From The Jumbotron To The Spotlight: Heroes Who Made A Difference

By Francis Tunwase

Sometimes, moments catch people unaware. And, for a lot of people, it is these unaware moments that truly stand out in their lifetimes. 

Today’s sports landscape has become especially popular for its ability to get everyone engaged. And through the Jumbotron, everyone’s seen certain people who have stood out of the pack because of their weirdness.

Below are 6 of the most incredible Jumbotron features ever.

Bruins Boy 

This little boy was caught overly hyped after he was celebrating a Boston Bruins win. It’s safe to say that the Jumbotron operator definitely didn’t see this coming. 

Source: YouTube

You go, kiddo! 

Shark Proposal Spoiler 

Proposals on the Jumbotron are kind of getting too cliche. But, in this case, nothing could have been more perfect. 

Source: YouTube

This fan of the San Jose Sharks noticed a Las Vegas Golden Knights fan about to pop the question on the Jumbotron, and he swooped in to destroy the moment. Talk about taking rivalry to a whole new level. 

Mayonnaise Eaters 

Hey, look – when those hunger pangs come calling, you better appease them. 

Source: YouTube

For this lady, though, eating mayonnaise out of an incredibly large jar with a serving spoon might be a step too far. Did she really plan to eat the whole thing? Yikes!

Eyebrow Boy

When a person’s got sexy eyes, they shouldn’t be faulted for flaunting them.

Source: YouTube

This kid got the right idea, and everyone’s got to admit – those babies sure look pretty.

Popcorn Muncher

Again, no one should be faulted for feeding themselves.

Source: YouTube

It’s just that this guy sure has some explaining to do. 

No Kisses Here

This particular guy was out on a Valentine’s Day hockey game with his sister when the dreaded Kiss Cam highlighted the two of them. 

Source: YouTube

Instead of puckering up to his sis, this guy apparently had a literal ace in the hole. He simply retrieved a sign from his jacket and displayed it, reading “MY SISTER.” Pheew – the big guy sure dodged a very awkward bullet.