Funny Prank Voice Activation Stickers

By Luka E

When we think of prank stickers, we usually think of those bullet holes people used to put on car windows and sliding doors. Now and then, they were effective, but only really the first time, and from a distance. After that, it was just a funny little thing you saw everywhere. 

You have to be pretty smart to create stickers that are actually convincing and funny. It definitely helps if you have stickers that work with the context of their surroundings, such as these. 

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These stickers make use of the fact that many devices we use today are voice or motion-activated. Think bathroom taps, hand dryers in mall toilets, doors, etc. We think this idea is brilliant! Imagine seeing a guy standing in the bathroom shouting at the basin, trying to get the tap to turn on. 

The trick is that you have to make it believable. That means targeting devices that are typically motion-activated or have just enough potential to be. You would also have to stick it on in such a way that it looks legit. 

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Here are a few of our initial ideas:

Of course, the “voice-activated” stickers would create the most hilarity, but they’re far harder to pull off. We also recommend that you don’t overdo it in any one location. Keep in mind, though, that if you do one bathroom tap in a mall, you should probably do them all (for consistency).