How To Get Kids To Clean Their Rooms

By Anthony K

Getting your child to clean their room without an extra push may seem an overwhelming task as your calls for cleanliness may fall on deaf ears. When you walk into a teenager’s room unannounced, you may be surprised by the positioning of items and clothes.

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Tips for Helping your Child Clean Their Room

To help your child clean their rooms better, you should;

Offer some help

You should provide relevant assistance to your child based on their age and ability to clean. Jumping in to help your child clean their room helps them develop a positive attitude towards maintaining a cleanroom. Guide your child to point out areas of interest that should be cleaned every day, help them shape into your routine, and understand the fun part of cleaning.

Provide Reinforcement

Reinforcing good behavior is best for improving short- and long-term behavior changes. If your child cleans the room as agreed, you should provide support like reconnecting their Wi-Fi, allowing them to go out, and assignment of more responsibilities. If they don’t clean, you may withhold financial privileges, limit electronics usage, or increase curfew time until you record a change in attitude.

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Assign Age-Appropriate Tasks

Helping your child clean their room enables you to learn more about their abilities as they get older. A toddler can help you clean the room and other parts of the house by dusting surfaces with socks while preschoolers are ripe for learning the art of making their beds. As they get older, your children can perform more complicated tasks like vacuuming the room. 

Final Thoughts

Help your child be part of the house cleaning routine by making a checklist, making a game of the exercise of room cleaning. For the best experience, understand that maintaining the cleanest rooms may not happen overnight, hence the need for patience and consistency.