Three One-In-A-Million Thrift Store Finds

By Stephen M

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. As you decide to throw your old things away, another person is waiting patiently to lay their hands on them. Thrift shops, flea markets, and garage sales have cropped up all over in order to facilitate this process. The clothing, items, artifacts, or gargets you think are old-fashioned or of no use become another person’s prized asset.

In thrift shops or any second-hand sales, you can find something you’ve been searching for for decades at an affordable price. This debunks the belief that you can only find junks in thrift shops, yard sales, etc. As such, many people purposely visit these places expecting to find something they’ve been looking for for so long. Others are also lucky to come across goodies they never expected.

We’ve taken the time to compile some of the best finds in thrift stores.

Dream wedding dress at a cheap price

This woman found a brand new wedding dress donated by a boutique at a charity shop. She bought the dress, originally priced at £1595, for a cool £25, all thanks to her friend who guided her to the store.

Photo credit: dollymoo/Reddit

What a coincidence

Amazingly, this guy found his look-alike painting in a thrift store. If this is not a treasure, what is?

Photo credit: p1zzaforbreakfast/Reddit

Make it rain

A used purse collector found money inside of the old purse she purchased from a thrift store. The purse was what she was after, but a little cash on top never hurt anyone.

Photo credit: bluemavis/Reddit

Maybe at your next thrift store visit, you’ll make a discovery that will get you added to this list. It’s all a question of patience and persistence.