Taiwanese-American Artist Portrays Animals In Human Situations

By Stephen M

Have you ever imagined how animals would act if they were humans? How would they dress and look when going to work, on vacation, swimming, on business trips, doing some dance moves, or engaging in sporting activities?

Well, Taiwanese American artist, Lucia Heffernan, has made this simple for all of us. She paints animals in human situations and you can’t imagine how cute and wonderful they look.

Lucia’s Instagram claims that her ultimate goal is to take her fascination with animals and give them a voice and a personality through painting. With about 152,000 Instagram followers, Lucia thrills her followers with amazing artwork that put smiles on their faces. So, to also put a smile on your face, we have curated some of her amazing creations for your viewing pleasure.

The yoga chick

The inspiration for this painting, according to the artist, is her workout morning workout routine, which includes the dreaded side plank.

Photo credit: luciaheffernan/Instagram

Let’s have a rollercoaster moment

Photo credit: luciaheffernan/Instagram

Did you think you were the only one who enjoys rollercoasters? Well, these dogs would have felt the same if they were human.


Join me at the boxing gym for some high kicks and punches. Catch you there, and don’t forget your gloves.

Photo credit: luciaheffernan/Instagram

Choosing the best dress

It’s a conundrum perhaps as old as civilization itself: What to wear?

Photo credit: luciaheffernan/Instagram

You can enjoy more of these at Lucia’s Instagram page @luciaheffernan and show some love.