No Context: 3 Hilarious Images That Have No Context At All

By Anthony K

Some images are weird and may introduce you to different contexts as you try to decipher their deeper meanings. Luckily for us, lots of people find these random images and share them online for the delight of all netizens.

There’s a Facebook group called ‘Some Images’ where people post ridiculous and chaotic images on without captions to allow wider interpretations. Let’s have a look at some of the funniest images on the group.

Meet Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is among the best portraits of all time and continues to inspire modern artists and art lovers. Nonetheless, meeting Mona Lisa on a bus, train, or the streets may give one a heart attack believing that a ghost has come to life.

Image Credits: SomeImages1

We are unsure how Mona Lisa walked out of the portrait in our streets. Given that few records speak of the person in the original portrait, we may believe that the figure is her descendant. Our Mona Lisa should reconsider her roots to know more about her ancestors.

Face Down

Falling face down is embarrassing and may cause injuries. You may avoid embarrassment by wearing clean and untorn undergarments. The tree below may pass for a woman that just fell on her face leaving her feet hanging in the air.

Image Credits: SomeImages1

The shoes give the branches more life to resemble the legs. Those with rough legs may need to make them smoother or wear stockings. We hope folks may not get weird ideas when they see this image!

Separating Twins

Differentiating between twins may be an uphill task except for their parents, siblings, and close relatives. Parents may use different but related names to allow one to differentiate twins but may fail to show age differences between the younger and elder twin.

Image Credits: SomeImages1

This parent made it easier to tell the difference between the twins with number codes on their heads. Having number 1 and number 2 on their heads tells who is younger and who is older. The key challenge will be getting their names right!