The Most Popular Forms Of Laughter 

By Francis Tunwase

They say laughter is the best medicine. And whoever you are, it’s safe to say that there are certain things that bind us all together – the desire to laugh and have a good time is definitely one of them. 

Source: @omarlopez1/Unsplash

Interestingly, though, the dynamics of laughter can be quite interesting to watch. For instance, researchers have stated that humans are more likely to laugh in social settings than they are to laugh while they’re alone. Essentially, you have a higher propensity to laugh when taking in a comedy movie with your friends than you are when watching it alone. 

Besides the social nature of laughter, it is also interesting to note that, sometimes, humans tend to laugh even when no one’s been telling a joke. That begs the question – what types of laughs are there? Well, here are a few notable ones.

Etiquette Laughter

Over the years, laughter has evolved into a tool used to show etiquette and politeness. From laughing at something your boss says to laughing at someone just so they can help you with something, etiquette laughter is everywhere. 

Contagious Laughter

We’ve all been in that situation – someone in your friend group tells a joke, then another person laughs, and another person laughs. Soon enough, you’re all bending over in laughter. 

Source: @priscilladupreez/Unsplash

Sometimes, the joke itself might not be funny, but just seeing others laugh can cause you to do the same, and that’s contagious laughter.

Nervous Laughter

Do you know that laugh you give when you’re supposed to start a presentation at work but are too nervous to remember your opening line? Yeah, that’s the nervous laughter. 

Belly Laughter

Arguably the most honest form of laughter, the belly laughter comes straight out of your stomach and has you literally gasping for air. But, in order for this to happen, you need to find something that’s genuinely hilarious. 

Source: @stormygayle/Unsplash

Silent Laughter

In this scenario, you genuinely want to laugh out loud, but you can’t. Maybe you’re in the office; maybe you’re at the cinema, or maybe even in a public bathroom. We’ve all experienced that moment when someone says something funny, but you need to swallow your laughter, or else you’ll get the side eye from everyone else.