What’s In A Name: 35+ Quirky Names That Spark Endless Puns And Jokes

By Aileen D

Choosing the right name might seem like a harmless task, but it can shape a person’s life. How would you feel if you were given a name that was a source of endless ridicule and embarrassment? It’s like your own parents dressed you up with an invisible target on your back! That’s why it’s crucial to think carefully before saddling someone with a name that could invite teasing, as the internet has done with these folks.

But not to worry; it’s never that serious. Apart from making us laugh, some of these witty names had us singing! Most of the ones we’ve featured here are enough to be hysterical conversation starters. And that’s why these Facebook users reached out to these folks to check in on them. So, read on to laugh and sing out loud thanks to these effortlessly hilarious monikers!

Hands A Tissue

Do you know what the not-so-fun part about the rainy season is? Those sneaky colds and coughs that seem to show up out of nowhere! One minute you’re enjoying the rain, and the next, you’re sniffly and hacking away. Time to stock up on tissues, friend!

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

There is something about Ah Chu that sets off alarm bells in your head. It is like they are carrying a contagious plague or something! You bolt, praying you won’t catch whatever they’ve got, and wonder whether you should stock up on Vitamin C and ginger.

Checking In

Remember that one friend who’s like your personal guardian angel? They check in on you more often than your mom calls! It’s both annoying and endearing. But you’ve got to admit; it’s kinda nice knowing someone cares about how you’re doing.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Sometimes, this friend of ours, who checks in on us constantly, can drive you up the wall. Give us some breathing space, right? But deep down, we know they genuinely care, and we’re secretly grateful for their concern. So, sorry for snapping, buddy.


We know you immediately thought of this song after you saw the name. It’s like a sonic rollercoaster ride. It starts off with this vulnerable, almost whisper-like confession, and before you know it, BAM! The chorus hits you hard with powerful vocals and an explosion of emotions.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

It takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of love, capturing that intense feeling of falling head over heels for someone who doesn’t think you’re good enough. It is a 2013 pop anthem that comforts you because even pop stars like Demi Lovato keep their defenses up when in love!

Broken Up

Let’s talk about the iconic boy band One Direction and their hit song Best Song Ever. It’s a total bop that instantly gets you grooving. The track captures the excitement and thrill of a memorable night out, where the music is pumping, and you’re dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

With catchy hooks, infectious energy, and those signature harmonies, One Direction delivered a feel-good anthem that makes you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. But do you truly believe that it’s the best? We’d really like to know.

Scaredy Cat

This next one is the ultimate empowerment jam that hits you right in the feels. It’s all about finding strength after heartbreak and realizing your worth. When Gloria belts out those famous lines, “I will survive,” you can’t help but clench your fists and determinedly put yourself back on the market!

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

It’s a timeless anthem that has stood the test of time, inspiring countless people to overcome challenges and stand tall. Whenever this track comes on, it’s impossible not to sing along and feel like you can conquer the world. Gloria, you are an absolute queen!


LMFAO’s reign as DJ remix artists may have been short-lived, but boy, did they make an impact! With their infectious beats and party anthems, they were the life of the party for a hot minute. Their best beat? I’m Sexy, and I Know It.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Though their time in the music industry may have been brief, that song continues to be a certified banger. Its catchy chorus and cheeky lyrics still make you groove as soon as it comes on. This is one of many songs that leave you feeling confident, even if the artist’s career doesn’t quite inspire confidence.

Gotta Catch Em

Pokémon– these adorable creatures have us scouring the neighborhood to catch all the game’s collectibles. With each new encounter, you yearn to become a bonafide Pokémon master. Luckily for us, we have just found our first catch for the day!

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

A flash of yellow catches your attention. It’s Pikachu! Heart pounding, you carefully approach, battling nerves and excitement. With a swift motion, you toss a Poké Ball, capturing the iconic electric mouse. Unfortunately, it’s obvious this Pokemon isn’t all too happy with the situation.

Trailerpark to Rap God

Eminem’s journey from trailer park to riches is the stuff of legends. Rising from a rough background, he used his raw talent and sheer determination to become one of the greatest rappers of all time. Now, everyone knows that he is a certified rap legend.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Eminem, the lyrical mastermind, isn’t one to laugh when he becomes the punchline. With his razor-sharp wit and unapologetic style, he is used to dishing out insults, not taking them. It’s unwise to mess with this guy, lest he zaps you into oblivion.

Who’s There

These jokes are timeless gems of humor. They never seem to get old. There is something delightfully silly and satisfying about the back-and-forth exchange, the anticipation, and the unexpected punchline, so long as you know and love everything about knock-knock jokes.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Whether it’s a classic “Who’s there?” or a clever twist on the traditional format, knock-knock jokes have a way of effortlessly brightening your day. Just be careful who you tell these jokes. You might receive a punch instead of a punch line on the other end!

What Are You Waiting For

Fifty Shades of Grey, a controversial novel turned movie, delves into the world of a provocative relationship between sub-“Anastasia Steele” and dom-“Christian Grey.” Love it or hate it, it undeniably sparked conversations about desire and boundaries and how many people confuse pain for being loved.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Loving a dominant partner can be addictive. The intensity builds as you yearn for their touch, knowing it carries a power that ignites your deepest desires. It’s a journey of trust and surrender as you eagerly wait for that moment when they touch you as they do.

Handy Prompts

Just what are Google’s search bar question suggestions? These are handy prompts for common questions that help you get answers fast without typing out the entire statement. For example, you may be dying to know what happened on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Gossip about the “Kardashians” is a guilty pleasure that keeps the rumor mill spinning. From jaw-dropping scandals to extravagant lifestyles, their lives are like an addictive soap opera. And with Kim K’s bulging tummy, people couldn’t help but ask if she was carrying a mini version of herself!


Sia’s powerful vocals are a force to be reckoned with. Just listen to her hit song Titanium. One minute, you’re shot down, and the next moment your breath is taken away by the change in octave as she proclaims that she won’t fall.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

From soulful ballads to energetic anthems, she effortlessly showcases her incredible range and ability to convey profound emotions through her music. People are doubly intrigued by the face behind the vocals, as viewers often find Sia’s face beneath draped bangs. Do you know what she looks like?

Coming Up Announced

Imagine the chilling moment when someone breaks into your house uninvited. Panic and fear grip your heart as you feel violated and vulnerable. You can’t help but wonder if you’re being pranked seeing that the robber is telling you amin yahouse.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Fear grips you, paralyzing your senses as you face the intruder in your home. But in an instant, anger ignites like a fire within. Your hands clench into fists, and you charge against the robber, ready to defend what’s yours and to use any force necessary.


We all have that one person who got away. The one who, because of ill timing or circumstances, slipped through our fingers. It’s a classic case of “what if” that keeps us wondering and hoping about a shared future with this special sam wan.

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Eventually, you gotta let that person go, as hard as it may be, and accept that things have ended. But here’s the thing: deep down, you still hope for someone who’ll fill that void or even outdo them. It’s a frustrating ride that never seems to end.


We all have that one friend who’s a master of spinning the most ridiculous stories to prove their courage. From encounters with mythical creatures to surviving epic adventures, their tales are straight out of a fantasy novel. You roll your eyes and laugh. Adon bilivit!

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Turns out that this time, your friend’s out-of-this-world tale was actually true! You thought they were just making stuff up, but reality slapped you in the face. Suddenly, you’re left in awe and wonder, realizing that maybe, just maybe, there’s more to their wild adventures than meets the eye.

Numb the Pain

Sometimes you give it your all. You put your best foot forward, and yet, you still fall short in someone’s eyes. It’s frustrating. You try to meet their expectations, but somehow you’re never enough, and not even your efforts matter.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Linkin Park’s Numb hits you right in the feels, where every word and note resonates with the battles we fight within ourselves. Do you abandon yourself to live out someone’s expectations of you, or do you learn to numb the pain?

Eh Eh

When Shakira took the stage to perform Waka Waka, the energy was electrifying. The infectious beats and her signature dance moves created a collective chant for Africa’s victory in the World Cup. Needless to say, her performance was pure magic.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

As someone starts to sing the lyrics to the song, the catchy chorus takes over, and the room comes alive. “This time for Africa,” you join in, the rhythm flowing effortlessly. You would have shaken your hips, too, if only you hadn’t let the self-consciousness get the best of you.

How do I run

The opening credits of “Bond” movies have a haunting appeal that captivates audiences worldwide. From the iconic theme songs to the stylish visuals, they set the tone for a thrilling espionage adventure. Remember that time when Sam Smith set the bar high with Writings on the Wall?

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

The combination of mysterious melodies and stunning visuals leaves an indelible mark, making us crave more of that 007 magic. With or without a fancy car or Eva Green by our side, yes, we would risky all just to break your fall.


There is something disheartening about seeing a flame that was once bright and vibrant slowly grow dimmer with each passing day. It’s like watching the fading embers of a once-fiery passion. Just ask Drake. He always knows exactly how to put out feelings into words.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

In one of his laments, he yearns for the days when his girl (RiRi allegedly) would call him at night. It’s a nostalgic ache, reminiscing about a connection that has faded away. We still hold out hope that Champagne Papi will find the one for him.

Left You Messages

You ever get that feeling like you just want to call up a long-lost lover and make an effort to reconnect? It’s such a nagging curiosity, that desire to know if the spark is still there. And sometimes, taking that leap of faith is the only way to find out what could be.

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Even if you simply want to say hello from the other side and make things right with an ex-flame, they might refuse to entertain you. So, we can only hope that, like Adele, our plea will help us win a Grammy!


Love can be a beautiful and exhilarating thing. But let’s be real; sometimes, it can be downright dangerous. When you find someone whose love feels like walking on a tightrope, it’s both thrilling and terrifying. Their passion ignites like wildfire, consuming you.

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Deep down, you believe there’s more to the bad girl than meets the eye. You want to make it work, to unravel the layers and discover the hidden depths. It’s a risky game, but sometimes the thrill of the chase is worth it.

Woof Woof

You walk into the room and see your dogs let loose, running around with unbridled excitement. You pause, a mix of confusion and amusement washing over you. You wonder, Hoo Let the dogs out? Hoo, hoo…they bark excitedly at you, betraying the culprit.

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Quickly, you begin to tie each one up, making sure they won’t be able to sink their teeth into anyone. Their leashes had all been tangled like a bowl of spaghetti, but after an hour, you’ve untied the knot! No more surprise attacks. Crisis averted.

Or Another

Allow us to tell you about determination. It’s that fire within that refuses to be extinguished. The drive that pushes you to accomplish something, no matter the obstacles. When you set your mind to it, you become unstoppable. In your head, the deed has been done!

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Whether it takes countless attempts, late nights, or sacrifices, you’re willing to do whatever it takes. Wan Wei or another, you are certain that you will carry this task to fruition and meet that special person so you can hold them tight. At least that’s where we saw this going!

Dashing Through the Snow

Let’s talk about Santa’s reindeer! You know, those magical creatures who help him deliver presents around the world. From Dasher to Rudolph, they’re the real MVPs of the holiday season. With their hooves pattering on the rooftops, you can’t help but sweat if you’ve been bad this year!

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The sound is like an instant ticket to Christmas wonderland. It takes you back to reindeer-drawn sleighs and Santa’s magical deliveries. You desperately hope to catch a glimpse of Santa’s tummy-length beard and hope that he enjoys the cookies you left for him.

Same Sentiment

Ah, Rather Be. That hit song we all can’t help but sing along to. It’s a feel-good anthem that transports you to a place of joy and freedom. With its infectious beats and uplifting lyrics, it’s the kind of tune that reminds you of the exhilaration of being around your lover.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Just picture enjoying the present moment with someone by the beach. You feel the sand beneath your toes, hear the soothing sound of waves, and distant laughter filling the air. Time stands still, and life feels perfect. There’s really no other place you’d rader bee.

Thanks for the Heads Up

Imagine the disbelief when you discover someone has broken into your car. As your heart races, you inspect the damage, only to find an unexpected twist. The intruder, perhaps seeking respite from the sweltering heat, has not only rummaged through your belongings but also …

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had the audacity to turn up the AC. It is a bizarre combination of violation and practicality that leaves you questioning their motives. Should you amp up the AC and chill down, or call the police on them? This woman chose eviction.

Where To?

Ah, the ’80s love songs. The soundtrack of love in an era of big hair and neon lights. It was a time of power ballads and heartfelt lyrics that swept you off your feet. You were told that love was only real if it was against your parent’s wishes!

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The smooth vocals and dreamy melody whisk you away to a world of passion and desire. It’s that kind of love that makes you long for a love that takes your breath away, just like this classic ’80s song does.

Special Somebody

This holiday jingle never fails to bring back memories. It’s a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head, reminding you of love lost and lessons learned, how you only have one heart to give, and how you’ve learned to be more careful about who you give it to.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Finally, you find someone special who makes your heart flutter. With anticipation and a hint of nervousness, you take the leap and send them a friend request on Facebook. This step holds the promise of a new connection. Hopefully, it’ll still be you two next Christmas!

Called A Dozen

Leaving a message on your ex-flame’s voicemail takes courage. In those few seconds, you carefully choose your words, trying to convey sincerity and closure. It’s a bittersweet moment, knowing they may choose not to call back. But sometimes, it’s the only way to express the feelings that linger within.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Ever had a lover who refuses to answer your voice messages? It is like they’re never home. It is frustrating, but sometimes you have to accept that their silence speaks louder than any words you could leave on their voicemail.

Now or Never

You are standing on the precipice of a challenge, feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. Then, out of the blue, someone steps in, hyping you up with contagious enthusiasm. They look you in the eye and ask, Aryu Redy?

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Their words ignite a fire within you. You feel a surge of determination as their unwavering support lifts your spirits. With their encouragement, you take a deep breath, knowing fully well that in a couple of hours, you will dive to Bikini Bottom to visit the porous sponge!

All that Effort

Let’s talk about the importance of planning your OOTD (Outfit of the Day). It’s that moment when you carefully select the perfect ensemble. But wait, before you head out the door, there’s one last step — a mandatory Sellfy to capture your impeccable style.

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You strike a pose, adjust the lighting, and snap the picture. It’s like a mini fashion shoot, a declaration of confidence and self-expression. Plus, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a fabulous outfit documented for the likes? Gotta thrive on other people’s validation!

No Load

In the music industry, some songs become cultural phenomena, and Drake’s Hotline Bling is undeniably one of them. But beyond its groovy vibes, the song found itself tangled in tabloid tales. Rumors circulated that Rihanna, fresh from her breakup, sought solace in Drake’s arms.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

You know that feeling when someone uses you as a rebound, only to discard you when they’re done? It’s like a punch in the gut, leaving you questioning your worth, just like Drake experienced with Rihanna. But the silver lining is that it’ll become a distant memory. One sweet day.

They Hatin’

Living in a neighborhood where other gangs are constantly hating on you is no easy feat. You’re always walking on eggshells, watching your back, and never knowing when trouble might arise. But amidst the challenges, you learn to stay strong, united with your community, and rise above the hate.

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You stand tall, ready to protect what’s yours. It’s a battle of resilience and street smarts, where survival becomes your ultimate goal. You won’t let anyone ride you dirty without a fight. And you’re certain that it’ll be you bringing home the dough.

About Priorities

College is a rollercoaster of demands. Endless lectures, mountains of assignments, and exams that seem to pop up out of nowhere. It is like juggling a million things at once while trying to find time to breathe. The reality is that…

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*cue music and disco lights. It is a constant shuffling of priorities, hopping from one thing to the next. But hey, that’s the hustle, right? Embrace the shuffle, bust out your moves, and make the most of that crazy ride because the truth is, you’ll miss it once you’re out.

Joke’s On You

So there this person was, all set to pull off the ultimate scare prank. He had it all planned out, hiding in the dark, ready to pounce. But guess what? He accidentally spilled the beans and spoiled the surprise by announcing his plans on social media.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Talk about a prank gone wrong! Instead of screams, there were laughter and eye-rolls. Lesson learned: next time, keep your big mouth shut and let the surprise unfold naturally. Give that person a little scare when they least expect it.

Spins Tales

You know that one friend who can’t seem to tell the truth to save their life? Yeah, her. She spins tales like a pro, even lying about her own name. It feels like a never-ending game of guessing what’s real and what’s fiction.

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But no matter how convincing she tries to be, you can’t help but roll your eyes and refuse to listen. She’s like a broken record of falsehoods, and you’ve learned not to waste your time on her tall tales. Life’s too short for that kind of drama, Ly Ing.

Far From It

You won’t believe what happened the other day. We bumped into this guy who was convinced that he was Ed Sheeran. How could he? He didn’t have the skin color, the hair, the guitar, or that nerdy look. The guy was tone-deaf! It was hilarious!

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Turns out, he was just a superfan with a wild imagination hoping to make a quick buck. Gotta give him credit for the dedication, though. Ed Sheeran might write a song inspired by this or maybe simply take it all in stride.

Don’t Hurt Me

You know that feeling when the song’s intro starts, and you cannot resist busting out the iconic head bob? It is an instant mood booster. Haddaway’s soulful voice takes us on a nostalgic journey, making us ponder what love is.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

And let’s not forget the infectious beat that gets everyone on their feet. It’s a timeless anthem that never fails to ignite the dance floor. So next time you hear wattis lof, unleash your inner dance moves and get your groove on.

I Shrunk Myself

Someone has shrunk themselves and somehow ended up in your shoe! It’s like a scene out of a crazy movie. Now, the question is, do you help them out, or do you go on a mini adventure together? Decisions, decisions.

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You peer into the closed space, wondering if they’re still alive, what with all those fumes that engulf you as you lean closer to your shoe. You call out to them and get no response. Eventually, you turn the shoe over to force them out so you can perform CPR.


It’s been a long day, and you are craving some good company. So you hit up your friend, asking, “When will I see you again? It’s been a long day without you, my friend” You desperately need a hangout filled with laughter and good vibes.

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Having a nonjudgmental friend is like finding a safe haven in this crazy world. They’re the ones you can spill your heart out to without fear of being judged. They listen, support, and understand you, which is a rare and beautiful thing.

Wink Wink

You wake up one morning, and there’s a total cutie of a neighbor next door. Instant motivation kicks in, and suddenly, you’re determined to wash your car, making sure you look your best while doing it. You make sure to wear a skimpy thong and douse yourself in water.

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You swing by their place, certain that there is nothing left to the imagination. They look you up and down, and a wide grin forms on their face. You hand over your number and seductively toy with your slick hair.

Putting an End

Ever had one of those mornings where your butt is mysteriously sore? Yeah, we have all been there. It is like a pain that won’t quit, and you are left scratching your head, wondering why. Then, the ‘aha’ moment hits.

Image courtesy of TheWeirdNames / Facebook

Having zero boundaries, this friend invaded your space and forced himself inside. We would say he even overstayed the reluctant welcome. Now you are screaming for him to get out. You consider sealing the place up and banning him from permanent entry.