TicToker Takes Fans Through Some Weird Food Cravings Of Pregnant Women

By Stephen M

Pregnancy is a serious journey full of complications, mood swings, body changes, and cravings. As the body changes, the hormones also reciprocate; hence, causing several cravings in pregnant women. Some of the things they crave are absolutely weird and unimaginable. So, Tickoker, @miachalliner decided to try some of them out. As she tested some of the cravings, her facial reactions were evident that some didn’t go down well.

Mustard and Brownie

Photo credit: TikTok | @miachalliner

From this picture, you can tell that Mia had a “taste shock” as she tried this spicy mustard and brownie. The look of her face speaks volumes, and she obviously found it difficult to swallow the portion. I bet she doesn’t like spicy foods.

Ketchup and ice

She followed it with ketchup and ice, and in the video, you can see that it didn’t well. Her facial expression says it all.

Banana and honey

Photo credit: TikTok | @miachalliner

Even before she took it, you can see she doesn’t really trust it would go down well. Well, looks like this was the opposite after the first bite. But, strangely, it seems like she didn’t peel the banana; who does that? Maybe, that is what pregnant women do.


It wasn’t surprising to know that some pregnant women crave flour as some of them do eat sand. However, the fact that Mia tried it is the shocking side. Why should you eat raw flour? Well, it looks like this was the weirdest craving she tried.

Toast and ice cream

Photo credit: TikTok | @miachalliner

This craving was likely the best throughout the experiment. The smile on her face confirms that the pair made a great combination. We should all possibly try this one out.

What were your weirdest craves during pregnancy? Share it with us in the comment section.