40 Comedic Face Swaps, Courtesy Of Overambitious AI

By Aileen D

Filters have reinvented how we use cameras. Whereas before, you would have spent an hour and a half on hair and make-up, now all you need is a “quick second, lemme fix my cam,” and that filter will work wonders on your face. It’s an easy nip and tuck without the pain!

But some filters do more than just make you look pretty. Some filters are downright entertaining. Take the face swap filter, for example, which identifies two faces (usually within the foreground), and then switches the two. The filter relies on the camera’s ability to identify what is a face and what is part of the scenery. But the AI still needs some work, and the results are downright comedic, if not just as worthy as being uploaded to the ‘Gram.


You’re never too old to be featured on a show or an advertisement. This woman always knew that she would grace the cover of a magazine or a product. She just didn’t know she would happen to be the model of Starbucks!

Image courtesy of nannaruh / Instagram

“One Pumpkin Spice Latte for Nannaruh to go! “All eyes turn towards the woman who takes her time to get her drink. She doesn’t so much as bat as an eyelash as she gets the drink, with her face plastered all over the coffee sleeve.

Gotta Let It Go

When we were kids, we never understood why boys were miserable. For starters, they always bullied girls the same age as they were. But after seeing this picture, we get why. They never had a Disney character to look up to while growing up!

Image courtesy of stgross87 / Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to take after the Snow Queen? And it’s not just the boys that are jealous; this grown man wasn’t immune. He dreamed of the day he would be crowned as the ruler of Arendelle. Before this very moment, he always had to let (the idea) go.

Quick Sun Tan

Just after a summer break, you will see all the rich kids sporting a sun tan. What would you expect after a multi-city trip in their daddy’s private jet? If you have ever wanted to sport the look without shelling out too much cash, then look no further. This guy has got the solution for you.

Image courtesy of TheAmazingSpiderKim / Twitter

Find a painting whose subject has the skin tone you’re looking for. Afterward, choose the face swap filter and then raise the camera to eye level. Make sure that the camera reflects your face and the portrait behind you. Voilà! You’ve got first-degree burns.

Pretty Woman

If there was one thing Instagram user kristafeith hated about herself; it was how easily she would blush. Everyone could tell if she was lying, if she had a crush, or if she felt ashamed. But now, she doesn’t have to worry about anyone reading her emotions.

Image courtesy of kristafeith / Instagram

While her tat has got an even rosy, skin tone, she has a pallid face. When asked if she likes it, she says absolutely! She doesn’t have to care about frown lines or her cheeks burning a red hue. She can have a crush without the whole world knowing!

When You Want To Play Catch

They can’t imagine life without each other. They’re each other’s best buds. The only catch is that he can never seem to get his dog to play fetch with him when he wants to. And when he’s feeling lazy, it’s his dog who is so eager to play ball!

Image courtesy of lovecrush / reddit

Just look at them; cozying up to each other without a care in the world. You can see an idea spark up in his mind. His eyes widen like discs as he nuzzles his mouth to his dog’s neck and says, let’s play catch!

Mistaken for Sisters

Even if she’s nearing her 30s, this mom gets mistaken for her daughter. She credits it to her skincare regimen and good genes. Just look at them! They don’t look a day apart. Can you tell who is a 10-month-old and who’s the 30-year-old?

Image courtesy of miaaaarob / Instagram

People can only tell who the real baby is when her daughter starts to blabber. She still hasn’t made out her vowels from her consonants. But when she feels like it, this young mom echoes whatever sounds her baby makes and people can’t tell one from the other.

Why God Made Cats Smaller

Despite their small size, cats can pack a punch. We remember some homeowners telling accounts of their cats manning the house while they were gone. Might there come a time when cats take the place of dogs as our loyal companions?

Image courtesy of nicolalouisebrennan / Instagram

Nope; we didn’t think so either. Cats are better off being the lithe snobby creatures that they are. They’re perfect for chasing off guests or riddling them with scratches all over their forearms and hands. “And don’t you dare come back!

Be Afraid

The face swap app is pretty self-explanatory. The software tries to recognize faces within the camera’s sight and then swaps them. We expect peoples’ and animals’ faces to be switched, but this phone found a face in an unusual object.

Image courtesy of stevie_insta_g / Instagram

This man felt a shiver down his spine as he saw his face covered in what appeared to be ink blots. He found his face plastered on the remote and then realized that “yeah, it does look somewhat like a faceJason Voorhees’, that is.

Too Sweet

They’re known for being the girls next door. They’re the All-American females — simple, effortlessly pretty, and charming. They are willing to help out a neighbor in need, and even offering to invite you to brunch every now and then. Pretty sweet, huh?

Image courtesy of unknown / Imgur

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when that app placed their faces on those gingerbread men. Those things are a hit amongst folks in the neighborhood, and they taste delectably sweet. We guess they take after the young ladies who baked them.

Each Other’s Company

They say that if you spend enough time with someone, you look more and more like them. This picture proves that. These two buds have been staying in the same house for well over six years now and one has grown a snout while the other has grown fine wrinkles.

Image courtesy of unknown / Imgur

So, the next time that you decide to adopt a pet, think really hard about it. Do you want to grow a pair of wings or a tail? We bet not! If you want a loyal companion, then getting a dog is always going to be a safe choice.

Daddy’s Girl

This guy became a dad at a young age. He was definitely nervous, but he was certain he would be able to handle it…eventually. The first few years were difficult. For starters, he wasn’t able to get enough sleep. But he grew to love the tantrums his kid threw every now and then.

Image courtesy of kimcnasty / Reddit

They share the same blue eyes and dark, brown hair. They have a shared love for baking pastries and warm hugs. This man says he wouldn’t have raised his kid any other way, and he’s proud of the choice he made.


While there are men who were born to become fathers, there are some like this guy right here who are better off staying single. Friends and family are quick to complain that he is a boy trapped in a man’s body.

Image courtesy of Agent_Hank_Schrader / Reddit

If that isn’t the stuff of nightmares, we don’t know what is. Being the prankster that this dad is, he made sure to upload it online and then print copies of it. He has it displayed on his wallet and plastered in this kid’s baby album. Yikes!

Teaching Him Swimming Lessons

It’s always better to start them early. This dad certainly believes in the saying, so he didn’t wait for his kid’s first trip around the sun to try out swimming. He gave his kid a swimming cap and then dipped the baby’s feet in the pool.

Image courtesy of Tunachops / Imgur

His kid doesn’t look the least bit concerned that the pool is five times taller than he is. His kid eagerly looks at him, wading his feet in the cool water, and then kicks at it just as dad teaches him how to float. He’s a natural!

Face Swap Gone Wrong

These guys have been coursing the ocean for over 12 years now — their sun-beaten faces are proof of that. They say that there are days when it’s hard to catch fish, and other times, they are busy hauling in tonnes of fish.

Image courtesy of carlsnakeston / Reddit

At first, they were terrified at the strange creatures they had pulled from the ocean’s depths. But then they thought they would go down in history books as some of the first few men who were able to catch a prehistoric species!

The Name Is…

Doesn’t matter who it is; no one wants to walk past this house. Some have heard horrifying stories about the guy who lives in it. Many have lived to tell them that they were incessantly asked to be taken out for dinner.

Image courtesy of JonjakobJInkleHymer / Reddit

“The name is Bean… James Bean.” He smooths his mustache and then runs a hand through his hair. He extends his hand, expecting the woman to shake it in return. “And you are?” He is met with silence. But that doesn’t stop him. His bravado knows no bounds.

Can’t. Unsee.

This is an absolute horror for every pet lover. So if you have got a furball or two at home, we would suggest that you skip this picture. Once you view it, for even a millisecond, there is no deleting that image in your mind.

Image courtesy of anislitim / Reddit

Horror. What absolute horror! Pictures like these make us believe that there is a Superior Being who is all-knowing. Otherwise, he or she would not have created these critters as is. Now, can we remove the filter and leave these furballs be?

Eat Your Eyes Out

We are not unrepentant cannibals, but there is something about this girl’s face that whets our appetite. Those chocolate chip eyes look delectable. We can imagine that soft chocolatey goodness coating our tongues and leaving a pleasantly sweet cocoa aftertaste.

Image courtesy of pooplock / reddit

But just to be clear, we would eat her choco-caramel eyes. We told you we aren’t the cannibalistic type. We have always liked our meat well done, and there’s no exception to that — not even for this woman’s stunning blue eyes.

It Had A Face?

It’s good that there isn’t such a thing as protective fur services for domesticated animals. If there were, we would have quickly phoned them to report this woman’s obvious neglect of her dog. Were it not for this filter, we wouldn’t have known…

Image courtesy of dogswap / Instagram

…it had a face?! This woman ought to bring her furball to the grooming salon more frequently. Dogs like that need special grooming, and frequent trimming to keep fur off their cute faces. Maybe this woman might rethink the care she’s giving to her dog after seeing this pic.

“I’ll Do It”

This dad was contented to take care of his son, though he was half-surprised and half-sad to hear his son take the initiative. While he had him seated on his lap and angling the phone to take a selfie, his son offered to hold it up for him.

Image courtesy of Spycegurl / Reddit

He was touched. His son saw that he was struggling to take a selfie of them, with his stunted arms and clumsy grip. He almost teared up. Good thing his son got a good angle of them and then said, “say cheese!

The Rebel

If you really think hard about it, we would consider Jesus Christ as a rebel. He stood up against the authorities, amassed followers, performed miracles, and then taught everyone a different way of living. This man was the real MVP.

Image courtesy of carololcat / Imgur

Even after he was put to death, he managed to come back to shame his haters. “Guess who’s in the house, yo!” He shows his followers his hands, and they cry with relief to see that the MVP has saved a seat for them in heaven.

Is This How It Works?

This man thought he had seen it all. But there was a new craze in the office and he was secretly dying to be let in on it, too. A face swap app, he heard. Everyone was talking about it at lunch. So he downloaded it on his phone and used the filter…

Image courtesy of Ourlightisdark / Imgur

…during his break time. He was too embarrassed to try the filter with any of his friends in the background. You know how men can be. He wanted to try it out on his own, experimenting with a painting he found in the museum.


Even without a scientific degree, Reddit user iambatmang managed to create a genetically modified organism in a matter of seconds. Now, she isn’t a genetic prodigy or anything. She just knows how to tinker with her phone, and is pretty talented with it, too.

Image courtesy of Iambatmang / Reddit

Do you reckon this genetically modified pig will change its diet? Now, it might be more inclined to eat legumes, soy, nuts, and even raw meat — what with its perfectly lined teeth. If only that pretty blonde piggy holding it up would fetch her a meal.

Thomas and Friends

It’s funny how the most creative ideas are borne from restrictions. When Reverend Awdry found out that his son had come down with the measles, he was worried his son might grow sad without the company of friends. That is why he…

Image courtesy of stealin.memes4u / Instagram

…created Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. These stories were meant to entertain his child who spent most of his time locked up in his room, recovering from the measles. Just like that kid, these two were all smiles with little company.


We have always wondered why retina scans are among the options for biological measurements. Thanks to modern science, you can be identified by unique physical characteristics such as the retinal blood vessels, or by the ridges found on your fingers.

Image courtesy of unknown / Imgur

So the perk of this picture is that anytime a system or a machine asks for this man’s biometrics, he provides two-for-one with a scan of his thumb. The machine can capture his retina and the unique ridges found on that digit.

Unsuspecting Traveler

They don’t look like it, but ever since they discovered the face swap filter, these two have begun to use it for petty crime. On a 16-hour trip, they decided to make fun of this unsuspecting traveler seated a row behind them.

Image courtesy of Bebe_rayx / Twitter

Not even their giggles could wake the people around them. Everyone was just dead tired after a long journey. They could have cared less what these two were up to. Even if they reported the two for this petty crime, the most they would have gotten was more attention!

“Got Me Lickin’ That Syrup”

With the right marketing strategy, you could get more people to buy your product. Take this, for example. Who knew that Aunt Jemima only needed a face swap to get people to taste the yummy goodness its sweet syrup offers?

Image courtesy of Markaaaay / Twitter

Even Aunt Jemima would agree. Having that face plastered on every bottle would make people wonder what is with these bottles that make people go loco over them. This would make anyone want to buy a lifetime supply of them.

Home Alone

This man was home alone and he needed something to pass the time with. He had spent a good hour looking for faces in his house to swap his face with. Eventually, he got to thinking. How about making a face?

Image courtesy of Austin Doyle / Twitter

He got a pair of oranges and ripped off a banana from the bunch. He arranged them in what appeared to be a smiley and then used his front cam. Ta-daaa. It pays to be creative, guys. And it pays to have a good sense of humor, too.

When He Wants Out of the Womb

It was this woman’s third pregnancy. Everyone congratulated the couple on a job well done. Like before, she had expected to feel the uterine contractions, but this time around, she felt them twice or thrice worse than last time. Hmm… we wonder why.

Image courtesy of pobajobs / Reddit

Might it have to do with that face straining to get out of her womb? She breathes deeply and then manages to smile for the camera. After she hears the shutter click, her face quickly turns into a frown as she rubs her belly to ease the pain.


It was this couple’s first time traveling to this foreign land. They prepped enough clothes, money, and even storage space on their phones. They knew they were going to need every last MB to take awesome pictures with. Like this one, for example.

Image courtesy of youshouldstopnow / Imgur

Same. We would feel the same if we saw a stranger hug us. You can feel the sheer terror on that llama’s face as she was hugged by this woman who hadn’t probably taken a bath in days. Oh, the smell. Fortunately, that eagle flew in to save the day.

Can’t Tell Them Apart

We would have been horrified by the result of this filter. But not this guy. If any, he spent some time laughing at the picture his phone presented him with. You wouldn’t be able to tell his face apart from that tattoo!

Image courtesy of Paul Boxall / Instagram

It fits right in. We might say, that his face is better off plastered on his arm. He takes to social media to tell his friends that he had another tattoo done, and this time, he had the artist paste his face on the area where his idol had been.

Still Counts As One

This filter takes no prisoners. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stickman’s face you drew on a piece of paper. It will use that image to swap your face with. So while you’re at it, make sure to draw one you would love to have plastered on your face.

Image courtesy of AlexandraKarnbach / Twitter

This woman couldn’t wait to take a picture of herself. She had an idea of how she would look, but she hadn’t thought it would be this hilarious. Even her friends thought the same, and soon, she was raking in on the likes.

Just Babyfaced

When you’re a parent, you haven’t got much energy to go out and have fun with your pals. Most of your time is restricted to maintaining the upkeep of your house, looking after your child, and doing the most basic chores.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Imgur

But no worries. You can have the same level of entertainment you used to have from the comforts of your home. You can watch TV, take a well-deserved nap, or even play with the app filters on your phone, like this mom did.

Don’t Go Up There

When we first saw The Little Mermaid, we were very supportive of Ariel when she wanted to go on land. But after seeing this picture, we couldn’t think of anything worse. Not only did she lose her tail, but she also lost her natural charisma.

Image courtesy of Amanda Hall / facebook

We’re hopeful that, if she went back to the ocean, then she would regrow her fins and her smile. She might feel the loss of human legs, but when underwater, she won’t be able to feel the drop of her tears against her cheek.

Who Won This Round

This mom had only given birth to one child, but there were two little ones at home competing for her attention. Here you will see both children vying for mom’s attention. With just one look, we can tell who won this round.

Image courtesy of InsertWit / Imgur

We would have never thought a cat could look more photogenic than a human being. But here’s proof that it can happen. It needs no saying that this kid will have serious self-esteem issues growing up. No pets around the house, please!

Woof Woof

This man and his dog had a field day taking turns posing in front of the camera. But this dog came up with the ingenious idea to take a picture of them both. In that instant, this man grew a tail and fur…

Image courtesy of midnigh_pass / Twitter

If you ask us, this picture seems too perfect. The Golden Retriever looks like the responsible type of parent, who can look after this homeowner and feed him a dish of treats on special occasions. But then again, Golden Retrievers have always been dependable.

Spot the Odd One Out

At first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell just what is wrong with this picture. But as the clip pans out, we see that the cat’s body actually belongs to a dog! Quick. Turn off the filter. We’re not used to seeing this power imbalance.

Image courtesy of BenjaBeast13 / Reddit

Cats are a pain enough as is. And if you give them a bigger body to slink around with, there wouldn’t just be a plate lying around broken on the floor. You might see rows and rows of furniture shelves broken into smithereens!

The Best President

Remember as kids during history class, our teacher would ask us who was our favorite president. Who had been yours? Just like us, this woman’s favorite president was Abraham Lincoln. The guy is pretty hard to beat. He was so pivotal in the country’s history.

Image courtesy of Whitneey Reeser / Facebook

Next to that, we would probably have this woman. Graduating top of her class and being the captain cheerleader are just two feats this woman has amongst many. Some might even say she was the best student body president the school has ever had.

Who’s His Dad?

This face swap picture gained notoriety because, apart from the entertainment it brings, a lot of people couldn’t help but wonder who this baby’s dad was. “Is this kid’s dad Mr. Bean?” Many were dying to see just what Rowan Atkinson’s kids looked like.

Image courtesy of SyrocWift / Reddit

We have done the math for you. Rowan Atkinson has two daughters and one son, which you might reckon to be that kid in the picture. But if you look at pictures of Benjamin Atkinson, you will see him looking nothing like the kid here.


Remember that time when Justin Bieber was selected by GQ to grace the cover of their magazine? It says “let us now forgive Justin Bieber.” It’s hard not to when he looks downright amazing with jet-black hair and thick eyebrows.

Image courtesy of justine._._ / Reddit

The pop star looks even sexier now that he has grown up a bit. But all the same, we have forgiven Bieber for settling down with a blondie and outgrowing his Canadian personality in the City of Angels. We bet the Beliebers are still proud fans.

Gold Medal

The Olympics is a star-studded event. You have all these athletes weighed down by their medals, their coaches who have raked in experience and wins throughout their careers. Basically, there’s always something to be entertained by especially when they’re competing

Image courtesy of [unknown] / Imgur

And this diver did not disappoint. He got a high score with that impressive jump. The judges barely heard a splash of water as he dove into the pool. Thanks to high-speed cameras all around, we were able to capture this timeless picture of him!