From Typos To Lucky Coincidences: 40 Silly Signs That Will Brighten Anyone’s Day

By Peace L

No matter where you go, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find at least one sign warning, notifying, directing you, etc. If you’re on the road, traffic signs provide important notices to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Business signs can be found everywhere, from roadside billboards to shop windows. And the goals of these signs vary; some are warnings, while others are unabashed advertisements. But even then, they’re not all serious.

In this article, we will be showing some of the most ridiculous signs that people have had the bravery to put up. We don’t know what led these visionary jokesters to put up these signs, but they definitely got people’s attention. They were worthy of sharing online, after all.

These quirky, funny, silly, and witty signs are a prime showcase of people making good use of their freedom of speech.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream?

Like most business signs, Dairy Queen usually uses its boards to display information about the latest deals or limited edition foods. Though it seems that the staff at this branch decided to have some fun and post a joke for all to see.

Image source: danialarbab/Reddit

That pun took a sharp turn, don’t you think? Whoever was on “sign duty” that day deserves a free blizzard for giving passersby something to laugh about. That would certainly brighten anyone’s dull daily commute if they drove by that.

Use the lift

Coming across an escalator safety sign at the mall is not strange. They’re convenient but also a huge liability if someone misuses them. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t pay much attention to this sign. But if you take a second look, you’ll notice a warning worth heeding.

Image source: watchevildead2/Reddit

We’ve seen kids running up the down escalators, people struggling with luggage, and clumsy people trying not to trip on their shoes, but never competitive dog grooming. With so many warnings, it makes sense that they’d tag “please use the lifts” at the end. Does that mean we’ll see dog hair in the elevators?

Watch your attitude 

One of the key tenets of those in customer service-related jobs is the saying that the customer is always right. This usually makes it easier to prioritize providing good service without incurring the wrath of any angry customers. Sometimes, however, people can be very difficult to communicate with. 

Image source: Susan Nacey/Facebook

Some customers take advantage of the “the customer is always right” policy. To keep those potentially nasty attitudes in check, this store made sure to warn the customers that their wallets would suffer if they are too mean. This will surely keep customers polite.

A new measuring system

The metric system is basically universal…unless you live in the United States. There, they’ll measure things in bags of flour but not kilograms. It’s like there’s an agreed refusal to use the metric system. But even in America, we’re not sure this unit of measurement seems out of place.

Image source: JerrysMindblowers/Reddit

We wonder what was going through the mind of the drivers that came across this sign. Did they automatically convert the three milfs back to hours, or were they as confused as we are? Hopefully, nobody lost their job after this funny mistake.

Beware of trees

Skiers and snowboarders are very familiar with signs and notices. Up on the mountain, you rely on signs to know where you’re going, and of course, you need to be aware of various dangers. Speeding down the slopes can be fun, but it’s not without its risks.

Image source: gluuey/Reddit

Unlike other skiers/snowboarders, trees aren’t going to move when they see you zooming by. Not that bumping into another human is a better outcome, but colliding with a tree could mean scraped skis, lost poles, or worse. At least this resort decided to have a little fun with their classic warning sign.

Beware of the zombies

Traffic signs are arguably the most vital signs as they guide pedestrians and drivers to act in a way that will keep everyone safe. We’ve seen some funny iterations of the classic “pedestrian x-ing” sign, often with funny stick figures. But this one is the winner for the “funniest pedestrian crossing sign.”

Image source: skyler6253/Reddit

A regular pedestrian crossing sign has a pictogram of regular people crossing a road, but this sign is harsher albeit more accurate. Distracted pedestrians looking down at their phones seems to be all people do these days. We think the phrase smartphone zombies has a nice ring to it.

Beware of moose?

It is not uncommon to see “beware of dog” signs around private properties. Even if they don’t have guard dogs, the sign alone can be an effective deterrent against thieves. Though, the owners of the property below might have their signs mixed up.

Image source: ToothMan22/Reddit

While we do not know where this picture was taken and the city laws on what counts as a pet or not, we know that that’s definitely not a dog. We feel bad for whoever took that picture; the moose looks ready to fight.

The invisible truck

In certain areas, a simple “for sale” sign, with brief details, could be the most effective way to get rid of an item. The people that put up the sign in the picture below must be some fun jokers, though.

Image source: tstate183/Reddit

If we had to guess, we’d say that someone had four spare tires and was really bored. Or perhaps they were tasked with selling the tires and decided to have some fun with it. Then again, they’re technically not wrong. The frame, engine, gears, etc., are all “parts” the truck would need.

How to summon the staff

In malls and restaurants, there’s almost always a baby changing station available in the restrooms. Yes, they’re traditionally in the female’s bathroom, but never mind that. One parent went to change their baby’s diaper and happened across this curious… notice.

Image source: Lanky-Clothes9973/Reddit

Perhaps this person was bingeing Supernatural and decided to mark up all the changing tables they could find. The hastily scrawled pentacle is a nice touch, but we doubt that table would serve as an altar for anything other than the toilet deities.

A Car’s Weakness

Owning a car takes resources and patience. Vehicles need regular maintenance checks to avoid preventable accidents, and, if well taken care of, a car can last for decades. Mechanics know that there are certain weak points to look out for if a car is going to run smoothly and safely.

Image source: alilbored1/Reddit

Sure, nuts and bolts are key components of any machinery, but that phrasing makes us think that it’s not a piece of metal they’re referring to. Human error is the cause of most accidents, so we can’t say that the sign is wrong.

No Backseats Equals No Accidents

Speaking of car accidents, there are certain things that drivers can do to limit the chance of any mishaps occurring. For example, parents know that kids can be a major source of distraction. Parents know to be careful if there are kids in the backseat.

Image source: slwriter1120/Pinterest

But there’s another type of “accident” that can occur in cars involving kids. Or, rather, one that results in them. This car owner used the transitive property to explain why they didn’t have a backseat in the car. Somehow, we don’t think that will stop anyone…

Is this a sign?

While we have already come across some pretty ridiculous sales signs, this one might just top the others. Usually, signs are kept simple so that passersby can easily read them. This could mean using only images, relying on minimal text, or bolding keywords.

Image source: Theirishnpc/imgur

Whoever made this sign clearly doesn’t understand how people work. What makes this sign stand out even in this list is that we cannot seem to understand what is going on. Is it a tattoo parlor or a car mechanic?

Out of Order

Given how many people rely on grocery stores, the employees must make sure that everything is in working order all day, every day. That means cleaning up spills, restocking shelves, and fixing broken equipment. It’s not uncommon to see out-of-order signs if they’re in the middle of making repairs.

Image source: opulent_memes/Reddit

It’s especially important to heed these signs in the freezer section; every time someone opens it, the items within thaw a little bit more. This sign was either put up by a jokester, or someone who doesn’t have a good grasp of the English language yet.

Fast Service No Matter How Long It Takes

Bumper stickers fall under two categories: informative and funny. For businesses, they can be an easy way to get their name out there. Either this company didn’t think their slogan through, or their driver has a few snarky things to say about their job.

Image source: wmscyclone/Reddit

So, which is it? Are they speedy or diligent and thorough? We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were in such a rush to print out a bumper sticker that they didn’t have anyone check if it made sense.

Beware of the Sharp Edges

We haven’t seen that many caution signs on this list, and there’s a good reason for that. They provide vital pieces of information to keep people safe, so that’s not usually when people like to joke around. Traditionally, the more relevant warnings are in larger print…

Image source: [unknown user]/imgur

Apparently, the real danger here is the sign. They easily got the reader’s attention with the giant “caution” but wasted it on a notice about the sign itself. Surely a problematic bridge would be more of a danger than some sharp metal people don’t normally touch, right?

Non-Stick Frying Pan

Many of us enjoy the feeling of peeling the sticker off a new piece of equipment. The smooth glide of the coated paper or plastic is so satisfying. And that’s why stubborn stickers are so frustrating. This isn’t always an issue, but if it’s for cookware, well…

Image source: Lustikurre86/Reddit

Imagine being hungry and excitedly getting out your new frying pan to cook dinner, when this happens. Forget dinner because your next hour will be devoted to cleaning off your new pan. Though, technically, the label says that the pan is non-stick; it says nothing about the sticker itself.

Murdered by Gummy Bears

Who doesn’t love the sugary, chewy goodness that is called gummy bears? Even if you have dietary restrictions, there are plenty of companies that make kosher, halal, and vegan gummies. Of course, like many candies, there is some risk in eating them.

Image source: UnsightlyDinosaur/Reddit

We’ll probably die from a sugar overdose before choking on candy, but it’s not impossible for the latter to get us first. But, once again, whoever wrote the sign isn’t wrong. As we’re quickly learning, it’s all about how you phrase things.

Absolute stop sign

Just like the caution signs, there’s a reason stop signs don’t show up on lists like these. These common traffic signs are absolute life-savers, and even vandals would find it hard to mess with these, given how simplistic they are. But some genius clearly figured out how to do so…

Image source: vkqq/Reddit

Stop. Don’t go left, right, backward, or forward. If these signs are to be taken as the law, the only thing the driver can do is get out and walk. Oh, wait, you can’t park at a stop sign! This is like a bad driver’s ed trick question.

We’re all rule-breakers

Most, if not all, of the signs we read are directed at the public. Even those posted on private property are often meant for everyone to see, like the “guard dog” sign from earlier. In certain areas, “private property” signs aren’t uncommon…

Image source: J_Archer7/Reddit

We’ve seen some “private property” signs but no private signs. Great. Now we’re all guilty of trespassing. At least this jokester didn’t include a threat or ultimatum with their impossible sign. We’re torn between wanting to high-five this person and running away before we make them mad.

The double twist

On public transportation, we’re so focused on the text that tells us when our stop is approaching that we might miss some of the other important notices. For example, there’s the emergency equipment, which is often placed out of our direct eye-line.

Image source: Matthew Bezant/Facebook

We all know the “break glass in an emergency” sign, but this one is a bit problematic. Is there a second, easily accessible hammer for passengers to use to get the “real” emergency hammer? Then again, it looks like the top sign was posted as an afterthought.

Do Not Park on Other Cars

If you’ve ever driven through a city, you know how frustrating parking can be. Even in places where there are ample parking garages, there seem to never be enough empty spots, which can leave people circling the block for hours.

Image source: Christian Meyer/Facebook

And that’s when people get creative with their parking spaces. This sign definitely falls in the “unintentionally funny” category. Obviously, you should only park in empty spaces, but the implication is that people use occupied spaces, rather than the grass.

Runaway Products

The packaging below looks pretty normal at first glance, but if you take a closer look at the words in the warning, you might wonder what kind of product you just purchased. The customer is warned that they should only open the package when they’re ready to use the items…

Image source: dagonsoup/Reddit

After reading that part, we had to look over the whole package again. Why would some ordinary 10 mm sockets come with a warning that they’d flee when given the chance? We’re willing to chalk this up to someone without a full grasp of the English language.

For employees only

Though it seems unnecessary, it’s standard for any place that serves food to have a sign in the bathroom reminding employees to wash their hands. This eatery seems to have foregone the usual notices in favor of a more relevant one…

Image source: daniabear/Reddit

Is it that big of an issue that employees need to be reminded to dry their eyes and wash away their tears before stepping out of the restroom? We might not patronize a place like this if the employees are treated that badly.

Confused sign

We’ve seen a wide variety of funny signs, but only a handful have been “standard” signs, like simple driving directions. Finally, we have one that is confusing, in part because we can’t imagine it was done on purpose. Take a look.

Image source: Artichook/Reddit

Someone made a big mistake when manufacturing the signs! Worse than that, it was produced, shipped, and posted, all without someone being notified that the sign was telling people to do something impossible. We’ve heard our GPS give us directions like that, but municipally posted signs are on a whole other level.

Beware of bigfoot

Just like skiers and snowboarders, hikers are very familiar with trail signs. No matter the activity, when you’re out in the wilderness, it’s important to stay vigilant. Directions, reminders, and warnings are all standard signs. Though we’re not avid hikers, we can’t ever recall seeing a sign like this before.

Image source: Steve Mattson/Facebook

We’re sure that many people disregard signs, no matter how life-saving they are. Perhaps that’s why they included something a little unusual and eye-catching to make sure that hikers pay attention. What really gets us here is the phrase: breeding. That certainly paints a picture.

Do better

Golf seems to be one of those “you love it, or you hate it” sports. We’re not talking about mini-golf here. We mean the actual, hit a golf ball hundreds of meters away, version. Proper golf etiquette dictates that everyone should be quiet, but we’d find it hard not to laugh at this golf course.

Image source: RecentPace/Reddit

We hope that this was a golf ball provided by the club, and not from someone’s personal collection that they use. That’s certainly one way to break up a dull game or even cheer someone up if they hit a ball right into the sand.

Exhibit A

Warning signs are usually in place to keep people safe, but there are some that are there solely to protect the property owners. That way, if someone does try to sue, the owner can point to the warning sign and claim the other person was at fault.

Image source: traditPlayer/imgur

If someone hurt themselves on the rocks here, they could try to take the property owner to court. Of course, it wouldn’t work because they were not only warned of the potential danger but that the sign would be the first piece of evidence noted.

Hand-scooped ice cream

When it comes to signs, simple is usually better. Sometimes, however, details might come in handy. The sign in the picture below is one of those situations where details would have been nice. The “now hiring” is pretty straightforward, but that’s not what has us perplexed.

Image source: Glenn Matthews/Facebook

We’ll ignore the question of whether or not the shop is actually called “Hand Scooped Ice Cream,” and focus on the last line of the sign. Pretzels? Really? Was the person who put up the letters the reason they needed to hire a new employee?

TV With a Great Personality

We’re so used to product signs in stores, we barely notice them if we’re not shopping for the product. They’re all pretty standard, after all. Product information, like size and weight, price, brand, etc. But if you visit this store, you’ll find a great easter egg.

Image source: SayKronkAgain/Reddit

How did they tell their customers they wouldn’t be buying a smart TV? By insulting it, of course! Now, if a TV had a personality, that’d be something special. For now, we’ll just appreciate the well-placed joke. We wonder if that employee put up similar signs elsewhere in the store.

Fueled by coffee

The next sign on our list is the most bizarre and silliest sign on this list. We all know Dunkin Donuts, or Dunkin, as they prefer to be called. We know they’re all about speedy service, but this is taking things too far.

Image source: Steve Mattson/Facebook

This is either a poorly placed ad sign, or a great prank. Or, perhaps, it’s the newest innovation in coffee dispensing technology. It’s hard to tell from this picture alone, but we’d certainly love to see a themed self-service coffee kiosk at a gas station.

Cute sign

Gas station signs are always pretty simple. They have the station’s logo or name, and a list of the prices. They need to keep it simple so that drivers don’t get distracted and can easily tell if it’s the right station for their car (and funds).

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

This QuikTrip station wasn’t meant to be funny, at least, we don’t think. And that’s what makes it even better. If you don’t get the joke, we’ll help you out: 3.14 is the shorthand for pi. Now, say it all out loud “Q T pi.”

Proper animal name

We mentioned hiking signs before, and the importance of heeding those signs in order to stay safe out in the wilderness. This warning sign isn’t so much for hikers’ physical safety as it is for their mental sanity and stability.

Image source: Thedepressionoftrees/Reddit

We’ve never been sprayed by a skunk, but we can just imagine the suffering one goes through when drenched in their odor. Which does beg the question: why would try to pet them? Perhaps the answer is “no one,” and someone was just desperate to put up this silly sign.

Who’s to blame?

Some people believe that everything happens for a reason. That’s a matter of belief and opinion, and we respect anyone’s answer to whether or not that statement is true. Though, it seems that someone has their own twist on the adage and felt compelled to share.

Image source: matters123456/Reddit

While it may be a bit harsh, it’s sort of true. Mistakes often happen because people are thoughtless and careless. Sometimes it’s sheer ignorance, and other times it is disrespect for others. We applaud whoever put this sign together, but also need to ask if they’re doing okay and who hurt them.


Some signs feel unnecessary since anyone that can read a sign can easily determine the situation and act accordingly. We often roll our eyes at these signs, but sort of understand the need for the company/municipality/whoever to protect themselves from any liabilities.

Image source: Olivia Coombe/Facebook

Did they really think anyone would see the pond and drive right over it? Oh yeah, that road looks open and safe to drive over. We feel bad for whoever is in charge of posting up the sign whenever it floods.

Perfect joke

Street signs are usually unintentionally funny. Since they’re often named after people or other places, the names can sound silly when taken out of context. Now, there’s nothing inherently funny about “electric avenue,” unless you’re an Eddy Grant fan. What makes this funny is the sign below it.

Image source: willvenmoforanswers/Reddit

No outlet on Electric Avenue? How tragic! This is a real conundrum, and the dual signs just bring up more questions than answers. We’re glad we don’t live on Electric Ave because we’d be laughing every time we drove home.

Visit with caution

Zoos are filled with signs. Aside from the plethora of information zookeepers have to share, the health and safety of both the zoos and the patrons are the top priority. That’s why you’ll see signs everywhere warning zoogoers what not to do.

Image source: Steve Mattson/Facebook

Climbing on the enclosures and feeding the animals are the most common offenses, especially from naive children. But this sign makes us wonder. Just who is this warning sign for? Is it to keep the kids and parents safe, or keep the alligators’ stomachs in check?

Knowledge is power

We all know the general rules of the library. First and foremost, there’s no loud talking in the library. People go there to read and learn, and that can’t happen if you’re being rowdy. Now, the second rule is about food and drink…

Image source: teachergoals/Twitter

These librarians know the truth. It’s not a matter of cleaning up after the unwelcome insects, it’s what happens after they find their way into the library. When they work together, ants are almost unstoppable, so they’re right to worry about our potential insectoid overlords.


In certain areas, you will find signs like this that seem silly when it is not the appropriate season. For example, a “slippery when icy” sign is downright hilarious when you’re driving across a bridge in the middle of summer.

Image source: War_Daddy_992/Reddit

To make up for the off-season, someone posted a follow-up sign to the government-regulated one. Yes, in this case, the opposite of muddy is dusty, but we find the notification wholly unnecessary. Then again, we had a good laugh at this sign.

Test sign

If you didn’t know, you need a special license to operate large vehicles. Unlike your small car or even pickup truck, large tow trucks are taller, wider, and heavier, meaning that drivers need to be extra cautious when on the road.

Image source: Thinkliberty00/Reddit

We’ve seen trucks get stuck under bridges, and that’s usually the fault of an inexperienced driver. To prevent any traffic-stopping accidents, this area provided truck drivers with a helpful sign to test their height. Though it’d be a hassle to turn around, it’s easier than getting stuck under the bridge.


To wrap up our list, we saved the best for last. We know that some of the signs on our list were made by frustrated or amused employees, and this one is no different. When printing the warning sign, someone couldn’t help but tag on a personal note.

Image source: jpugg/Reddit

Whoever wrote that voiced exactly what goes through our minds when we see ridiculous warning signs. The more obvious the warning, the more likely it is that someone did something so utterly ridiculous that common sense should have prevented them from doing it in the first place.