Here’s Proof That Kids Don’t Think Twice Before They Say Things

By Anthony K

Children often say some of the most amusing, bizarre, ridiculous, or humorous things you’ll ever hear. It’s a well-known fact that children make the best little philosophers. To adults, their blunt reality could seem a little harsh. However, you might discover something surprising from their amusing slurs.

It is no secret that kids are voracious with their questions, the majority of which appear completely unexpected or at least out of the blue. The truth is that when a child says something, it’s utterly pure and innocent. We can’t dispute the fact that they can also be very little devils!

Let’s check some of the funniest sentences that kids have said to people.

Imagine having your neighbors think you are a junkie because they misunderstand what your child describes as “special nose medicine!”. Well, this parent has experienced that.

Photo Credits: @someboysmother / Twitter

A young girl thought her full name was that of an animal. She went to the extent of defending it so that people wouldn’t use her actual name. This one just shows how utterly pure children are.

Photo Credits: livefromsnacktime / Instagram

Kids can be the most adorable beings. Their perspectives on life and how they understand things are both brilliant and cute. How kids love their siblings vary, and those that are close never want to be separated. This is one of the most adorable things a sibling has ever said.

Photo Credits: livefromsnacktime / Instagram

If you’re not a parent yet, you have to admit that some of these kids just make you want to have one of your own. Can you imagine how heartwarming it must feel to hear these absolutely delightful sentences on a daily?