Here Are The Ilia Savosin Skates – But With Office Roller Bottoms!

By Francis Tunwase

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. And in the case of one comedic athlete, being inventive appeared to have come easy in this situation. 

Source: @lstan/Pexels

In a recent post shared on social media, Ilia Savosin, a comedic athlete with an impressive following, shared what you could only describe as the most innovative way to hit the skating rink. 

Saosin’s video was actually shot at a rink. The montage began with him comically calling out a Jason Statham character as he declared that he’d “kill” the latter’s “style.” The video then zooms out briefly to show the athlete’s legs, and what do you know? He has a pair of office rollers strapped to his feet instead of rollerblades. 

Just like that, it was off! 

You’ve got to give Savosin some credit for this one – he actually managed to pull off a few impressive moves at the rink. Even though he wasn’t actually wearing rollerblades, he sure pulled it all off. 

It’s impossible to say how difficult this should be. Unlike roller blades that are thin and straight, office chair rollers are broad and quite disoriented. This means that Savosin probably had to align his body in a certain way to maintain balance and coordination.

Source: @havasuartist/Unsplash

Nevertheless, he simply moved like a gazelle and managed to get his act right. 

Of course, there’s an argument to be made that Savosin also benefited from the increased balance that the chair wheels provided. If you think about it, you have to be an extra level of clumsy to fall while rolling on office chair wheels. Still, this sure looks like something you might want to give a try when you have the chance.

Your move, Jason Statham!