottles, why can’t’ a tree? If you ever see trees dancing in the wind, it could be because of a few bottles of Budweiser.

The Mailbox

In case you didn’t know, federal laws on mail privacy don’t apply to nature. As a matter of fact, a mailbox in a tree can become quite anxious because of expecting mail from college admissions, bills, checks, and the like.

This mailbox might just be another of nature’s attempts to communicate. It might want us to give the poor mailbox a break. Perhaps we should consider what the tree is trying to tell us and do away with delivered mail. Besides, emails are much more convenient.


We have seen all manner of things at this point. The most random things get consumed by trees, each more insane than the last. But who would have thought a tree would be the perfect pocket for a nice game of pool?

The downside is that this pocket never lets go. And after a while, the tree stump grows over it, rendering the ball another captive of nature’s insatiable belly. We can say it is in good company, right beside deGrom’s baseball from earlier.

Tree Cleaning

Here is an antithesis between nature and man. A moss-covered tree is gobbling up a sign that notifies the public about street cleaning. In all honesty, the doodle eyes are not quite convincing enough to convince the public to make way for street cleaning.

In any case, we still end up with another everyday art with a wide mouth and a consumed sign. You can’t be mad at that. The fact that the tree trunks spread out like arms makes this even more wholesome to see.

Another one

Trees and signs, what a wonderful love story. These tall, thick fellas just cannot keep their mouths off these signs and will keep gobbling them up. At the end of the day, it is their territory. What can you do?

Besides the obvious phenomenon of a tree swallowing this sign, we can’t ignore the sheer beauty of this tree and the others in the area. This schoolhouse dates back to the 19th century, and it is quite possible that the trees do too.

Prey and Predator

Oh, how the tables have turned. A tractor trapped in the thickness of trees. It is usually the other way around, with the tractor bulldozing the trees. It might be one in a million, but this tree has really avenged nature.

We might be putting too much thought into this, but there is a subtle sense of poetic justice in this image. The one thing that outlasts everything is nature, and these trees will be here for years unless we cut them down. This picture reveals the enduring spirit of nature.

Lamberton Lake

It is obvious people still don’t get the memo about trees and signs. Now, we can’t tell what the signs say, but the tree’s message is loud and clear. “Stop posting signs on me!” We would also be frustrated if strange kept sticking signs on our bodies.

But it’s good to see the residents of this town have learned their lesson and erected sign boards instead of nailing another set into the trees. It seems we are finally listening to what nature has been trying to tell us. It took years and years, but here we are. We love to see it.

Gone car

Parking your car in the nice shade of a tree and leaving it for a decade or more; what’s the worst that could happen? But it is not the burglars and scrapers you should be worried about. It is the trees that pose the real threat.

The car you left is now a property of nature, held captive by thick trunks and massive roots. Fair to say, trees need to grow, and this car was just in the way. It is best to leave this situation alone now. Nothing more can be done for this poor car.

Fuse box

Tapping into nature’s energy has gone far enough now. We have got wind turbines, dams, and a lot more. Trees are only reciprocating the gesture here. By consuming a fuse box or two, trees may learn why we love electricity so much. 

Nature is never far behind in catching on. Consuming electricity might just become a newfound hobby for these trees. It is probably best to avoid leaving any computers around, or trees may figure out how to rule the world and make us all their slaves.

Natural Cleaning

Another product of man-made art, nature, and a sprinkle of neglect. We already know better than to ask questions about why, when, or how. All we can do is admire this totally random exhibit. However, it is quite okay to wonder who uses this sink.

This fits right into a Walking Dead episode. Anyone would be grossly uncomfortable when they come across this, but what do you know? There may be some upsides to it. For now, it fits into our archive of strange things in nature.

The Forest King

Whoever the Forest King was, rest assured a tree has now put a claim to the throne by sitting on his grave. This is nature at its most unruly and condescending. A tree just happened to rest on a claimant’s tombstone. Brutal.

Who could the “Forest King” be? A bear, lion, or man. It doesn’t matter, really; nature has had its final say. There is only one true master of this kingdom, and we must say Mother Nature is one stunning Queen.

Camera in a Tree

There are so many angles to this one. This was probably another case of safekeeping. However, someone might have genuinely decided to take an up-close picture and happened to leave the camera in the tree. We wonder what we would see if we developed the film.

Image Credit: KwLdLMm/Imgur

It is still unfathomable to see how the camera became part of this tree, but the truth is that we’ll never know, so we might as well go wild with the theories. This is an odd piece of art. It is like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Red Ranger 2

Nature definitely appreciates the gifts that keep giving. A bicycle, a motorbike, cars, and tractors. Whatever you give it, nature takes. However, in many cases, nature will also take what you don’t give it. So be careful where you leave your stuff.

This particular tree has a haunted sense to it, and it seems like the rusted metal has spent forever in there. Which story sounds plausible: a young tying his bicycle to the tree before heading to war or the tree being enchanted by a witch to hold the bicycle captive?

Park bench

Another exhibit of neighbor-friendly utility made from human ingenuity with the gracious help of trees and their eating frenzy. Sitting on a tree bench gets infinitely better when it is literally in a tree. The wooden bench is returning to its original home. How sweet.

From another point of view, the bench does look very uncomfortable. Your back is sure to have a hard time, too, with no backrests. However, the opportunity to sit on a bench in between two trunks is hard to pass on.

Tree hydrant

There is no end to the possibility of what nature can gobble up. It is no secret that trees need a steady supply of water. But eating a whole fire hydrant? Who would have thought? Another calculated move by nature.

There is a very mutually beneficial relationship here; the tree gets a constant water supply while providing cover for the hydrants and whoever else needs it. Dogs would love this setup. A tree and a fire hydrant? Can you think of anything better?

Forest Night Lights

After erecting a light pole right next to a couple of trees and neglecting it for a couple of years, you can’t really expect anything other than what is going on here. Despite the chaos of this image, it does look quite aesthetically pleasing.

Just when you think you have seen it all, we see this. With all the random things eaten by trees, a street lamp is quite unexpected. Once again, the randomness of nature and neglected man-made objects combine for another work of art.


Talk about environmental protection. Nature is leading the charge here, showing us how to do it right by just gobbling the cans. Of course, this is not an excuse for you to throw your cans in the woods. Proper disposal and recycling are very important.

It is great that nature has taken it upon itself to start cleaning up the forest. We just hope that nature doesn’t see us as a mess to be cleaned up, or we might all end up in the belly of a tree. Well, if that is our fate, then we can think of worse ways to go.