No Going Back Now: 35 Hilarious Tattoo Fails That People Will Regret For A Long Time

By Farah J

All over the world, we hear criticizing comments and opinions on tattoos or the idea of getting them. It’s usually the permanence of it that freaks people out. They tell you to get something inspiring inked that you can’t ever regret or does not look weird when you age and your skin sulks.

If you have ever noticed, these opinions mostly come from people whose skin is like a blank canvas. So, usually, you ignore them, dip yourself in ink, and rise as art. Well, that’s what the expectations are every time you enter a tattoo salon. It’s a fingers-crossed situation!

However, there is always a chance of reality throwing us off the cliff! For example, these people shared their regretful tattoos that will make you cringe, question their sanity, or laugh your butts off! So, here’s a list of the best of the worst tattoos that “artists” inked!

A good save 

We cannot stress this enough: all tattoo artists are not “artists”! Their art may be unique, but when it comes to permanently inking someone’s skin, those “artists” should stick to pencil and paper instead of tattoo ink. And this is why.

Image Source: anywhereplease / Reddit / saraloutattoo

This guy found his savior in the form of a tattoo artist. Before the prior artist could ruin his quite remarkable tattoo design expectation, the savior artist swooped in and took the matter – tools, in this case – into his own hands. An amazing save it was!

Believe in your (drunk) self 

Getting tattoos when you are drunk is listed as one of the top times for people barging into the tattoo shop. Suffice it to say that drunken tattoos are the most regretful ones, too. But we all know there is a certain difference between drunk tattoos and those you get when you’re sober.

Image Source: Deleted User / Reddit

While drunk tattoos are regretful, they may turn out pretty cute too. Let’s just say we find this guy’s tattoo less awful and more swoon-worthy. This guy did believe in himself; give him a break! Although, we are sure no one, not even this guy, would get this tattoo if he were sane.

Mother knows best! 

You know that your mother knows best. When you are young, your mother’s suggestions are not always in line with your wants. Yet you always want to ask for her opinion on everything you wish to do, whether you will take them or not. 

Image Source: FourSeasonsMoving / Reddit

For example, this guy asked his mother for a tattoo suggestion. He took his mother’s advice way too seriously. It is so ridiculous getting that permanently inked on your skin that it’s hilarious! Looking at the bright side, a part of his mother is literally stuck with him forever!

Depressed rat-atouille 

When you are related to an amateur tattoo artist, you try to be as supportive as possible. You admire their skills and boost them to do better. Even if it means sacrificing yourself for their good, you do it, especially when you are in an intimate relationship with them!

Image Source: Chemo55 / Reddit

Look at this guy’s bravery – we mean supportiveness for his girlfriend’s passion. He became the canvas for her paintbrush. Well, if the girlfriend was aiming for a depressed Remy from Ratatouille, she did a pretty great job! She could’ve practiced on a patch of fake skin, but…oh, well.

A wolf and a badger 

This is a universal, unspoken thing among the tattoo-loving community: wolf art. And not for a bad reason either; these animals are a symbol of strength, supernatural powers, loyalty, grace, and intelligence. And wolf tattoos look pretty beautiful as well!

Image Source: MischievousDoodle / Reddit

Apparently, this guy thought so, too. Except, his luck, as well as the tattoo artist, did him dirty. The “art” on his skin looks nothing like what he expected. It seems like the other wolf somehow transformed into a badger or something like that! It makes us feel sorry for the poor guy.


This is a perfect example of “copyright-free” work. When we try to copy someone else’s work under our name, issues like copyrighting arise. This tattoo artist made sure that his name remained free of such accusations. Who cares if spellings are wrong?

Image Source: elizabubblehead / Reddit

Well, apparently, lots of people mind if their skin is permanently inked with the slogan “nothing else mattress” instead of “nothing else matters.” And let’s not talk about the times when someone’s favorite band’s name is misspelled; it feels like a crime!

It’s an abstract 

You know how people call their “art” abstract when they don’t even know what they are doing and try to come off as an “artist” to others? This tattoo artist is an inspiration to all of those people. Possibly, it could be the client’s idea, so we aren’t sure whom to judge here.

Image Source: mossvd / Reddit

This is it; this tattoo takes the trophy for the worst tattoo ever. This looks like this guy tried to print his children’s drawing on his body – look at the little pony, the handwriting. We hope we are right. If so, he could’ve at least asked the tattoo artist to make him look like a “cool dad.”


It should be a crime to mess up wolf tattoo art on someone’s skin. Suppose you don’t know how to print the inspiration art onto the skin exactly like it is. In that case, you should just say so instead of putting the person in pain for no reason and permanently ruining their skin.

Image Source: Mjestik / Reddit

For example, this Bambi-like animal on the skin was initially supposed to be a wolf. And now it looks like a mad, drunk, and violent Bambi with anger issues. Our guts are convulsing at the sight of this tragedy. Lord, save people from whoever did this!

Pirate Pikachu 

When the tattoo of your favorite character on television looks deranged and horrific on your skin, it’s an awful feeling. The cherry on top is when the tattoo artist messes it up even further, and you have to suggest an alternative development in surrender. 

Image Source: crazyhawk44 / Reddit

This guy had the worst of all. His Pikachu looks like he’s had too much rum from the drums on a pirate ship. The eye patch isn’t helping the case, either. Well, at least it is better than a messed-up eye! We don’t know whom to pity more: this guy or the Pikachu.

Skin tumor 

We are guessing this is what a skin tumor looks like on someone’s skin. The tattoo artist indeed managed to get every single detail right. The tumor is so on point it is making our insides cringe and revolt with bile.

Image Source: Important-Stomach406 / reddit

What was this guy even thinking? We are just as confused as you are. This tattoo looks like someone with severe seizures was handed the inking machine and this guy’s face. That, or this guy wanted an abstract art for you-know-what inked on his face.

Is that Timon? 

It is frustrating when the tattoo you are getting inked on your body turns out pretty great, and the artist suddenly gets artist’s block in the middle of it. Your whole thing goes from five to one in a second. To us, it is unbearably frustrating.

Image Source: QuesoDino / Reddit

For example, this tattoo looks as if the artist got artist’s block right when he reached Timon. The poor character appears to be more like a stick figure than a wholesome meerkat in Lion King. Well, we are glad that at least he got the same moves! 

Insidious, Chapter 300 

This is what happens when your tattoo artist is psychotic. This guy possibly asked the artist to “bring out the madness within,” and he took the instructions way too literally. This quite obviously shows that the artist was probably having a psychotic episode when he created this.

Image Source: fliminglaps / Reddit

Either that or the guy brought his child’s drawing as the inspiration for his tattoo. We are unable to decide which is worse. If the latter is true, the guy needs to get his kid checked up because this art looks like another chapter of the movie series called Insidious.

Circle master

Drawing a perfect circle on the first try is not everyone’s cup of tea. But when you get several attempts for it, there are high chances of you getting at least one of them right. Especially if you claim to be an artist, everyone expects you to be good at drawing circles.

Image Source: missbooie / Reddit

Well, we guess not all artists try to exceed someone’s expectations and prefer doing things their way. Yes, we are taking this tattoo artist as an example in this case: they had nine attempts to make a perfect circle for the moon, and not one looks like a perfect circle!

Wolf to quokka transformation 

Here’s another example that supports our theory of a tattoo-loving community going for the wolf art printed on their skin. It’s incredible how all the wolf art designs for tattoos are so realistic, and the range almost seems endless. If only all tattoo artists could draw a wolf, too.

Image Source: the_misfit_123 / Reddit

This wolf looks more like a quokka than a wolf. We can’t decide if the quokka transformation is cute or if it’s the absence of a wolf in this case. Either way, this is a tattoo that this person will regret forever. Let’s hope she can find another artist to help fix this.

A slow learner 

Now, here we have an indecisive, slow learner. Printing your partner’s name on your skin is said to be one of the most romantic things, as it expresses your loyalty and commitment to the person. Plus, it shows how you are ready to take any amount of pain for them.

Image Source: humblepieone / Reddit

Except, this person can’t decide whom they are committed to! First, it was someone named Megan who had their heart and soul. Along came Hollie, who altered this person’s mind. The guy is undoubtedly a slow learner with possible attachment issues.

Wall of regrets 

People do lots of stupid things and generously make ridiculous decisions when they are drunk. Some people make a “tradition” of doing a specific thing whenever they get high. They do it thinking that they won’t ever regret them. Getting tattoos is one of them, and their bodies show that.

Image Source: Bri_Cox2018 / Reddit

This person fits the context: his arm contains a tattoo for each time he enters a tattoo shop after drinking. All of this wasn’t printed at one moment, so it makes this “wall of regrets” look pretty cool. But one glance on his arm without knowing behind the scenes can make you cringe!


How can they call this…thing ‘Franklin’ when it is clearly Frankenstein! They got the wrong ‘Frank,’ pals. Even Franklin, whom they tried to draw, would be rolling in his grave after witnessing this humiliation and horridness. Please, someone cover this up with the real Frankenstein!

Image Source: ananonymousbear / Reddit

We find it so confusing that tattoo artists agree so confidently to make a replica of the inspiration art you show them and then proceed to put you in pain for the rest of your life. Imagine the level of pain this guy went through for this horrific tattoo!

Look into my nip- eyes! 

They say that love makes you do crazy things. They also say that ignorance is bliss. If we did not believe them before, we do now. We were doing so well with ignorance; when we didn’t have the pleasure of getting our eyes burnt at the sight of this idiocy! (Pun intended)

Image Source: skylane890 / Reddit / tavarezaleee / TikTok

This person willingly got his chest printed like his partner’s eyes just because they are pretty. Well, they certainly don’t look pretty on his chest! Not to mention the size of the eyes. It feels like a curse calling you towards your doom, “look into my nip – sorry, eyes.” We are doomed.

A cover-up 

Tattoos are hard to cover up – it is a rare talent, and not every tattoo artist can disguise an old tattoo with a new one. Well, it is the artist’s creativity how they want to cover it up. And usually, people choose a better-looking art to cover up a regretful tattoo.

Image Source: eo97 / Reddit

It suffices to say that this guy doesn’t count in the majority. Sure, his choice was creative, but not clever enough. And the job done is certainly not incredible enough! The cover-up Windows 88 tattoo looks like a 3-year-old made this. Imagine waking up to see it on your body every day!

Realistically terrible 

Realism is extremely hard to pull off when it comes to tattoo art. Not that it is easy on paper, but tattoo artists need another level of precision and skills to make realistic 3D art on the skin. You should not assume or believe a tattoo artist first-handed when they say they can do realism.

Image Source: the_misfit_123 / Reddit

Or this is what you would get: a real scam in the name of a realistic-looking tattoo. Least to say that this person would’ve been disappointed in the artist. Expectations aren’t always met, but it’s the pain you feel at the sight of this ‘realistically’ terrible thing every day.

Live, laugh…Limp Bizkit 

Just in case you aren’t into rock music (a lot of people are not) and you don’t know what Limp Bizkit is, we are happy to help you out. Limp Bizkit is an American rock band, popular in the 2000s. This is not their famous slogan or chant – this person prefers Limp Bizkit over love, we suppose.

Image Source: pegchinks- / Reddit

We won’t criticize their music taste or their love for Limp Bizkit – their music isn’t the problem here. It is the tattoo that is giving us the creeps. People would probably read it as “live, laugh, lullaballulah” because you can’t even make out the words!


We suppose that when people started sharing their worst tattoos on the internet – a way to empathize – this person must have felt like this was his moment to shine bright like a diamond among carbon coals. This was his way of reaching fame.

Image Source: scrotophobia / Reddit

Well, he was not wrong. This sure is a clever way to live in people’s minds rent-free. This is so creepy it’s almost traumatizing. The longer you look at it, the weirder it gets! We can’t believe the poor client went through all that pain for this. At least he would have to look at it every single day of his life.

Baby to grandpa 

Again, realism and ditto copy-pasting a picture on the skin is not everyone’s strength. It takes years and years of practice and mastery in that skill to print a replica art of the inspiration picture on the body. Or you would be cursed with a traumatizing ink forever.

Image Source: thekgb22 / Reddit

However, there’s a skill not many people know about: turning a baby into a grandpa in one tattoo! This tattoo artist cursed a parent with this skill of his. Parents were so in love with this picture of their baby that they tried getting it permanent. Instead, they got a 90-year-old version of their baby!

Breaking Bad, but the Family Guy version

If you have ever seen Breaking Bad, you are most likely one of the millions of viewers who couldn’t help but be a huge fan of Walter White. And you are also most likely to curse the tattoo artist who made this tattoo on one of White’s fans’ bodies.

Image Source: anonymous_sad_girl96 / Reddit

You would even have a hard time recognizing Walter White in this tattoo. It looks like the artist tried to draw White in Family Guy style. It still would have been a bad attempt, but we are trying to calm the client down, who is probably emotionally damaged right now after this.

Rant as an inspiration

A lot of tattoo inspirations come from the heart. You don’t care what it is, but as long as it means something to you, you are happy with going through pain for it. Sometimes, it is a phrase or words that inspired you in some way or a music lyric that you deeply relate to.

Image Source: Swordbeach / Reddit

Well, we guess there are people in this world who want their frustrated rants about ice cream being so expensive inked on their bodies, too! Out of all the things they could have gotten tattooed, our question is, why choose this? At least the handwriting matches the horrific rant.

Everything is awesome 

The Lego movie was a huge success when it came out years back. It is no surprise that most of the fans of that movie are the ones who breathe, eat, and live for Legos. And it would not take a smarty pants to tell that this person is one of those Lego-breathers. 

Image Source: DaKumquatking / Reddit

He literally got a gigantic Lego man inked on his back, along with the background scenery and everything! We are in awe of this man’s confidence and “who-cares” personality that he had the nerve to come out in public without a shirt on! Everything is fantastic for this guy.

CK but with a budget

If you have ever noticed, male models in the advertisements for men’s undergarments, like Calvin Klein, Diesel, and Hugo Boss, all have one thing in common: their boxers peeking out from their pants! But not everyone can afford stuff from the original brand.

Image Source: faizanmzn / Reddit

We suppose some people still want to show off their CK boxers from under their pants while being on a budget. So, better get that “peeking out” strap of boxers tatted than buy a pair, right? At least, this is what this guy was aiming for. The horror on our faces is real. 

Marilyn Mourn-roe 

Marilyn Monroe is a 20th-century icon, a legend, and a queen, and she was able to dig her way into people’s hearts almost effortlessly. She is the inspiration for people to this day. Especially for artists all around the world, she still continues to be their muse.

Image Source: joshyperks / Reddit

So, it wouldn’t be shocking if someone wanted to get a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. What would actually be disturbing and terrifying is if the tattoo artist made Monroe look more like a zombie than the beautiful human being that she was. This should be called Marilyn Mourn-roe, not Monroe.

That’s a lot of hair 

When you are in a relationship with someone, one thing that is a must for you is your support and respect for your partner and their family. There’s no need for pretense, only genuine care, which is the bare minimum in a relationship.

Image Source: Suds344 / Reddit

But it can be pretty tricky at times, especially when a thing as permanent as a tattoo is concerned. This man couldn’t help but cringe over the tattoo his partner’s family made him. But as he was family by law, he couldn’t tell them straightforwardly how horrifyingly “hairy” it was!

No body, no crime 

Dragons are universally one of the most interesting and liked fictional creatures. Especially in East Asian countries like China, Japan, and Thailand, Dragons are a major symbol of good luck as well as strength and represent their cultures and traditions. 

Image Source: blacksheep_kho / Reddit /

Therefore, a lot of people sacrifice their bodies for dragon art inked on them. However, this particular dragon tattoo is making us confused, just like you probably are confused. How come the dragon head is decent enough, and the drawing of a criss-cross on the body for scales looks like a 3-year-old drew it?

Prism madness

There are artists who are known for their art, skills, and talent in drawing and painting, or whatever art they create to make the world alive and beautiful. In comparison, there are “artists” who are popular because of their lack of drawing skills.

Image Source: Zur-En-Arrhh / Reddit

If you ever feel bad about your art, take a look at this artist who wrecked a prism tattoo drawing on a person’s body – permanently! This physics explosion art makes us feel quite better about ourselves and our prism diagrams back in school.

A Mexican Batman 

Imagine this: you are Mexican and adore the lovely tradition of Dia de Los Muertos, but also like Batman. And when it comes to thinking of a tattoo design, you can’t pick one of these two things you like the most. So, you ask the tattoo artist to combine the two in one.

Image Source: foreignpony / Reddit

You cringed at the mere imagination of this tragedy, right? This person did not hesitate to make this imagination come true. The fact that he is showing it off on the internet makes it even more unbelievable. No wonder his tattoo gets his partner pissed.


Two things: why would a person want a bug engraved on their skin for good? And why would someone knowingly hand the tattoo artist an inspirational picture of a huge bug for them to print on your body with permanent ink?

Image Source: GorillaBean / Reddit

Secondly, when the tattoo artist saw the picture of a bug, why did he not tell the client that he was a talentless artist and had no idea how to make realistic bug tattoos? We are so confused. This tattoo is so bad that it is bugging us.

Expectations vs. Reality 

Google is your first go-to when you are trying to decide what tattoo to get. Sometimes, even when you have an inspiration or reference in your mind, you google the designs for more interesting options related to your idea. There you find the perfect picture of someone’s tattoo that you want, too.

Image Source: blist94 / Reddit

You then take your final idea to the tattoo artist expecting the exact copy of it on your body. Your reality is now in the hands of the tattoo artist. Except, this artist managed to make the sad truth of the “expectations vs. reality” theme come true in every way for this person. 

“Bear” sleeves

We can’t emphasize this enough: one gigantic sleeve tattoo has to be incredibly remarkable enough for you to show off confidently in public while wearing a muscle tee or sleeveless shirt. Also, if you have a sleeve tattoo, you should ask for others’ opinions if it is good enough to be proud of.

Image Source: hotp0tat / Reddit

However, the sad truth is that no tattoo artist thinks that they are bad; for them, their tattoos are “sick.” For example, this guy, a tattoo artist, was matched with someone and showed off his sleeve tattoo to them. Little did he know that he made his tinder match cringe with his “bear” sleeves.