40+ Hilariously Quirky Signs That Were Completely Unnecessary

By Jishnu B

There are many different types of funny or simply amusing signs that can be found on roads. These signs can be used to inform drivers of potential hazards, provide directions, or just add a touch of humor to a long drive.

You can find them not only on streets but also in restaurants, subways, and pretty much everywhere else. They’re most likely hiding in a corner, waiting to catch you off guard with a chuckle or two. Some examples include “Free WiFi: Ask for the password, it’s ‘password'” or “Cash only: because we don’t trust the banks either. ”

If you find humor in these clever wordplays, there is a Facebook group called ‘Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage’ that posts just that. We have compiled a list of some of their most giggle-worthy sign photos. We guarantee they’ll make your day!

Watch Out For Snakes

This snake appears to be having its five minutes of fame after it was spotted on a sign warning people to beware of snakes in the vicinity. Perhaps an alpha snake has escaped, and as a result, the situation must have gotten so bad that even the snakes themselves are taking notice!

Image Credit: Yu-Hsing Chen/Facebook

Although this sign was not intended for the snake to read, we love how carefully this snake is observing it. This personal endorsement, in our opinion, is truly motivating. On the other hand, it could be that someone placed a rubber snake on this sign to make people laugh or, worse, to scare them away.

Safety Tip

Accepting a ride from someone you do not know is generally not a good idea. This is due to the fact that there is always the grim possibility that the person does not have your best interests at heart, and you may be putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Image Credit: Laurrie R Bauer-Novotny/Facebook

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so turning down a ride from a stranger sounds like the safer option. Instead, consider taking public transportation or using a ride-sharing service. Besides, sharing a ride is what leads to an epic Christmas Hallmark movie, so you never know! 

Thou Must Obey

The phrase, “Thou shall not park here,” is a command typically seen on signs in parking lots or on the street, indicating that parking in that area is prohibited. It is similar to the phrase “No Parking” or “Do Not Park.”

Image Credit: Rob Clair/Facebook

This archaic yet commanding form of writing certainly helped grasp the attention of passersby. The phrase needs to be added to the 11th commandment. However, the fact that there needs to be a sign in a clearly non-designated parking spot is the unpopular opinion here.

Do You Want Free Hugs? 

People may enjoy free hugs for a variety of reasons. Some people see it as a way to connect with others and feel a sense of community. Hugs can also be a way to show support and express positive emotions such as love, care, and affection. Plus, they always leave you feeling all warm inside!

Image Credit: Leah Love/Facebook

As a result, it wouldn’t hurt to get free hugs whenever possible. However, this sign seems to be pointing to a really sketchy way to get one. Perhaps the “Gollums” living in these lodges are offering free hugs, or this is “Pennywise’s” summer house!

The Lost And Found Section

A lost and found box in an office setting might contain a variety of items that have been left behind or misplaced by employees or visitors. Some common items that might be found in such a box might include keys, cell phones, ID cards, or badges. 

Image Credit: Jennifer Nelson/Facebook

However, finding your sanity, career, and youth in that box is a rare occurrence. Perhaps the stakes of establishing a stable career for the employees in this office were so high that they ended up losing the very qualities that would propel them to success. Also, they must have forgotten “happiness.” 

Prohibited For Stupid People

If you’re someone who likes to make impulsive decisions without considering the consequences, act recklessly, or fail to learn from past mistakes, beware of this sign because you’re most possibly stupid. Although it is not appropriate to label people as “stupid,” we’re still loving this sign. 

Image Credit: John M Young/Facebook

It appears that there is a gated community for smart people beyond this point. They do not want to associate with people who are less intelligent. However, we’re not sure if this sign is effective because we don’t know if said “stupid” people can actually read it!

I Love My Dog

Some people may find dogs to be more affectionate and social, while others may prefer the companionship that a cat provides to the overall sense of protection of having a dog. However, that doesn’t mean you place your cat’s picture on a showpiece that clearly says it loves dogs! 

Image Credit: Mike Minnillo/Facebook

For a brief moment, we mistook the cat for a resident of the gingerbread house. It turns out that it’s just a showpiece. If you believe your cat exhibits more dog-like personality traits, you can get this one as well. Cats, however, are known to hold grudges, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Touchless Faucet

If you still live in the 20th century and are not aware of what a touchless faucet is, allow us to enlighten you. Touchless faucets, also known as hands-free or sensor faucets, typically use infrared sensors to detect the presence of a person’s hands underneath the tap, which activates the flow of water. 

Image Credit: Andrew Scot/Facebook

Since this is definitely the 21st century, we don’t know why this sign exists. Seems completely pointless. It’s also worth noting that some touchless faucets may require batteries or a power source to function, which could be affected by power outages or dead batteries. So, always check.

No Parking

If there was an effective way to communicate that parking at a particular location is strictly prohibited, this sign would be it. As you can see, the police department has purposefully placed a sign indicating that you cannot park on any day of the week.

Image Credit: Ariana Tyler/Facebook

It’s an excellent idea for those who break the no parking rule by claiming they didn’t understand the signage. However, never underestimate people’s ability to be infuriating, so we’re sure there will always be those who will argue when they’re caught parking at this spot.

Son Exposure

If you need the benefits of sun tanning without burning your skin, indoor tanning should be your go-to option. Furthermore, this particular indoor tanning outlet seems to have quite a catchy name, and it also doubles as a Christian bookstore.

Image Credit: Courtney Richmond/Facebook

We never thought we’d see a crossover between Jesus and purposefully jacking up your chances of skin cancer. It seems like these days, you have to diversify if you want to make it. Now we’re thinking of opening a quick oil change / grilled cheese sandwich emporium!

Ear Bud Drying Station

Technology has blessed us with so many things, but frankly, we have never heard of an earbud drying station. Apparently, an earbud drying station is specifically designed for drying earbuds or earphones after they have been used and become wet. 

Image Credit: Ron Woolley/Facebook

This particular individual’s earbuds are getting wet so consistently that they need a dedicated earbud-drying rice jar. A huge container of rice just to stick the end of your air pod in it sounds like a functional idea. We’d like to call this particular item the “Earwax Granola!” 

Savory White Cheddar, Anyone?

The sharpness of white cheddar can be appealing to many people because it adds a strong and distinct flavor to dishes. Additionally, its tangy and salty taste can be a good complement to a variety of foods. It’s quite versatile and, thus, a must-have in most kitchens. 

Image Credit: Sam Rosenplot/Facebook

Therefore, it’s understandable if we are born with a primal need for this particular food item. This popcorn bag seems to understand what the people want and is here to serve. Surely, warm popcorn bursting in white cheddar cheese is a treat to eat.

Teenage Angst

Now, we’re all aware of teenage angst. It’s a phase most teenagers go through due to feelings of confusion, uncertainty, and stress as they navigate the challenges of growing up. So, if you’re a teenager tired of being harassed by your parents, this sign is for you.

Image Credit: Grace Peterson/Facebook

However, the only dilemma is how exactly they are supposed to achieve this without completing their education. All thanks to the economy in recent years, it is possible to get a job paying a living wage with no education whatsoever. That’s certainly a win if you ask us.

All Attention To Steve

Dogs are the most endearing creatures in the universe, beloved for their loyalty and affection towards their owners, as well as their playful and curious nature. They are also well-known for being excellent companions. Their ability to form strong emotional bonds is quite impeccable. 

Image Credit: Katelyn Reed Valentine /Facebook

As a result, it’s understandable that the owner of this dog, named Steve, was so pleased with the pet that they wanted to dedicate a sign to him. We’re all relieved that Steve isn’t missing; he’s just super cute. Seriously, have you seen this dog? He truly is the cutest.

20% Off

It is not a common or socially acceptable practice for people to sell their mothers, or people, for that matter. And with good reason. The idea of selling one’s mother is not only wrong but also completely illegal and insane!  However, this shop seems to think otherwise. 

Image Credit: Cassie Rogers/Facebook

This particular user came across this sign in a local antique mall in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “MoM 20% Off” surely sounds like an outrageous deal. Perhaps it is an abbreviation for something else. Additionally, 20% off is a good deal, a bargain, in fact! 

I’m Just A Cow

This sign does not only apply to cows but to some people in real life as well. Cows, like all animals, produce a variety of gasses as part of their normal digestive process. The smell of cow breath is typically caused by these gasses. 

Image Credit: Lav Ender/Facebook

Therefore, there is no need to be mad at a cow if its breath stinks. It’s a natural process, and you just need to be more tolerant and accepting of all sorts of animals. After all, they can’t brush their teeth twice a day like you! So, like the sign says, don’t be mad.

Fruity Smelly Balls

“Fruity Balls.” No, that’s strange; it’s “Smelly Balls.” But that’s even stranger. “Fruity Smelly Balls?” You finally got it! As you can see, this ball cart seems to be marketing its inflated plastic balls as “Fruity Smelly Balls.” In all honesty, we’re confused about how this works.

Image Credit: Donna Cummins/Facebook

If something has a fruity smell, then it should sound pleasant. However, adding the “smelly” part makes it seem unpleasant. We wonder what ‘soap’ they used to achieve the scent. For $2.99 a piece, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. 

The Irony

Some places prohibit the use of signs to maintain the area’s aesthetic, protect natural resources, or preserve historical or cultural significance. Additionally, certain types of signs, such as billboards, may be prohibited in certain areas to reduce visual clutter and distraction on the roads. 

Image Credit: Holly Kent Baker/Facebook

However, this place has restricted the usage of signboards by hanging a signboard on the tree in the first place. The irony of this situation is quite hilarious. Well, maybe it felt like the best way to get the message out there.  

Ice Ice Lobby

A friend of this particular user was on a trip to Niagara when they discovered this gem of a sign. At first glance, this might confuse you as you might not initially get what is happening. Turns out, the floors of this elevator might lead you to either the ice or the lobby. 

Image Credit: Jo-Anne Liburd/Facebook

The phrase “ice ice lobby” sounds very catchy, thanks to Vanilla Ice’s hit Ice Ice Baby. We know people can’t help but hum the tune once they make the connection. We like the exciting adventure this elevator promises; just be careful since we’re not sure where the fourth floor is! 

Frozen Freezer

It’s pretty normal to label department rooms with their designated functionalities. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just use redundant labels. As opposed to the “Lukewarm Freezer” or the “Cinderella Freezer,” “Frozen Freezer” sounds like a rather strange name. 

Image Credit: Andrea Calhoun/Facebook

It is common sense that a freezer is likely to be frozen. Thus, making it a point to display its functionality seems like a futile effort to us. On the bright side, however, we got some chuckles out of it. Just don’t forget to shut the doors of the frozen freezer tightly next time. 

The Dilemma

Is it wiser to keep a door shut, or is it better to keep it open? Well, it depends on the situation. The primary function of a door is to provide security and privacy by controlling access to the space on the other side. 

Image Credit: William August/Facebook

However, the signs put up on this location seem to be confused about what to do with their door. Perhaps this is Schrödinger’s door, meant to be kept both open and shut at the same time. Although it doesn’t make sense literally, it does when put into a scientific theory. 

Me Time

A privacy card is a small sign that can be placed on the outside of a hotel room door to indicate that the guest does not wish to be disturbed. The card typically has a simple message such as “Do Not Disturb” or “Privacy Please.”

Image Credit: Jamie Viebach/Facebook

However, this privacy card seems to have a quirky way of getting the message out. This hotel appears to be making quite significant assumptions here. Surely, “me time” sounds like a fun time, so why not let others join in on the good vibes? Anyway, as long as room service gets it, we don’t mind. 

Country Road Ends At Water

“Country Road Ends At Water” sounds like it would fit just right in a song’s lyrics. Aside from that, the sign tells us that there’s no road into the lake. Well, that’s just disappointing! We were expecting a submerged road situation here. 

Image Credit: Amanda Nicole/Facebook

All jokes aside, it’s common knowledge that water bodies don’t contain roads (well, except the Passage du Gois in France). However, this sign made it a point to let us know something we thought was public knowledge. Perhaps any road you might find yourself on after you get to the water isn’t theirs! 


This is not just an ordinary sign but quite a cryptic one with hints of motivation. Now we’re all aware of the spelling of “Habit.” But what happens when you remove the first three letters? That’s right! You get “It,” and it remains. 

Image Credit: Aseem Nevrekar/Facebook

What this sign is trying to imply is that whatever you do, you will always have something that you find difficult to stop and require assistance with, aka a “habit.” This is just another fancy way of saying, “old habits die hard.”

Just Dramatic

If you’re someone who likes to overreact to situations or make a big deal out of something that is not that significant, this quirky sign is definitely for you. This particular user found this sign at a counseling facility, and boy, are all glad that he did! 

Image Credit: Barbara Morris/Facebook

The sign is glued on an aquarium, implying the creatures that live in it, mainly the fishes, have a tendency to be more dramatic than your usual aquatic creatures. Therefore, before you assume the fish is dead while, consider this fair warning

Not haunted

Many people find haunted houses quite intriguing and even think it’s fun to go on adventures inside them. We’re certainly not those people. There are also many documentary style haunted house excursions that have emerged in recent years. However, it’s all fun and games until the time comes to buy a house. 

Image Credit: Adrienne Murray/Facebook

We’re sure that as interesting as haunted houses sound, they’re not great to live in. As a result, this particular broker went the extra mile to ensure prospective buyers knew this house wasn’t haunted. However, we don’t think it worked the way they hoped it would.

Changed Priorities

We are all entitled to change our minds. Therefore, the process of re-evaluating and adjusting goals and plans in order to align them with the new priorities is a crucial part of life. This sign seems to be experiencing a phase in which it is re-evaluating its priorities. 

Image Credit: Paula Chambers/Facebook

Turns out, it’s a change to the traffic. This could refer to a new Stop/Give Waypoint sign, a change to the traffic lights, or a new pedestrian crossing. These signs are incredibly common and are mostly meant for locals and/or out-of-date GPS users.

Icy Conditions in August

Walking on icy roads can be dangerous because of the increased risk of slips, trips, and falls. Ice can form on streets, sidewalks, and other surfaces when the temperature drops below freezing, creating hazardous conditions for all kinds of road users.

Image Credit: Paul Strauss/Facebook

However, that wouldn’t be the case in August. This sign has been put up way ahead of its time. But it’s good advice on their part. Waddling like a penguin during icy conditions will undoubtedly reduce the chances of falling or tripping! 

You’re Highered

Landing your dream job can bring a great sense of joy and fulfillment. It can be the culmination of years of hard work and dedication and certainly provides a sense of validation and accomplishment. That is precisely how this job site wants you to feel when you get “highered.”

Image Credit: Carl Frodge/Facebook

We think it’s a clever way of marketing since the signboard was spotted at an airport. This intentionally creative way of killing two birds with one stone has us impressed. However, it wouldn’t be that fun if a week later you get “fighered.”

WiFi Parking

Ever heard of WiFi Parking? Does WiFi need a parking space as well? Turns out the sign is not wrong; it just means an entirely different thing. WiFi Parking refers to the concept of using wireless internet to manage and operate parking facilities. Indeed, it seems like an invention from the future.

Image Credit: Mark Biery/Facebook

Furthermore, this can include using WiFi to monitor and control access to parking spaces, as well as to collect data on parking usage and occupancy. We bet this sign gets people confused every time because parking vehicles is already hectic enough.

Don’t Run

Running away from a problem is never a good idea. It only delays or worsens things in the long run since problems always have a way of catching up to you. It is much better to face the problem head-on and take steps to address it. 

Image Credit: Lynda Balloni/Facebook

Someone went out of their way to inform their adversary by placing this sign in the middle of the road. Perhaps he was simply looking out for the individual, or maybe it was just a friendly daily motivational reminder. Either way, there is a great lesson to learn from this. 

Ice Machine Debacle

Ice machines have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they provide a convenient and easy way to produce ice for various purposes. But that doesn’t mean they should be used for rinsing your hair. Also, getting ice out without the container sounds extremely unhygienic. 

Image Credit: Anna Chketa/Facebook

This instance also reminds us of the wedding episode of the American version of The Office when “Kevin” becomes fixated on the ice machine at the hotel where “Jim” and “Pam’s” wedding is being held. He spends most of the episode attempting to access the machine until he is eventually successful. 

Open Lanes

If you’re unsure whether lane 1 on this road is open and whether to take that route, this sign has been waiting just for you. As you can see, the signboard went above and beyond to let the drivers know that lane 1 was completely open for travel. 

Image Credit: Jordyn Laravie-Blanchette/Facebook

But what if someone wants to take lane 2? Perhaps something mysterious awaits in lane 1; that’s why the signboard is being such a try-hard about it. Well, better to be safe than sorry, and thus we’d recommend avoiding this particular lane. 

No Trespassing

It is important to respect the boundaries of other people’s property and to only enter when you have been given permission or have a legal right to be there. Seems like this sign is strict about trespassing and will not allow visitors at any hours. 

Image Credit: Jye Zehring/Facebook

We can understand that trespassing can create a sense of fear or insecurity for the property owner, who may feel that their safety and privacy have been compromised. However, without the clarification of what hours the owner meant, this sign is virtually useless.

Filling The Void

This particular individual claims to be quite enthusiastic about teacups judging by the flyer they put up. However, the interest in accumulating this many teacups sounds quite sketchy. Apparently, there is a hole in their being that needs to be filled with teacups!

Image Credit: Simon Fern/Facebook

We’re not sure what sort of hole this is, and we’re not even sure we want to find out. Maybe they need to start buying large teacups to fill that hole quicker! However, there seems to be another problem here; the phone number is blurred out, so how exactly are we supposed to help? 

Heat The Past

May your past be even warmer with the presence of this sign. The past is often thought of as a fixed and unchangeable set of events that have already occurred.  Therefore, if you have any regrets regarding the past, you can just heat them in the microwave according to this.

Image Credit: Jen Nico/Facebook

The enigma of the ties between the past, present, and future has been debated by philosophers, scientists, and theologians for centuries. It relates to the nature of time and how we perceive and understand it. However, this sign seems to have figured it all out for us!

Tough Times

It must be a really tough time when it comes to the dating market for milk. They are only able to date twice and then never again. Or maybe it’s only two dates of milk allowed on the shelf at a time. Regardless, that doesn’t seem fair! 

Image Credit: Lexi Moore/Facebook

All jokes aside, a simple sentence structure debacle led to a sign worth remembering. Milk packets are known to go bad within a short time. As a result, it is only right to get fresher ones when you can. Don’t go past the two-date mark. 

Hello Fall! 

It’s the season best known for changing leaves, cool temperatures, and the start of the holiday months. It is also a season for harvest since many crops, such as apples, pumpkins, and grapes, are harvested during this time. This sign replaces the word “Fall” with a pumpkin emoji, and we think it’s the cutest. 

Image Credit: Tom Snodgrass/Facebook

Fall is often associated with outdoor activities such as apple picking, hayrides, and spending time in pumpkin patches. Thanks to the latter, the owner of this undoubtedly wonderful store got the brilliant idea for a simple yet quirky sign that even a six-year-old would get.

Don’t Be A Snail Hater

There are several reasons why people might dislike snails. One is that they are often considered pests, as they can damage produce and crops by eating them. They also leave slimy trails behind them whenever they move, which some people find unsightly.

Image Credit: Monica Schierbaum/Facebook

We understand that snails can be really slimy creatures, but that doesn’t mean that you get to hate them. Instead, this sign has a bit of advice for you. It seems to use the word ‘snail hatin’ as an anagram for ‘hail satan,’ and you have to admit that it’s quite clever. 

All Cats

People love cats for a variety of reasons. Some people find them to be cute and affectionate pets, while others appreciate their independence and aloofness. Additionally, some people find the act of caring for a cat to be therapeutic and calming. 

Image Credit: Mike Petrucelli/Facebook

This seems to be a veterinary practice for cats. We love the bold signs. We bet cats love it here because they sound so inclusive! Tabby cats, Siamese cats, Sphynx cats, Birmans, and the rest of them are all allowed here. We wonder what prompted this, though. Hopefully, nothing sinister.

Not Allowed 

Self-checkout lanes are a type of point of sale (POS) system that allows customers to scan and pay for their own purchases rather than going through a traditional cashier-staffed checkout lane. These systems are typically found in supermarkets, big-box stores, and other retail locations.

Image Credit: Jon Yungkans / Facebook

It seems like this self-checkout lane does not accept cash. If you think you can bribe it with alcohol, we hate to break it to you, but that wouldn’t work either. We are not sure how people get past these lanes if they don’t accept either of the offerings! 

Very Charitable

This charitable station seems to be both offering free rocks to kids and demanding free rocks for kids at the same time. Although we’re not sure how rocks are going to help kids improve their lives, we still appreciate the effort here. 

Image Credit: Teagan Deery/Facebook

Turns out, there are a lot of creative things kids can do with the free rocks. They can either use them for painting and decorating, keep them in their rock collections, play games, study nature, do science experiments, and whatnot. Who knew rocks were so versatile? 

Walk And Flirt

“Walk and flirt” is a term that refers to a style of flirting where a person walks around and interacts with others in a playful and flirtatious manner. This can include making eye contact, smiling, and engaging in light conversation with people they find attractive. Have you done it before?

Image Credit: Alex Meed/Facebook

We don’t know why someone felt the need to write this since it’s a common practice in social settings such as parties, clubs, and other places where people go to socialize. Maybe it was an act of vandalism since it looks like someone wrote it freehand on a building’s external pillar.


If there were no bathroom attendants, the restroom would likely look different in critical ways that we’d like to point out. First of all, it would definitely be filthy. Secondly, we’d run out of supplies, and there’d be no one to replace them. Lastly, we shouldn’t forget the aspect of safety. 

Image Credit: Ethan Howard/Facebook

Overall, the restroom without attendants would be less pleasant and less comfortable to use, and it may be less safe and accessible for users. We are not sure why the owners of this establishment decided to put this up, but we hope the place still has these crucial employees.

Prayer Conditioner

Praying can be cathartic because it provides an outlet for people to express their emotions and concerns and to release feelings of stress and anxiety. It allows people to communicate with a higher power and to feel heard, understood, and hopeful. 

Image Credit: Becca Kwiek/Facebook

This particular Croatan church seems to have found a clever way of putting out a message regarding practicing abstinence. All you need is your prayer conditioner during dire times of extreme ‘heat.’ Also, doesn’t FWB stand for ‘friends with benefits?’