Top Songs About Bad Luck In Life

By Anthony K

For a long time, days like Friday the 13th have been associated with bad luck and misfortunes that may affect any person. Several artists have used their art to express the source of bad luck, types of bad luck, and the plight of folks experiencing bad luck. This list highlights four top records based on the idea of bad luck.

Songs About Bad Luck for Every Music Lover

Irrespective of your preferred genre, consider this list if you feel lousy luck is hot on your heels.

1. The Damned – Billy Bad Breaks (1981)

The song dropped on the Friday 13th of November, 1981, as part of the Friday 13th EP. It features the story of an unlucky fellow with a moniker suggesting that he’s best avoided, owing to his continuous mistakes. More than two decades later, the lyrics of the songs are still relevant and ideal for an audience of different age groups.

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2. Devildriver – Unlucky 13 (2005)

Unlucky 13 highlights different superstitions like breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, throwing salt over one’s shoulder, and knocking on wood. The song may have left out the idea of holding one’s breath in cemeteries and black cats. Being part of the Freemasons, one would not expect Dez to subscribe to superstitious beliefs.

3. Jimi Hendrix – Mr. Bad Luck (2010)

Jimi Hendrix is renowned as one of the greatest musicians and instrumentalists with a unique guitar mastery. In “Mr. Bad Luck,” Jimi Hendrix identifies the possibility of a character (Mr. Bad Luck) stealing his chances of happiness. He died in 1970, but the album, Valleys of Neptune, dropped in 2010, cementing proof of his unique creativity and artistic role in highlighting real-life issues.

4. Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreaks – Born to Lose (1977)

A positive attitude towards life is an essential ingredient that can help you manage challenging situations. The song’s title suggests that some individuals are born to lose no matter the efforts and hunger for positive results. Following the unfortunate death of Johnny Thunders and Jerry Nolan in months, one may conclude that lousy luck was always hot on their heels.

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This list has introduced four songs focusing on the idea of bad luck and how to deal with superstitious beliefs. Other notable mentions include Anvil’s “This Is Thirteen,” Glasseater’s “7 Years Bad Luck,” Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Good Luck Bad Luck,” Social Distortion’s “Bad Luck,” and Cream’s “Born Under A Bad Sign.”