Need To Stay Fit? Do The Teabag Walk!

By Francis Tunwase

What if the approach that people have been using to get fit is incorrect, despite the fact that fitness is a crucial aspect of human existence?

While people have been spending a lot of money on gym memberships and exercise routines, a new study actually reveals that the most ideal fitness regimen could be even more embarrassing than everyone thought. 

Source: @visualsbyroyalz/Unsplash

Fans of the comedy troupe Monty Python would definitely remember the group’s sketches that used to crack everyone up back in the 70s. One especially humorous sketch featured Mr. Putey and Mr. Teabag as the feet behind the Ministry of Silly Walks.

However, while everyone made fun of the incredibly silly walk, it appears that it could have some hidden fitness benefits. According to a study from three US universities, adults can actually optimize their fitness goals by walking in an “efficient manner” for at least 11 minutes daily. 

The study took people and essentially split them into three groups: one group of people who walked normally, a group of people who did the “Putey Walk,” and another cluster of people who did the “Mr. Teabag Walk.” 

Scientists noted the participants’ vitals – which included oxygen consumption, speed, energy expense, and physical activity intensity. What they found was that walking like Mr. Teabag actually resulted in 2.5 times as much energy expenditure as the regular walking step. 

Source: Monty Python

The scientists eventually noted that adults can log up to 75 minutes of intense exercise weekly by doing the Mr. Teabag walk for just 11 minutes daily. Doing this walk for between 12 to 19 minutes daily could also lead to burning about 100 kilocalories

All of this only points to one thing – Mr. Teabag appeared to have been on the money all along.