Funniest Things You Never Thought Could Happen In A Hospital

By Anthony K

When entering the hospital, you should leave a sense of humor at the gates to avoid offending patients, their loved ones, and physicians. In some cases, you may come across notorious and funny posts that may leave you in stitches. This piece compiles some of the funniest things in hospitals as caught on camera.

Always Give Clear Instructions

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You may encounter additional notices and reminders guiding patients and medical staff around the hospital. This notice gives specific instructions not to flush anything other from tissue paper. An innocent reply to the question prompts one to contemplate further how to dispose of poop.

When their Dark Humor Matches Yours

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You don’t have the power to determine reactions to your comments and thoughts. In this example, a patient with contact and airborne precautions reminds a physician that he smells like coffee and is happy when they worked overtime to manage COVID-19. The physician is surprised by the patient’s reaction when he smells like a facemask.

Hold Up: One for The Gram

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When you think of an ER, OR, and standard treatment procedures, your physician may have limited time to pursue personal desires. In this photo, the practitioner pauses to take a selfie while the rest of her team hasn’t left their posts.

The Drawing ‘Picasso’ Doctor

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A physician needs your permission to draw blood for various tests in most cases. Having allowed the doctor to draw blood, the patient is confused by her doctor’s blood after all the wait. All factors considered, the doctor is highly qualified to challenge Picasso for the best artist of all time.

Bottom Line

Whereas hospitals are serious institutions, you may fall prey to hiding around the staff. In some cases, you may find yourself in stitches after coming across funny events, posts, and notices.