40 Confusing Pictures That Are Funny Regardless Of Context

By Louise T

Two of the greatest inventions in human history have been cameras and the internet. Once cameras became portable, they allowed anyone and everyone to capture moments of the world around them. As for the internet, it allowed people to share stories with one another. Combine the two and you have the internet as we know it today: funny videos, pictures, memes, and stories we all can enjoy.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes, we are too confused to put into words what we’re seeing. And without some explanation, we’re totally lost. One group has taken these pictures and conveniently compiled them into one place for all to enjoy. Someimages1 on Facebook is a one-stop-shop for funny pictures without the context in which they were taken. So here are 40 confusing and funny photos without context that will captivate you, at the same time leave you awestruck.

All images in this article are courtesy of someimages1 on Facebook.

Kissing booth 

They say life is all about making difficult choices, but when your options are between a kissing booth and a biting booth, you realize maybe it’s not as difficult as people say. Also, why are they worth the same price?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We know how angry dogs can get when they come face to face with a stranger or when they face threats. Even if you think you can tame the beast without getting hurt, the kissing booth still seems like a safer bet. 

I am Groot

If Groot was to do a handstand this would be the outcome. With cute nice shapely legs and high-heeled boots, this has to be the sexiest plant ever! This must be teen Groot trying out some new styles and checking out his newly grown long legs.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We joke that this is Groot because he’s the only tree we can think of that would even consider wearing shoes. The truth is, someone saw this split tree and decided to hang up their boots. It’s impossible not to laugh. 

Identical Twins

What a perfect way to identify your twins! Children are said to be wonderful gifts, and when you have double, that means double joy. However, identifying them can be very troublesome, especially if they look exactly alike. And if one is a troublemaker, you don’t want to scold the wrong child.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

If you don’t want to end up asking your twins every morning who they are, we suggest you try this method. All you have to do is give them a numbered trim and look at their heads for identification. You will never be confused again. 

Lobster Rider

We’ve seen Ghost Rider, but how about Shrimp Rider? Bikers and their motorcycle designs will forever be a thing. Motorcycle owners take pride in their vehicles, and some like to decorate them to make their personality. But what does this say about the rider?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We don’t know what the owner of this Harley shrimp was trying to achieve but it looks like someone just had an expensive dinner and made use of every penny. We just hope that it’s not too uncomfortable to sit on.

I Am Watching You

Being a mother is taxing. It’s time-consuming, and mothers of newborns never get time to rest. You have to be up almost all day and night to feed your toddler while making funny faces to stop them from crying. All we can say is desperate times call for desperate measures.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Mom can grab a quick nap with this trick. What a smart move! But we can’t deny that as funny as this is, it is slightly terrifying. Those huge unblinking eyes have got the baby transfixed with fear. And us too, to be honest.

Stairway to Heaven?

This is so confusing. The railings on the side clearly belong to an escalator, and at first glance, the unmoving steps just seem like it’s broken. How many people do you think step on and wait for it to move?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

This reminds us of that Mitch Hedberg joke about broken escalators becoming stairs. The only difference here is that these steps never moved! What was even the point of this? Did they not have regular railings to use for the staircase?

Completely Empty or Overflowing? 

The technician who installed and/or fixed the car had just one job — to keep everything in check and functioning. And that includes making sure that the gauges are working. But it seems like someone neglected to do their full job.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

The million-dollar question: is the gas tank empty or full? We don’t know which would be better, even. A tank overflowing with gasoline is beyond hazardous, but running on fumes and drops of gas isn’t healthy for your vehicle either.

The Unnecessary Upgrade

Just like motorcycles, bikers like to give their bikes upgrades. Normally, that means getting a comfier seat or stylish spokes, but this person really wanted to make their ride unique. We can’t say that a steering wheel instead of handles isn’t rare.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

While the thought of upgrading bicycle handles to steering is amazing, it’s unnecessary and could put the rider in trouble. Our main concern is safety. Does it even handle (no pun intended) the same way? And surely anyone that borrows it would get confused.

Mask On

He is vengeance. He is the night. He is…very weird without his cowl on. We don’t think about how our toys are made; we just like playing with them or displaying them proudly on a nerd shelf. For whatever reason, this person decided to deconstruct their Batman.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

That is not the face that makes his enemies tremble in fear. We’ve never seen Bruce Wayne look anything less than handsome, but there’s a first time for everything. Perhaps they should have kept his mask on, he wears them for a reason.

The Rise of the Rice

When you’re too hungry and overestimate how much you can eat, this is what happens. This rice is enough to feed an extended family! Unless this person wants their stomach to explode, we highly suggest he invites his friends to join him.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Not only is the rice too much for the pot, but we bet that once that lid is taken off, it will all topple over like a Jenga tower. The rice will fall and make a big mess on the stovetop.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

Some girls love having long hair, while others cannot stand it. It might look pretty but it requires so much maintenance, not everyone thinks it’s worth it. This girl decided to prove all the haters wrong and used her hair as a fashion statement.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Who knew Cousin It could be so fashionable? We’ve only seen him wearing a hat and sunglasses, but we bet a belt would look great on him. Or perhaps Rapunzel got really bored up in her tower and decided to do something different with her hair.

Popsicle Wannabe 

“When your friend tells you you look like a popsicle.” This is the complexion you get after spending hours under the hot sun in just a t-shirt without any sunscreen. The popsicle stick looks like a burno-meter — if such a word even exists.

This is a cheap and effective test to see how healthy your skin is. If you want to know if you are sunburned, just buy a popsicle stick and check it out. It’s simpler and cheaper than a Covid-19 test.

The Hand Puppeteer

We’ve seen people making shadow puppets with their hands, or even drawing a mouth and eyes to make a hand puppet, but this is new. This person really went the extra mile to make a hand puppet. What’s with the facial expression though?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We’re not even sure we want to know where those little hands and feet came from. Is there really a market enough for these that companies are producing them? At least this is an interesting new way to tell tales, rather than cloth puppets. It’ll turn a lot of heads.

Depp Fanatic

One set of fans that seems to be happy lately are those of the iconic pirate, Johnny Depp. Ever since it was announced that he won the trial against his ex-wife, a lot of people have been showing support for the movie star.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

In every fanbase, you’ll always find fanatics. They’re willing to go over the top and this man did go over the top by removing his steering and replacing it with that of a ship. We’re sure Captain Jack Sparrow would approve of this nautical upgrade.

Lazy Bonfire

This is the easiest way to make a fire. If you don’t want to spend your time chopping wood into pieces, this is all you have to do. Shove the log of wood into the fire and sit tight. Since it’s a long wood it’ll last a while. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We need to add a disclaimer that this only works in a fireproof room. If that fire spreads, it’s not going to be just for roasting marshmallows. On the other hand, this looks like a really creative way to do demolition.

Skate Cycling 

This is the definition of determination. This guy was missing the front tire on his bike, but he needed to get to his destination quickly. Or perhaps he really needed to train for an upcoming marathon. So, what do you do if your ride is broken?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

They pretty much perform the same function, don’t they? A rollerblade and a bike wheel both allow you to roll around. The only problem is the brakes. They both have different ways to stop the user from crashing into a wall. He better have a good rear brake.

Winnie the Poop

This is gross. Even if it’s near the toilets, it’s still wrong. Both the restaurant and the artist need to reconsider their professions. Is this really the sign to the restrooms? A lot of people had to approve this design before it was pasted up.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

It’s a hilarious image that you’ll only find funny when you’re not eating. That’s why we’re even surprised they drew it up on the wall in their restaurant. Are they trying to run out of business? Or are their customers just as nasty?

Epic Fail

At first glance, we thought this was a canvas and a painting stand, but oh no, this is poor installment work. This is an epic fail. The owner must have screamed at the top of their lungs upon finding this scene. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

This is why you should always have a professional instal appliances. Doing it yourself may save money at first, but not in the long run for projects like this. How do you even attach a TV to an inch of plywood in the first place?

Golden Throne

Do your business like a king. This designer took the joke that a toilet is a throne way too seriously and made a literal throne for people to use while they…do their business. They even added two lions to flank the user.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Where’s the toilet paper, though? That is a massive design flaw! This doesn’t look appealing and comfortable; the toilet lid may be porcelain, but your legs would hurt if you had to stay on there too long. One last question. How do you flush this thing?

How the Chicken Crossed the Road

If your job keeps you busy from nine to five, you know how valuable lunch breaks are. It’s a chance to stretch your legs in the middle of the day and take a much-needed break. So, imagine waiting in the line at KFC and happily walking out with your meal, when this happens…

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We are overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing this picture. We love the riddle “why did the chicken cross the road?” But we never wanted an answer. Well, not one like this, anyway. If this happened in the KFC parking lot, we hope that they were able to get a refund.

The More you Look 

If you look at this picture with a clean mind, you’ll see a lady behind the wheels of a nice car with a smiling face and a beautiful handbag. However, if you look at it with your mind in the gutter, you might see something else. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

While some people will blame it on the color of her skin matching the interior of the car — the image color filter doesn’t help — the truth remains that our mind is a powerful tool. It’ll see weird versions of reality based on certain visual cues.


So far, we’ve seen a few weird “toilets” on this list; Pooh and the golden throne. But this one is, by far, the most confusing one. A computer built in a toilet tank? Why would anyone come up with such an idea? 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

There’s a thin line between innovation and insane, but we’re not sure which group this one belongs to. We want to give them credit for creating this masterpiece as building computers is no easy feat. But, in the end, it’s still a toilet.

Pimp My Ride

This must be the most recent edition of “pimp my ride.” A fully furnished interior with an indoor bathroom and a good drainage system. Now you can enjoy taking long showers in your car when you need to go without having to wait until you get home. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Just find a safe and secure location to park and then you can start the party on your ride. The world has many new and unbelievable inventions but this one is quite surprising. It might be ridiculous to ride in, but we could see this becoming some weird new art trend.

The Landline Earphone

Old school meets new school. The landline telephone is around a hundred and fifty years old; it used to be a thing not so long ago, and only the rich could afford it. Now times have changed and now almost anyone can own a phone.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

The world might have moved on from using corded phones, but this person apparently hasn’t. Honestly, we’re not all that surprised to learn that there’s a market for landline attachments to cellphones. It was way easier to hold the receiver when it wasn’t a tiny rectangle.

The Toyota Tractor

It’s about time big brands like Toyota and Honda start making the cars people need. Every day we see various advertisements for new cars created for their aesthetic design, speed, and power. When in reality, these are the ones we need the most.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

The big question is: how does the car make a turn? Those huge tires are taller than the car itself. It seems impossible to go anywhere but straight. We must still applaud the ingenuity and mechanical expertise required to make this.

Castle on The Hills

Some sports require an incline to participate in. Snowboarding and downhill (not cross-country) skiing are impossible without some slope. On the flip side, some require a flat surface. Basketball, rugby, and soccer. How could you play a game like this?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

At the very least, whoever set this up made it a fair game. Both sides have the same slope to deal with. If it was one goal uphill and the other downhill, that’d be the most rigged game we’ve ever seen.

Love is Dangerous

We’ve seen electric bikes and scooters gain massive popularity in the last few years. They’ve been a game-changer for people trying to reduce traffic without tiring out on a long walk. We’ve even seen motorized skateboards and these electric “unicycles,” though they’re nowhere near as popular.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Watching people sit on the back of a scooter or bike gives us anxiety already, but this takes the cake. Those look difficult to balance on without holding anything. Now he has to carry his friend around, too? And neither of them are wearing helmets!

Soap Opera

If you use soap bars — especially shampoo bars — you know how annoying it can be when you get hair on the bar. They seem almost impossible to get off, and you just have to hope for the best. Well, we’d certainly call this the best-case scenario.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “soap opera.” We can’t even hate on this picture; it’s too good. While it could be possible that someone twirled the hair into the shape of a music note, we’d like to believe that this was just luck.

The Lazy Man’s Recipe 

Why spend so much money and time trying to bake the perfect banana bread when you can easily buy bread, slice it in the middle, and throw in a huge banana? Just like that, you have yourself a nutritional “banana bread.”

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

This combination is perfect for a lazy person who can’t bake real banana bread. There’s no harm in improvising, even in food. As long as you can eat it, that’s all that matters. Whether or not it’s nutritional is a whole separate matter.

Christ is Risen

This couple’s picture was photobombed by two Jesuses — the lookalike and Christ the Redeemer statue. His facial structure and beard have a lot of resemblance to the traditional image of Christ, and standing in front of the statue makes it even more believable.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

It’s not even Easter yet but Christ is risen. What a coincidence this is? The angles all lined up so perfectly to create this image. Do you think that the man knew what he was doing? Or was this just a happy accident?

BigFoot Left his FlipFlops 

This man is wearing oversized flops that look like they belong to Bigfoot. This is the exact opposite of the proverb “if the shoe fits.” This man is no Cinderella, and there’s no chance Prince Charming would find his perfect match here.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Not only are the flip-flops gigantic, but they also have two right feet. How did that even happen? Are there two pairs of these flops or was it just an innocent mistake? Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two rights make a great picture.

A Compaq Belt

When you tell your designer to do something creative and then come up with this, it’s time to reconsider that promotion. The only occasion this is good for is an IT convention. Yes, those seatbelt buckles have taken off, but that doesn’t guarantee all designs will be a success.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

This is a compact, Compaq belt. One click and the buckle opens. But what happens if he leans on something and it clicks. Do his pants just fall down? This whole image might just be “Clickbait.” We do have to give them credit for showing how it was made.

We Need a Spork!

Now, this is what we call creativity. The idea of having a spoon and a fork in the same utensil isn’t anything new, and there’s always room for improvement on old designs. But could this really be considered a spork?

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Technically, yes. The spoon scoops the soup nicely and the fork eats the noodles perfectly. No need to switch cutleries or worry about soup spilling off the table. We’re just not so convinced with this design; the fork prongs aren’t long enough.

Worst Nightmare 

At first glance, it looks like a bathroom underwater. Whoever designed this place was hoping to confuse their users. If one is not careful, you’d assume the floors have ditches and might even trip. But this is just another case of perspective and tricky visuals.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

What happens when what you see isn’t what it seems? Imagine entering this place when you’re sleepy or tipsy. You’d feel like you were staggering, even if you were standing up straight. We never thought we’d see a bathroom that’s a safety hazard, but we were wrong.

Rookie Mistake

Looks like there’s a new intern at McDonald’s. It’s the only explanation we can think of because this is obviously a rookie mistake. There is no way anyone would order this much ketchup with so few fries to go with it.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Well, there are a few people who are obsessed with ketchup that they might actually want this. But who would pass up the opportunity to eat yummy, greasy fries? Sugary ketchup is no replacement for a classic snack like that.

Fire and Ice

Fire and ice are pure opposites. They almost never exist at the same time. At least, not in the same place. But this little flame is determined to break the stereotype and prove that fire and ice really can get along.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We’re not sure how long this candle would last, though. Sure, the fire would remain lit as long as there’s a wick to burn, but the puddle of water might very soon snuff out that flame. We applaud this person for their efforts, though.

Time Traveler Mona Lisa 

No doubt, that’s Mona Lisa. But what is she doing on a train? We hate to say it since we like to be factual, but this has to be time travel or reincarnation at its finest. This almost looks too good to be true. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Mona Lisa is a wonderful piece of art painted by the legendary artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. It is arguably the most popular painting ever made. However, we thought she only existed as a character in paintings, until now. Did she escape her frame at the Louvre?

If Speechless was a Phone

Just how poor is this man that he had to use a piece of wood to keep his phone together. Also, how old is this phone? Frankly, this phone should not be getting repaired; it should be scrapped. It’s lived its full life already.

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

We understand how difficult it is to make money, especially in today’s economy. However, we believe this person can still get a fairly decent used phone for a reasonable price. A phone can be old, but it doesn’t have to be ancient like this one.

The Xbox Controller: Latest Edition 

Introducing: the original Xbox controller at unbelievable discounted prices, which will last a lifetime with this new technology. They are affordable and come in a stony design. No buttons; just a touchscreen, and fingerprints. It’s easy to use and long-lasting. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

Hopefully, no one fell for this and bought this as a real Xbox controller. Even though it does look like a controller, it’s just a perfectly shaped rock. It’s a funny coincidence, but it does look very comfortable to hold, at least.

Square Tires

This is disturbing. This bicycle looks out of place, especially with the spokes on the wheel looking like cobwebs. However, our major concern is the shape of the tires. Creativity isn’t just about creating things others haven’t done before, it’s also about making things that work. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Someimages1

People tend to do the most. How do you even ride this bicycle when the tires don’t even roll; you can’t even set the bicycle in motion. Unless, of course, it is for art purposes and will forever remain on the side of the wall.