“Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” Moments Shared  

By Stephen M

Occasionally, you encounter a certain situation that you need to see to believe. In such situations, the only way to prove yourself is through photo evidence. Aside from photo evidence, unbelievers will take everything you say as an attempt at pulling their leg.

We scoured the internet for some “pics or it didn’t happen” moments you wouldn’t believe some of the spectacular things we found. Does a picture of Johnny Depp playing in a wedding band in 1982 tickle your fancy? What about seeing cats seated on a merry-go-round as if they were intentionally placed there? Let’s go through the unbelievable stuff that people shared!

Black cats on a merry-go-round

If not for photo evidence, would you ever believe this? These cats seem like they are intentionally placed there for a photo op.

Photo credit: WildMartenInTheGooseberries/Reddit

Johnny Deep

This sender proves Johnny Deep was part of a band that performed at his in-laws’ wedding in 1982.

Photo credit: deadbird17/Reddit

How did that car end up there?

This car was found on the fifth floor of a story building, and we can only imagine how it got there.

Photo credit: tnethacker/Reddit

Pink grasshopper

This sender was mowing his lawn when he suddenly came across this beautiful and rare pink grasshopper.

Photo credit: MC4204/Reddit

Your pants are falling off

The moment a three-year-old kid told a man he met at McDonald’s that his pants are falling down.

Photo credit: imblackgrapes/Reddit

Got any more pics to share with us? Throw them in the comments and let’s have a look.