Meet Tuna, The Cat Enthusiastic About Greeting Delivery Drivers

By Anthony K August 29, 2022

What happens in your home when you’re away for official or personal duties? If not for cameras and first-hand information, you wouldn’t believe the events unfolding in your home. The COVID-19 pandemic allowed more families and solo homeowners to discover more of what took place in their homes during their previously absent hours of the day.

A Miami couple noticed their cat behaving funny when they began working from home. The couple had adopted the cat (Luna) from a friend. Luna first arrived at their home as a kitten, but her new fur parents gave her many nicknames over the years, before finally settling on Tuna.

Image courtesy of thirstytuna/Instagram

The cat, Tuna, gets along with a dog friend, Bela, and Colonel Mustard, a bearded dragon. She loves people and surprised the couple with her love for delivery guys. A doorbell camera enabled the couple to discover Tuna’s joyful spirit when interacting with folks delivering various items to the house. Tuna preferred waiting for delivery persons from outside.

Being an indoor-only kitty may have prompted Tuna to become more destructive out of boredom and desperation. The couple opted for supervised outdoor time, allowing Tuna to meet drivers swinging by with packages. Sometimes Tuna throws herself at their feet, begging for attention, while other times, she may chase the delivery crew demanding rubs at their cars.

Image courtesy of thirstytuna/Instagram

Tuna is sometimes heartbroken by drivers that aren’t into cats. Fortunately, she gets over the heartbreak fast and learns to love those willing to give her some attention. Tuna keeps fans entertained through her Instagram page, allowing her to share the love with her fans. The Instagram page also allows other cat lovers to interact more with Tuna and other cat enthusiasts.