Meet The Most Adventurous Hiking Companion

By Anthony K

Choosing an ideal hiking partner may prove futile, especially if you live among folks that don’t prefer venturing into the wild. Fortunately, your hiking partner doesn’t have to be your friend, family, or neighbor. In fact, they don’t need to be human…

Image courtesy of lyndonthearchitect/Instagram

According to JJ Yosh, an adventure filmmaker, social media influencer, and travel vlogger from Boulder, Colorado, cats are better partners whenever you need a hiking buddy. JJ adopted a kitten, Simon, from his neighbor and developed a bond rendering them inseparable.

JJ had big plans when he adopted Simon, prompting him to embark on a training exercise, preparing Simon as his sidekick for future endeavors. Simon established a record as a quick study in love with the great outdoors as much as JJ.

Image courtesy of lyndonthearchitect/Instagram

In due time, JJ was documenting their hiking trips on his Instagram. The internet loved it so much that he realized that the duo needed a special social media account dedicated to their adventures. The documentation shows that Simon’s favorite places include the backyard hiking venues in Boulder, Colorado, where he loves exploring nearby mountains featuring caves and rocks ideal for physical fitness.

Simon toggles between riding in a backpack, walking on a leash, hunkering on JJ’s shoulder, and sharing a sleeping bag every night. Simon and JJ gain a lot of attention from curious strangers wherever they make an appearance.

Image courtesy of backpackingkitty/Instagram

Most people are amazed by JJ’s choice of a cat as a hiking partner, while JJ hopes to encourage others that the right training allows cats to be more adventurous. Simon eats wet food three times a day and receives about ten different tricks before each meal.