Real-life Witch Says Witchcraft Is An Honor And Not For Hurting People

By Stephen M

Most people don’t want to be associated with witchcraft and people who practice it. In fact, the general notion about the act is nothing good and considered evil. Okay, maybe not anymore. However, Melanie Clowes, a practicing witch, wants to change those narratives. The 46-year old who has been practicing the act for over 30 years and believes it is an honor.

Melanie’s father, who was a pagan, introduced his daughter to the faith at a very young age. Though she believes in God and the Goddess, she prefers honoring the seasons as they change.

Photo credit: the Celtic witch on Facebook

According to Melanie, witchcraft is not just for Halloween. Known on social media as The Celtic Witch, the mother of three began her career as a tarot card reader at age 14. Three years on, she added spell casting for protection using essential oils, salt, and incense.

Educating People on Witchcraft

Melanie currently wants to educate people about witchcraft. She has rituals she performs at the full moon and to know what herbs she can grow in her garden. She desires to help people and also educate them on the practice. She wants people to know that witchcraft is an everyday thing and not just from stories.

Her Beginning

As a child, Melanie’s father taught her paganism, including learning about trees, by going to the woods and local ponds. This helped her to learn about different types of plants and birds. At age 14, she had her first set of tarot cards, after which she started doing spells. She believes that witchcraft is an act of using “nature to honor nature.” She enjoys her relationship with nature, and her church is mother earth’s creation.

Photo credit: the Celtic witch on Facebook

Aside from practicing witchcraft, Melanie was a practicing nurse at the University of North Midlands NHS Trust. She left at age 30. The notion that witches are evil and hurt people always upset her. She says witches are not devil worshipers and don’t hurt anybody.

Her Facebook page, The Celtic Witch, has almost 840,000 followers.