Ultimate Photoshop Battle: 40 Digital Artists Who Deserve Awards For Their Creativity

By Aileen D

You are only one click away from pure entertainment on the internet. But it matters where you outsource your daily dose of comedy.

Just in case you’re losing steam for the workweek, we have got a number of pictures taken from r/photoshopbattles on Reddit. Members square off against each other in making the best-edited pictures using memes and the most popular celebrity photos.

It’s guaranteed to make you laugh or wonder how these artists created these mash-ups. And if neither works, how about posting your own works of art on the Subreddit group? You might just make the list, or better yet, create a new internet meme.

All it takes is a bit of cilantro, a couple of cups of vodka, a squeeze of context, and a great deal of sarcasm.

Turning Lego

First off, we have got a feast for the eyes. This guy got his 10 minutes of fame on the internet after creating a LEGO groundhog while waiting for his flight. Everyone couldn’t help but wonder just how he was able to finish it in a matter of hours.

Image courtesy of evilmeow, WetCoastLife / Reddit

But the secret is that he really enlisted the help of a couple of fellows – one of which was Keanu, and the other was a member of the blue man group. We’re not at all surprised that blue man was able to rock our world and blow our minds with this cameo.

Smell Trouble

It took years in the making and decades before audiences worldwide were able to appreciate the story of a group of hobbits who were on the adventure of a lifetime. Either that or the whole world would be enveloped in darkness.

Image courteys of innova , deafca 7 / Reddit

Here they are scouting for danger before making a run for it. Just look at those two by the side. They can smell the catnip and the hazard from far away. And their whiskers are twitching at the thought of this risky endeavor.

Splits Master

It might have been a childhood fantasy to believe that a chipmunk was the cause of the tectonic shift. But now we have got proof, all thanks to scientists who have come across this chipmunk performing yet another stunt in his natural habitat.

Image courtesy of Haisiel, Cequejedisestvrai / reddit

Scientists claim that the stunt is real and is performed in just one take. Their relations manager has stated it’s a daring stunt, but this chipmunk had full control. There was never any real danger involved. He’s an epic split master!

Your Spells and Hexes at 8AM, Monday

It’s never easy to be an undercover witch. You have got to keep appearances as a boring human being and then stay on top of spells, hexes, and potion-making every evening. Just like you, we have weekends too. But come Monday, our supernatural pets be…

Image courtesy of d2077 , tarpup / Reddit

…chasing us. To be honest, we don’t really know what should scare us more. Being banned as an evil witch and being confined to perform dark magic only, or having a sharp-beaked owl peck us for consuming all the liqueur.

What’d You Do With Them, Karen?

You would think that cats wouldn’t care for creating offspring, but it turns out that they do. When this cat woke up after surgery and felt that there was a certain sac missing from his body, he couldn’t help but ask Karen, what’d you do to my balls?

Image courtesy of organicalmondmilk, PalpitationFlaky9774 / Reddit

Karen bemusingly laughed at this male cat purring nonstop. You could tell that it was in a state of shock and recovery. He let out a blood-curdling scream or what seems to be an angry and aggressive howling and hissing.


If you don’t have the time to make a costume or buy one, then you can always wing it like this Golden Retriever right here. All it takes is a little creativity and the use of our assets. Knowing that he was a furry boy, he posed himself as…

Image courtesy of likelazarus, doitforjohnny- / Reddit

…the Wookiee, hirsute Chewbacca. It might be doubly hard for this Golden Retriever to navigate the terrain of Kashyyyk, but he can always rely on his acute sense of smell to get him around. But how do you think he travels through space?

Just Leave It

This cat knows a work of art when he sees one. So when he came across the Leaning Tower of Pisa, his natural instincts kicked in, and he jumped up to try and save the day. Do you think he got the job done?

Image courtesy of me_obviously, V_LochNessLobster_V / Reddit

Oh, you can see the terror etched in his eyes and his attempt to stop this tower from shattering into several thousand pieces. After having bared those claws, there is no reason why this leaning tower should defy gravity again.

Just As Much A Monster

For the life of us, we can’t stop laughing at this picture. Most parents would agree that if their kids were left without snacks or just made to go to bed, they would become raging, mountainous monsters, turning the living room askew and tearing airplanes out of the sky.

Image courtesy of matthew83128, Jay_Tissera / Reddit

And he is at it again! He yells into the mouthpiece, demanding that his mom get him some boo-boos. In the meantime, his uncles and aunties are in a fit of laughter, getting the most pictures with this King Kid’s best angles.

Whose Side Of The Force Are You On?

Little did we know that there were boxing matches between hares. And it’s not amongst the sexes that you would think. While male hares fight to prove who amongst them is fit to mate with females, female hares can also punch male hares to fend themselves off.

Image courtesy of mosaic_dreams, SligPants / Reddit

No doubt, this is a blockbuster movie in the making. The only question is – whose side of the Force are you on? Are you willing to side with that aggressive male or that female hare who’s tired of multiple attempts to mate?

Behind The Face Mask

I think we can all relate with Batman here about the disuse of face masks. Whereas before we could lure in women with our mysterious charm, now we can’t even score a date without people thinking we have encountered an accident.

Image courtesy of Wiles731, Staffell / Reddit

Just look at him – Batman without the mask seems unrecognizable. If it weren’t for the black cape and the suit, we would have thought that he belonged on a gurney. This is the perfect way to disguise yourself in Gotham City.

The Real Vortex

Scientists have always wondered what lies beyond the infamous black hole. And although the generally accepted answer is that we would be spaghettified before personally finding that out, we know now what really lies beyond the point of no return.

Image courtesy of SmartPeopolePlayTuba, Geo-NS / Reddit

You would still be spaghettified, true, but not by a strong tidal force sucking you in. You would be spaghettified by the gastric contents of this dog. It’s not a pretty sight, especially knowing that dogs have more than 100x the amount of acid than we do.

Beats Chanel Iman

Once again, we have come across a ground-dwelling critter in the arid scrublands. This fan-throated lizard displays his colorful throat while slaying the coastal areas of India and South Asia. However, he doesn’t always stay there. Sometimes, you will find him…

Image courtesy of crust2dust / kilik2 / Reddit

…modeling Chanel fashion staples at the Paris Fashion Week. He looks so stylish wearing those designer items, and more so when he strikes a cobra pose and unfurls that loose flap of skin on his throat into a beautiful fan.

Visiting His Friend

This cat really ought to know better. He is no longer the size of a kitten. If he intends to visit his friend in the rabbit hole, then he should wait outside of it. Fortunately enough, Christopher Robin, Kangaroo, and Eeyore heard his piercing scream.

Image courtesy of Sken_Pitilkin, GestaltofAtoms / Reddit

It must have been difficult for him to scream after he had consumed all the honey in Mr. Rabbit’s house. And with his bloated belly, Rabbit had a hard time pushing him through that hole. Maybe next time, this kitty will rethink before eating too much.


When asked by local news stations, this parent couldn’t help but say it’s better to get them started early. He was speaking about teaching his kid the ways of the wild west, riding a horse, working on a ranch, and herding cattle.

Image courtesy of wanderer-wonderer / CptSasquatch / Reddit

Of course, the kid isn’t big enough to ride a horse, so this parent has chosen to have him herd the mouse and squirrels by riding a forest cat. These can weigh anywhere from 12-20 pounds and can surely carry this cowboy.

While Everyone’s Playing Chess…

Have you ever wondered what Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? Not only are they crazy rich, but they are both legends. Ever wonder how they amassed that success? When everyone was playing checkers, these legends were playing tic-tac-toe.

Image courtesy of hoosyyouraddyo, diuguide / Reddit

We can’t imagine just who would win this round. What do you think the other is going to do – beat their chest and then dare the other to another round? Or do you think the loser would summon the other to a fistfight? This is a fight of the century!

Cue Roar

This kitty didn’t know that an encounter with another cat in the park would lead to her landing a modeling gig. She became the new face of a century-old production company. Are we sure you have heard of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, right?

Image courtesy of mohamez , sub_Zero_ / reddit

Which one do you think did better – the lion or this kitty? Now, imagine the opening credits to a movie whose genre falls under drama, crime, and suspense. It would almost seem like a joke. Now, put the lion back on!

Traitorous Act

We can only imagine how difficult it is for this rare serpent to fight his treacherous nature. He is staring at the camera, restraining himself from baring his fangs and then biting this hooman who had dared ridicule his birthmark.

Image courtesy of Wren1101 , pilaf / Reddit

But if you were to ask us, he might have gotten cuter because of it. After having newly shed its skin, it’s hard to recognize this serpentine creature as something that can kill you with its venom. Put this back in its tank, quick!

Registering Screams

Old dogs rely on old tricks. Despite having retired from Monsters, Inc, this sawfish decided to terrorize scuba divers she would encounter in the deep seas. Well, isn’t that nice? You didn’t turn in your scuba gear yesterday. The deep sea is now CLOSED!

Image courtesy of rainer217, artunitinc / Reddit

Who wouldn’t be terrified by this desk staff if you encountered her in the ocean depths? Not only is she concerned about shutting the office, but she will likely saw your fingers off if you place them an inch too far over the counter.

Please, Don’t Let Me Bump Into Her

People who are asleep are the easiest to play pranks on. Just look at this adorable critter with its eyes closed and its arms tucked inside this shoe. This kitten would have never seen this prank coming. But it might have been jolted awake…

Image courtesy of Classic_Discipline_7, Dank_Hooch_Nugget / Reddit

…by that trash driver bumping this kitten’s car. What do you think would have woken this sweet feline first – the shrieks of everyone around it or the impact of that fender bender by this underaged kid? The moral of the story is: don’t drive drowsy.

What’s Cooking?

Working in the laboratory isn’t as boring as it seems. Some experiments can be pretty dangerous. And with the long hours scientists put in observing the results, you can be a mixture away from a small accident. We can’t help but wonder what this smart scientist is cooking in his lab.

Image courtesy of OffshoreAttorney, WolfieVonD / Reddit

He feels a sharp fork poke the back of his head. It’s still raw, the giant assumes, judging by the pale skin. The giant pokes the dwarf back down in the foil container and then closes the lid. A couple more minutes ought to cook it to perfection.

Kid Knows His Art

It’s never too early to teach a kid how to pose in front of the camera. But without even having been taught, this baby poses perfectly for a picture. It helps that the kid is photogenic and that he knows his art. Here’s the Creation of Generation Alpha.

Image courtesy of Squidshellion, [unknown] / Reddit

He lazily extends his left arm to meet his father’s forefinger. He feels he’s sleepy. He had just eaten a whole cake and drank a whole liter of breast milk. And with a cushion of clouds behind him, it’s hard to keep his eyes open.

How She Likes It

This YouTube show rose to fame because it humanizes celebrities as they’re interviewed while eating hot-sauce-covered chicken wings. Of course, there are some celebrities who make eating spicy chicken wings look easy. And then there are folks who look like they have…

Image courtesy of stra4nge, exportsoda / Reddit

learned how to breathe fire. What’s really interesting is that they refuse to wield swords with this power. Nope. They just gulp down a glass of milk, hoping to soothe the burn inside their throat. Guess celebrities can’t have it all.

Too Little Sleep

This player has learned his lesson. If you spend too much time playing in front of the computer, you might lose touch with reality. Look at him, staring into the realm of simulated reality. Do you think that Minecraft cat can claw as well too?

Image courtesy of anyau_, xprmntng/ Reddit

Or do you think it can spit blocks of fur at you? One thing is for sure: we would like to know. So how about having this player take another shot of espresso and stay for another day in front of this computer screen?

I Said Fresh Fish

This sly cat went out on a group date with his friends. He bragged about this restaurant that served fresh fish. And true enough, the waiter served it raw. But this cat’s friends threw a fit after they found out that this fish was crunchy.

Image courtesy of Vaaauzy, xprmntng / Reddit

The cat hissed, “I said fresh fish!” His other friends were straining to keep one from reaching over the table and strangling this cat. “You said fresh…fish like freshly caught from the ocean!” The cat nonchalantly replies, “it’s just as nutritious without the briny aftertaste.”

How Hard Can This Be

Do you know how you can never tell how gifted you are at something until you’re put in a group and you find everything they’re doing is a piece of cake? Well, the same thing happened to this cat. It all started when he signed up for yoga.

Image courtesy of NotTheOldRat, Kilika2 / Reddit

In a clear, modulated voice, the instructor breathed in and out and said, “Okay, breaaaaathe out, everyone. Now, stretch.” This cat extended his hind leg without so much as exhaling and even managed to lick his parts. Is this really what I signed up for?

Just His Luck

This man knew just who he had run into. He could recognize that pink, overweight starfish by his butt. It lay face down on the seabed, thinking that it won’t be seen if it could turn the other way. Well, Patrick Star thought wrong!

Image courtesy of jesusismysecondson , animalcrackerjacks / Reddit

This man could hear the shrill cry of Patrick Star as he plucked him from the seabed and brought him to shore. But the moment he brought the coral-pink starfish out of the water, he heard nothing more. All it took to shut Patrick up was drawstring shorts.

On Display

After placing their order, this group of men surveyed the restaurant to choose their table. They see an empty spot just by the windows and immediately flop down on the leather seats. Little did these men know that they would be put on display.

Image courtesy of PaikD20 , JJ935 / Reddit

People couldn’t help but marvel at this man’s unique strength. You could see it on his young, lithe body as he strained to reach for his cell phone. This man may have been a beauty to look at, but not much of a brainer.

Uncanny Resemblance

Only 90s kids will get this next picture. But you might have some hope of understanding the reference if you watched the pop cult movie Home Alone. We have to say, with the long face, the iron imprint, and the unkempt hair…the resemblance is pretty uncanny.

Image courtesy of Quo_Vadis_Music, wjw75 / Reddit

They stare at you wide-eyed, wondering how you were able to afford their week’s worth of food. Even worse, they’re left wondering how a naive little kid could manage to protect the house from two grown adults. Guess experience counts for nothing.

Flexin’ Put To Use

This bird owner had always wondered why his bird would bother to go to the gym. It’s not like he needed to bench press in order to flex his muscles. He only needed a good pair of wings, and there was nothing that could stop him from looking cool.

Image courtesy fo ToiletRollTubeguy, -doitforJohnny- / Reddit

But this bird put his human to shame as he flexed his biceps and strummed the guitar strings to the beat of an 80s rock song. The guy could string, that’s for sure. And better yet, he can hold that guitar for hours on end without a guitar strap.

Tickets Sold Out

We could hear the cheers of the crowd from outside of the amphitheater. Security was tight, with a dozen or more guards littered around the place. It was a good thing we had reserved our tickets beforehand. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime show to see this main attraction.

Image courtesy of blackbeerdo , diddlydoright / Reddit

As you had guessed, the tickets were all sold out the first week of posting their country-wide tour. This cat was a god in his own right, and he had to stand with security behind him as he took this selfie, lest a crazy fan ran up the stage and hugged him.

Who You Pointin’ A Finger At?

Let’s get two things straight. This picture is lit as hell! So if you’re a staunch dog lover, then we suggest that you book an appointment to have a picture of your pet taken at the local studio. We’re sure it’s bound to haunt them for ages.

Image courtesy of fUnderdog, naylandsmith / Reddit

But this picture is even more lit. Watch this woman break down in front of everyone, pointing an accusatory finger at this dog. “Who you pointin’ a finger at? Get that finger out of my face before I eat it!


We have always been big football fans. But we have wondered why these big-muscled men would give a throaty grunt like, “black dirt, X wiggle or big belly, HUT,” before passing the ball. Well, now’s our chance to ask a pro bowl player.

Image courtesy of Kogie13, Affectionate_Room_38 / Reddit

But after asking this otter, we’re left with a disappointing answer. It just seems really forceful. And you need to yell a sharp sound before all the other otters start running at each other in an attempt to steal a fresh catch!

Intergalactic Travel Be Like

This dog owner really should be ashamed of himself. He ought to have pulled over and strapped this good boi in his seat. Otherwise, this dog might have been blown away into the deck of the car, or worse, left behind in…

Image courtesy of jstockton76, Shashakeitup / Reddit

…another galactic orb. After all, if the Millenium Falcon can complete a Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, then it’s simply logical to want to buckle yourself. We can’t think of anything this good boi could’ve done to warrant this treatment!

Purr Pegs

Might it just be the angle, or is this cat naturally gifted to have long legs? We can’t tell for sure. All we know is that he gained fame after having been featured in a craft project. Remember those things you would use to fasten paper on an easel?

Image courtesy ofTorwaweg123, staffell / Reddit

Well, this cat works the same way. You could use it to secure shirts and pants on a clothesline, or you can make some DIY crafts, such as dolls, by stringing yarn for a dolly’s skirt. All it takes is a little imagination.

Hi, Georgie

The 8-year-old boy ran as fast as he could to save his paper boat from falling into the sewer. “No, no!” He sees it disappear by the bend. He arrives a second too late, and he peers into the darkness, hoping to catch a glimpse of the paper sail.

Image courtesy of catchingonfire, Kilika2 / Reddit

Instead, he finds this curious cat with its claws bared. “Georgie. What a nice boat! Do you want it back?” Georgie whimpers, “yes, please.” The kitty slowly brought the paper boat closer to Georgie. And at the last minute, slashed it into pieces.

Kung Fu…

Don’t let the pictures fool you. In order to take a stellar picture like this, you have to spend a lot of hours in the wild. This photographer spent half a day morphing in the background just to chance upon these wild hares springing into action.

Image courtesy of Imagine_My_Words , richardgrabrichard / Reddit

And in one swift motion, that wild hare sprung his hind legs to the front and kicked his sparring partner in the stomach. Oomph! It hit the back of the building. Everyone downtown felt the quake as this wild hare struggled to his hind feet.

World Welterweight Champion

Everyone couldn’t stop staring at this lone crab. Not only had it just shed its shell, but it was able to tackle an adult anchovy just after a quick visit to the beach. Everyone’s jaw went slack as they stared at this…

Image courtesy of luvintheride, SnapsB45HD1911 / Reddit

…world welterweight champion holding his championship belt up in the air. The enemy lay still at his crab feet. The referee counted until five and declared this crablet the new winner. But then again, how can you expect fish to fight on dry land?

Off That Foot

This Australian Terrier kept barking at his fur dad, telling him to take his foot off the gas pedal. But his hooman wouldn’t listen. The guy kept speeding until he chanced upon a pedestrian crossing at the very last minute.

Image courtesy of ji-soo, DirtyRoller / Reddit

That nearly sent this dog flying out of the window. “Woah,” this dog woofed. “That dashboard just smacked the life out of me.” He turns at his hooman, who seems unfazed. So long as the mark gets back up to 80 mph stat!

Same Vibes

Keanu Reeves is a man who has it all. But people couldn’t help but wonder why this man looked morose, sitting on a bench with a sandwich in hand. A late-night TV host finally had to get to the bottom of it. Just what gives, Sad Keanu?

Image courtesy of evil meow and raskolnikov_ua / Reddit

The truth is that a wild raccoon had torn half of his sandwich. Sad Keanu wasn’t acting in character as Mr. Wick, so his lightning-quick reflexes didn’t kick in. He would have savored every bit of that sandwich, but now that’s left to the imagination.

Lime Crocodile

What was the most ridiculous story you heard? Well, we heard that there was a girl scout selling lime lemonade by the park. What is interesting about that? People say that this girl scout only accepts payment in (human) kind.

Image courtesy of nizowosa, MikeyStealth / Reddit

It rested its crocodile arms on the shelf and then snapped at customers who refused to buy a drink from her. When asked what she was selling, she said that it was the latest flavor of Gatorade in the market – lime crocodile.