Funny Receipt Easter Eggs That Make Them Worth The Ink

By Farah J

When we go to a pharmacy, a grocery store, a gas station, or even a cafe or restaurant, the bored cashiers usually hand us a piece of paper listing all the items we bought, and how much they all cost. And this little paper usually goes straight to the trash!

Very rarely do we bother to take a look at the printed paper to see the total amount or maybe even count the items to see if the cashier got all the items correctly. We mean, why would we spend our time reading that boring list if the price seems accurate for the services or goods we paid for?

As it turns out, we were missing out on some fantastic comedy, courtesy of funny little messages left by cashiers. When customers stumble upon these hidden jokes, they can’t help but share them with the world. Let’s see what they found!

Happy Mother’s Day

When parents bring a child into this world, their major focus becomes raising a well-behaved and kind kid. Parenting is the hardest job, and whoever says otherwise clearly never had to fill that role. Parents deserve a little treat now and then.

Image Source: looseONtheGoose/reddit

And Mother’s Day is the best time to do that. This restaurant cashier made sure that the parents received a little surprise discount on their meal for raising a wonderful (and calm) little one-year-old. This, indeed, would make any mother happy!

Christmas Grinch

Christmas is one of those times when a parent realizes how well they managed to raise their children in the past year. The thought of Christmas presents brings out the worst in children. Even the most well-behaved child isn’t immune from acting up.

Image Source: CoffeeSlutt/reddit

Well, who knew that the cashier, out of all people, at this shopping mall would be so kind and sympathetic towards the parents during Christmas time and give them a funny little tip? The first part isn’t such a bad idea, either.

Heart of a lion

When someone says that they have the “heart of a lion,” they usually mean that they are courageous and fearless in the face of danger. Essentially, it’s not meant to be a factual statement. Common sense and logic are enough to dissuade anyone from taking it literally.

Image Source: craq_feind_davis/reddit

This cashier turned this phrase into a dad joke and typed it on the customer’s receipt to make their day a little better. We wonder if there are other dad jokes hidden at the bottom of all the receipts at that restaurant.

Sugar rush

You don’t usually read your grocery shopping receipt, but if you do, you will notice that every item is written once, which is followed by the total number of that item purchased and its calculated amount, i.e., the items are not repeated for each purchase.

Image Source: tittypic/reddit

This cashier probably was just trying to be funny by making the poor customer comprehend how much sugar he was about to intake. No judgment, but the guy is going to get a sugar rush if he eats all these in one sitting!

Looking expensive!

CVS is notorious for giving extra-long receipts with various discounts and offers printed on them. These are seldom usable and are truly a waste of paper and plastic (yes, there’s plastic in receipts), so people turned their receipts into a joke!

Image Source: delege/reddit

For example, this guy bought a Pepsi Zero from CVS, but that single item meant that he got a lengthy receipt printed. He instantly turned it into a tie and shared it with the world to prove how ridiculously long these paper slips are!

Mischief managed

When the cashier hands a receipt to the customer, it usually says “thank you for purchasing” at the bottom. Since almost every business has the same message, it has completely lost all meaning. At this point, our eyes just skim over that line.

Image Source: SuperMcG/reddit

So, this cashier brought a little spice and laughter on their next receipt. It said that the customer “solemnly swears they will pay for their stuff” and ended the receipt with “miss you already” instead of “come back again”! Mischief managed.

How charming!

Comic book stores and small libraries with a little cafe are our favorites. Who doesn’t love the enticing smell of books, both old and new, combined with cocoa and coffee lingering in the air? It is like entering a little world, free of troubles and stress.

Image Source: thedailyvinyls/reddit

And if you buy something from the bookstore, the cashiers know that you like reading. So, to keep customers on their toes and give them a bonus blurb, this comic book store tried to use a Jedi mind trick on their customers at the bottom of their receipts.

Dozed off

Do you remember those times when your printer got stuck in the middle of printing your papers or when the photocopy machine suddenly started making weird noises? The same happens to the cashiers with their receipt printers. Any piece of tech can malfunction, no matter how uncomplicated it is.

Image Source: MarijuanaMuppet/reddit

For example, this receipt printer had some technical issues in the middle of printing a customer’s receipt. What makes this funny is the long list of Zs on the paper! The printer dozed off and gave the cashier a clear sign that it was not to be disturbed.


Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” topped the Billboards for weeks, and it’s remained in popular culture ever since. It’s the textbook definition of an earworm, and trolls have made the song almost inescapable. You never know when or where the song will hit…

Image Source: Evol_menimE/reddit

This cashier successfully rickrolled their customers by turning the farewell message on the bottom of their receipts into the ’87 pop hit. We bet customers leave both laughing and rolling their eyes. That’s one way to make your shop memorable!

How bored are you?

When boredom hits hard, we’re willing to do anything to escape it. From deep cleaning the entire house to reading old receipts, we will try anything to get back into our rhythm and restart life. So long as we’re engaging our brains, that’ll help, right?

Image Source: [unknown user]/imgur

This empathetic cashier understood that pain and decided to take a shot at cheering the customer up through a surprise message on a receipt. So, if you are reading this, go watch the Thursday night football game! Apparently, it’s a good way to kill your boredom.

Dad jokes everywhere

Wherever dads are, there are dad jokes. No matter where in the world you live, dad jokes are almost inevitable. And you can’t just cover your ears to block them out; determined dads will get their jokes out in any medium possible.

Image Source: WhySoStopid/reddit

And this Thai cashier had the best one yet! Instead of ending the receipt with a usual bland thank you, this guy made his customers snicker by giving them food-related dad jokes. It’s like those Popsicle stick jokes, but for adults.

Dramatic Stella

Movie buffs will use any and every opportunity to share references and trivia tidbits. And if you work in the service industry and can customize the receipt print-outs, you have the perfect outlet to nerd out all day, every day.

Image Source: Dinosaur_willy/reddit

It seems like someone is a fan of A Streetcar Named Desire. Instead of listing a chilled Stella beer bottle like a normal (read: boring) person, they threw in a fun reference to the 1951 classic film. We bet that cashier is the perfect partner for their trivia nights.

Twilight hater

Twilight has a fanbase almost as huge as the group of haters. And, we’re sorry to say, but there is no in-between. Either you are a defensive, die-hard fan, or a complete hater. Both are extreme about their opinions, so it’s best if both of them keep their thoughts to themselves.

Image Source: bluekum/reddit

This Twilight-hating cashier couldn’t keep it contained, and we think that they went a little too far this time. We know that they meant this as a joke, and this is a funny way to find your Twilight-hating community! Still, have a little regard for humanity, please!

Last minute check!

While we hope to end any night out on a pleasant note, sometimes we feel the need to rush and get the heck out of dodge. A bad dinner date or a late night at the bar leaves our brains frazzled, and we might just forget something important in our rush to leave.

Image Source: madamfancyfishypantz/reddit

We wonder how many times this has happened to this restaurant staff for them to change the farewell message at the bottom of the receipt to a friendly reminder to customers to take a quick last-minute check before they leave.


Do you remember the triple Rs from grade school: reduce, reuse, recycle? Well, there are a few more on that list now, but the importance and meaning remain the same. There are some basic steps we can take to reduce our trash and have a more positive environmental impact.

Image Source: MilkisToxic/reddit

This person surely is up in their game. They are making use of the CVS pharmacy’s notoriously long receipts in the best way possible! All they had to do was visit the store a handful of times, and they had enough to make blinds for their windows. Ingenious!

Who reads this?

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: receipts are boring slips of paper that not even the most avid reader would read from top to bottom. And cashiers know this all too well. So, sometimes, they’ll type in random things simply to amuse themselves.

Image Source: LambroLP700-4/reddit

For example, this customer’s receipt has quite a few gems all packed onto one small slip of paper. Apparently there’s an option to give customers a discount for looking nice, and this person earned that eight times! The ending remarks are simply the cherry on top!

Which pill do you choose?

As we’ve mentioned before, when we go to a restaurant or a cafe to have a nice warm meal, what we get in return (after the meal is over) is a slip of paper with our grand total on it and a little “thank you” at the end of it.

Image Source: jcmack13/reddit

Since people rarely look at the bottom of their receipts, it’s the perfect place to send a secret message. Agent Smith might not give that little slip of paper a second thought, and Morpheus knows how to take advantage of his arrogance.

Cozy and warm

Another hilarious trolling of the CVS long receipts! CVS offers many discounts and deals on their receipts to attract customers for their next visit, but they really overdo it. It may seem like a good idea on their part, but customers are left with this absurdity!

Image Source: grdyn/reddit

This guy got creative and channeled his inner fashionista when he mocked CVS. The caption that goes along with the selfie further trolled the notorious pharmacy for sending half a meter-long slip with any purchase, and we love it. No scarf? No problem. Just use your CVS receipt!


While a lot of Spanish speakers in the US are bilingual and can speak English fluently, English speakers are not doing so well in Spanish classes. Well, suffice it to say that their spelling isn’t much better than their conversational skills, either.

Image Source: sqexe/reddit

Okay, we doubt that’s the case here. Even the most incompetent Spanish speakers know how not to spell thank you (muchas gracias). Their “alternate spelling” here is usually more of a raunchy joke, which makes it even funnier that it’s on a receipt.

Kindness pays off

Kindness towards the restaurant staff always pays off (pun intended!) whether they mention it on the receipt or not. There is no harm in being courteous to people around you, especially the ones who are serving you food. Kindness comes for free.

Image Source: hxe_111/reddit

This amazing restaurant discounted their customers and practically gave them free food. How wholesome is that? The customers must have been super polite and courteous towards them because they had their most expensive item discounted! Or perhaps that’s this restaurant’s way of deducting an accidental charge.

Pikachu, I choose you!

In the early days of texting, people were still figuring out just how much they could do with those little keyboards. Emoticons were easy, but creative minds saw this as an opportunity to work their magic and have some fun. Though the trend of making pictures with symbols has died down, it’ll never completely disappear.

Image Source: Mikedermott/reddit

Someone clearly had too much free time and programmed the printer to make a little Pikachu on their customer’s receipts. We wonder if the cafe changes up the character to match whatever top game or movie is coming out next.

Foreigners, welcome!

There are two types of people in this world: those who live for the flavor and those who can’t even bear to see a single grain of spice. Not to overgeneralize, but Europeans have put themselves in the latter spot, making it difficult for them to eat certain cuisines.

Image Source: akkan/reddit

This person sent their European friends to an authentic Indian restaurant, and let’s just say that the waitstaff held their hands when adding spices to this meal. To make the situation funnier, they mentioned it on the receipt as well!

Who’s the cashier?

The character “Fat Amy” in the movie Pitch Perfect once said, “I call myself Fat Amy so skinny people like [Chloe and Aubrey] don’t say it behind my back,” and it makes so much sense to this very day. “Fat” isn’t a bad word anyway!

Image Source: ImmaBeAlex/reddit

This waitress reminds us of her. She marked herself as “Crazy Linda” instead of simply “Linda” on the receipt. We bet there’s a funny story behind her name. Or perhaps it’s the unfortunate result of a prank war between the employees.

CVS to the rescue

CVS receipts seem to bring out people’s creative side, and encourage their triple-R attitude. Here’s another “upcycled,” unnecessarily long CVS receipt. So far, we’ve seen a tie, a scarf, and even window blinds, but this one is hands-down our favorite.

Image Source: talkstr8t/reddit

We’re not sure how well a receipt can hold a dog, but we love the ingenuity. If you’re a frequent CVS customer, maybe these Redditors have given you some ideas. Save your receipts and get crafting. Who knows? You might just make it onto lists like these.

Unhappy Kim

Kim Jong-un is the “supreme leader” of North Korea. To put it simply, he is not seen as an inspirational leader all over the world. He is notorious for a strict dictatorship over his country and serves as more of an icon of a warning sign than anything else.

Image Source: the_twelfth_dr/reddit

This Korean restaurant cashier projected his dislike towards this leader through a printed receipt. Probably because he was bored, he turned Jong-un’s name into Jong-unhappy! Well, he was fair and right – Jong-un is not famous for having a sunny disposition.

Sending love

Love and kindness are priceless; we all know that. We’ve seen a few cases of customers’ kindness paying off, but now it’s time for the employees to show their gratitude. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: kindness is free!

Image Source: pandawannabe/reddit

This sushi restaurant’s cashier is the finest and most wholesome example in this case. They are spreading love through their receipts! They really went all out with the whopping 50 “Love from Kinjo” to the receipt. Does that translate to 50 hugs?

Taco cat

Here’s another example of a cute cartoon creation through the use of punctuation marks. And this one is no other than the famous taco cat! Taco cat is one of the loved cartoon cats whose cuteness is something we can’t get enough of.

Image Source: eru_dite/reddit

It seems like Bull Moose Cafe—who gave us the cute Pikachu—has some competition here. It seems like waitstaff have more time on their hands than we realized. Maybe if CVS did things like this with all that extra space on their receipts, people wouldn’t be so annoyed.

That’s what she said

So far, the little jokes and messages have been PG, but there are some spicier one-liners that people have found on their receipts. This joke came straight out of the 2000s, but we’ll admit to still laughing at the cheap shot.

Image Source: petunia666/reddit

To be fair, if we were ringing up that order, we’d also have a hard time resisting saying that joke. Thank goodness the bill didn’t have a 69 in there, or there’d be even more dirty jokes printed on there.

Festive receipt

When humans get tired, they shut down mentally and physically and don’t get their pep back until after a good night’s sleep. It’s the opposite with machines: they get glitchy, overactive, and won’t listen to anyone until they’ve calmed down a bit.

Image Source: MrHookup/reddit

This likely wasn’t an intentional gag; merely a computer glitch. But let’s just suspend our disbelief for a moment and play around with the thought that this gas pump was in a really festive mood and wanted to give drivers some free garland.

Desperate times

After all the innovative examples of the reuse of CVS receipts, we’ve come to learn that the famous pharmacy’s receipts can be used as a replacement for anything. Especially when you’re in a pinch, they might be just what you need.

Image Source: phatposer/reddit

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? We wonder if this was done during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. All jokes aside, we don’t recommend doing this for anything other than a prank. The chemicals in those slips aren’t good for cleaning oneself.

Rock Star cashier

We seldom need to know who our cashier is, but it’s an important piece of information to have, especially if you want to give them nice feedback. Now, normally, we’d expect to see mundane names like Linda, Brandon, Mike, etc. You get the gist.

Image Source: ejohnson2708/reddit

We didn’t know that Meat Loaf once worked as a cashier in Pennsylvania. Just kidding! We bet this cashier was either really hungry, or they had Bat Out of Hell stuck in their head on repeat. Whatever the reason, we bet it made the customer laugh.

The relatable Hedberg

Doughnuts are the ultimate comfort food. If we could, we’d eat them for every meal! Too bad we’re stuck enjoying them only as a rare treat. And, unlike most things we buy, we have no need to keep a record of our pastry purchases.

Image Source: buckwheatwaffle/reddit

And we’re not the only ones; Mitch Hedberg once had a whole rant about their uselessness. One of the employees must have heard one of Hedberg’s hilarious stand-up routines and decided to sneak his speech onto the bottom of all their receipts. Kudos!

Ghost vs. Pacman

People who work in the food industry are no strangers to weird requests. Between allergies, delicate tastebuds, and picky eaters, we bet restaurants aren’t easily fazed when customers have special requests with their orders. But we bet even this pizzeria was surprised when someone asked for less food.

Image Source: Perfecteuphoria2/reddit

We bet this made the waitstaff’s day! Getting the opportunity to play with your food, let alone someone else’s, and make it look like a video game character is our dream. We hope they included an olive for Pac-Man’s eye.

Handsome server charges

Usually, people tip their kind servers after their meals for their good service. It’s only proper to do so since the tips are a big part of their weekly earnings. Tipping is considered good manners, but no one expects you to go overboard with it, either.

Image Source: stainedcashmere/reddit

We’d have a heart attack if we only saw the top receipt! We would normally call this vanity, but since the waiter complimented their looks in the receipt, we can tell it’s just someone with a great sense of humor.

Pretty please?

We’ve talked about those little lines at the end of receipts. You know, where they say common phrases like, “thank you for shopping,” “have a nice day,” and “come back soon,” etc. It is considered polite for cashiers to thank their customers for choosing their establishment.

Image Source: MikeFromSuburbia/reddit

However, what we don’t usually see is this level of desperation and begging the customers to heed the traditional farewell message. This cashier became a little too dramatic and frantic when typing in the last note. The “please” is very amusing.

Hottest of the hot

After hearing the weird requests of their customers, the restaurant staff either get all worked up and fussy over such a ridiculous request or make a hilarious joke out of it and decide to involve their customers in it too!

Image Source: Psycobenny/reddit

It depends on what kind of person you are! This funny cashier had the personality of the latter, so he printed out an extra-long receipt that emphasized the word “hot” because the customer specifically asked for the hottest of hot Mumma burgers!

Star Wars blessings

When we say that people don’t read the bottom of their receipts, we’re including management, too. They have so many things to take care of, they don’t have time to read the literal fine print. This cashier took advantage of that ignorance…

Image Source: falcoty/reddit

They didn’t even add it at the bottom of the receipt, as we’ve seen with the other messages. They programmed the register to print out one little slip with a message to all the Star Wars fans. If this is a restaurant, they missed a great opportunity: May the forks be with you.

Making a shot

If you work in a restaurant or any public place where hundreds of people come and go throughout the day, chances are that you may come face-to-face with your secret crush. Or perhaps your soul mate, whom you weren’t even looking for, enters your establishment.

Image Source: Minitrain/reddit

With so many people to take care of, there’s no time to flirt. Fortunately, this employee had access to the cash register and was able to include a little message to their crush as they paid for their food. Now we know why servers have their names on the receipt.

Dog privileges

Having a pet comes with a lot of obstacles, but the privileges certainly outweigh any problems. Dog owners, in particular, know just how much joy their four-legged friends bring people. They likely hear “awwws” from across the street all day.

Image Source: vensates/reddit

And it’s not just on walks. This dog owner brought their beloved pupper with them while going out for some fast food, and the cashier was more than thrilled. Our favorite part is that it doesn’t specify any details. Just having a dog is enough for the cashier to have a good day.


It seems like Mr. Meat Loaf inspired their fellow service workers. Instead of providing their given name, one employee at a Thai restaurant decided to have some fun and use a nickname instead. So, what did they use to represent their personality?

Image Source: Thor_Odenson/reddit

Way to play it cool, Mr. Handsome. Actually, thinking about it, that does make for a pretty good joke. If someone were to ask their name, they could say, “I’m handsome.” It’s a bit braggy but pretty smooth if you ask us.

Twisted discounts

Who doesn’t love sales and discounts on their favorite stuff, especially food? You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a long line at any establishment offering discounts, especially if you don’t need to have a “customer account” to earn them.

Image Source: cheezy25/reddit

We can’t imagine how happy this customer was to find they got a discount without even knowing or trying. This person had a flattering reason for the discount (creepy, nonetheless). The cashier even rated their four best features on the receipt!

Steak glazing

Steak is said to be one of the most ordered forms of meat in a restaurant. A perfectly glazed steak dipped in several spices and sauces and served with numerous flavors of ranch and side dishes—you can never get bored of eating it!

Image Source: YoutuberChris/reddit

However, this steak-lover had the absolute worst nightmare of their life when they saw the receipt of their meal. On the bright side, they can almost guarantee that it’s a joke. No one wants to leave evidence of having messed with someone else’s food.

Mitch’s rice forever

Here we are with another Mitch-loving cashier. He’s got so many good and relatable quotes, though we didn’t realize just how many were related to food. And, like any good comedian, he knows exactly how to put into words what we’re all thinking.

Image Source: stevo351/reddit

This cashier didn’t miss the opportunity to quote Mitch on the receipt when the customer ordered a bowl of rice along with some bagels, etc. Mitch was super relatable when he talked about food in his comedic stand-ups. RIP, Mitch!

Falling for you

Another creepy incident in a Twisted Root restaurant in Dallas! We can’t tell if it’s only the cashier or the whole staff who checks out their customers and gives them discounts on their food based on how “pretty” they are.

Image Source: shleymoore/reddit

It is very creepy and is making us uncomfortable. We can’t tell if this was meant to be a flattering compliment or a creepy person staring at them from afar while they enjoyed their meal. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt…for now.

Brandon, no!

Sometimes, people make dad jokes and call out puns to make others laugh. Everybody loves good humor, and people prefer a witty, funny personality over merely good looks. So, funny people use their humor as a source for their popularity.

Image Source: slatter/reddit

But here’s the thing, even though some may find your puns and jokes hilarious, others may get offended or grossed out by them. Brandon, this pun-master cashier, is an example of this situation. He is either very popular in this restaurant or not well-liked at all.