40 Times People Accidentally Discovered Real-Life Easter Eggs On Everyday Items

By Aakash M

Gamers know that incredible moment when they discover an easter egg in a video game. Even when we watch movies, it feels epic to find an easter egg secretly linked to something else! Just think about Ready Player One.

What’s exciting about easter eggs is that somebody hid them for a particular reason. They wanted to send a secret message. It’s almost like if you heard an underwater scream that nobody would have heard if not for you.

Here’s the thing about easter eggs. There are many of them. We can’t quantify them. But, what’s certain is there are always more easter eggs than you think. Also, not only do these things exist in games and movies, but you’ll also find them in reality. We know this because of a subreddit where people share photos of the easter eggs they found. You will be shocked by what these everyday folks stumble upon!


Can you guess where this person found this unique easter egg? It’s on the bag of nutritional yeast flakes! This bag gives you a few good reasons to buy the product. People have approved of it, and so have animals, apparently.

Image credits: Reddit / RatTeeth

It talks about Wilber the Tiger, who has approved of the product. It also talks about Tony’s third cousin. Since tigers are renowned yeast experts, we believe we must take it seriously and purchase this item. It must be good if Wilbur says so.


We are in complete awe of this easter egg. If you noticed, the top parts of these guitars are quite similar, making them the perfect fit. So, we think guitarists will go crazy when they see the heads of a Gibson and Schecter Guitar together.

Reddit/ PurpleGodandViolet

We can’t understand the purpose behind doing this, though. What could it be? Is it some kind of a mating method? Is this the birth process of a ukulele? Will there be a third guitar that’s a mix of a Gibson and Schecter?

A beautiful sword

It took us a second to realize that this easter egg wasn’t from a video game or movie. It is a real one! This is a sword stabbed into a stone with water surrounding it. It seems this image was taken in England by a very fortunate photographer!

Image credits: Reddit / ggfloq3

Well, you know what to do to prove your strength and become the king. Whoever can rip this sword out of the stone is the king! At least that’s how it has always worked in the movies and games centered around ancient civilizations and battles!

Handsome fire sprinkler

This automatic fire sprinkler looks so fancy that it could set the stage on fire! The cute mustache has a lot to do with how amazing it looks. We know that the chain is a part of the system, but even that helps make it look fancy.

Image credits: Reddit / pocketpanda2016

However, we’re confused trying to understand how this thing is supposed to work. Is it something the fire truck hooks up to this automatically? And if that’s the case, is it a sprinkler system without any water supply? So many questions.

Big mystery

Take a good look at this image. You’ll see that there are transformer logos on these tram tracks. These are two different tram tracks, and they’re both located in Helsinki, Finland. This easter egg is quite a serious one, even though it’s just a logo.

Image credits: Reddit / Spikerazorshards

These logos add quite the mystery element to the easter egg because nobody knows where these logos came from in the first place! We have one guess. Maybe the Transformers themselves came from Cybertron. That sounds quite accurate.

Funny little tag

This tag beats every other tag. It has a sense of humor that could compete with some humans as well. This person found this tag with the message in a child’s dress. The child’s parents then uploaded the image on the subreddit!

Image credits: Reddit / PARKOUR_ZOMBIE

That tag is pretty funny, to be honest, but if there’s something we love about this photo apart from the tag, it’s definitely the smile on the kid’s face! By the way, is the kid holding it with her fingers, or are those toes?

Mother of coincidence

You are looking at the Saturn V Lego. There’s a lot more to this image, though, which you will understand as we get into the details. This Lego Set has 1969 pieces, which is also the year when humans set foot on the moon!

Image credits: Reddit/ bag_o_fetuses

As far as we can guess, we’d say this isn’t a coincidence. It’s more like an easter egg was deliberately left there on purpose for you to decode! It would take time for you to realize because most people are usually focused on how amazing the process is.

Don’t get your hopes high!

This person found a real-life easter egg in a broom, out of all things. As you can see, it says it is unsuitable for flying. So, all of you who were searching for a flying broom, skip this particular one and continue your search.

Image credits: Reddit / Datpugluvr

Who knows if there’s actually a flying broom out there waiting for you to ride it. Honestly, it is more of a tagline, but we’ll take it as an easter egg because it does talk about magical elements. It’s a deluxe broom, but it won’t fly.

They know

We never knew that coffee bags could be telepathic as well. It looks like this one understands how tired we all get. This guy might have been tired, and that’s exactly when he would’ve found this easter egg under the coffee bag.

Image credits: Reddit / prog_d0nkey

What’s good is that the coffee bag tells you that you’re on the wrong side in a lovely way. After that, it also asks you to politely get to the other side of it if you want some coffee, which would help get rid of your tiredness.

Family first

According to the person who posted this image, this can is from the Sierra Nevada, and they, for one, do understand how family businesses work. Now that we have looked at what this can says, we certainly couldn’t agree more.

Image credits: Reddit / Loki_Akita

It’s a family-owned, operated, and argued-over business! First, would we even call it a family if no arguments were involved? There’s always some arguing and banter involved. But, with families, it’s always all good in the end!


You would have to be an insulting person to receive this delivery, look at the bottom of the box, read the wish of the box at the bottom, which is to be recycled, and still not do anything about it. The box wants to be recycled, and it’s so cute!

Image credits: Reddit/ SlightlyAdventurous

We’d say that this box is pretty ambitious since it sees itself being transformed from an ordinary delivery box to a drinks carrier. It wants to make beach party appearances! Well, it’s only good if you respect it and help it fulfill its dream.


Imagine finding an easter egg on a sweatshirt. It’s weird, but it’s true! This is probably the part of the sweatshirt where washing instructions are mentioned. But there’s an additional life instructions section with the easter egg right below!

Reddit/ val0719

Honestly, this sweatshirt has quite the motivating instructions for you. We could call it the motivational sweatshirt. As far as we know, this sweatshirt’s advice would suit men about to get divorced. Now that your sweatshirt says it, you should follow these instructions!

Sharpen your pencils

This bench at the beach has an easter egg. We can’t even believe how somebody ended up finding that because beaches are busy places, and these are massive. You really have to look around to come across something this random.

Reddit/ areyouforrealdude

On the right side, you see it clearly, but on the left side, you can see how small the easter egg is! It was provided for the convenience of you people by the Portobello Public Pencil Sharpening Project. It’s for those who take their blunt pencils to the beach.

Please be nice

The person who posted this image on the subreddit has sold many bigfoot action boxes. But, he never looked closely at the bottom of the box where the instructions are written until now. We’re glad that he took a look, finally.

Image credits: Reddit / frenchmeister

Firstly, we can’t imagine Bigfoot crying. Bigfoot has quite a scary and fearsome reputation. He’s the one wreaking havoc and not somebody you’d wanna mess with. We believe he’d be all the more dangerous if he cries and if somebody hurts him. So, be safe and follow the instructions.

You do you

Have you ever heard of an understanding face wash? We haven’t either, but here is a good example of a face wash that understands you. It understands the kind of motivation you need at any particular time. Basically, there are two broad types.

Image credits: Reddit / GhostMalone0

You’re either in the mood to take on the world and face everything that comes your way, or you’re just tired. You need rest, so you need to hit the bed. This face wash knows that pretty well, giving it an edge over all the others.

A happy accident

There’s no easter egg left by a person here. At least, we don’t think so. But, there is still an easter egg, which involves a bit of mother nature, and a bit of construction work. All of it is just a happy coincidence.

Image credits: Reddit / snicker22

That’s what you call a pineapple, but the only difference is that you can’t even think of eating it. Also, something tells us that if you touch or step on it, it will most likely open into a passage into a different dimension. Who has the guts to try that, though?

Tips for you

We have seen many unique easter eggs till now, but here is one such egg that has a tip for you to spice up your life. On the bottom of the product, we’d say that it is from a brand called Method.

Image credit: Reddit / Ricardo7854

It’s about something you could do if you wanted to, and if we were practical, most people wouldn’t consider it the worst idea. The body wash has done more than its job! It has helped you clean up yourself while also providing a tip.

In the end

This easter egg would’ve taken a long time to discover because the person who posted this image captioned it by saying they had always been on top of it. No problem, though. You have found the easter egg now.

Image credits: Reddit / nitrolagy

We love how this easter egg is so low-key. It never even appears or surfaces until you literally get to the end of the box. If you never use the end of the box, it’s simple. You’d never come across what’s written down there.

An indication

We all know that dogs are playful creatures. They can rip your curtains apart and do all those kinds of things that could cost you a pretty penny. If you get them toys, they’d usually chew and play with them for a long time.

Image credits: Reddit / DarthSomeGuy

They’ll keep doing it until the toy is all worn and torn. In the end, there’ll just be the shreds. But, this toy is unique because it tells you when it’s time to throw it away. Once the dog has literally torn its way to the end of it, it’s game over.

High-end lists

We aren’t sure if this is an amazing easter egg. We mean that it’s unique, but it’s too unusual! Who’d ever print a grocery shopping list on their car? And if that’s not considered weird, what’s considered weird in this world?

Image credits: Reddit / Industrialpinter89

Also, if there’s something that we love about this particular easter egg, it is how these things are printed on the car. They have been printed as if they are some fancy names of brands and races. What do you think about this one?

Makes sense

For humans, a no-fly zone is different. A no-fly zone is different for flies and other insects, and it has multiple meanings. It means that firstly, no flies are allowed near the area. Secondly, no fly can fly over that area!

Image credits: Reddit / teal_hair_dont_care

Well, all those points make this no-fly zone an amazing easter egg. Daredevil flies should control their emotions, be safe, and not even think of coming near this thing. If they do come near the no-fly zone, bad luck because they’ll be zapped!

No help at all

This tag certainly defies its purpose, and we don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad one. But aren’t these tags supposed to help us out by providing instructions? In some situations, these tags even gave us some amazing advice.

Image credits: Reddit / Wildflower320

This particular tag is just rude. There’s no explanation of the instructions, and there’s no good advice. What are we supposed to do with it? On top of it, it tells us to not bother them and just dry clean the cloth if we don’t know the symbols.

Easter egg logo

That’s what you call an easter egg now. It has been under your nose all this while, and you finally discover it now. That too, out of an accident. It was discovered after spraying the lens with a cleaning solution.

Reddit/ cmc335

That’s Oliver People’s geometric logo, which has always been on the glasses, but nobody really paid attention to it. If we’d be honest about this one, it’s a great easter egg, but at the same time, it could also get annoying when it rains.

Predicting the future

This pancake predicts the future with 100% accuracy, but the downside to it is that it predicts the future in the most obvious way. Don’t get us wrong, because that’s a creative marketing move, but when you look closer, it seems funny!

Image credits: Reddit / goddamnthirstycrow9

For instance, it talks about how it sees pancakes in your future. Well, isn’t that the most obvious thing when you purchase a pack of pancakes? You purchased that packet to consume the contents inside of it someday in the future!


There’s Bob! Say hi to him! He’s hidden in the bushes, so it could’ve taken more than a second to figure out where he is, which is alright. It’s almost as if Bob has long hair that is green. These hairs will grow when you water them.

Image credits: Reddit / ohsureyoudo

Many times, if you get one of these but don’t water them, Bob will end up going bald, which could make him sad, thus, indirectly making you feel sad for him as well. You would want to avoid that, wouldn’t you?

Hard Rock easter egg

We have seen some easter eggs till now, and these were all something that we could only watch on our screens. But, here is one easter egg that you could consider checking out by yourself. You need to travel a bit, though.

Image credits: Reddit / Jorger707

You need to visit the Hard Rock hotel. There are 24 hard rock hotels in the USA, so we think this image is from the one in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you take a close look at the comforters in the room, you could find little guitars like the one in this image!

Complimenting you

According to the person who posted this image on the subreddit, this image is of the bottom of their mattress box. They must have surely tried to open it up or do something like that, and we’re pretty sure they didn’t expect to read that message.

Image credits: Reddit / Technicalk3rbal

We’re also sure they must have felt flattered upon receiving that compliment. Who wouldn’t like a nice compliment out of anywhere? Unless it’s not really creepy, it could be something that ends up making your sad day a joyful one!

Best wishes

This easter egg is tough to find for the person whom it is meant for. First of all, we don’t know who Garth is, and secondly, there must be a lot of Garths in this world. Out of that, you need to find a Garth who has a birthday today!

Image credits: Reddit / whistle_kid

Obviously, this can wasn’t delivered to a Garth with a birthday. It was just randomly bought by someone who then uploaded this image. The chances are slim again, but we hope that it ends up finding the Garth who’s supposed to be the receiver.

Get skating!

You can also consider this easter egg to be a well-planned and well-executed prank. The person who bought these skates and ended up reading what’s written on the bottom of the wheels must have had a laugh after reading this!

Image credits: Reddit/ Mr-Sundroid

Those wheels have quite the message for you, though. It is to start skating and stop reading! It’s time to make some good use of those rollerblades! There’s also some common sense in the message. You’re obviously not skating if you’re busy reading what’s written!

An important message

This message was found in a hygienic bathroom at a gas station. Although reading something like this is knee-slapping, we think that messages like these should be in every office, school, or public bathroom. It’s an important one, we think.

Image credits: whathef***bi**h / Reddit

People often forget this vital task, and honestly, there’s nothing grosser than that. So, this gas station does a pretty good job of reminding people to always wash their hands before they return to work. That’s what is needed!

The world is in your hands

That is the Intel Core i7 9th Gen processor. It’s one of the best processors on the market, and it can do more than you can imagine. However, the easter egg here is that you can literally see the processor’s architecture on the back of the sticker.

Image credits: Reddit / AutoCrosspostBot

How cool is that now? First of all, that looks like a little city, and since we’re talking about easter eggs, you didn’t even know if it could actually be a little city with microscopic organisms residing inside it! That’s a whole new train of thought.


If you want to learn wordplay, it’s best to study this particular easter egg. This bread company definitely won with that little move. Now, all they need to do is wait for the easter egg to go viral. There’s certainly gonna be an increase in sales!

Image credits: Reddit / eraserway

You know that every bread has a seal sticker, right? You pull it, and the packet opens. Well, this packet of bread has a seal sticker as well, but the only twist here is that the seal sticker has a picture of a seal on it!


This is a shaving cream from a brand called Harry’s. There’s a lot of information on the product apart from ingredients and the fact that it’s shaving cream. It has a random lottery number on the bottle, so you could always try your luck!

Image credits: Reddit / memesneverdie77

In the end, it also has a unique tagline. Scientists made it with their feelings! We wonder why these guys thought they needed to specify the fact that scientists have feelings, too? That’s a bit odd, but we appreciate the creativity!

Hygienic message

We’ve already said it, and we’ll say it again. These hygienic messages are gold. They need to be everywhere. People need to be reminded to wash their hands when they use the bathroom. So, we’re happy when we stumble upon images like this.

Image credits: Reddit / alienvisionx

These trousers tell the person wearing them about a clean way of thinking because, in reality, that’s the way to go and the best mindset you could adapt. So, this handy little message in the pants is just what you need.


Well, that’s one of the funniest ways you could tell customers at a store that a particular product is not available or out of stock! These guys have put in a lot of creative effort to get this across, so we must give them credit.

Image credits: Reddit / bshafe

Well, it’s done now. You can do whatever you want. You can even pick your nose if you feel like it, but you cannot pick that card. Come back next time, and if you can’t, they’ll let you know when the card is back in stock.

Happy product

Take a look at this brand new hat this person bought and felt the need to post on the subreddit. This hat has many little signs on it, for instance, the one where it asks you not to wear it while skating. It could fly off!

Image credits: Reddit / FredHH123

It also says this hat has no swag in it. That’s bad news, isn’t it? But we thought hats were swag in and of themselves! Anyways, it also warns you that buying it could cause joy and happiness. Well, we’re sold.

Spoiler alert

This is a Maltesers sharing pack, and honestly, it gave it all away right in the beginning. Nobody asked for the spoiler! Yet, now we all know that there aren’t any monsters under here. In that case, stop looking under it!

Image credits: Reddit/ drwhogirl_97

People have to check these things just to be sure that there’s nothing. That’s the reason why the person who bought this pack checked the bottom of it. To their surprise, they didn’t find any monsters, but they did find an easter egg!

Fear the bear

That is a cute bear on the bottom of a Gfb Bites bag! Easter eggs only occur in places where you never expect them to be! So, although it could’ve surprised you, it’s the best place for an easter egg to hide.

Image credits: Reddit / quuuark

So, we’d say there is a reason for the bear to be there. It’s an easter egg! But again, nobody has the guts to ask a bear to leave. They’re apex predators who could rip you apart in seconds. You wouldn’t wanna take that risk.

Sweatshirt care

Here’s how it works with this sweatshirt. If you want to take care of it, you must follow the tag instructions thoroughly. Honestly, the first four instructions are pretty legit, so there’s nothing wrong with that part.

Image credits: Reddit / stitch713

Then come the final two instructions. One of them is about not wearing them as pants. Who wears sweatshirts as pants? Is that some sort of a new weird trend? We’ve never heard of it! The last one, though, adds a nice, humorous tone!


This five-gallon bottle is ready to take on the world. After years of training and discipline, it has molded into something useful for every single purpose. As the great Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water, my friend. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.”

Image credits: Reddit / ThisOneQuack

You can use this five-gallon bottle for a plethora of purposes, which is true in reality. But, for the first time, we have come across something advertised as useful during a zombie apocalypse! We don’t know where they tested that, but we hope it’s true.