Russian Artist’s Creation Shows Disney Prince Characters As Fathers

By Goodness M

Disney movies often depict happy endings for their princes and princesses. The rest they live it to the imagination. We often wonder if these happily ever after marriages produce kids.

However, Russian artist Oksana Pashchenko has made it her mission to follow these Disney magical unions. She uses her imagination to create cute baby characters who are fathered by the Disney prince characters.

Pashchenko bases her illustrations on Disney prince characters and the role they play as father figures. As a result, the cute babies spend most of their time nurtured and groomed by their dads. These illustrations will be revealed in this article.


Photo Credit: goldoxi21 / Instagram

In his youth, Aladdin was a street urchin loved by everyone. He meets the daughter of Agraba’s Sultan, Princess Jasmine, and wins her heart. Therefore, according to Pashchenko’s imagination, Aladdin has a son from this union with the Princess. Consequently, he spends time with his son flying on a carpet, telling him exciting stories about his days as a young man.

Prince Phillip

He takes a nap while babysitting his daughter. Maybe the baby girl gave her father a torrid time to the extent that he got exhausted and rested his eyes.


Photo Credit: goldoxi21 / Instagram

He is combing the hair of his beautiful daughter, ensuring that it is well-maintained at all times.

Prince Adam

What a caring father who understands that his baby girl loves book stories. Therefore he takes his time to read to her.

Prince Charming

Two chefs in the kitchen. In the picture, Prince Charming and his daughter are cooking a storm in the kitchen. They are baking a delicious pie.

Prince Henry

He kneels before her daughter, who is wearing an oversize stiletto shoe. He spends time dancing with her and making sure she feels like royalty.