Oh, Heck No: 40 Disturbing Images That Make Us Cringe

By Hans A

There are a lot of moments in life that just leave us going, “wow.” Now, that’s all well and good for the beautiful parts of our ever-changing yet static world, but then there are those moments that are just… weird. To be honest, ‘weird’ is an understatement.

These are enigmas to look at; the worst part is they might make you cringe just at the sight of them. Yes, we’re going in the territory of ‘weird and disgusting’ with this one, so be warned before you scroll down.

To be fair, though, most of these are very, very interesting, and we’d love for you to stick around and look at them. Just maybe don’t eat anything while you browse through the list. Well, we’ve already warned you, so let’s get into this!

Is There Something Living In There?

We’re starting this list with something pretty tame, but only for people who are used to this kind of stuff. Full disclaimer, this isn’t a fashion statement, and it never will be. So, if you decide to adopt this hairstyle when you’re going to the club – just don’t.

Photo credits: BanAllPineapples / Reddit

This guy in the game store is something else. We have no idea how long his hair actually is, and frankly, we do not want to know. Just look at this ponytail! There must be an entire zoo living in there, or it might be a whole living beast on its own.

Can We Just Stop Making Evil Robot Overlords?

The title of this item speaks for itself. We’ve seen it in movies, and it’s completely shocking that we are still trying to go through with it of our own volition. Imagine watching lots of movies about evil Artificial Intelligence robots and still trying to create them.

Photo credits: @agk42 / Pexels

Yes, AI has improved a lot over the years, but the question is: how far can we go until they realize that humans aren’t exactly the best thing to happen to this planet? Now that is cringe-worthy. But not the ‘disgusted’ kind; it’s more like the ‘horrifyingly cringy’ type.

Yeah, We’re Cutting Our Hands Off Now

Now we’re done with philosophical questions that make us realize how humans are willing to risk their own race’s existence. Yeah, it wasn’t such a treat to hear about that, huh? Well, guess what? We’re now going back to the disgusting kind of cringe that you’re here for!

Photo credits: runt-of-the-web.com

This person woke up one day, thought, “hey, what if I grab a bunch of blood-sucking leeches and put them all over my hand?” and went with it. To be honest, we wish they hadn’t, but what’s done is done, so we guess we’ll just…appreciate this photo.

Oh… Uh… Hi There…

So, a guy found a three-foot snake inside his toilet. You read that right, his toilet. We aren’t even safe in our own bathrooms anymore! We can’t walk around the garden or backwoods of our homes because of the fear of snakes, and now we can’t even take a dump!

Photo credits: jstrydor / Reddit

The worst thing about this picture is that it wasn’t taken during a time when the snake was just taking a nap. Nope, the guy literally took a picture of the snake staring back at him, seemingly ready to jump at the perfect opportunity to get a bite!

Don’t Get Caught In This Traffic Jam

You’ve been in a traffic jam before, right? The feeling that you’re going to be late to work, school, or whatever party or date you’re going to is not pleasant. It makes you want to squeeze through all the little spaces as much as possible to get to where you’re going early.

Photo credits: Yogeshgupta26 / Public domain / Wikimedia Commons

Facing traffic jams on this perilous road is not fun. And you don’t have a lot of options to avoid the traffic – unless you want to go skydiving in your car. It’s even worse when there are mountain goats around. You should never disturb them!

Sure… Okay, Mr. Bunnyman

If you’ve heard of the Bunnyman, then you know exactly where this is going. We’re not sure if it was the same person behind all those gruesome events, but one thing is for sure: whoever was doing that used tunnels as a way to cover up the evidence. This picture gives that vibe off too.

Photo credits: hitRECordJoe / Twitter

Whoever was fooled by that “free cuddles” sign atop this tunnel’s entrance is a poor soul. Either they knew precisely what they were going into but still chose to do so, or they’re way too gullible. Whatever is on the other side is not something we would want to know.

That’s Not Soap!

You read that right. What is on the car in the following picture is not the foamy soap used to wash cars. And we think we have a vague idea of what kind of creatures are on it. You should probably just take the car to the junkyard to get thrashed by the machine.

Photo credits: strangedangers.com

If you take a closer look at the little bugs all over the car, you can notice their tiny legs. This means that those things are spiders, and the thing we thought was soap are the webs that they spun on top of the car. Yikes!

We Hate Swimming Now

This picture has literally made all of us cringe and want to never set a single foot in the ocean ever again. If you think we’re exaggerating, then maybe you should look at this photo and tell us that you want to see that thing next time you go to a lake.

Photo credits: altforroulette / Reddit

Oh, what is it that you said? You don’t want to swim anymore? Yeah, we thought so. This fellow has huge sharped teeth that would put saber-tooth tigers to shame! We’re pretty sure that this fish’s teeth could pierce through someone’s arm!

Great Way To Start The Day

Everyone needs caffeine in their life, right? You probably need it for all those long nights studying or doing homework, or when you’re going to work. Heck, some of us need it even for normal things like staying up throughout the day!

Photo credits: SinisterCheese / Imgur

So, would you drink this if it meant that you’d get your daily fix? The question should be: would you still drink coffee after this? Just imagine enjoying your coffee, and then you look down and see a spider floating. Yeah, you’d hate coffee too.

What Are The Specs of That Thing?

Ah, computers. Truly the invention that has shaped our world today! Over the years, we’ve gotten a ton of advancements in modern technology, all thanks to a few hardware parts inside of a rectangular plastic or metal casing. But we bet you haven’t seen a computer like this one.

Photo credits: webfail.com

You can tell this computer can transfer wasps of up to 2 megabytes per second. This should be the standard for computers, to be honest. Though, it’s possible this type of PC wouldn’t turn on or do anything else, actually. At least it’s aesthetically pleasing…right?

First Cars, Now Bananas?!

We swear we cannot trust a single thing anymore. First, it was our cars, and now it’s also our fruits. Man, this world is slowly becoming as dangerous as the jungle! We just have everything sprouting out from anything. Curious? This is what we’re talking about.

Photo credits: PumparumTheCrow / ABC 7 Online

This family had to leave their home after deadly spiders were spotted in a banana. That’s just one banana, but we have to be thankful that there weren’t more infected ones like it. If these spiders really are deadly, then a hundred kilometers is the minimum distance you should keep from them.

Are You Dipping Your Toes In First Or Should I?

This list isn’t just about horrifying, disgusting, cringe-worthy images that we found in the deepest, darkest depths of the internet. Speaking of depths, how about another photo of an aquatic animal that we all love and should definitely not be scared of?

Photo credits: DaSkitzo / Reddit

If you plan on testing how cold the water is this time of year, you should first look at the water. We pity the poor soul who thought that they could dip their toes in the water but was greeted with this. Good thing sharks don’t eat people…usually!

Is That A Black Century Egg?

Alright, alright, we know that some spiders have abnormally-shaped and abnormally-sized bodies, but this one is special in a very visible way. It looks like a walking century duck egg! You know, the ones you buy at the Chinese supermarket that taste way different than regular eggs.

Photo credits: 5S5cw / Imgur

Wait, this isn’t a spider? Well, that makes a lot of sense. Sorry, guys, our sources tell us that it’s actually a giant tick that was pulled off of someone’s dog. That big round thing on its back? Oh, it’s just the poor dog’s blood. Yikes!

Hey, Jimmy! Nice Log You Have There…

The forest is one of the places that gives the most amount of “nope” energy all year round. There is literally no break from the horrors you can find here. Alas, sometimes you go camping with your family, and you’re tasked with finding a suitable log for the campfire.

Photo credits: Y7bap / Imgur

Well, good thing you brought that piece of wood with you because we definitely are going to burn something with it. It may just be something a bit different than what you first planned for, but at least we’ll be killing two birds with one stone here!

Dinner For Two?

Nothing beats a relaxing dinner with that special person of yours. Imagine a candlelit table, the nice plates being brought out, fancy utensils, and you even get to use those gravy goblets that you saw in Home Depot and really liked!

Photo credits: rebeccaalmighty / Reddit

…And then the waiter brings this hors d’oeuvre. All jokes aside, apparently, this not-so-little creature crawled in through the kitchen window. Good thing the original poster has excellent knife skills because you would not want this inside your house walking around.

Weird Supermarket

If you’re not a coffee person, that is pretty weird in its own right, to be honest. Who hates coffee? Okay, let’s get back on track now. If you aren’t a coffee person, then the next best thing to drink in the morning is some good old-fashioned juice.

Photo credits: Larry_Bird / ebaumsworld.com

Maybe not this kind of juice. Stay far away from this one because we all know that drinking another human isn’t legal in most (or any) places. What makes us scratch our head is the fact that you can’t even tell if it’s a typo. We mean, how could you mess it up that bad?

We don’t want to see this creature!

The more you read this sign, the worse it gets. Dante’s Inferno‘s iconic warning may be the scariest thing to read when you’re venturing into unknown territory, but at least it leaves a bit of mystery as to what you’ll encounter.

Photo credits: Small Straya Dump / Imgur

If you miss this sign, we’re sorry to tell you that you may be in the most danger you’ve ever been in your life. Not only does this place have tigers, but it also has snakes. And the worst part? There’s probably a bunch of them, considering all the breeding they’ve been doing!

Memory Unlocked!

This image is the kind that, if you know, you know. If you don’t know, you’re lucky, and you’re also better off not knowing. Whoever walked past the Five Guys branch at night and thought of doing this graffiti under the name is a genius and a scarred internet veteran.

Photo credits: felt_like_trolling / Reddit

We’re not sure how this restaurant is doing now, but one thing is for sure: this fiasco will put this particular establishment on the map forever. Once you’ve seen it, you cannot unsee it. Now we know why Oedipus Rex hated being cursed with knowledge.

You’ll Love This Dinner Item

Most of us have been invited to dinner at a friend’s hour or hosted a dinner party. Most of the time, everyone brings their dishes to the potluck, and you’ll all enjoy a bit of wine at the table, telling stories, making memories, and, most importantly, sharing a lot of laughs.

Photo credits: sisicomono / Reddit

Well, once one of your friends brings this dish to the party, all the laughs will die out. At least you’re still making memories, right? They’re just not particularly positive memories. Though we have to admit that the name is pretty fitting!

Into Silent Hill

You’ve seen this scene all too well in horror movies. The moment where the characters are about to escape the nightmare that they’re trapped in, but instead find an exit like this. Then it begs the question: is it safer inside here than out there?

Photo credits: LeKiipe / Reddit

There are also other things to question about this picture, like the fact that there are two ‘exit’ signs. And what about the absolute frosted state of the door itself? What is out there? You know what? We’d rather not know!

New Home For This Little Fella

You can only imagine how far this croc had to travel just for this photo to be taken by the poster. That’s dedication! Downtown is certainly a long way to travel from the place where it came from. And it also decided to use the worst place for shelter.

Photo credits: DHx5LAf / Imgur

If this little guy wants to survive and live out here in the big city, then he’s going to have to become street smart. We hope that the owner of this car could get in and drive off to wherever they were planning on going – without hurting our friend, obvs.

We Get It, It’s Halloween

There is just something about this picture that is very unsettling. It must have been taken at a local Halloween celebration. After all, seeing someone who looks like this doesn’t seem normal for any season other than this particular holiday.

Photo credits: ObliviousIrrelevance / Reddit

How this lady in the Hawaiian shirt kept a straight face and managed to muster up the strength to laugh and smile is unbeknownst to us. Maybe she was the one who made the costume and rented it out to a friend to wear and scare people during the party.

Is The Urinal Available?

Have you ever gone on a road trip? When you spend hours on the road, there’s nothing more relieving than pulling up to a gas station to use the restroom. So, imagine how disappointed this person must’ve been once they walked into the stall.

Photo credits: emirh12 / Imgur

Do we even have to mention that this person did not use that stall? In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they just left and waited another couple of hours to find a less scary bathroom. The mere thought of sitting on that toilet gives us the chills!

What A Deal!

Remember that picture with the ‘free cuddles’ tunnel? This is another case of a place with an unsettling sign. If your body feels tired and your shoulders are tense, you should try getting a massage elsewhere. This place seems anything but relaxing!

Photo credits: acidcow.com

If this is a legit business, why wouldn’t they try to spruce up the front entrance and make it look less ominous? This whole place looks creepy, and just standing outside this place is like asking for a one-way ticket to the afterlife!

New Toothbrush

Now we can’t even trust our own toothbrushes to be completely clean. When you ask us what picture is the most horrifying thing you can find on a normal day, then this is going to be the one that we’re going to show you.

Photo credits: curiouslystrangehorror / Tumblr

Sorry for ruining your dental hygiene routine by showing you this picture. This is not a new type of toothbrush with a few extra ‘bristles.’ Don’t worry; if you use one of those little brush covers on yours, you’ll be completely safe.

McDonald’s New Drink Sinkers

Everyone loves boba tea these days, so it’s no surprise that a fast food restaurant chain as big and as respected as McDonald’s would try to go for adding sinkers to their drinks as well. Too bad this photo is just creepy and not accurate.

Photo credits: dumbdrops.com

Good thing that spider wasn’t fully up the straw yet. But just think of this: all of its dirty particles went into the drink, and who knows what else? What if it spun a web before it drowned in the liquid? Now, that is a disturbing thought.

Yeah, Good Luck With That

If you’re familiar with the Final Destination film franchise, this next photo will either remind you how to stay safe on the road or awaken some slight trauma from when you were watching that movie. You probably remember what happened in that scene, right?

Photo credits: Jackstuef / Imgur

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and judging from this photo, it looks like everyone else on the road thought so too. The movies have shown us many situations involving trucks and logs on the highway, and we know better than to drive behind one of those!

Jaws Much?

This next image will add more fuel to that horror movie trauma you’ve acquired from watching too many of those things. We now present an image that looks like it came straight out of the well-known shark-centered horror film Jaws.

Photo credits: SeriesOfAdjectives / Reddit

Seems like this shark accidentally opened his selfie camera at night. Except that’s an actual shark popping up at the surface to wish a couple of sailors good night! Or at least that’s what we hope the shark did because anything else would be too morbid to think of.

I’m Just Gonna Go To The Balcony And…Nevermind!

If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment with a large balcony and a great view, you’re living the dream. The people who can see the beach from their balconies probably enjoy spending some time there, chilling on a hammock. Well, this person was deprived of that.

Photo credits: PZc5KCs / Imgur

Local pest control must have had a field day with all the money they probably charged to get rid of this mess because it looks like the bees had made an entire hive overnight on this person’s balcony. That’s an immense ‘nope’ moment right there.

A Job In Retail Doesn’t Seem So Bad

This next item on our list is going to make you stay far away from any jobs related to delivering food forever. It’s even worse because the fast-food chain in question, Pizza Hut, decided to put up a new hiring sign immediately after this tragedy.

Photo credits: misterfurious.blogspot.com

This all looks like a very sick joke. Why in the world would the restaurant put up a sign like that as soon as their pizza delivery employee had his life brutally taken away? It’s hard to imagine who in their right minds would apply for a job here after this whole ordeal!

Yin and Yang!

Swimming pools are one of the best ways to stave off the heat of the summer, or just enjoying the good weather in general with some friends or family. Most places have a few pools next to each other, but a picture of one of those is quite weird.

Photo credits: ymo2OPQ / Imgur

How in the world did this happen? The owner chose to clean the pool on the left, but the one on the right was just left to rot! Its icky color is quite appalling, and honestly, the local health services should write this place up for being this weird and dirty.

Spongebob in the Backrooms

Cartoons are something that children absolutely cannot live without. They shape our minds, how we see the world, and sometimes even our personalities. And now that we’re all grown up, we know the concept of liminal spaces. Well, this picture combines both things.

Photo credits: NightmareFreddyBear / Backrooms Wiki

This one is especially scary because SpongeBob SquarePants does look pretty creepy, no matter how nice he is. He literally looks the same in this picture as he does in the actual cartoon; yet this pic is disturbing! Parents, don’t bring your kids to this Chuck E. Cheese!

Weird Blanket

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at this photo is definitely a resounding “nope.” This seems like a traumatizing experience that terrifies us just by looking at it, making us cringe in a way that makes the hairs on our bodies stand up.

Photo credits: StoryTrender / YouTube

It gets even worse once you realize how these types of snakes like to kill their prey: by wrapping themselves around the victim and strangling their entire body until the prey runs out of air and all its bones crumble. But don’t worry – this woman was just getting a snake massage in the Philippines.

That’s Certainly An Out-of-the-Box Name

Imagine that you’ve just won the lottery, and you finally have enough money to build that business you’ve always dreamed of. Hooray! So, you decide to open a pizzeria as your first business venture. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Photo credits: batwoman08 / Reddit

Well, everyone loves pizza, but they may not really be a fan of something that has herpes in it. We think we’d rather go to that chicken restaurant right next to the pizzeria. What was the owner of this shop even thinking when they chose this particular name?

Just One Fish In The Sea

You probably know that saying about plenty of fish in the ocean. But have you ever wondered what would happen if there was just one giant fish out there? Well, fret not because we are here to give you what you wished for, and you’ll probably regret it.

Photo credits: b_lumenkraft / Reddit

Yeah, next time, don’t wish to see things that will likely give you the creeps. Well, this fish has a reassuring smile that will make anyone’s day, so that makes it a bit less scary! Just don’t dip your toes in the water if you still want to be able to walk!

Rent Is One ‘Nope’ Due Bi-Monthly

Seriously, what’s up with apartments in New York City? Not only are they really expensive, but they also have stuff like this that make you wish that you could just live with your relatives out in Buffalo or anywhere else.

Photo credits: Roryos0110 / Reddit

The worst part? You will have to pay for the apartment, but you’re also expected to be the one to pay for the repair! Let’s not even mention the fact that this whole place looks ominous. That’s exactly the kind of apartment you’d expect to be haunted!

This Isn’t The Food; You Are!

This picture shows how the circle of life is real and how effective it is at bringing karma to the apex predators. Look at this chicken tender and how it has teeth staring deep down into your very soul. It’ll eat you, not the other way around!

Photo credits: rmtPo9v / Imgur

All jokes aside, the poster of this photo just decided to do the smart thing and bring a trigger fish to work, deep-fry it along with the chicken, and serve it to their coworkers to give them a solid scare. Good job, Jim!

Let Them Fight!

We’ve shown bugs and snakes in this list since the start. This time, we’re going to be focusing on these creatures setting their sights on each other and not on humans, thankfully. Now, this is an epic battle we’d like to see in the movies!

Photo credits: ronnieth024 / Reddit

This is the Golden Silk Weaver, by the way, a type of spider that can eat other spiders and even snakes, as shown in the picture. To be honest, it doesn’t really look like a fight was happening anyway. The snake is all tangled up and is probably no longer alive in this picture.

The Sensabaugh Tunnel

You might be wondering why the heading for this one is the actual name of the place and not a clever pun by us. Well, the Sensabaugh Tunnel in Tennessee doesn’t need a pun. We’re going to use this opportunity to warn you to stay as far away from it as possible!

Photo credits: justice15x / Reddit

If it isn’t obvious enough from all the warnings written around it, this place has seen many deaths and even reports of ghostly sounds and footprints on the ground. If this is your planned shortcut, you’re better off using the main road!

Check The Roll, Always

When you’re going out to buy toilet paper, you normally won’t look at the hollow part of the roll itself, right? After all, what else would it be used for, except for allowing the holder to, well, hold the toilet paper?

Photo credits: phrresehelp / Reddit

After you see this photo, you should really start checking your toilet paper rolls. This might even save your life. They may not be as scary as sharks jumping out from the water or murder tunnels out in the open, but poisonous spiders are no joke!