Positive Affirmations Are Essential For Every Child

By Anthony K

Parents are the first teachers children encounter and they set the pace for formal and informal education. Challenges in parenting include teaching your children to remain calm when things go sideways. Struggling parents and kids may learn various lessons from Brilee using positive affirmations in a viral video showcasing her simple tactic for handling tough situations.

Brilee smashes her little fingers in a door by accident and is upset by the overwhelming pain. The mother, Shelbee, gets her to take deep breaths amid the flowing tears. Shelbee asks Brilee to recite some adorable reminders that every kid needs to master. Her narration affirms that she is “okay, strong, beautiful, loved, and worthy.”

Image courtesy of Shelbee Haderer via KOCO 5 News/Facebook

Brilee repeats the words as commanded and any person watching the video can identify some notable changes. The phrase expressing self-love and acceptance helps the young girl get calmer and more composed despite the pain she was subjected to not long before. Brilee finishes the video with a sweet message thanking her mom for her help.

More parents can help their children master the message of self-love and acceptance to ensure they are prepared for painful and stressful situations. The right approach to stress and pain can help a child develop better coping mechanisms essential for challenges we face in adulthood.

Image courtesy of Shelbee Haderer via KOCO 5 News/Facebook

Brilee teaches adults and fellow children a valuable story that despite various challenges, one doesn’t lose their place and value in society. Learning to navigate various challenges and painful situations helps your children find viable solutions to challenges that could hold them back.