Gift Gags: 40+ Weird And Whacky Presents People Received From Loved Ones For Christmas

By Ekhama O

Gift-giving has got to be one of the most unnecessarily complicated parts of Christmas. There’s always this immense pressure to get your loved ones something they’ll treasure, and unless they’ve given you a hint, getting them a gift that they’ll love is no walk in the park.

Since it’s so hard to find out what would make an excellent present, many people resort to unconventional ideas or consult the internet for help. Other people just like to go with the flow by getting simple gifts they feel are thoughtful but end up being silly.

We can argue about whether some of these people put their heart into their gift selection or did it just for gags, but one thing’s for sure; they put a big smile on our faces. So, just for laughs, here are 45 hilarious Christmas gifts shared online.

Out-of-the-box thinking

The festive season is a crazy time of the year, so there are bound to be hiccups. That’s why it helps to be creative and open to improvising. That way, when the disappointment comes trying to wreck your ship, you’ve got a backup to keep you afloat.

Image courtesy of PeaterEater/Reddit

Here’s a good example of that. One man’s Christmas gift wasn’t going to get shipped in time for the day, so his spouse decided to put this card in a box in place of the gift. It may not be the real present, but it’s a funny way to explain the situation at hand.

Portrait mousepad

One trick to getting the perfect present for your loved one is to try to gift them something they want or need. Not only does this show that you care about them, but it also means you’re attentive to them and their desires.

Image courtesy of db05820p/Reddit

Although it might not look like it, this guy got what he wanted for Christmas. He asked for a mousepad which his spouse got him. As a bonus, she got one with her face all over it. It might not be what he was gunning for, but like with all gifts, there are no takebacks!

An unsuccessfully accomplished mission

It’s one thing for you to not tell your loved ones what you want, and they end up getting you something you don’t. It’s also another thing for them to ignore your wishes. An even weirder case is when they get you what you asked for, but with a catch.

Image courtesy of VidE27/Reddit

Someone told their wife they wanted a SNES mini video game console, and she got just that. Except, she took the message quite literally and got really tiny versions of the equipment. Nonetheless, it’s a funny gift and definitely made for some hilarious moments.

Pistachio overdose

We’ve gone through several presents so far in this post, and while some might be silly and others downright hilarious, we actually think this one isn’t so bad. Yes, we totally agree, it’s an unlikely gift, but it’s still valid.

Image courtesy of imyellingloudly/Reddit

Someone was given five pounds of pistachio nuts that had been taken out of their shells for Christmas. Sounds insane, right? Well, that’s because it is. Five pounds of pistachios must have cost a fortune! We hope they savored every last one of those guys!

No element of surprise

One thing that makes a gift all the more special is the surprise factor. It isn’t much fun getting something when you already know what it is. That’s why the givers go to all sorts of lengths to ensure the recipients have no idea what they’re getting before the day.

Image courtesy of Mmmsprite/Reddit

Whoever gave their kid this gift couldn’t have cared less about the wow factor. The fact that they didn’t want the shirt to have creases is admirable, though. And the wrapping’s also pretty great since it really took some skill! We can only hope the little guy saw it that way too.

Cats need gifts too!

Pets are usually left out during the holidays and all sorts of gift-giving seasons. Therefore, it was refreshing to discover that this lady thought it necessary to give her child’s pet a Christmas card with some cash in it. Lucky cat!

Image courtesy of katemccabesays/Twitter

Animals aren’t the best at showing gratitude, and that goes most especially for cats. No wonder he’s got such an unbothered demeanor even after receiving such an amazing present. Either that, or he had no idea what was going on.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Out of all the outrageous Christmas presents we’ve reviewed in this article, this one has got to be one of the most unique. Someone told their mother their significant other collects silver spoons for food tasting and she got her son-in-law this as a gift.

Image courtesy of designmur/Reddit

Even though they might not all be sterling silver or silver-plated spoons, we see some lovely patterns there, and we honestly think they’d make great additions to their cutlery. This is one of those times you have to tell yourself that it’s the thought that counts.

Darth Vader Motif

Let’s be honest. Getting a gift feels really good, even when you don’t have the slightest idea of what to do with what you’re given yet. And, even when the present might be a bit silly, it’s still one of the most amazing feelings.

Image courtesy of lingering_POO/Reddit

Mothers-in-law are on a roll in this list! Here’s a gift someone got from their spouse’s mom. Perhaps this lady also told her mother that her husband liked Star Wars, so she thought this goofy shirt would be the perfect gift! Plus, it’s got pockets!

Cat print

People have this weird inclination to have faces printed all over their clothing. Sure, it’s nice to look at pictures of loved ones and even adorable pets but printing them on articles of clothing is a bit much. Take a look at this cat print blanket.

Image courtesy of got_the_ging/Reddit

Someone gave their friend a snug piece of bedding with their cat’s face plastered all over it. They then decided to take this photo with the featured model sitting in the middle to share it with the world. It looks like the poor cat could get lost in there!

Matching PJs

Moms have always been serious contenders for the best gift-givers in the family. From silly sweaters to thoughtful cards, we now have two pairs of matching pajamas for a daughter and her dog. You’ve got to appreciate the effort that goes into some of this stuff.

Image courtesy of Tenten32321/Reddit

The little girl seems pleased with her gift, but we can’t say the same for her little pooch. Maybe he’s trying to come to terms with how someone could have possibly picked out such a brilliant gift! Totally understandable since we felt the exact same way too.

Sharknado Christmas

It’s one thing to get a gift you don’t like and quite another to get a gift you didn’t expect at all. It always comes as a surprise, and sometimes it might not be a very pleasant one. But have you ever received a shocking gift you actually asked for?

Image courtesy of DoYuNoDaWae6321/Reddit

We know that sounds crazy; how can the gift be shocking if you asked for it? Well, here’s the thing. The recipient of this lovely present mentioned to their sister they wanted an ugly sweater as a joke and completely forgot about it. However, their sibling didn’t and got them this!

Say cheese?

When we mentioned the words loved ones at the beginning of this post, we didn’t just mean our fellow humans. We meant every single member that makes up part of our close circle and family, and that includes our pets too.

Image courtesy of hilary_l072/Twitter

That’s why they shouldn’t be left out during the gift-giving season, just like this dog here. He looks super happy with his brand-new gift! Believe it or not, that’s a ball he has in his mouth, which explains his somewhat creepy grin.

Candid pose

While we love to get the things we want for Christmas, getting a funny gift is still a wholesome feeling. Especially when it’s the most random thing we would ever expect. Point in case this pillow with the cutest kitty on it.

Image courtesy of metalmolly/Reddit

Granted, he’s the proud and lucky owner of the gorgeous feline. What’s more impressive here is that he got his pet to pose in almost the same way he did for the pillowcase! We also love how amused he seems by the gift. We’d probably feel the exact same way too!

Tank slippers

There are so many kinds of gifts that have the potential to make us extremely happy. But nothing comes close to the value of a handmade present. Just considering the effort and time it took for your loved one to make something for you melts the heart.

Image courtesy of libii/Imgur

And, believe it or not, even silly gifts like these can make us feel that way. Someone made this for their man the first year they were together, and we’ve gotta commend their creativity. Something tells us he might have been in the military. Hope he thanked them for this!

Rappin’ paper

Have you ever had that annoying friend who wouldn’t let you live down a silly mistake? Like, if you made a grammatical error or did something goofy, they’d want to remind you about it for pretty much the rest of your life.

Image courtesy of orbdep/Reddit

This person sounds like the type, except they took the situation to a whole new level. His wife called wrapping paper “rapper paper” one day during a random drive, and he decided to immortalize the moment. Such a great sense of humor, though.

Mini me

Remember when we questioned whether people get these whacky gifts sincerely or for laughs? With this one, there is no question. This girl’s father handed her a Disney doll and burst into laughter, so his motives were pretty clear from that.

Image courtesy of ellomelissa/Twitter

We have to agree, though; that’s actually quite funny. Also, the resemblance between the person in the photo and Mirabel from the 2021 animated movie Encanto is beyond striking. Her dad might be goofy, but he’s also got quite the eye.

It’s all in the presentation

Getting your loved one a silly gift can be a huge gamble. If they poured their heart into their gift, but you threw something silly together, it would seem like you didn’t care enough to put effort into theirs. And that would make for an awkward time at the dinner table.

Image courtesy of meh35m/Reddit

So, if you’re always up for a good joke, you can wrap the present in a funny way to make sure you’re on the safe side, just like this spouse. Wrapping a stack of your wife’s present into a snowman is just brilliant! Wish we had thought of that.

Fun mug exchange

Memes are everywhere today. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is quite evident with them since there’s usually a photo with such little text to give context, yet, we can understand precisely what’s meant. Just like with this picture here. 

Image courtesy of AdriftAlchemist/Reddit

A woman made a meme of her husband and decided to put it on a mug to give to her friend during their Christmas mug exchange. We have to admit, it’s an incredibly unique idea. It probably gave the friend a good laugh after receiving it, so it gets our stamp of approval.

Minimalistic wishes

They say go big or go home. In reality, however, it’s usually the small things that count. That’s why minimalistic gifts are as timeless as they come. Also, while it’s always important to keep that in mind, don’t do too little that it ends up seeming like you didn’t put any effort at all.

Image courtesy of callmescotty/Reddit

Striking that balance might be tricky, so we’ll give you a few pointers. For instance, don’t gift anyone like this. These Christmas gift cards are below the bare minimum. It’s a good thing that they were made for laughs, but imagine someone actually giving these out.

It’s a gift

Sometimes, it isn’t just the gift that can bring a smile to a face for being so silly. It could also be the way it’s presented. Some people just can’t help themselves and end up doing something hilariously elaborate that you have no choice but to laugh.

Image courtesy of Ahnte/Reddit

This person, for example, used a meme to make a motif as wrapping paper, and just in case the recipient didn’t know what they were being given, it reminds them over and over again. We wonder if the person has more rolls of this wrapping paper somewhere.

Pleasant surprise

Some of our loved ones try to make holiday shopping much easier for us and the checklist much shorter when they propose we don’t get them anything for Christmas. As sweet as the gesture sounds, we can’t do that, so many of us end up getting them something anyways.

Image courtesy of tannerntannem/Reddit

This lucky human told their family they didn’t want anything for Christmas one year. As expected, they went ahead and got that person a present but put this ornament on the gift box. We did some digging and found out they were gifted a dozen golf balls. What a sweet deal!

What are the odds?

Since our pets aren’t human, they don’t have the freedom or ability to do some things. They can’t have money, so they can’t get the treats they like or indulge themselves. So, as caring owners, all we can try to do is identify these wants and provide them for our furry friends.

Image courtesy of wss1252/Reddit

This dog owner’s brother gets their canine scratch-offs every year, and we think it’s cute he’s helping the little pooch do something fun. With how long we assume this has been going on, we can only hope the guy, or dog, has won at least once.

Space kitty

Having someone pay attention to you when you speak is such a great feeling. It’s even better when they take what you say seriously. For instance, this lucky guy told his girlfriend he’s a lover of ’80s glam shots, so she got one for him.

Image courtesy of TheKurtschatorium/Reddit

What’s more, he and a lovely cat are at the center of the piece (as well as the background). Granted, whoever did the photoshop work needs a little more practice, but it’s still a great gift. Now, all they need is a goofy frame to go with it!


We absolutely love animals, so we’re always super happy to see them being included in Christmas festivities. We can only hope they feel the same since the alternative would be to accept that the effort put in by their owners is just for naught.

Image courtesy of cfatt/Reddit

This pup, named Oliver, was given a shirt with his owner’s face on it for Christmas, while his dad got a similar one of him. Although the owner doesn’t seem the most pleased with his present, Oliver looks happy, and we think that’s super sweet.

Brussel sprouts

What’s Christmas without a bit of entertainment? Having fun is the perfect way to lighten things up and raise people’s moods. And what better way is there to get all that done than with a little joke or a silly prank?

Image courtesy of mcjude/Twitter

Exchanging balls of chocolates for brussel sprouts might seem like a cruel joke if you look at it from one perspective. The way we see it, however, is that she’s giving him subtle hints to eat healthier. And what’s a better Christmas gift than love and concern?

Money pizza

These just might be our two favorite things. Deciding what gift to buy is hard, so sometimes, people end up making the presents themselves. As we said before, you can never go wrong with a handmade gift, so DIY is the way to go if you’re struggling.

Image courtesy of Creepercraft110/Reddit

Take this handmade pizza, for example. Yes, it’s wonky and maybe even a bit silly. However, you can bet that this seemingly weird gift ranks pretty high on this kid’s list of awesome Christmas presents. Plus, it came from grandma, which, you have to admit, makes it even sweeter!

Back and forth

This next one is a hilarious version of return to sender (not the movie, though). Out of all the funny gifts we’ve reviewed on this post, this one has definitely earned itself one of the top spots. The best part about it isn’t just the gift but the whole story around it.

Image courtesy of RPerkins2/Reddit

Someone gave their dad a puzzle of their labrador taking a poop, and the dad pieced the puzzle together, framed the picture, and gave it back to his child as a gift. Props to the dad! He sounds like a hilarious guy to have around.

Wrapping gifts with the greatest finesse

One way you can make your amazing gift to a loved one all the more special is by wrapping it super nice, just like whoever wrapped the piece below did. They even put a cute little bow on top to make it even more spectacular!

Image courtesy of Calusthenics_V2/Reddit

Duct tape might not be the most conventional material used to wrap gifts. However, when you’re all out of supplies the night before Christmas, just like we’re guessing this guy was, anything and everything goes. It might be a pain to get the gift out but what’s Christmas without a fun challenge?

Nicolas Cage Pillow

You’d think this one’s self-explanatory from the title, but boy, are you sorely mistaken. Yes, it’s about a gift someone gave their significant other, which is basically a pillow with Nicolas Cage’s face on it, but the backstory is even funnier.

Image courtesy of seriphae/Reddit

Apparently, the giver of this fantastic gift nags their husband to eat bananas. The said partner also doesn’t like Nicolas Cage despite the fact that, given his long career, he is in so many movies. So, this lovely pillow made the perfect ironic gift. We hope he appreciated the joke!

Rare find

The Golden Girls was by far one of the biggest sitcoms of the 20th century. Most people still enjoy till today. With titans in the sitcom world acting as the leads, it was nominated for numerous awards and won a couple of them over the course of its run.

Image courtesy of MudButtMcgee/Reddit

One such star happens to be Estelle Getty, who played Sophia, the character on which this action figure is based. This undeniably excellent gift was given to a boy who had a penchant for collecting action figures. Gotta love siblings!

Just horsing around

Most of these Christmas gifts are jokes meant to make people laugh during the whole exchanging gifts ritual we all love. If you really think about it, some of them actually mean a lot more since they prove someone thought of a way to make you laugh.

Image courtesy of marmaladejar/Reddit

This ingenious gift was the work of another funny sibling. Of course, gifts made to troll the recipients like these are usually exaggerated, but nonetheless, they do send a message. So, next time you see something similarly silly, it just might make the perfect gift for someone in your life.

An owner-pet sandwich

Many people assume that animals aren’t capable of feeling or expressing emotions, but that’s not entirely true. Like toddlers, they’re fully capable of experiencing feelings like anger, fear, joy, and most other things that make us feel superior to them.

Image courtesy of bmkeck/Reddit

Disappointment seems to be the word of the day for this poor canine. Looks like he isn’t so pleased with his gift, unlike the cheerful guy beside him. Maybe he doesn’t like the color. Or maybe, the poor pooch didn’t want to be peanut butter!


The title of this one says it all. Someone asked their spouse to get them slippers, and they probably would have been okay with any kind. From those fluffy ones we wear at home to the type we can wear out, the options are endless on that front.

Image courtesy of frustwrited/Reddit

But she thought super hard and decided diving gear was the most appropriate option. We’ve heard a lot of crazy stuff and borne witness to multitudes of big misunderstandings in our day, but nothing we’ve ever seen comes close to this. Nothing.


This person’s Christmas gift probably has the most wholesome story behind it in this entire post. The guy in the picture was nicknamed Bear when he was younger, and ever since, his whole family would always get him bear-related gifts.

Image courtesy of burrcook/Reddit

One Christmas, his grandma, and grandpa decided to join in on the fun by getting him that cute little bear statue. It is such an adorable gift that we are sure would make a great addition to his outdoor decor!


With no context at all, people would be scratching their heads at what we have below. We actually thought it was some humanoid form of Spongebob Squarepants’ pet snail, Gary, but it turns out it’s nothing like that at all.

Image courtesy of totally_not_masters/Reddit

Apparently, this is a pillow with part of Nicolas Cage’s face on it, which is such a random thing to have. What’s even weirder is that someone was given this as a Christmas present. Just…wow. Looks like this actor is saving Christmas one home at a time!

Weird candle

We like to believe we’re fully prepared for whatever the world throws at us. That we’ve seen it all, and as long as it isn’t new under the sun, it isn’t new to us. But, every now and then, we still come across something so mind-boggling we can’t wrap our heads around it.

Image courtesy of swagpizzazza/Reddit

This Christmas gift is one of them. A girlfriend got her partner this for Christmas, and we’re having trouble figuring out what it means. It looks like a candle holder with a photoshopped head on a saint’s body. Perhaps she was trying to show him that he was a light in her life.

Funny tees

There’s this trend that’s been going on for quite a while now where people get a loved one a funny tee shirt with a silly text or print on it. We are always amused by whatever they come up with. Have you ever done it before?

Image courtesy of TheIndulgery/Reddit

Here’s one we think is pretty funny, and it’s not just us; even his wife agrees! Although what’s written might not necessarily be true of the individual, it still makes for a good laugh, and that’s exactly what we’re all about.

One good turn deserves another

When you’re having trouble finding what to get someone for Christmas and running out of time, we recommend getting them something simple. It’s either that or the anxiety might make you go a little nuts and make you opt for something crazy like this.

Image courtesy of mdavis360/Reddit

A spouse got their loved one the same gift two years in a row! Now, we’re assuming they did this because they panicked since we can’t explain how else someone would give the same gift to the same person two years in a row. How disappointing.

Improvisation saves the day

When you can’t get your loved one what they want, go for the next best thing. Whether you weren’t able to afford it or it was out of your reach, all you have to do to make it up to them is to get something that’s just as good if it exists.

Image courtesy of TerraformerDev/Reddit

And here’s the perfect example of someone doing just that. This person’s daughter was obsessed with horses, but they cost a ton. So, instead of getting her a financial burden, the parent got her a lovely gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this. How sweet!

Another Christmas pillow present

Let’s face it, finding the perfect Christmas present hardly ever gets easier. People can be a bit picky and hard to impress. Others have it all or aren’t great at giving hints of what they want. In the end, all you can do is get them something and hope for the best.

Image courtesy od annonne/Reddit

Just like what this guy did here. He had no idea what to get his spouse or probably forgot he was supposed to give them something. So, he presented a pillow with their cat’s face on it as a late Christmas gift. Now, that’s something.

There was an attempt…to buy a gift

When the holidays come around, and the sales begin, you’re bound to see loads of your favorite items go out of stock. Sometimes there’s no use in getting people something else if the stores run out of whatever it is they want.

Image courtesy of Sm0k3turt13/Reddit

Here’s a pretty good example of a mom and dad doing just that. It’s clear they tried their best to get their kid the gift they wanted, but since it was out of stock, there was only so little they could do. We’ve gotta hand it to them for the card, though.

More of that silly wrapping paper

While there are some ideas here we find absolutely ridiculous and would never want to be associated with them, either as givers or recipients, there are others that we’d genuinely love to imitate. Wrapping a gift with this paper is one of those.

Image courtesy of Leelum/Reddit

We’re not entirely sure what this person was trying to achieve by wrapping a gift with a ring on top, but if it works, it works. Sadly, we doubt we’d find this wrapping paper in stores, so we’ll just have to take a picture and get it custom-made before next Christmas!

Christmas Prank war

Having friends is just the best thing ever. Not only do you get to have people who you can always lean on and spend time with, but you also get to have loads of fun, just like these three guys.

Image courtesy of deldertime/Reddit

Two of them got up one morning to wrap their friend’s truck for Christmas, which marked the end of an epic Christmas prank war. We love how they also gift-wrapped their steering wheel and seats. That took a lot of dedication!

What’s the obsession with pillows?

Sometimes you can encounter a gift so absurd that words fail you. At first glance, you might think the photo below shows how someone got their loved one a piece of bread as a gift, but boy, are you wrong.

Image courtesy of fun_lover2008/Reddit

This is actually a pillow that looks exactly like a giant loaf of bread, and we can’t even begin to fathom the thought process that went into picking this as their gift. Maybe the receiver loves to sleep and likes bread, so the gift was two of his favorite things in one.

More matching PJs

To help ease the anxiety and stress of getting your friends and family the perfect gift, you can collectively decide to get each other the same thing. That way, everyone’s happy with what they got and you don’t have to worry about impressing anyone.

Image courtesy of Quickster2099/Reddit

These four guys had that brilliant idea and executed it perfectly. They all got each other matching pajamas for Christmas, and can we just say, never has gifting been so easy! The huge smiles on their faces say it all.