Most Relevant Messages From Dude With A Sign

By Anthony K

You may have come across him (Dude with a Sign) on your WhatsApp stories, Facebook timeline, Instagram, or Twitter sending a simple and relevant message brown placard. This article explores the most pertinent signs he’s put up to send a message or reminder to a vast audience.

Your Mask Goes Over Your Nose Too

Photo by: dudewithsign

For most of 2020, you were supposed to maintain the recommended social distance, wash and sanitize hands regularly, avoid touching the face, wear a face mask in public, and cough inside the elbow to limit the spread of COVID-19. In this, Dude with Sign reminds you to wear the mask right by covering your nose and mouth in crowds.

Thank You, Doctors, Nurses, And Medical Staff

Photo by: dudewithsign

Doctors, Nurses, and members of the medical workforce are devoted to saving most lives by all means. The COVID-19 epidemic proved the essential role of nurses and doctors as they worked overtime to keep patients safe and comfortable during recovery. Dude with Sign uses this post to thank the medical team for their continued efforts that go unappreciated.

Don’t show the Entire Movie in the Trailer

Photo by: dudewithsign

A trailer should present a glimpse of what you should expect in the upcoming show or movie. Some trailers are point out fast-paced scenes to entice more watchers. After watching the actual film, you may realize that you had watched most of it in less than three minutes. Dude with Sign reminds producers of the importance of utilizing the element of surprise to their advantage.

Don’t Send LMAO If You Aren’t Laughing.

Photo by: dudewithsign

If you ask around, you will note that most of your friends, family, and probably yourself are guilty of sending an LMFAO text while very far from sparing a smile. Dude with Sign uses this sign to remind you that your texts should match the mood. Text recipients should also be wary of taking every text seriously as words may not match inner feelings.

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