The Disappearing Milk Trick: Dad Pranks His Kid

By Francis Tunwase

Welcome to the wacky world of parenting!

Source: @lzzbest/Unsplash

Our stars today are a clever dad, an unsuspecting kid, and a missing bowl of milk. With an onscreen bowl of milk and a straw at hand, this dad turns a scene from a Tom and Jerry episode titled “The Invisible Mouse” from 1947 into a hilarious practical joke that will have you giggling in no time.

The scene in question features Tom the cat’s milk disappearing right in front of him as if someone sucked it away, only to have it blown back in his face moments later. But this time, the father had a trick up his sleeve. He placed a straw on the screen, pretending to drink the milk as if he was the one behind the prank.

His son was in awe, completely convinced that his dad had the power to suck milk from a screen.

Source: @enginakyurt/Unsplash

This prank has been done several times in different iterations, but there’s something special about a father passing down his playful spirit to his son. It’s a moment that they will both cherish for years to come, and who knows, maybe one day, the son will recreate this scene for his own children.

So the next time you watch Tom and Jerry, watch out for the disappearing milk prank. You never know who might be inspired to create their mischievous adventures!