The Trivial Things Couples Do Which Makes Marriage Look Like A Joke

By Stephen M

Marriage is a serious commitment and more of a lifetime decision. Before marriage, you need to be convinced that your partner is someone you love, trust, and can spend the rest of your life with. So, we mostly see newlyweds full of joy and sharing hearty smiles all around. At that time, the belief is that they’ve found their lifetime companion to share their happiness and sorrow with.

Interestingly, after marriage, you realize that things aren’t as serious as they seemed. Couples mostly find themselves caught arguing, jealous, or being serious over trivial things, you could never imagine.

Image: lab 38 / Shutterstock

Who sleeps first?

Imagine being with your partner, and all of a sudden they’ve gone off. Oh, yes, they are fast asleep leaving you alone to struggle through the night. You become very jealous and wish you could distract their sleep.

Eating habits

During courtship, you try to find out many things about your partner and their family. But until you’ve lived together for a long time, you wouldn’t know their eating habit or may not even bother to ask. So, when they appear to have a strong appetite for food than you do, you wished you knew.

Trivial wars

I once met a couple fighting over why the other didn’t use a discount couple they gave them. Who does that? Always bear in mind to use that coupon; else, there will be a fire on the mountain. They believe it brings the cost down to save money.

The snoring diary

We all know how it is to endure a snoring partner. It even becomes more annoying, when you want to have a good sleep after a tiring day, then boom, the snoring begins. At this point, all you think about is choking your partner. But no, all you can do is to cover the ears with a pillow.

Messing up after a cleanup

Can you honestly take it lightly when after a long tiring day of cleaning, your husband comes to dirty and mess up the place? This is going to be a Tom and Jerry affair. And this time the Tom (wife) would want to revenge at all cost.

The TV remote war

For peace of mind, get two TVs, otherwise, be ready for unending wars. Husband wants to enjoy the crucial football match while you can’t also forgo that weekly fashion show. So what do you do? The argument and blackmailing start, and probably you would have to end up turning off the TV set.