Office Humor: 40+ Hilarious Work Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The 9-5 Grind

By Farah J

Work-life starts as soon as you hit adulthood. Well, at least for the majority of us. Some people start working part-time in their teenage years. Regardless of when you start working, it’s quite tricky to leave the cycle once you set foot in it.

That’s why most of us pray to find a decent enough job where we have sensible working hours, are respected as a person and as an employee, have supportive colleagues and managers, have paid vacation/off days, and above all, are neither overworked nor underpaid!

But alas! That’s easier said than done. The unfortunate reality of some of our jobs has made us all resent the never-ending misery of work-life! But it has also given birth to hilarious memes that are so relatable! We’ve prepared a few of them just for you, and we hope they’ll put a smile on your weary face!

Baby Yoda has spoken

If you want to tell someone that they are a few fries short of a happy meal without hurting their feelings, then you’ve got to get creative! Just remember, the key is to deliver your message without sounding callous. After all, nobody likes a mean-spirited insult! 

Image Souce: Cory Orcutt/Facebook

There are quite a few ways you can call out a person for their stupidity politely. *Insert a rolling-eyes face emoji.* But if you’ve found yourself in desperate need of one and come up empty, feel free to steal this one from Baby Yoda.

Dear reader

Implementing office door policies is crucial to maintain concentration and sanity in a busy workplace. They have been a lifesaver for those of us who need to really focus on work without interruptions. It’s all about respecting each other’s personal space. 

Image Source: Utsav Rajoria/Facebook

The office door policy shown in this picture is no doubt very impressive. Everything from the instances you’re allowed to see them to what they consider urgent business is mentioned. We have a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be seeing more and more of these after a while!

Gossip girl: office version

Have you ever uncovered a hilarious office drama at your workplace or joined a group of coworkers for some gossip? If yes, then you must have some experience regarding funny workplace accidents. Some of them sound like scenes straight out of a sitcom! 

Image source: Soucy Lacson Jenny/Facebook

We are sure that this pregnancy test strip caused a lot of curious looks and unwarranted rumors in that office. Everyone was probably buzzing with speculation about who got pregnant and what it meant for them in the future. But stories like these always die down quickly.

Immediately no!

The sweet relief of a day off – the one glorious day where you can escape the endless barrage of workplace emails and messages. It’s like a mini vacation, a chance to recharge your batteries and catch up on all the new Netflix shows! 

Image Source: Mustafa Bajric/Facebook

This screenshot aptly shows that it should be a crime to even message employees on their day off. This employee hit that “do not disturb” button instantly by saying “nope” to this seemingly innocuous “hi” without even hearing what their manager had to say!

Remote holidays

Office workload versus a beach vacation? It’s like comparing a soggy sandwich to a fancy gourmet meal. When you are stuck in the office, you are basically a hamster on a wheel, spinning around endlessly in the same old routine. 

Image Source: Brianna Lent/Facebook

This person laid out a scathing truth with this image. The place he visited the most that year was a beautiful beach with huge caves. It’s a particularly popular destination we’re certain most of you have been to, courtesy of Windows.

Manager’s pet

In every office everywhere, there’s always that person (or people, for the unlucky few) who prides themselves in being a brown-noser. After all, the office management can’t help but appreciate the ones who constantly stroke their egos and shower them with compliments. 

Image Source: Adam Syverson/facebook

Ah, the butt kissers! This meme explains the honest reaction of the management. Of course, they love to have their cheerleading squad! But what about the decent and experienced workers who can’t and don’t want to schmooze their way to the top? 

Pros and cons

Working in an office can sometimes feel like a game of Russian Roulette, except instead of bullets, you’re dodging awkward small talk. Let’s not forget the endless supply of passive-aggressive emails and the inevitable drama that comes with working close to other humans! 

Image Source: Naughty Humor/facebook

Who can forget this hilarious meme from The Office? “Jim” describes it so well. There’s always that one guy who never takes anything seriously but is always the most fun to be around. Thanks to these goofballs, work becomes bearable, and in our eyes, they’re bonafide MVPs!


Oh boy, the excuses people come up with to avoid going to the office can be downright hilarious! From blaming their pets to claiming they accidentally boarded a flight to Hawaii instead of driving to work, some folks really get creative. 

Image Source: Annie Tuliuie/Facebook

Someone’s trying to blame their furry friend for not going to the office! What happened to faking coughs and calling in sick with a nasal voice? Are we not doing that anymore? The poor pooch was probably just wagging its tail, blissfully unaware that he was being used without his consent!

The car’s fine, thank you.

We have all been there, right? Trying to come up with a creative excuse to avoid another long day at the office. You just have to make sure you don’t get too carried away with your fibbing, or you might end up with some serious explaining!

Image Source: Coral Marek/Facebook

We all can relate to this meme, no? So this person had had a rough couple of days and broke down while on his way to the office. But according to his boss, what actually broke down? His car or his mental health? The awkward silence is, sadly, the most hilarious part!

The sudden realization

Ah, the harsh reality of adulting is so ruthless and unforgiving. Realizing that you have to work for the rest of your life is not that easy. Life quickly becomes a never-ending cycle of working and surviving. But hey, at least we can find some humor in the situation, right? 

Image Source: Mike Villanueva/Facebook

This image really hits home, doesn’t it? You are just sitting there enjoying your lunch break and basking in the freedom of not having to work for a few minutes when you suddenly realize that this is going to be your life for the next 30 years! 

Spare us the details

Well, it’s always interesting when the boss decides to give you some pointers on how to do your job. After all, you do this stuff every day, right? It can be very frustrating to hear the same instructions all over again every other day. 

Image Source: Brianna Lent/Facebook

This illustrates what happens in your head at that moment. But alas! Since you need to eat, pay rent, and at least go out once in a while, you just listen and nod, uttering the occasional “oh” and “mmh,” so it looks like you’re paying attention when really you’d rather be home in your PJs!

Workplace trauma

Going to work every day can be a real workout! The physical exhaustion that comes from sitting in the same chair or staring at the screen for hours on end, or even dealing with an annoying coworker, is enough to make you want to crawl under your desk! 

Image Source: Jayme Jay/Facebook

The before and after of starting a job is like a real-life version of the “aging challenge” on social media. You start all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but fast forward to a few years; you are a wreck with dark circles and a permanent coffee mug imprint on your palm! 

The universal tech solution

Tech support is the bane of our existence. The thorn in our side! Is it just us, or does it seem like every time we try to use a new gadget or software, we end up running into an annoying problem that requires making a call to tech support?

Image Source: Mian Imran Khalid/Facebook

This meme demonstrates something we’ve all been through. No matter the kind of problem you’re having, these guys’ first suggestion is always, “have you tried turning it off and on?” It’s like they think we’ve never heard of the magical power of the restart button!

Brings out the best in us

Allow us to tell you about office work routines and how they can test your patience. The never-ending meetings, enduring the constant buzz of the photocopier, dealing with coworkers, and other general annoyances are enough to make you run for the hills. It’s like a scene from a horror movie without the blood and gore!

Image Source: Emily Moirè Jennings/facebook

So, you kinda have to motivate yourself not to lose it every day. But it doesn’t always work. Your capacity to tolerate people and work itself can turn you from the happy-go-lucky “Rex” in Toy Story to a murderous tyrannosaurus rex in Jurassic park real quick! 

Golden oldies

Being the oldest person in the office comes with its fair share of perks. Having more wrinkles and gray hair than the rest of the crew means that you have more experience under your belt. So you are the business pro over some headless chickens! 

Image Source: Myrtle Pereira/facebook

Well, well, well, look who’s the big boss around here! When you’re older and more experienced, it sometimes puts you in a very sticky spot. Constantly having to train new employees can sometimes feel like teaching kids! Buckets of patience are the only way you can pull through.

Do the math

Don’t even get us started on how terribly some of these jobs pay. You spend your days sitting in front of screens, analyzing spreadsheets and emails, and what do you get? And how about a day off to recharge? They deduct your pay as if you are skipping school. 

Image Source: Naughty Humor/Facebook

One person shared his experience of taking a day off and working extra hours, but the pay cheques didn’t add up. It’s like he is being punished for wanting a break from the daily grind! Too bad we have no choice but to endure this. 

Tolerate it

Patience is the one thing that every company’s management seems to test on a daily basis. It’s like they are all in cahoots to see just how much we can take before we snap! If we happen to snap, just know that it’s nothing personal. 

Image Source: Hedda Evensen/Facebook

This meme is relatable to many of us. Even when everyone at work is testing your patience, you often have to keep your mouth shut and smile. Why? Because we all have bills to pay, and some of us really enjoy the soft life. So just learn to breathe slowly and count to ten.

Zoom meetings

Ah, the infamous video calls. Let’s be real; they are not the most exciting thing in the world. We’ll never get used to them! You try to look professional and engaged when, suddenly, you catch a glimpse of your face on the screen and can’t help but cringe at the sight!

Image Source: Jo Ann Marsh/Facebook

We totally understand the person who posted this because we often avoid video calls because of our cringe expressions and blank faces on camera! A close-up of a dog’s face with big eyes and an equally large nose is something we can sadly relate to.

The life cycle

The endless cycle of office work and hectic routines is like Groundhog Day, but instead of reliving the same day over and over again, we are reliving the same Excel spreadsheet over and over again! It’s a never-ending loop of emails, meetings, and reports. 

Image Source: Meme Wars/Facebook

The screenshot represents our work life perfectly. It’s so sad that sometimes you’re unable to see friends or even just enjoy a movie because of how tired you are after work. You constantly feel like you’re just going through the motions day after day.

What about it?

This one is pretty hilarious! Expressing your dissatisfaction at your job and then hiding it from your boss is like a never-ending game of poker. You have to keep a straight face, nod along to their instructions, and pretend like you’re thrilled to be working for a measly paycheck! 

Image Source: Kayla King/Facebook

The blank expressions on the cat are so awesome! We can totally see ourselves handling the situation like that. The policy is always “deny, deny till you die,” and Whiskers here seems to be doing just that! Good luck, HR!

The bright side

Do office managers expect us to be superheroes or something, juggling 10 different projects at once while still managing to look calm and collected? Meanwhile, we’re hiding in the bathroom stall, crying into a roll of toilet paper and wondering why we need money to survive! 

Image Source: Soucy Lacson Jenny/Facebook

Looks like this person has been in the same situation. The only difference is that they had the strangest epiphany during their usual workplace meltdown. This realization hit her so hard that she stopped in the middle of ugly-crying just to think about it!

So very busy

When your boss comes to your space abruptly, the scene that follows often looks like one from a spy movie. You quickly drop everything and pretend like you are the busiest person in the office, frantically typing and shuffling papers even though you were just browsing cat videos! 

Image Source: Melissa J Spigner/Facebook

Well, we doubt anyone in the world could work as hard as the person trying to stop the waves by hammering them to the beach! Go ahead, think of one; we’ll wait! It’s like we are in a constant state of improvisation. But at least it keeps things interesting, right? 

How rude!

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Clash Of The Titans between the customers and the employees. Whether it’s a disagreement over a project timeline or a heated debate about the best pizza place in town, it’s always a battle of wills!

Image Source: Robdoesitall/Facebook

One of the most interesting situations that often occurs during such altercations is when the customer starts insulting you and expects you to just take it lying down. Looks like this guy was in for a different kind of ballgame that day because he got a feisty one. Down with the double standards! 

Megamind powers

Well, you know what they say – sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool rather than to open it and remove all doubt! And nowhere is this truer than in the workplace. Remember, silence is golden. 

Image Source: Soucy Lacson Jenny/Facebook

This meme perfectly describes something we’ve all experienced in the workplace. Sometimes you simply don’t want to offend someone accidentally or, worse, get on the wrong side of the boss by giving your opinion! So you smile and nod and secretly daydream about quitting! 

It’s time to shine!

When it comes to jobs, most people want something that’s interesting but also easy. Unfortunately, those two things don’t always go hand in hand. If a job is too easy, it’s usually also pretty boring, and if it’s too interesting, it’s often also pretty demanding. 

Image Source: Ron Briseno/Facebook

What could be more perfect than getting paid to take a nap? What a beautiful dream! Just imagine; instead of powering through that 2 pm slump, you could just curl up in a cozy nook and earn 1500 dollars per month! Sign us up!

What’s your superpower?

Let’s talk about clueless managers, shall we? Bless their hearts; they think that they know everything that’s going on in their company. But let’s be real; some of them don’t even know half of what their employees do to keep things running smoothly. 

Image Source: Soucy Lacson Jenny/Facebook

For example, in this meme, a manager is inquiring about his employee‘s superpowers and how he gets his work done so quickly. Now, who’s gonna tell the manager the truth? Sometimes the ways you devise to get through tasks are not always straight, but as you know, if the system works, it works!

Carpe diem, folks!

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a never-ending state of questioning, “how much can I accomplish before I collapse.” Most of the time, we’re running on fumes and caffeine. Who needs to wake up feeling refreshed when you can simply stumble out of bed and carpe diem your way through the day? 

Image Source: Lee Lewis/Facebook

This weird owl represents us on our worst days. Sometimes life catches up with you in the form of a night out or an intensely gripping show, and you end up ‘forgetting’ to sleep. But with a quick nap and lots of coffee, nothing can stop you!


Why do managers always ask if we are busy on our days off? Do they think we are sitting at home twiddling our thumbs, waiting for them to call us in for an emergency meeting? We are living our lives (mostly in bed) before we have to get back on the grindstone. 

Image Source: Mohammed Ahmed/Facebook

Well, the reply to this question is often quite relative. Actually, it’s a very tricky question because you could answer that you’re busy and miss out on a really cool invite or you could say the wrong thing and lose that precious off day.

Knowledge is power

Running late to work is one of life’s little joys, isn’t it? Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe, we’ll get a stern talking to or miss the morning doughnuts! But hey, life goes on! So next time you’re late, take your time and enjoy the ride. 

Image Source: Cory Orcutt/Facebook

This meme puts it quite simply; you can’t be late twice! If you slept through your alarm, your hair didn’t cooperate, or your breakfast ended up on your shirt, just take your time and slow down! You’re already late anyway, so why rush now?

The universal five

There are so many kinds of employees in any given workplace! You have the go-getters who are always on top of their game, the procrastinators, social butterflies, tech wizards, fashionistas, comedians, health nuts, snackers, etc. With so many personalities and quirks, work is seldom boring! 

Image Source: Goodluck Favor/Facebook

According to this photo, there are a few more types of employees we haven’t mentioned. Latecomers, caffeine addicts, bad influencers, exhausted ones, and those who are always hungry! With all these kinds of people all around you, the possibility of new dramas every day is endless! 

What’s the point?

Have you ever worked in a place where there were no consequences or rewards? You’re not held accountable for slacking off, and when you put in your best effort, it goes unnoticed. It feels like you’re working in a vacuum. 

Image Source: Soucy Lacson Jenny/facebook

This quote should be displayed in every office or workplace. If poor and good work practices do not have any consequences or rewards, respectively, it can be very demotivating. When there’s no incentive to excel, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s required. 

Daily Journal

Being in a job that emotionally drains you is like being stuck in a never-ending cycle of bad energy that sucks the life out of you. You start your day with enthusiasm, but the hectic routine hits you like a freight train in no time. 

Image Source: Lucretia Lockhart/Facebook

This meme sadly describes the reality that most employees go through. The day is started with positivity, and then by 10 am, the hatred for the job begins. Lunch break cools you a bit, then the off-time comes, and at night you silently wish for something that will end it all! 

Enough people-ing for the day

Have you ever reached that point where you feel like you’ve spent enough time with your coworkers and you just need to get the heck out of the office? It’s like your brain has reached its socializing capacity, and it’s just ready to shut down for the day! 

Image Source: Kc Mae/Facebook

We can all surely relate to this conversation between a boss and an introverted employee. She needs an early exit from the prison because she has socialized with enough people, and her battery is fully drained. Her dog is the only thing that can help her get better. 

Not the same person

Getting through office struggles and tough work routines is like trying to run a marathon while juggling flaming torches! We’re sure that you get the idea. You enter the workplace with a coffee in one hand and a granola bar in the other and try to stay sane.

Image Source: Jill WT and Ekkamai Chaikanta/Shutterstock

This meme illustrates how serious the struggle is sometimes. Even your appearance changes while you try to keep yourself sane. You start the day with positivity and patience, but the deadlines, emails, meetings, office politics, and dealing with coworkers turn you into a zombie! 


The classic “I woke up late, but here I am” scenario – is a tale as old as time. Rushing off to work on a bad morning is like racing against the clock, except you are the only one racing, and the finish line is your desk. It’s a triumph for the human spirit! 

Image Source: Naughty Humor/Facebook

This image of an angry goblin had us in fits of laughter! We all definitely relate to the scene described on some level. Deep down, you know that you’re a hero – a survivor of the morning rush and a master of the art of being fashionably late

Something with numbers…

The question, “what have you done today?” is a true workplace staple. It is like being put on the spot in front of the entire class, except you’re not sure if you did anything worth mentioning. Either way, just remember, we’re all in this together! 

Image Source: Naughty Humor/Facebook

We are sure that we all make this face when the boss asks a question about our progress that day, and then suddenly, we are scrambling to remember everything we did or didn’t do. The key is to always be prepared, folks!

Heavy eyelids

The struggle against sleep and drowsiness at work is real! It’s the ultimate battle of wills between us and our own bodies. Sometimes you have deadlines to meet and emails to answer, but our eyelids feel like they weigh a thousand pounds!

Image Source: Antwan Phomsouvanh/facebook

This cat represents us losing that battle quite well. You try to scroll through Instagram, talk to a colleague, or sit up straight, but nothing works! It’s absolute torture! So here’s to all the office warriors trying to stay awake and alert!

The definition of productivity

This, a sweet promise of productivity, is a siren song, luring us with the possibility of getting things done without the pesky interruption of work. We often make grand plans for our days off, but when the day comes, suddenly, the bed is the most comfortable place on earth! 

Image Source: Antwan Phomsouvanh/Facebook

This is totally us on our days off. We promise ourselves to do a lot of productive tasks and even make detailed to-do lists, but when the day finally rolls around, our motivation is nowhere to be found! We’re helpless against the pull of the bed!

Weekends are weekdays!

Weekends are like a shining beacon of hope. A light at the end of the workweek tunnel that we all look forward to. You dream of sleeping in, lounging around in your pajamas, and doing absolutely nothing productive, but then your boss drops the bomb! 

Image Source: Antonija Ga?perin/facebook

This meme explains the torture of finding out you have to work on a weekend. The call is truly like a horrible slap on the weekend! A painful assault from the universe! Suddenly all your plans are dashed, and you’re left with nothing but resentment! 

Living a nightmare

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine! Are you ready to face another day of the daily grind? The endless cycle of commutes, meetings, and deadlines? Don’t worry; you are not alone – we are all in this together! With enough caffeine and good humor, we can do this! 

Image Source: Jenny Lynn Robertson/Facebook

Unfortunately, it looks like someone is having a real-life Nightmare On Elm Street! And by “Elm street,” the person means his workplace, of course! Going to the office for him is like the dream in which “Freddy Krueger” takes over!


Sometimes you think you’re projecting a friendly and approachable demeanor at work, but in reality, you look like you could summon a horde of angry demons with a single glance! It’s like you’re stuck in some sort of facial expression purgatory! 

Image Source: Goodluck Favor/Facebook

This picture is the perfect representation of that. We all think that we’re friendly at work, but sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can come across as, let’s just say, less than friendly. But whatever the reason, try not to let it define you! 

I see you…

We’ve all been there; you’re just trying to sneak in a quick text or check Instagram on your lunch break when suddenly you feel a pair of eyes on you. You turn around, and there’s your manager, looking at you like you just committed a heinous crime!

Image Source: Cory Orcutt/Facebook

Why do they do this? What sort of pleasure do they get when they sneak up on people like that? It’s like playing a game of hide and seek but with much higher stakes. They catch you red-handed when you’re not even doing anything wrong. 


Ah, the old bait and switch! You finally manage to impress your boss with your incredible work, and they are all like, “wow, great job, you’re amazing!” and you think, “yes! Finally, some recognition for my hard work.” But then your boss drops the bombshell!

Image Source: Ashley Cornelius/facebook

We can relate to this because it happens a lot! Your moment of triumph turns into a never-ending to-do list. It makes you feel like you need to vanish into thin air when you’re trapped in a cycle of work because you gave it your best! 

You’re on your own, kid.

Have you ever been in those desperate times when you’re struggling to keep up with everything, and then suddenly, you realize you’ll just need to release the newbie from training? Sometimes your hands are tied, and you have deadlines, so you have no choice.

Image Source: Tabatha Gray/Facebook

Well, they say desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Releasing the newbie, who’s still learning the ropes, can be a tough decision, but what can you do? Learning on the job is also a thing, so all you can do is hope they learn fast!  


The classic “to tip or not to tip” dilemma! You’re standing at the counter, ready to pay for your order, and then the cashier whips out the dreaded iPad. You know the drill: they spin it around, waiting for you to select, but wait, did they really do anything worthy of a tip? 

Image Source: Harley Stanislas/Facebook

Amber Heard’s face represents the cashier well at that moment. All they did was ring up our order and hit a few buttons! Congratulations, you know how to use an iPad! At least you can tell yourself that you were standing up for the right thing!