Words To Live By: 40+ Witty Yet Valuable Pieces Of Advice We Can All Benefit From

By Anni K

Life advice doesn’t always come in the form of serious, profound statements. Sometimes, it’s hilarious, random, and weird statements that stick with us and motivate us to do better. From signs in coffee shops to memorable quotes on TV shows, there’s no shortage of funny but helpful advice out there.

While some of these might sound absurd when you first read them, they often contain kernels of wisdom that make us think twice about our actions or motivate us to strive for greatness. Some of them even get the ultimate stamp of approval which, these days, is the honor of being posted on our social media stories!

Today, we’ve gathered 45 of the most hilarious but helpful pieces of life advice that we’ve come across. You might be surprised at how much you can learn from a silly sign or a ridiculous quote by a character in a show!

We Can Explain!

This photo of a sign outside a fire department may seem like a joke, but it contains solid life advice. “Never do anything you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics” is a humorous way of reminding us to think before we act. 


Whether it’s trying a dangerous stunt, engaging in risky behavior, or making a poor decision, consider the consequences and ask yourself if you’re willing to explain your actions to someone else. There is no greater motivator for good behavior than trying to prevent a gross amount of embarrassment!

Tree Advice

The next one is a photo of a sign stuck to a tree that offers unexpected but insightful life advice. It encourages us to take inspiration from the tree’s natural qualities, such as standing tall and going out on a limb – pun intended!


It’s a lighthearted way of reminding you to appreciate and take care of yourself just as you appreciate the natural world around you. Now every time you look at a tree, and hopefully, there are plenty around where you are, remember these gems.

Nap Time!

This sign offers a hilarious twist on traditional advice about following our dreams. The message, “Don’t give up on your dreams, go back to sleep,” is a playful way of reminding us that sometimes, it’s okay to take a break and relax. 


It’s a funny way of acknowledging the pressure we put on ourselves as we constantly strive for success and the importance of caring for ourselves and our mental health. The message is simple, but it offers a lighthearted reminder to find joy and balance in our lives.

That Escalated Quickly

This next one may seem like a strange combination of advice, but it’s sure to make you laugh. The sign starts with a simple reminder to drink coffee and stay focused. But then, it takes a turn with unexpected advice about not freaking out and reminds us that hurting people is wrong. 


The final question, “Are you wearing pants?” is a humorous way of reminding us to pay attention to our surroundings. We’re also sure that it made everyone who read it laugh! It’s a funny sign that reminds us to take life with a grain of salt and not take ourselves too seriously.

Wise Words From A Sidewalk

This photo of a stencil on a sidewalk may seem blunt, but it’s a humorous and effective way of making an important point. The simple message is a reminder to focus on the positive and avoid giving attention to those who don’t deserve it. 


Whether it’s reality TV stars, controversial politicians, or internet trolls, the message is clear. We shouldn’t reward bad behavior or promote negativity. Now that you have read it, do you think there are people in your life who belong to this category?

Solid Safety

Sometimes you have to skip the professional wording when trying to get your message across, especially when it’s something important like safety training. Just say what people need to know in the most basic way. This works in everyday life situations too.


What they’re saying is don’t alter the population numbers; you can interpret that one. Also, don’t hurt yourself, make a scandal, or get in trouble with the law. The sign also has a tip for when that happens, which is to establish dominance. Frankly, we’re not sure we’d hack that one.

Pizza Noodle

This is a somewhat cursed image in our eyes. We wouldn’t really take this advice because everyone knows you should always cut your pizza in triangular slices, no matter the event. We really dislike the square cut and can’t even consider the spiral cut. 


Sure, square pieces can make your pizza stretch a bit further, but it just seems so wrong to slice it like that! As a joke (we hope), this pizzeria added a third controversial way of cutting a pizza if it is only you. Have you tried it before?

Driving Granny

We couldn’t help but chuckle at this forecast. It asks us to imagine we’re taking our grandma to church when driving on snow. There’s also a platter of biscuits and 2 gallons of sweet tea in the back seat. Additionally, granny is wearing a new dress and holding a crock pot full of gravy.


But beyond the humor, there’s a nugget of wisdom here. Sometimes when facing a daunting task, it can be helpful to imagine a scenario that’s familiar and comforting. So, next time you’re driving on snow, remember this hilarious tweet, and you’ll be just fine.

Take Care

This person was reading the washing instructions on their new pillowcase when they got a hilarious surprise. Apparently, whoever made them knows something we don’t, so they decided to offer their advice. The new owner took a photo and shared it on the internet.


“Don’t sleep, don’t leave the house, they’re coming for you,” may sound funny, but it’s also very ominous. It was obviously intended as a joke to those who actually read the care labels on fabrics and clothing. Though we rarely ever did before, we plan on reading these labels from now on.

They’re Not Wrong

In every movie about time travel, the main character often goes back in time to reverse a big mistake or reconsider a decision. This coffee shop took inspiration from that and made an absolutely hilarious yet relatable piece of advice.


Of course, time travel is not real, and you can’t really follow this mantra. At least not always. Rather, take it with a grain of salt. It’s more to remind you to take chances and follow your heart. For those of us who are not big on risks, this is quite helpful.

Only Stupid People

This photo of a sign featuring wild brown pelicans is a playful way of saying you should be mindful of your surroundings and respect nature. While the message is obviously a joke, it’s a reminder that wildlife should be respected and observed from a safe distance.


If you do choose to ignore the sign, you will be bitten by the pelican and instantly labeled ‘stupid.’ Whoever came up with this sign definitely deserves a raise because we are confident it works better than ‘Keep A Safe Distance.’

Roadworks Know Best

How often have you used GPS and ended up on the other side of town or been instructed to drive on unnamed roads and bridges? Sometimes it makes us wonder if tech is all that great, and it seems that these signs support our doubts. 


GPS rarely incorporates temporary construction sites or gives you proper detours around them, so this construction company thought ahead and made signs that instructed drivers to follow their signs and not GPS since it wouldn’t be up to date with the changes. 

Keep Going

This book’s first page humorously encourages readers to keep going. Although it might seem silly, it was probably included to help set a lighthearted tone for the book. We dare you to show this to someone and see if it won’t put an instant smile on their face. It definitely worked with us!


If you could not read that first sentence, maybe put it down. On a more serious note, has anyone figured out how to complete the Goosebumps books? We are still confused. We need instructions on how to finish the story!

Twerk Lessons

This photo of a sign with the message, “How to twerk: Step 1: Reconsider,” is a funny and lighthearted way of reminding us to think twice before doing something we might regret. Twerking is not for everybody, but still, people try to do it.


Though it has become a popular dance move in recent years, this sign humorously suggests that it might not be the best choice for everyone. It cautions about considering the potential consequences of our actions and that sometimes, it’s better to just avoid some dance moves! 

Penguin Style

This one is very straightforward, and if you have ever taken a tumble on a slippery floor or on the snow, you can relate. The image of a penguin waddling along on ice is a sure way of conveying this crucial message.


Slipping and falling on ice is always awful, and we would choose waddling like a penguin and being a bit embarrassed any day over falling and hurting ourselves. Maybe after a few weeks of doing this, you can master a speed-waddle to work!

50/50 Marriage

At first, this card given by an uncle to his niece at her wedding seems so cute. Like actual proper advice you would get from anyone who’s married, he’s right. Marriage isn’t a 50/50 deal; you both have to give your all at all times in order for it to work. 


But then, just as a backup, the uncle added some hilarious and concerning words reminding his niece that if his first piece of advice didn’t work, he would be able to help her ‘dissolve’ her problems if it ever came to that. Yikes! 

Good Advice

We tend to agree with this sign quite a bit. Simply because we have a fear of dark holes, we wouldn’t stick our hands in any dark, unknown holes for no reason. But we have to make some adjustments to this sign. 


You should only put your hands into holes that have a sign that says you should in a museum. Since not all museums have interactive exhibitions, you might end up getting bitten by a bug or getting something icky on your hand in random museum installations. 


This is a clever art installation on the back of a building that reminds us to take a break every now and then from the internet and just enjoy our surroundings. If you didn’t recognize the little dinosaur, you should open your Chrome browser away from Wi-Fi. 


The little dinosaur is a small application built into Chrome that pops up when you have no internet and allows you to play a little game. However, now it has a different idea regarding how you should spend your time offline. Interact with reality.

We Didn’t Want To

Sometimes you get signs like this one that a tourist snapped on their holiday abroad, and they make you think, “why would this need a sign?” You also can’t help but wonder what exactly happened or who did something to make them put up the sign.


Clearly, someone thought it was a good idea to sit on a crocodile which makes us wonder what they were thinking. Was it their first time learning about these creatures? Because anyone who knows them, including toddlers, knows they bite. So, why would you sit on one?

Musical Reflection

We should all have some time put away in our day to rest, recharge and reflect on the day. It is quite essential, so it’s sad that life is not that simple for all of us. Call it a daily intermission, if you will – just like this piece of sheet music did!


You get intermissions in music, and it is usually noted on the sheet to indicate to the musician that it’s time for a break. But this particular piece added something more, instructing the musician to rest and reflect before playing further. How thoughtful!

Holiday Cheer

This road sign made us laugh, but it actually does give you some good advice when it comes to driving and aggressive behavior on the road. Sure, it makes us want to blow our tops when someone cuts us off, but anger makes everything worse. 


In that moment, you might be seeing red and want to get back at that person, but really, you’re just endangering your life and those around you. So, next time, just breathe slowly, stay in control, and remember this cheerful sign!

6th Grade Advice

This little note was left by a 6th grader, giving advice to the next year’s class of 6th graders. Though it seems pretty deep for someone of that young age, we’re glad this kid is so aware of himself and his surroundings.


‘As you get older, things will seem more lame than before.’ How apt! We love that he used the word lame because that way, the kids from that class will definitely understand him better. And it’s true; things do seem dull, but you have to take it upon yourself to cope. 

No Awkward Stairs

This clever sign was spotted in a hallway close to the elevator. Instead of saying something like, ‘Take the stairs; it is better for your health than taking the elevator,’ the owners of the building used the relatable fear of awkward silence to encourage people to use the stairs. 


If you have ever had to share an elevator with a stranger, you know it either goes okay with a bit of small talk or it is an excruciatingly awkward wait as you count the seconds till you reach your destination.

Love Means Nothing

At first glance, this sign might seem like it was written by someone who had just been dumped by their ex, who was a tennis player. Apparently, these athletes think love means nothing to them. As in, it is not worth it. 


But if you know something about tennis, this might make you chuckle since it is just a silly play on words. In tennis, ‘love’ is a term used to indicate that a player has 0 points. So, don’t panic if you’re dating a tennis player!

Part of the Pack

This park had to put up a sign deterring visitors from howling at wolves. It might seem strange, but humans do silly things, including trying to howl at wild animals. Yes, we know, it sounds like a lot of fun, but the wolves don’t like it. 

imgur.com/unknown user

They jokingly added that it makes the wolves nervous, which it could probably do, but it’s just likely to prevent visitors from getting hurt. So, leave the howling to the animals, and if you can’t resist, try watching Teen Wolf or Twilight. Then, you can howl at the screen to your heart’s content.

Texting Time

We all have one drink that makes us a bit more reckless or irresponsible than others, and for a large portion of the population, that drink is tequila. We’re sure you’ve encountered or even shared stories and photos of the ‘consequences’ of drinking tequila, and admittedly, most of them are hilarious. 


But really, that is the fault of irresponsible drinking, not tequila. This sign, however, is still hilarious since your sense of responsibility fades with every drink. It makes fun of a situation most of us have found ourselves in after one too many shots.

Bonus Instructions

All pieces of clothing have a washing and care label to make sure you treat the garment in the correct way so it can last for as long as it should. However, this piece of clothing has some bonus instructions to make sure you last for many years. 


It included some life valuable life tips like lawyering up, minimizing time on social media, and hitting the gym. This wholesome advice definitely applies to everyone, so we couldn’t help but smile when we read it. We hope you adopt it in your life too!

Keep Running

This is a terrible sign to place close to an emergency phone directly linked to security services since now people will be discouraged from using it in case of an actual emergency. However, if it’s really true that the phone doesn’t work, it becomes extremely hilarious!


If there’s an emergency and you see a way you can call for help, you will obviously run toward it, so whoever made this sign was clearly thinking about the users of that building. Though we can’t help but laugh now, we really hope someone fixed that phone!

Mud Angels

Sometimes inspirational advice might make you think, become more motivated or change some of your habits. More often than not, it offers a perspective you didn’t know you needed, even though it’s still pretty straightforward and to the point, like this next one.


Yep, don’t make snow angels in a dog park. It might sound like fun, but do you know what you can always expect in dog parks? Dogs poop. Some canines and their owners aren’t responsible while disposing of the waste, so there’s no need to risk it.

Spiky Spurs

This sign gave us quite a laugh since it was not only random advice, but it was also hilarious that it was spotted at a chiropractor’s office. Of course, it was just for laughs, but imagine if this sign was made because of a real incident involving spurs. 


Spurs are the sharp metallic attachments horse riders add to their boots to urge the horse to move. If you think about it, when you squat low while still wearing them, they are going to go right on your backside. This is the best piece of life advice we never knew we needed!

Chill for Best Results

This photo of a soda bottle with the message, “As in life, chill for best results,” is a simple way of reminding us to take a moment to relax and unwind. Just like soda tastes better when it’s chilled, we often perform better when we’re not too stressed out.


It’s a lighthearted way of reminding us to take care of ourselves and find ways to de-stress. In a world that can be overwhelming at times, this soda bottle offers a relatable tip that sometimes the best thing we can do is just take a break and chill. Start by enjoying that cold soda!

Tree Watering

We all know that trees that are alive and healthy don’t burn as easily and quickly as dead, dried-out trees when exposed to flames. That’s why this fire rescue department put up this sign to remind you to keep your trees watered. 


If you don’t water your trees, and they dry out and die, the chances of them burning quicker and causing more damage when exposed to fire or lightning are much higher. Like most other pieces of advice on our list so far, this was simple but quite helpful.

Scary Statistics

This university posted a sarcastic joke about the fact that you shouldn’t be worried if someone you admire doesn’t text you back. The sarcasm is so on point, and we can only imagine how hard the students laughed when this sign first appeared.


While this may give you a bit of a crack in your ego, it is still shocking to learn that the average user checks their phone that often. Surely it can’t be, right? Wait, we just need to confirm that from Google real quick!

Best Advice

Don’t text your ex. That is what is being said on this random spot on a sidewalk, and we couldn’t agree more. It is just never a good idea to text your ex since it will only cause more damage to your heart or theirs. 


Plus, life isn’t like the movies where you both realize you are ridiculously in love and you wanna get back together. You are probably just lonely or in a self-destructive phase. Remind yourself why you broke up, and move on, please!

Don’t Cook Bacon Naked

There are a lot of things that you shouldn’t do naked. While we understand that sometimes clothes can be a bit restricting and bothersome, there are real dangers to cooking naked, like getting hot oil splashed all over your body. 

imgur.com/unknown user

You especially do not want any sizzling hot oil to hit your more sensitive parts, which is very possible since bacon tends to involve a lot of sputtering and splashing of grease. Just wear an apron, at the very least!

Cat Tricks

This is some solid advice, but we are still going to love it when someone shows us their cat or pictures of their cat. This person seems to have had first-hand experience with a backfired plan to use their cat as a way to pick up partners at the bar. 


As you might imagine, cats don’t sit still in a carrier, especially when they are not used to it or trained to be in one. Plus, they won’t enjoy loud places like a bar with a lot of movement. Stick to adorable photos for both your and your cat’s sake. 

Signs Everywhere

Some people believe that if they are struggling to make a decision, it’s better to look for a sign to confirm the choice they want to make or deter them from making it. This coffee shop used that tactic to its advantage. 


They just put up a hysterical sign that undoubtedly attracted a lot of customers. We know it was a successful marketing strategy because we, and so many other people, love seemingly corny yet brilliant ploys like this. So, it would definitely work on us!

Text Speak

This church decided it was time to put up a simple message on the notice board and keep it that way for a while since the summer heat was scorching the people who had to change it! They made it funny by using text speak. 


It started back in the early 2000s when people would abbreviate and shorten words to send to their friends casually. However, it wasn’t something you would find on a church board. That said, this was a brilliant way to draw in more people.

Spaghetti is Good

This drawing made by a child is so wholesome and sweet that we couldn’t help but chuckle at it. The school was likely doing an anti-narcotics awareness campaign, and this kid had the perfect solution to help keep you on the right track. 


Instead of using bad chemicals, why not simply enjoy the delicious treat that is spaghetti? We assume it is safe to conclude that spaghetti is this child’s all-time favorite dish. We wouldn’t be surprised if they grew up to be a talented marketing executive because this was so impressive!

Coffee Time

This sweet little sign makes you laugh but also makes you wonder how these gigantic creatures would behave if they had caffeine in their systems. Again, we have to applaud the people who come up with these signs because they make our day!


Technically, the dinos didn’t have coffee, and they died, so these guys are trying to tell you it’s better to be safe than sorry and grab a cup of their coffee to make sure you don’t get hit by a massive meteor during a natural disaster!

No Smiling

We are not sure what the intent behind this almost ominous sign was, but surely there was a reason behind it. We actually think it’s good to be friendly and smile at strangers as long as they are not weird or creepy. 


Maybe this was a gag sign put up by someone as a prank because that would be rather funny. Imagine you are walking and going about your day, and then you smile at someone just because you can; then, suddenly, a police officer runs up to arrest you!

Shark Week 

Shark week happens annually. During those days, people raise awareness about these creatures and the dangers of sharks and the ocean. It is also a week when you should not go swimming in the ocean since the danger is usually greater. 


So, this kid decided to use that as an inspirational quote, where you live every week like it is shark week. We don’t wanna say that you should live your life in fear, but maybe be more cautious and appreciative of it in that way. 

Bad Advice

This photo is an example of bad advice that someone romanticized and put on a candy wrapper. Sure, it would be magical to live life spontaneously or without worrying about time, but that is not realistic. The world does not work like that.


In fact, it is a bit reckless and rude to show up without a reservation, as you are likely just causing yourself and others stress. Also, telling us not to look at the clock makes us feel extremely anxious. So, no thanks, Dove!

Simple Advice

This is wild and erratic advice that was found graffitied on a bathroom stall wall. We appreciate the fact that it’s very simple and that, for a change, it was not just bad words or nonsense scribbled on the wall. 


But really, don’t write on or vandalize walls. That’s never cool. However, do eat some ham; it has some good protein in it. Additionally, doing pushups is beneficial to your health, so go do a few right now! We will do our set tomorrow.

Live Life

This seems to be an innocent children’s book judging by the cover (Yes, we know that is a bad thing to do). However, we were surprised to read the title and realize that it is actually a bit too vulgar to be a book meant for children. 


But the title does give you some good advice. It’s trying to say that you should live life to the fullest, and not let it get you down. In fact, make life regret ever getting you down or sad. Is anyone else dying to read this book? No? Okay.