40 Odd Coincidences That Are The Definition Of “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen”

By Precious I

Usually, we only encounter a real-life glitch once in our lives. But each day presents new opportunities for unexpected sights, practically proving that we live in a video game. We’ve gathered some incredible real-life coincidences captured on camera and thought to share them with you. Random pictures with no particular intention may seem like fascinating situations and even make us question what is real and what is not. Some glitches may make your head spin throughout the planet, ranging from superstition to real-life glitches. The goal of this post isn’t superstition or video games, but rather how various people see the same things. Because, at the end of the day, it all boils down to: Life is full of oddities.

Look Closely; It’s A Car!

One thing that makes your day interesting is surfing through random posts on the internet where you may come across something very intriguing — like this mirror-like car. While some Reddit users made witty comments, others were more interested in determining whether this mirror-washed picture was genuine.


The seemingly invisible vehicle is revealed by some soapy water, the car’s wheel, and the door handle. Some claim the image was doctored, revealed by a gap in the ground that’s only visible in the reflection. Others believe it’s a gleaming car, and the person who cleaned it should be appreciated.

Petra Parker in Pink

This Tim Hortons Spider-woman moment has convinced us that we live in a matrix. Perhaps these three women are from different universes, and all just happened to bump into each other while ordering coffee…and wearing pretty much the same outfit.


You might be startled if you bumped into these unrelated women at a store in identical outfits. They all dress the same way and appear pretty similar at the same time while in the same area. This seems like a Harry Potter omnipresent moment more than a coincidence.

Syncing Paws

Whether these two felines had the same itch on their paws or rehearsed for a synchronized musical routine, there’s no way to convince us that they weren’t trained in a circus. So, if you’ve ever imagined what a true copycat looks like in action, this pair of cats is a winning mix.


There’s little question that these felines spend too much time together. Perhaps they are emotionally in sync with one other and enjoy doing everything together. In any event, it’s enough to make an onlooker stop and take a minute to just stare.

Twin Runway or Hallway

You could think it’s absolutely fantastic if you’ve ever seen identical babies suited up in the same adorable attire. However, upon seeing two adorable grandfathers marching in unison behind each other, wearing similar sweaters and canes, you’ll admit it’s weird.


Although these elderly men hold their bags in different hands, it is still strange because the bags are still the same, and they wear similar clothes, headgear, and canes. They’re still cute and harmlessly matching, and they’re absolutely one of a kind, so we can only love them.

 Is That a Floating Moon?

This photo may give you a headache if you try to figure out what’s going on, but rather than struggling, we’ll assist you. We must admit that we also had to look at this intriguing picture several times before figuring out what was happening.


This is one of the most unusual optical illusions we’ve ever seen. Weirder still, it’s in a mall, not some funhouse. Is this a floating moon? Is that man merely defying gravity? Nope. This massive structure is only a mirrored box suspended from the ceiling.

Tech Synergy

If you’re going to a conference and the dress code is casual, then there’s nothing wrong with wearing something comfortable. You put on your favorite red t-shit and cargo shorts and trim your beard. But, what are the odds of finding your double wearing the same thing?

ClearMyInbox /Reddit

Well, you’ve heard it said that great minds think alike. Perhaps that explains these bearded gentlemen wearing identical outfits to the same tech conference. We wonder whether they could put up a synced event, invention, or maybe another synced outfit with this much synergy.

One Extra Pet

We love pets with unique markings. There are countless pictures online of dogs with heart-shaped nose patches or chimeric cats, but this cat is something else. This cat’s fur gives us a serious case of pareidolia; seeing this cat face in seemingly random patterns.


The chances of spotting this are pretty minimal. Still, given that we all carry phones with cameras these days, it had to happen sooner or later. The markings on this cat are precisely positioned to mirror the cat itself. Not to mention, the cat looks just as surprised as we do.

Strange Banana or Cute Pup?

Puppies may be many things — cute, clever, loyal, and mischievous — and we adore them just the way they are. However, they can also be weird at times. But what could be stranger than eating a fruity replica of an adorable puppy?


This is one optical illusion we’re having a hard time believing, even after staring at it for an hour. We’re also wondering if the adorable puppy was left around the banana for so long that it mapped itself in it, as the banana’s features look precisely like its cute face.

It’s Just a Paintbrush

We thoroughly stared at this picture for a while, and trust us when we say she neither had a bad haircut nor grew a stick out of her head. It’s merely a paintbrush! We won’t be shocked if it had some chromatophores to guarantee this perfect blend.


However, if your hair color resembles a sludgy paintbrush, you should probably visit a competent stylist. Even better, you might avoid holding the brush so close to your head, and no one would notice the resemblance. You don’t have to thank us for the tip.

Fluffy Pups Copy-and-Paste

You might wonder how these adorable fluffballs fell asleep in the same position, right beside each other. Is this another canine optical illusion, or has someone just tried to copy and paste a mirror image of each dog? We just think it’s a little too adorable.


What probably happened was a long, exhausting puppy playdate. After hours of running around, the two couldn’t help but plop down for a well-deserved nap. Still, what are the odds that these two doggos would lay down in almost exactly the same way?

Ruggy Dogs 

We would love to assume that a random guy chilling at his buddy’s house captured this incredible moment of his friend’s dog and the floor rug. Check out how this dog blended perfectly with this mat. Did this fellow have this photoshoot planned out?


Same color, same texture; it’s undeniable that these two were made for each other. It feels like the beautiful textured dog also noticed this perky little coincidence. The look on its face shows it is determined to savor every last moment with this newfound love.

The Water Elephant

If you want to get up close and personal with some gentle giants, elephant sanctuaries are the place to go. They’re great hangout spots for tourists to chill with these magnificent creatures. And, if you’re lucky, this might happen to you…


What a perfectly captured moment! As tourists threw water on this elephant to help it cool off, the water splashed into the air and assumed the exact shape of the elephant. Feels surreal, yea? But it is what it is.

Burgundy Triplets

You know when they say nothing ever happens to you by chance? Well, this could be the perfect illustration of that. You don’t need any soothsayer to explain what’s going on here. Pictured here are three ladies sitting in a line in class.


These chicks are spotted wearing the same burgundy sweater, hair color, and style. They are probably soul sisters from alternate universes, or they could just be long-lost triplets set for the perfect reunion. We’re pretty sure this picture was the highlight of the week at the college.

Taylor Swift; Everywhere You Go!

This picture was taken by Twitter user Sandy Glovinsky, who found himself on a trail behind two truckers. Taylor Swift was probably thrilled to see these guys giving her some free promo. This is a bold advertisement that gives us so much to think over.


Together with individual inscriptions, both trucks managed to spell the name “Taylor Swift,” making for this captivating moment. Either this was perfectly orchestrated, or this has to be one of the most elaborate coincidences ever witnessed on a major highway.

Found Bart In The Store

If you aren’t a fan of the animated series The Simpsons, this might go over your head. The fictional character in the American TV series, Bart Simpson, is the iconic corny, mischievous son of the Simpson family. He is famous for his zig-zag hairdo, which looks like most snack packages’ edge.


And as you can see in this picture, there’s the perfect hairdo for our Bart. Who knows if this was done on purpose or is just merely coincidental? The brand gets an A+ on this one, deliberate or not. This is one of the best marketing PRs for a product in years.

Superwoman, as Spotted Across Town

This appears like something off a Marvel movie. Maybe it is “superwoman” just making her first grand appearance on earth just before she’s made into a theatrical franchise. Whatever the case is, anyone would be dumbfounded simply seeing this. Do people always just stand around and wait for happenstances like this?


We see a red car, a blue car, and a woman whose funky dress perfectly matches both. We wonder if she was oblivious, strutting around and ending up at the perfect moment. Or, perhaps she went to the cars for this perfectly timed stunt.

Five Minutes of Fame

Have you ever had to boil an egg, which turned out to be a massive blooper? This person certainly had that with their egg here. Only this time, it chose to turn out a little different from his contemporaries before him.


This hard-boiled egg looked like a chicken! It could also be in spite; to rub it off in the chef’s face. “You got me to eat, but you can’t take away my roots.” Or more like, “I never lived long enough to make it into adulthood, so here’s my five minutes of fame.”

One Whole Meal

When both brands designed their packages, we are pretty sure they had one goal in mind, “make it as noticeable as possible.” “We have to make an impression to all that would come across our product at the stores.” And yes, it worked!


Like something from alternate universes, these two team up for the most magnificent campaign yet. And just as the person behind the camera truly captures, the two plates come together to make one delightful palatable meal. The only problem buyers at this store would have would be choosing a brand to settle for.

Vest Twin

On some hilarious day, you take a shower, throw on whatever piece of clothing you have, and step out the door. Somehow you end up at your friend’s house and realize his cat looks exactly like the picture of the one you got on your vest.

unknown author/imgur

Fate really plays itself out here. This guy’s friend just had to take a picture of the moment. It’s only fair if we assume that the cat had just seen his twin, and you can see the apprehension on his face.

The Coolest Union

How many times do you get to crash a wedding? We guess it is not something many people get to do often. Imagine being a witness to the holy solemnization between two water jugs. Who would go into work thinking they would witness the coolest union ever?


Beautifully dressed with this plastic sheet as her wedding veil, the lady jug was overjoyed at the thought of being married to the love of her life. We wish them a happy married life! Show us a “cooler” couple than these two.

Three Times a Nap

This has got to be the best life reel ever. You don’t get to see actual reels every day, so when you do, it is pretty intriguing, right? Here’s a photo of the same man sleeping it off in three different rows.

Joe Oliver/insider.com

In reality, these are three different guys who probably just happened to pass out from the rigors of work. Still, how did they manage to arrange themselves in such an enigmatic form that could challenge your reality? What a cool sight.

Identical License Plates

Here we have two random cars parked side-by-side. Little did they know they had almost identical license plates. Each plate was bearing the inscription 996-MTH and 997-MTH, respectively. It might be a fun sight to find on a highway, but what are the odds of parking close to each other?


The chances of spotting this occurrence are probably one in a million. Maybe this was a moment of coincidence or fate; we would love some background study on such events. Or, perhaps one driver saw the other and couldn’t help but park next to its twin.

Lego Twin

No matter how old you are, Legos will always be cool. They’re fun for kids to play with, and even adults can enjoy making display pieces from those little plastic bricks. But, what if your Lego bricks didn’t just look like your favorite character, but were the spitting image of, well, yourself?


In this picture, we see a man who has just met his alternate form — a Lego! Maybe it is destined that we will all find our Lego twin at one point or the other. But until then, here’s a photo to ponder.

Birdie in the Sky

Who says a bird cannot fly almost at the same speed as a jet? First, we see this jet fleet on a ceremonial parade. Next up, this brave birdie feels like it could be a part of something bigger, even more, significant than its usual adventures.

Miss Jaded/Facebook

That’s what you’ve got here — a bird moving at the same pace as jets. Finally, evolving into a more prominent creature. Who would have even believed us if we didn’t have the photo to back up the brave birdie’s story.

Dog’s Double Face

Imagine adopting a dog and getting an extra pupper you weren’t expecting. Just kidding! This dog just has a face on its ear. But not just any face — his own! Is this some biological glitch, or is it just the angle from which the shot is taken?


This feels like one of the mind-boggling games where you get to question reality because of these optical illusions. But it is precisely what it is. The good thing is that it is a sweet bonus that comes at no extra cost.

Dog In A Bubble

This has to be one of the prolific backyard shots of a dog who just had a lovely time. The picture captures what appears to be a dog floating in a bubble. Clueless about what was going on, this cute dog manages to get inside a bubble.

Dog Named Stella/YouTube

The absolute truth behind this iconic photo is that it was a video of Stella (the dog) playing with a bubble. However, when the owner paused at that moment, it seemed like she was playing inside the bubble. What a moment!

Color Date

There’s nothing cuter than an older couple going out for date night. This restaurant was probably happy to serve one couple, but got two for one when the second pair walked in! This looks like a game of Diner Dash brought to life.


But there’s a small twist. The first couple is spotted at one end with the guy wearing a pink shirt and his partner a green top. Another couple is just a few feet away with similar clothing, although the reversed version. Appears like a well-planned double date, don’t you think?

Reporting From Aami Park

We usually expect to see coincidences while going about town; it doesn’t usually happen at work. But that wasn’t the case for this reporter, Amy Parks, who went about her business like every other day and got called to appear on-site for some breaking news.


We can imagine the call, “Amy Parks, please report to Aami Park.” Looking closely at her face, one might guess how much self-control she had to exercise here to avoid bursting into laughter. If that was us, we’d have a hard time holding it in. Crazy right?

Air Jordan Cucumber

We’ve discovered weird patterns and things in food regularly. But here we’ve got a cucumber that just got endorsed by Air Jordan. The cucumber has the entire logo with the legs stretched out, the hand and ball attempting the trademark dunk. Check it out:

unknown user/Reddit

Michael Jordan would probably laugh while seeing this. But with coincidences like these, you can only sit and enjoy the picture. The real question now is: is the person who took this picture going to eat this piece or hang it on the wall?

This Is Not A Coincidence

A stack of newspapers lined up repeatedly tells everyone, “This is not a coincidence.” Wow. How ironic. This is the best hilarious coincidence that begs you not to consider it as one. Whoever pulled this stunt deserves his name written in lights.


On second thought, this message could just be telling you to bugger off and not tamper with the stack. It is probably not as coincidental as we think. That means that you should look the other way and mind your business.

Look Down For Stars

“You never see the stars if you’re always looking down.” It’s a nice sentiment if a bit corny. But that’s what yearbook quotes are for, right? Well, we appreciate the motivation, but there’s something not right about that line in this context.


We don’t know if she was being ironic or really meant it. Or, maybe she was trying to casually make a reference to her cool tattoo. Well, she definitely got two birds with one stone, giving a great one-liner and showing off her tat. Kudos!

Texting While Driving

Someone didn’t think this through. This advert is clearly against texting and driving, which is something we wholly support. But how do you learn more about how to stay safe? Text their information line, of course! Wait, something doesn’t add up here…


For what it is worth, maybe we can try investigating how many road crashes were recorded on that road since that board had been up. Hopefully, most drivers are smarter than this advertising company. So, let’s sit back, have a laugh, and leave it at that.

Think Safety First

It takes a guy who stopped giving two hoots about the conveniences of anything to do this. How did this man think he looked working on a message that clearly stated, “Think Safety First.” What an irony? How do you go from being an advocate for safety to being 007 in one picture?


Suppose you intend to pass across a message about safety. In that case, you might want to look into who you make your brand representative. Or maybe he wasn’t paid too well for the gig. We hope he didn’t have to learn the hard way, whatever the case is.

What It Says On The Tin?

“An ordinary man makes an extraordinary discovery when a train crashes, leaves his fellow passengers dead but him unscathed. Is he truly unbreakable? The answer could lie with a mysterious man with a disease that renders his bones as fragile as glass.” That is the message on this DVD cover.


Well, you just have to make what you want from that message. It takes two seconds to see the irony in the message and the broken DVD. Was this supposed to be fate’s attempt to take a jab at the guy who rents the DVD? Who knows? Fate just has a funny way of showing up.

Certificate of Obedience

Dog training can be difficult, but it’s well worth it in the end. Having a furry companion you can trust to stay safe and keep your house safe at the same time is wonderful. But this dog seems to have cheated when showing off his obedience skills…


“I am not obedient, and I refuse to be represented falsely from this moment on.” How does he prove it? This picture says it all. But our dog here doesn’t seem so proud of itself, but the deed has undoubtedly been done.

Cats Face-Off

Two cats are peeping out of the window. The owner walks in on them, but instead of giving them a friendly pat on the back, he notices something strange. Like two heavyweight boxers on posters promoting a highly-prized fight, both cats appear in a faceoff pose.

Simon’s cats

The truth is, this picture may be as innocent as it looks. But there is also the possibility that something grimmer might be looming underneath. As you well know, cats love their space. So it should be too hard to figure out.

Where The News Hits Home

What is a better illustration of a TV station than what we’ve just seen here? When The Republicans decided to hire a top-notch driver for their news van, little did they know they had just hired the best campaign manager.


Getting twice the value in one hire was one of the best decisions these guys may have made in years. The driver really lives up to expectations as he takes the news to the people, just at the exact point where they need it — home.


These shadows correctly identified this dog, which is quite exciting to see. This one, we’re sure, was taking a beauty nap after a long day. The gods saw that it was nap time and wanted everyone to know that this peaceful creature was asleep and should not be disturbed.


How can you not just fawn at the display here? It is funny, trippy, and quite strange, we must say. We’ve never seen a more bland and, at the same time, exciting branding of an animal. Good thing dogs don’t get sunburn or this doggo would have “DOG” labeled for days on end.

Zombie Buffer

This is probably the weirdest thing you’ll see all day. Someone was streaming a video, and while a part of it buffered, it turned a character in the video into a zombie. We would love to think whoever experienced this flung their tablet in bewilderment.


We can’t imagine how you would react if this happened to you in the dead of night. Alone. Especially if you’ve just seen a horror flick, The Ring. Either way, we hope you don’t get startled but instead enjoy this zombie-causing glitch.

Blue Times Two

There are a number of reasons why people choose to dye their hair. For some, it’s what matches their mood, while others like how unique it makes them look. Of course, with bottled products, there are sure to be others out there with the same hair color.


But what are the odds that you meet your hair twin and they’re wearing the same outfit as you? So much for being unique! The girl in the foreground seems to be enjoying the coincidence, but her double looks rather annoyed.