40+ Uplifting Memes That Remind Us That The Internet Is Still A Wholesome Space

By Farah J

It’s safe to say that if you are reading this right now, you’ve probably had your fair share of hectic and stressful life situations. At this point, we are barely functioning, and all we need is to have something restore our faith in humanity and life itself. We are ready to bet our empty bank accounts that we are not alone in this.

There are times when all you need is a break, whether that be from work, home, or even reality. When life gives you lemons, we recommend throwing lemons in the trash and escaping reality for a while until you’ve pulled yourself together!

And what better way than to scroll through Instagram meme accounts? There are thousands that are hilarious, wholesome, heartwarming, motivating, and stress relieving all at once! This Instagram account called “Kale Salad” made a wholesome collection of random tweets of people, and let’s be honest, this compilation is nothing less than a wild ride down the most hilarious memes ever lane!

Chaotic evil

We are all too well familiar with social media trolls, and we can all agree that they should exist. But for this one, we don’t even know if we want to applaud this guy for pulling the biggest prank on the world or put him in the corner for time-out!

Image Source: Twitter/@rtwlz/Instagram/@kalesalad

This guy in Berlin took fifty phones in a wagon (we wonder where he got all those phones from) and strolled through the streets, creating a traffic jam across Berlin on Google Maps! There are geniuses, and then there are evil geniuses like this person!

Friendly neighbor-ship

Where there are babies, there is constant loud screaming and crying. Other than that, there are tired, sleep-deprived, and indifferent parents who can’t make the kid stop crying. If you are in a place with a baby crying, try to be sympathetic with the parents.

Image Source: Twitter/@KittyBeeJr/Instagram/@kalesalad

This neighbor knew the ruckus their four-month-old baby was going to make in the apartment, so they wrote an apologetic letter to the neighbors by offering them tequila, as well as suggesting turning the TV volume up. We hope they baked the wholesome parents some cookies!

We’d never go out of style.

You may be wondering “why” over this next costume; while we are here going, “why not.” If this isn’t the only way to blow snow during winter, we don’t know what is! Seeing a unicorn blowing snow off their driveway early in the morning surely is a mood!

Image Source: Twitter/@WeThePeople/Instagram/@kalesalad

This person casually getting up early in the morning and wearing their unicorn costume to go outside and blow snow off their driveway is the kind of neighborhood we aspire to live in. Whoever it is, they sure are snuggly and warm in that outfit!

Amen to that

We live in a society where quick replies to emails or texts are the norm, and if they aren’t responded to immediately, well, suffice to say that people don’t like it and call it “rude,” implying that we’ve “ignored” them. 

Image Source: Twitter/@lucy_hunt/Instagram/@kalesalad

However, this person clearly has had enough of society’s “culture of immediacy,” and least to say that they put our thoughts in actual words. We are all behind this person saying Amen to their tweet calling out society’s “norms.”

Who runs the world? Girls!

We are quite sure that this bully wasn’t the only reason this girl decided to make the power move of showing the world, especially her school bully, that she’s the future. She proved him wrong in so many ways that it’s hard to keep count.

Image Source: Twitter/@hunt_harriet/Instagram/@kalesalad

When someone doubts you or discourages you, what is the best way to show them that they can’t be any more wrong about you? What better way to stand up to your bullies and disbelievers than doing the absolute impossible!

Going bananas!

Getting a call from school is a little scary and alarming, but when you get a call that your art is causing a ruckus in a classroom of six-year-olds, it has got to be one of the greatest compliments ever taken. The banana kid was probably showing off their mother’s skills.

Image Source: Twitter/@RebeccaMills/Instagram/@kalesalad

Well, kids are kids, and colorfully decorated bananas are always better than boring yellow ones. We’d even want a banana with doodles on it, and believe us, we’re way older than those six-year-olds. We hope this mother didn’t stop doodling!

Thumbs up

Not to pull the ‘bad parenting’ badge out here, but we wonder what parent doesn’t remember that their kid passed medical exams, got admission at a medical school, and is now a medical intern at a hospital? Like, aren’t parents supposed to remember their kid’s success?

Image Source: Twitter/@khalifaa_974/Instagram/@kalesalad

Well, whatever it is, this dad temporarily forgot that his child worked at a hospital. In his defense, getting a text that your kid is in a hospital is always a shock. This dad was too alarmed to remember his child’s career for a moment. The “thumbs up” emoji is funny, though!

Testing patience

One step over the line by the customer and all hell is let loose! If you’ve ever worked at a customer service center, you’d know the level of patience it takes to deal with annoying customers. Patience runs thin, and you can only keep calm for so long.

Image Source: Twitter/@jahmeretyree_/Instagram/@kalesalad

We can assure you that employees don’t usually lose their calm unless they are pushed to their limits. Like, this person possibly handled a rude customer the way they weren’t supposed to but had no regrets about it – they brought it upon themselves.

Halloween décor 101

The creativity that comes along with Halloween is what we live for. People dressing up as something completely different is inspiring. But when it comes to Halloween home décor, well, not many people are that talented; modern inspirations for spooky décor are always a sight!

Image Source: Twitter/@icecrmsocialist/Instagram/@kalesalad

Walking down the block and seeing the Halloween decorations always leaves us in awe. But this house left the whole world in fits of laughter and rolling over the floor! They recreated the “Woman Yelling at the Cat” meme for Halloween, and with skeletons!

Banana bread

If we want our apartments to be chilly in the summer when we get back home after a long day, why are there people who judge us for wanting our apartment warm when we return home in the winter after work? This society is peculiar. 

Image Source: Twitter/@GaryBesdo/Instagram/@kalesalad

We feel for this girl who asked her partner to preheat the apartment so that when she gets home from the chilly weather outside, she can snuggle up. Her partner called her banana bread to give her some warmth. It’s rather cute.

Dad’s Lil Gus

It is always so wholesome to watch a pet become a part of the family with an unconditional and insurmountable amount of love being thrown their way. Some families even treat their pets as their other children and make sure they don’t feel left out.

Image Source: Twitter/@averagediana/Instagram/@kalesalad

For instance, this dad didn’t want his cat to feel excluded from the Christmas presents, so he gave him a five-dollar note in a signed envelope from him wishing the cat, “Merry Christmas!” Dad’s little boy loved his present!

A man-child

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’d know this all too well: the overwhelming creepy illustrations of a plane crash. First, it’s always terrifying to think about the flight you are on crashing, and when they hand you these pamphlets, it’s more petrifying.

Image Source: Twitter/@overdesigned/Instagram/@kalesalad

This illustration of a baby isn’t beneficial in this case. Why does the baby look like a grown-up man in a cot? His facial expressions are giving us the creeps as if he’s the one causing the plane crash. Hasn’t the illustrator ever seen a baby?

The scene of the crime

Losing your passport has got to be one of the most frustrating and stressful things on this planet! Whether it is your passport or original personal documents, it never fails to give us several sleepless and anxious nights.

Image Source: Twitter/@_callumknight/Instagram/@kalesalad

But, oh well, this guy who lost his passport two years ago has been using the scans ever since. And two years later, he found his passport in the exact spot where he took the scans from! He’s the luckiest guy – absent-minded, but lucky nonetheless.

Wrong profession

We can’t tell if this person is being sarcastic or if they asked their delivery guy to send them a picture of the food that they ordered sitting by the doorstep. But if it’s the latter, the delivery person knows that they are in the wrong profession.

Image Source: Twitter/@em____dash/Instagram/@kalesalad

All the elements of this photo harmonize perfectly; who knew that a food package on the threshold could look so beautiful. After it went viral on the internet, we are hoping he saw it and switched his profession to photography!

Pants and proud

This kid is going places; he’s already got the hang of the creativity that he is going to need in life. And well, we are applauding the parents for not letting their kid’s imagination down by shutting him up and making him wear the traditional superhero outfits.

Image Source: Twitter/@jungleland/Instagram/@kalesalad

We are proud that they asked for an opinion on what their kid wanted to be on Halloween, and when he said “pants,” they made one for him! The kid definitely looks proud and comfortable in his outfit. This is a cool way to encourage your kid’s creativity.

A four-legged goldfish

Handling a pet is a huge responsibility, and most of the time, parents are the ones who end up having to take care of all the needs of the pet, even though the child is the one who wanted to have a pet in the first place! 

Image Source: Twitter: @ConnerPohl

This mom probably wasn’t on board with getting a dog because of its responsibilities. However, her kid had other plans. He wanted a dog but didn’t want his mom to yell at him, so he tricked her into thinking he got a goldfish.

It’s totes yeet

Gen-z’s talk in a totally different language than we did when we were teens. Heck, sometimes, it feels like we don’t even speak the same language anymore while speaking the same language! Does that make sense? Just a little?

Image Source: Twitter@Chris_David2/Instagram/@kalesalad

So, what better way to tell the modern teens to fasten seatbelts while driving than by putting up an ad that speaks their language. Oh well, whoever came up with this idea most probably was a boomer – he thought the teens wouldn’t take pictures of this board while driving?

The biggest threat

Sometimes, we make reckless decisions in the middle of the night without thinking about them twice. And since most of the world is asleep around us, there is no one to stop us or make us realize that we are doing something stupid and will possibly regret it later.

Image Source: Twitter/@drivingmemadiInstagram/@kalesalad

Well, except our bank. Blocking the card before we can make a massive purchase that we can’t revert later when we are in our senses is an excellent way to stop us from being our own biggest threat. We relate to this person more than we would like to.

Trial and error

The best kind of thoughts, deep conversations, and winning arguments all pop up while we are in the shower, don’t you agree? This person thinking about mushrooms is most likely having his shower thoughts because who casually comes up with this?

Image Source: Twitter/@goulcher/Instagram/@kalesalad

However, he is not wrong: there are thousands of different types of mushrooms, and most likely, not all of them are even discovered yet. Someone had to do this trial-and-error thing for them to realize that not all mushrooms are healthy for humans.

Let’s bear it 

California has a bear on their state flag, but let’s “bear” it; it’s here for the meeting. All countries have different national animals or animals as a symbol for their political parties. But what’s not normal is seeing those animals wander in a town and stand in front of the town hall! 

Image Source: Twitter/@4029news/Instagram/@kalesalad

And the fact that instead of driving it away before it harms someone, the news channel decided to report it and take its pictures and tweet about it! Well, by the looks of it, they want to respect its desires and include it in the state’s official matters.

Double roasted

It is heartache on another level when you get friend-zoned by your crush. Especially for those who find it hard to approach them in the first place. But when you get roasted by strangers on the internet on the same matter…

Image Source: Instagram/@kalesalad

Suffice to say that it feels like sprinkling salt on an open wound. This person probably wanted some support or suggestions on how to deal with such heartbreak, and yet, this stranger on the internet delivered another hurtful (but hilarious) comment!

Mother, help!

Mother knows best! Even when we are old, mothers don’t fail to remind us that they’ve got the upper hand and that they are the winner of every fight, so don’t even try arguing with them. Don’t get us wrong; we love our mothers.

Image Source: Twitter/@94steve_/Instagram/@kalesalad

But it seems like we all have a similar childhood where all our mothers threaten us with “they brought us into this world, and they can take us out.” Well, sure, they told us adulthood was hard, but we felt this guy’s “take me out” text to the core!

Art inspiration

Artists find inspiration from literally anything around them, whether it’s a crack in the sidewalk, a zebra crossing, a bird sitting on the top of a pole, or just food on a plate in front of them, like this artist who painted his breakfast of a grilled sandwich.

Image Source: Twitter/@NoahVerrier/Instagram/@kalesalad

This painting belongs in a museum, honestly. Or, if not a museum, we are ready to buy it and hang it on our wall. Just the thought of grilled cheese makes our mouth water, let alone looking at this swoon-worthy painting of it. Take our money!

Professor of the year

When the pandemic hit, the education system became disastrously disturbed. No one saw it coming, especially the teachers, who had a whole other level of stress hanging over their heads because of distant learning. However, this teacher really is something special.

Image Source: Twitter/@macho_montan/Instagram/@kalesalad

This teacher was having problems teaching live on Zoom, so he recorded all of his remaining lectures by placing a Pinocchio doll on the front desk in an empty classroom! If you didn’t find this wholesome, something isn’t right with you.

A keeper

You’re always collecting green flags and looking out for red flags when you enter into a relationship with someone. And you can tell by the green flags if your partner is a keeper. Little things become the biggest things that matter the most.

Image Source: Twitter/@heyheyminday/Instagram/@kalesalad

For instance, this guy made a poster for his partner as encouragement for their marathon race. And he didn’t go for the traditional “you can do it” phrases or something along those lines; he went for the famous Twilight quote! It definitely got the message through.

Will Furrell

We have seen people and their human doppelgangers – it has been said that we all have seven look-alikes in this world. But never have we heard of people having animals as doppelgangers. Well, at least now we can affirm that it’s not false.

Image Source: Twitter/@thomasthesquare/Instagram/@kalesalad

There’s something about this dog that makes him look like Will Ferrell’s doppelganger. And neither this person nor we can unsee it! Maybe it’s the eyes or the expression on the dog’s face that makes him look like Will. What better name for him than Will Furrell?

The difference

Sibling comparison is a real thing. Either it’s the parents who can’t stop comparing their kids, or it’s us who won’t stop comparing our lives and accomplishments with our siblings. It’s completely natural but not very healthy for the people involved in it.

Image courtesy: Twitter/@theresemerkel/Instagram/@kalesalad

These sisters lead opposite lives: one of them is getting engaged while the other one is dressed as a bush in camouflage! It is hilarious until someone decides to diss either one of them for not being like the other.

Gestures in Italian

Unless you live under a rock, you know about this “Italian” hand gesture. It has become sort of a universal hand gesture that shows that the person is Italian or is speaking Italian or just talking about something Italian.

Image Source: Twitter/@kaldablue/Instagram/@kalesalad

Well, this person didn’t interpret the sign wrong. Sure, we understand that feeding goats is prohibited, but in his defense, the sign can also be read as “don’t speak to goats in Italian” due to the hand gesture. This interpretation is the only wrong one we’d take!

Baby Yoda

This cat peeking from behind the towel has an uncanny resemblance to baby Yoda! If you have a pet, you will notice that they resemble some non-fictional character for a fleeting moment. This person captured this incredibly!

Image Source: Twitter/@BLOODTHIRSTYXBBY/Instagram/@kalesalad

Yoda is someone known for his wisdom, and so are cats! Do you think there is a possibility of Yoda coming to life from his universe in our world, but before he could disguise himself properly as a cat, these humans captured him? 

Do the math

It’s always the thought that counts. To make someone feel special, you don’t have to be rich or fancy. It’s the little things; it’s the genuine thought of making someone happy even if you don’t have the right items to give them.

Image Source: Twitter/@haskunsinuate/Instagram/@kalesalad

Just like this dad who made his son a birthday cake but didn’t have the right number of candles. He improvised, and now he’s got his 27-year-old son to do the basic math on his birthday! Plus, this is a great idea for sharpening your kids’ math skills!

Reduce waste, get creative

It is nice to see that many countries are becoming environmentally conscious and are making efforts to reduce plastic waste in any way they can. It’s even better to see that people are abiding by it and getting creative with it.

Image Source: Twitter/@sihamese/Instagram/@kalesalad

We are here for it, all of it! When the Thai government banned plastic bags, the citizens’ creativity leveled up. One brought an actual wheelbarrow to put their groceries in, and the other carried a giant vase for her stuff!

Petty level 100

This is the pettiest move we’ve seen someone pull in a while, and let us tell you, we’ve never seen a petty queen like this woman! Sure, driving yourself to the hospital while you’re in labor is petty just because your partner wasn’t giving you enough attention.

Image Source: Twitter/@boopyape/Instagram/@kalesalad

However, we’d call it a power move! She is a woman who wants a partner but doesn’t need one. Like Cher said, “Men are the coolest, but they are not a necessity.” Her son carrying on her legacy is another feminist power move, and we highly encourage this pettiness!

Perks of being an English teacher

This is one of the perks of being an English teacher: you get to read all sorts of hilarious content on the essays you assign. Not everyone gets this much of a laugh while grading papers. English teachers get the best of everything.

Image Source: Twitter/@MrAlexisPereira/Instagram/@kalesalad

When this English teacher assigned an essay on Tom from The Great Gatsby, the student miscalculated and wrote an entire paper on Tom from Tom and Jerry! We see the teacher gave them a D for their efforts. We’d like to read the whole thing!

Dreams coming to reality

There are many inspirational posts on the internet that we find wholesome and motivating enough to keep us going and make us want to chase our dream jobs, work hard, and be good people. And this never person is giving us the motivation we need!

Image Source: Twitter/@the_jan_man/Instagram/@kalesalad

This girl dreamed of working at Pixar, and it looks like the hard work paid off! We can’t be happier for this person. Some of us may get hit by realities that snatch our hopes and dreams, but she is proof that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Where are the clowns?

If someone were to write a book on the most inappropriate things kids said aloud at inappropriate times, they would find hilarious content, and that book would definitely be a hit! It’s funny how kids don’t even realize it while their parents die of embarrassment.

Image Source: Twitter/@guyrleechInstagram/@kalesalad

He didn’t understand why his eight-year-old suddenly started crying until she blurted out, “Where are all the clowns you work with?” with every bit of disappointment in her tone and expression in front of her dad’s colleagues! So innocent yet so embarrassing.

Christmas money

Picking out a Christmas gift for children is simple. Go to the toys section and get something colorful and playful. However, it gets complicated when your kids are in their teens: real money is what makes them happy. But they are still children, aren’t they?

Image Source: Twitter/TwoClawsMediaInstagram/@kalesalad

So, when it comes to Christmas, it’s essential that they get the money but also experience the joy of opening up the presents. This guy knew that and executed both of these things in one plan! Money in a package! Now that’s what we call a magical Christmas for everyone.

Couple goals

These are the little things that keep the romance, love, and spark alive in a marriage. If you are talking about long-term happy marriages, you all need to take thorough notes from this adorable couple instead of hormonal, cliché-loving teenagers.

Image Source: Twitter/@thepartypopeInstagram/@kalesalad

This lovely wife came up with the cutest idea for holding hands with her partner when they go out on morning walks in chilly weather. This simple gesture is sweet enough to rot our teeth. We hope everyone who is looking for love finds what these two have!

The joke’s on you

It’s so sad that it is dangerous for people, especially women, to walk the streets at night. And in places like subways or metro stations, muggings are quite common. But this woman was lucky in two ways: she wasn’t hurt, and she found all of her stuff!

Image Source: Twitter/hanfrishInstagram/@kalesalad

Well, looks like nobody wants a trashy wallet or even cares to look inside it. The muggers took her bag, rummaged through it, and got rid of it because they couldn’t find anything worthy of stealing. Except they missed the wallet made of recycled material, thinking it was trash!

I’m functioning

This is an image many of you would find yourself resonating with; an image of a broken sink that is holding up and functioning, but barely. It looks like it’s on the verge of collapsing. Okay, fine, we kind of relate to the metaphor too.

Image Source: Twitter/mcapriglioneart/Instagram/@kalesalad

But what kind of life is it where you are constantly stressed out by life’s endeavors like work, college, taxes, rent, social life, and relationships, all piling up on top of each other, making you “function,” but not letting you fully live?

Polar opposites

Sometimes, you can tell when two people are siblings from far away; you can tell they must be siblings, either from their faces or clothing style, or sometimes, it’s just a sibling vibe. Other times, you may find yourself confused in situations like these!

Image Source: Twitter/@aalexandriabish/Instagram/@kalesalad

These two are siblings with polar opposite identities. One of them is sunny and bright, while the other is dark and mysterious.” Even their homes scream opposites. As wholesome as it is, we are glad that both of them are comfortable in their own skin.

Why, though?

People have either way too much time on their hands, or they just don’t give a dang about life’s top three goals: money, success, and relationships; they are born to pull creative yet harmless pranks on strangers and laugh at them.

Image Source: Twitter/@PabloRochat/Instagram/@kalesalad

For instance, this person printed life-size stickers of Air-Pods and stuck them on the sidewalks all across town. We wonder what was the reason or thought behind this prank, though, other than fun and laughs. Well, we guess life’s better with fun that has no motive.

Mother’s greatest invention

This person seems so proud of their mother for inventing “Baby Yoda Margaritas.” They probably weren’t expecting this result when they heard their mother tell them that she was going to create this. We bet she didn’t disappoint them!

Image Source: Twitter/@Akiora/Instagram/@kalesalad

Their expectations were definitely surpassed by this deliciousness of a result. As cute as it looks, it looks way more delicious. The cloth wrapped around the glass like Baby Yoda’s robe is quite hilarious. We hope this mother doesn’t stop here and gives us more new content!