Photoshop Masters Never Disappoint

By Anthony K

Photoshop is an essential tool for editing and modifying pictures. But just because anyone can access the program doesn’t mean that every user is good at it. Nope, the skills of a Photoshop master are hard to beat. Some use their powers for good and turn ordinary pictures into comical masterpieces. This article explores hilarious photos that can brighten your day.

1. Breaking Dad!

Many folks think that Breaking Bad is the best television series in recent years with its realistic scenes, suspense, action, and a fair share of humor.

Image courtesy of shoppedme/imgur

This photoshop is dedicated to all Breaking Bad fans who believe that Walter White is the best Chemistry teacher. Though, isn’t she a bit young to be studying such complicated subjects?

2. How Strong is Your Faith?

Walking on water is downright impossible. And if you think it’s doable, you better hone your swimming skills. Though, your pastor may convince you that this dog has a stronger faith than most believers.

Image courtesy of tomasztyka/imgur

The Photoshop master turned a picture of a cute dog into a majestic work of art. They gave Jesus a leash to hold and even added some ripples where the pupper’s paws are.

3. A Midnight Snack

We often joke about the similarity between domestic cats and “big” cats. For example, boxes seem to attract cats of all sizes.

Image courtesy of funnyviralpic/imgur

This person showed us that all cats are mischievous. We wouldn’t dare yell at this midnight snack thief, though.