Mallard Duck Mask: The Real Duck Face

By Luka E

The time for duck-faced selfies is (thankfully) long past. People finally realized that they don’t, in fact, look at all like a duck. There is, however, one authentic way to embody the duck, and that’s with this mallard duck mask from Archie McPhee.

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The Seattle-based company responsible for the ever-so-popular horse mask has created an equally realistic-looking recreation of the northern hemisphere’s most popular duck species – the mallard. Now you can be a human-duck hybrid on any occasion, whether you’re walking at the park, getting funky in the club, or doing paperwork at the office. Apart from becoming an actual mutant hybrid, this is about as close as you’ll get to having a real duck face. 

Image courtesy of Pete Nuij | Unsplash

They based the Mallard Duck Mask on the males of the species, with dark green coloring. That shouldn’t discourage ladies from trying it on, though – it looks just as ridiculous when paired with a lovely flowing dress, yoga pants, or skirts. The mask has an eerie realism about it, with tons of extra details, including the iridescent sheen we see on the heads of male mallards. They’ve used a soft latex, making it reasonably comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.

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The Mallard Duck Mask is now available for the fine price of $29.95. Here are a few warnings before you buy: