Knot So Perfect: 30+ Bridal Blunders That Take The Cake

By Romy M

This article was originally published on brideliving

Most individuals fantasize about the day they unite with the love of their life, envisioning a flawless celebration filled with heartfelt vows and considerate guests. Regrettably, reality often deviates from this ideal scenario. Countless hopeful brides and grooms encounter formidable in-laws, envious family members, and occasionally, remorseful partners. In certain instances, it is the brides themselves who stumble.

Take a moment to unwind, find a comfortable seat, and indulge in the most outrageous wedding stories about mothers who wear white dresses to the ceremony, guests who don’t gift the couple, and sisters who decide to give birth on the same day as the wedding. However, we must warn you against drawing inspiration from these accounts, as imitating them could make you the subject of wedding shaming! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these stories, but remember to avoid replicating them in your own wedding plans.

Search Engine Sabotage

No one’s pointing fingers, but Google needs to step up its game and explain itself. Seriously, can’t the search engine tell the difference between wedding guest dresses and brides’ dresses? We’re pretty certain guests aren’t meant to show up in white, flowy outfits like they’re about to steal the bride’s thunder!

Image courtesy of Digital_Disimpaction/Reddit

These bizarre suggestions might be why we see some wedding guests strutting in dresses that could easily pass as the bride’s own gown. Whoever designed Google is about to get a flood of furious emails from brides across the globe. Brace yourselves, search engine creators; you’re in for a storm of wedding dress complaints!

It’s My Wedding and I Can Cry if I Want to

While we understand the desire to side with the bride and avoid stirring up a bridezilla before her big day, we must acknowledge that perhaps the stress has taken its toll on her. After all, no one can truly control the timing of giving birth.

Image courtesy of takethesky87/Reddit

However, let’s not lay all the blame on the bride here. Anyone would feel frustrated if they were told to postpone their wedding. Hopefully, once the drama settles down, the family will be filled with joy for both the newlyweds and the precious newborn baby.

At Least They RSVPd…

Weddings are a blast, filled with ancient traditions, epic dance-offs that last till dawn, and the heartwarming sight of two souls promising eternal love. But apparently, that’s not cutting it for these particular guests. They must have a whole other checklist of demands…

Image courtesy of meseekslookatme_01/Reddit

To give you some background, the dress code restriction in question is as simple as a “no jeans” policy. You’d think a polite “we can’t make it” would do the trick, right? Well, not for these guests! But, apparently, these guests would like the happy couple to cater to their every need.

There Can Only Be One

We all know it’s a big no-no to outshine the bride on her special day, but seriously, can we really fault someone for sharing the same name? Is she supposed to introduce herself as “Not the Bride” to every guest she meets?

Image courtesy of secret_side_quest/Reddit

Here’s a simple solution for Rachel, the bride: just don’t invite Rachel to the wedding! It’s way easier than making this ridiculous request. Alternatively, the second Rachel could change her name to Monica, and we could have a wacky Friends reboot. 

Not in the Job Description

If there’s one thing we’ve realized—bridezillas are indeed a real phenomenon. We get it, wanting everything to go flawlessly on such a momentous occasion is understandable, but we never imagined that altering the maid of honor’s body would be a strategy for achieving that.

Image courtesy of cooljesus69/Reddit

We always thought the spotlight at a wedding should be on the happy couple, but it seems like everyone’s attention will be fixated on the maid of honor’s ears throughout the ceremony. What’s next? Will the bride insist on getting her a face tattoo?


We’re shocked to hear that being the only one without glasses in a picture is causing such a fuss. It almost sounds like she’s complaining about having perfect vision. The bridesmaids and groomsmen would likely jump at the opportunity not to have to wear glasses.

Image courtesy of lactoseintolerant111/Reddit

There are several solutions to this mild inconvenience. The bride could simply wear a pair of glasses without lenses, or the bridesmaids and groomsmen could opt for contact lenses. We are surprised that the bride didn’t insist on the latter option!

Mommy Dearest

In case you thought this was an adorable picture of the bride and groom, we’re here to reveal that it’s actually the bride’s mother. Surprise! As for the unidentified man, we can only hope he isn’t the groom.

Image courtesy of bringmesomeshiraz/Reddit

You may have thought that someone wearing white at your wedding was unacceptable, but imagine your own mother going a step further and copying your wedding dress. Not only is the color dangerously close to white, but the bride’s gown also features a bejeweled top and a flowy skirt.

Caught in the Act

While we’ve already established that wearing white as a guest to a wedding should be deemed a criminal offense, this particular white dress pales in comparison to the mother of the bride from the previous picture. At least this dress can’t be mistaken for an actual wedding gown.

Image courtesy of ucantstopdonkelly/Reddit

While some may argue that this dress is perfectly acceptable, it begs the question: why opt for white when there are many other colors to choose from? If she had simply decided to wear a sleek black dress, this whole situation could have been avoided (not to mention it might have been more flattering).

Here Comes the Mother of the Bride

Oh no—not another one! We are beginning to see a troublesome pattern here. A bride had to confront her mother about wearing this dress, and instead of respecting the bride’s wishes, her mother decided it was best to respond with the silent treatment.

Image courtesy of da_boy_max/Reddit

While we don’t endorse revenge, imagining a scenario where a few dozen red socks mysteriously find their way into the laundry machine alongside this white dress is tempting. Thankfully, the mother had a change of heart and switched her dress before the bride had to resort to any acts of sabotage.

Dressed to the Nines

Don’t be alarmed if you catch a glimpse of the groom sporting Crocs and shorts, as there are more pressing matters at hand than his questionable fashion sense! It appears that he may have had a little accident, leaving us puzzled as to whether it’s a shadow or something else entirely.

Image courtesy of Sudden_Newspaper_677/Reddit

Since the groom couldn’t be bothered to dress up for his wedding, maybe he didn’t care about going to the bathroom too. Let’s hope that if he finds himself in need of the facilities again, he remembers to put his Crocs in sports mode.

A Real Catch

The bride looks absolutely gorgeous, the bridesmaids complement her well, and the groom is wearing… jeans and a shirt. Oh… and what’s that in his pocket, you ask? Well, it appears to be a bottle (let’s hope it’s celebratory champagne) with keys dangling right next to it.

Image courtesy of NinjaThrowAway69/Reddit

We’re scratching our heads, wondering why he decided not to dress up for his wedding or at least remove his hat and sunglasses. But hey, who are we to be fashion police? As long as they’re blissfully happy, they can ride off into the sunset with his stained shirt and trusty old blue jeans.


What’s even more mind-boggling than a bride expecting guests to purchase gifts three months ahead is her grammar skills. We had no idea “boughten” was a legitimate word. With a budget of $80,000, you’d think she could’ve invested a fraction of that in some English lessons.

Image courtesy of Appropriate_Oven_213/Reddit

Spending a whopping eighty grand on a wedding is no joke, and it’s evident that they have the financial means to do so. But here’s the million-dollar question: why didn’t they shower her with eighty thousand dollars worth of gifts if it’s such a pressing matter for her?

Budget Crisis

It’s a tough call to make: is the groom underdressed for his wedding, or is the bride simply overdressed? They are in Disney World, after all, the land where princesses and casually dressed tourists somehow end up tying the knot.

Image courtesy of rjab98/Reddit

Disney weddings can cost a pretty penny, ranging from a cool $15,000 to a jaw-dropping $100,000. So, here’s the most plausible explanation: they probably went all out on their dream Disney wedding, leaving them with no choice but to skimp on his wardrobe.

MUA Dodged A Bullet

A makeup artist and hairdresser are a must for most brides. But let’s be honest; their incredible talent is the main reason for hiring them. The artist is there to do your hair and makeup for a couple of hours—not to make friends with the bride.

Image courtesy of keln061/Reddit

This bride decided to cancel for the most peculiar reason, and now she’s hoping for a magical refund on her non-refundable deposit. Contracts were created precisely because of people like her. She’d probably cancel if she didn’t like the artist’s star sign.

Free Wedding Labor

This person has truly mastered the art of bargain-hunting! They have this genius idea to wrangle some unsuspecting teenagers into volunteering. Because nothing says “culinary success” like entrusting your special day to a group of youngsters who are more familiar with Snapchat filters than sauté pans!

Image courtesy of OPossumAttack/Reddit

Unless this person plans to exchange vows at a “Soup Kitchen of Love” chapel, they better brace themselves for a reality check. Sorry to burst their bubble, but they won’t get any free child labor—those high school volunteering hours come with some strict rules! Weddings, as magical as they are, don’t quite fit the criteria for non-profit organizations.

In Bullying and in Agreement

Last time we checked, wedding vows were meant for sweet promises and lovey-dovey declarations, not for unveiling potential domestic disputes. Talk about an unexpected plot twist! It really leaves us wondering what on earth did the bride say in her vows.

Image courtesy of cmelissa27/Reddit

Phew! After carefully examining the original tweet, it seems like we stumbled upon an inside joke that flew over our heads like a rogue bouquet. It would have been super helpful to receive some clarification, though. All we know is that love comes in all different forms.

Hey Hun…

This one’s a bit tricky. If this text message is indeed from the bride’s mother, we can play the “mom just wants to invite the whole extended family” card. Classic move, Mom! Or it could be a guest trying to invite their uninvited friends.

Image courtesy of Personal-Advisor4328/Reddit

Either way, we’re all left scratching our heads and wondering who’s behind this text mystery. Will the bride cave in and invite the extended clan? Or will she stand her ground and keep her guest list under lock and key?

Fat Shamer

Amongst the ruthless brides and self-absorbed divas, we’ve discovered a whole new level of shaming. Who needs a red carpet when you can have a beauty pageant, right? It takes a special kind of heartlessness to exclude someone from the inner wedding circle based solely on their physical looks.

Image courtesy of eatblueberrypancakes/Reddit

We sincerely hope the friend finds someone who truly appreciates her kindness and decides to distance herself from the bride, who perceives herself as “awkwardly shaped.” The bride may realize the actual value of her fantastic friend and let go of her shallow mindset.

The Typhoid Mary of Weddings

We all remember how terrifying it was to attend social events during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, imagine a bride purposively faking a negative test so she could get married abroad. Her guests were far from thrilled to hear that.

Image courtesy of weddingshaming/Reddit

Little miss typhoid Mary, you really know how to make things interesting—faking a Covid test just to jet off to a different country? Now that’s some next-level creativity! But here’s a friendly reminder: impersonating a clean bill of health is not exactly the most legal move in the playbook.


It seems we have a case of the “Bride Tribe Twinning” happening here! These sisters-in-law must have taken the “dress to impress” motto a tad too literally. Not only did they rock outfits that could pass as clones of the bride’s, but they also decided to copy her hairstyle, makeup, and bling!

Image courtesy of niketyname/Reddit

Many will argue that there is a plausible explanation for the groom’s sisters dressing exactly like the bride. However, these women went behind the bride’s back to get dresses with a matching color scheme. Talk about the evil ‘step’ sisters.

Alcoholics Anonymous

We’re not sure this classifies as a wedding blunder. But this bride is clearly a mastermind when it comes to wedding planning. While most worry about guests getting too sloshed at the open bar, she’s taken matters into her own hands with a stroke of genius.

Image courtesy of IndividualCoyote8427/Reddit

If you don’t drink, there’s no need to worry about feeling left out. You can earn some extra cash by selling your beverages to other guests. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Don’t say we never taught you anything.

A Touch Self-centred

The audacity! How could this woman decide to get pregnant nine months before someone’s wedding—because we all know that’s something you can plan and control? On a real note, this bridezilla needs to take a chill pill and congratulate the best man and his wife on the phenomenal news.

Image courtesy of Reading-is-awesome/Reddit

Is it just us, or does anyone else share the desire for the mother to go into labor during the wedding ceremony? Witnessing the bride’s reaction if the baby unexpectedly appeared while exchanging her vows would be quite a comical spectacle.


We sincerely hope the groom’s decision to write “help me” on his phone is just some hilarious inside joke with his buddies. But let’s be honest; if we were the bride or her family, we wouldn’t be too thrilled about that little stunt.

Image courtesy of breaded books/Reddit

Let’s discuss this peculiar trend of people bringing their phones to weddings. First, it was the maid of honor, and now the groom himself?! Things take a turn for the worse when you realize that this ceremony holds immense significance in the eyes of Catholics, and cracking a joke like that could be seen as in poor taste.


Most couples have that special place that holds a dear spot in their hearts. It’s where they may have had their magical first kiss or embarked on an unforgettable first date. Despite that, they don’t own it or have control over anyone else who has a special memory there. Especially a wedding venue.

Image courtesy of tastymango363/Reddit

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, using the same wedding venue is quite the compliment. The brother-in-law and his fiancée had such an incredible time at that person’s wedding that they decided they wanted to create their own special memories in that same location.

A Work of Art

Wedding games—they either hit the jackpot of hilariousness or crash-land in Snoozeville. There’s no middle ground when it comes to the games! Some can have guests laughing till the early hours of the morning, but this one appears to be a swing and a miss.

Image courtesy of aMellifera58/Reddit

This dice wedding game has potential, but the execution is questionable. No one should pay $5 for an oversized dice with paper taped to it. Plus, we can’t tell if taking a selfie with the bride or groom is a prize or a punishment.

Wannabe Bride

Once again, you’re not looking at a bride. Not only has she selected the one color deemed inappropriate for weddings, but the ill-fitting nature of the dress further exacerbates the issue. The white attire won’t be the sole reason for the stares she receives; other factors are at play.

Image courtesy of EhmanFont/Reddit

To complete her bridal ensemble, she has opted for what appears to be white nails, gold jewelry, and a floral hair clip with a whitish hue. While these elements may not be considered outright wedding faux pas, their combination with a wedding gown raises some concerns.

Photoshop: A Bride’s Best Friend

We’ve been through this before—a bride who doesn’t like something about someone’s body and wants them to be removed from the bridal party. How about we let bygones be bygones and focus on honoring the happy couple’s union?

Image courtesy of anniesun42/Reddit

Highly stressed brides often fret over issues that have simple solutions. With just a click of a button, Photoshop could easily remove those cherries! Now, all that’s left to say is that at least she didn’t get a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name.

Cue Eye Roll

It’s no secret that people get cold feet before their wedding. The pressure can become overwhelming, causing the bride or groom to fret over trivial matters. However, it is unusual to hear someone calling off their wedding simply because their partner saw a photograph of the dress!

Image courtesy of SteveTheGoblinBard/Reddit

While some may consider it bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress before the ceremony, calling off the wedding is an extreme reaction. If the bride has reservations about marrying him, she should express her feelings directly.


This bride may need to find a ‘photoshopper’ because they may not have any usable pictures between the girl on her phone and the girl on her knees. All jokes aside, it’s saddening to see such a beautiful moment ruined by someone who was bored.

Image courtesy of MelancholyMember/Reddit

It’s mind-boggling that no one bothered to confront the chronic texter. Shooting her a quick text telling her to put the phone away would’ve done wonders! Future brides should consider implementing a strict “no-phones” policy at their weddings to avoid this kind of shenanigans.

Victorian Ghost Siting

Oh dear, what do we have here? A woman donning a white wedding gown at another woman’s wedding? Wow. This has never happened before, and we are totally shocked. It may not be the bride’s mother this time, but it is her mother’s friend.

Image courtesy of gumyoji/Reddit

The bride’s mom may dub this wedding dress aficionado a friend, but we have a different take. Fortunately, she doesn’t outshine the bride since her dress looks like it was made in the 1800s. The chunky bag doesn’t do her any favors, either.

Nothing Personal

Everyone loves one of Reddit’s most popular subreddits, ‘Am I the A**hole?’. Combine that with the ‘Wedding Shamed’ subreddit, and we have a masterpiece! Now we have two ways of telling this woman she’s ruthless for not inviting her grandmother.

Image courtesy of Paindepiceaubeurre/Reddit

So many people would give anything to have their grandparents at their wedding. But this bridezilla is sacrificing cherished memories with her grandmother because she’s afraid she’ll take the attention away by dying. Undoubtedly, the bride won’t be receiving anything from the will now.  

Fashion 101

While the groom’s party may not have gone all out, we can give them credit for one thing—they’ve managed to keep their white socks, shoes, and shirts squeaky clean. On the other hand, the bridal party looks stunning, while the groomsmen’s mismatched attire is painfully jarring to the eyes.

Image courtesy of TechLover89/Reddit

We have to give these men the benefit of the doubt. It is possible that their luggage got misplaced, leading them to grab whatever they could find from a nearby construction site. However, regrettably, the coordinated shirts the groomsmen wore imply that this fashion disaster was intentional!

Battle of the Brides

As hilarious as this situation is, we feel for the bride. She’s one of the only brides we’ve seen on these posts who doesn’t approach the situation selfishly. Instead, it’s the mother who is thinking about herself instead of what her daughter wants.

Image courtesy of hanyo24/Reddit

The initial response the bride should give to her mother is a firm “No.” After all, her mother is already attending the wedding with her new partner. What more does she desire? Perhaps she intends to take charge of the entire ceremony. One would assume her partner has concerns about this situation as well.

Budget Bride

This woman, you see, isn’t just asking for plain old cash. Oh no! She’s requesting a special kind of love, wrapped in the delightful guise of monetary contributions. There’s a distinct difference (apparently). We wonder if anyone was actually motivated to send money after reading their rear windshield.

Image courtesy of topskee780/Reddit

If this tactic proves successful, we should all consider adopting it. Require a fresh wardrobe? Display your Venmo ID on your windshield. Dreaming of a car? Advertise Apple Pay on your car door. Coveting a house, a partner, and three children? Seek PayPal details on license plates.

The Hunger Games

Weddings—they’re renowned for the joyous festivities, the merriment, and, let’s not forget, the glorious free food! If that feast is reserved for only a privileged few, what’s the point of attending? Nobody wants to be a mere spectator, forced to watch “the more important people” indulge in treats while they go hungry.

Image courtesy of beckerszzz/Reddit

Here’s a thought: why not invite only family and close friends? But oh no, that means fewer gifts for the couple! To add insult to injury, guests are expected to bring their desserts for the potluck. Guess they’ll be dancing with empty pockets and sugar cravings.

Main Character Moment

Just like the couple who believed they owned their wedding venue, this woman thinks she owns the rights to the song used at their wedding. We bet she’s also complaining about them stealing ‘Here Comes the Bride’ from her ceremony. Next, she’ll be claiming rights to the wedding bouquet toss.

Image courtesy of ifyoureoffendedgtfo/Reddit

If it’s such a biggie for her, our lady should craft her top-secret song. Keep it locked away, never to be heard by the masses. That way, she can proudly claim it as hers, which’ll be true! A song so exclusive it’s like a private concert in her mind.

Monthly Meeting Misery

We’ve come across quite a few on this list who simply can’t handle anything stealing their spotlight, and in the process, their rationality goes out the window. Grey hairs? Who cares! It’s a natural part of life, after all. Besides, chances are this bridezilla is the reason for a few of those silver strands.

Image courtesy of willsingforpopcorn/Reddit

To prove her irrationality further, what makes her think her bridesmaid won’t recognize the story is about her? It’s not like this is a common problem. Fingers crossed, the bridesmaid sees it and unleashes a fiery roast in the comments! Let the battle of wits begin, and may the best roaster win.

Coincidence? We Think Not

It looks like our bride took an unconventional route to spill her thoughts. “Accidentally” posting it? After all, she’s tried every other way to talk. This was the desperate Hail Mary pass of bridesmaid relations. Well, at least she’s got some creative problem-solving skills.

Image courtesy of ecbecb/Reddit

For once, there is a positive outcome to this story. The maid of honor was dealing with personal issues the bride didn’t know about. Once they talked it out, they were able to mend their relationship. We love a happy ending.

Who Needs Surgery

Context always plays a crucial role in stories like this, and often, important details are overlooked. It would be helpful to clarify the nature of the surgery the bridesmaid is scheduled to undergo. If it’s a cosmetic procedure, it could potentially be postponed.

Image courtesy of Spaceinvader-/Reddit

The intriguing aspect of this story is that the bridesmaid likely lacks control over the timing of her surgery. Considering this is a British wedding, as indicated by the mention of “hens” (bachelorette party), it is probable that the bridesmaid is relying on the free public healthcare system in the UK.

Next up on Law & Order

We all love the food at weddings, but risking lives for some seafood? Nuh-uh! Bridezilla and her fam can survive a night without their beloved ocean treats. They can have a shrimp feast another day if shrimp is their craving. Let’s prioritize staying alive over shrimping it up, shall we?

Image courtesy of Why-am-i-like-this97/Reddit

We’ve got a wedding versus friendship showdown! Sure, you only get one shot at a wedding, but your maid of honor also has just one life! It may be time for our bridezilla to revisit her words and realize how absurd she sounds. She might still trade her loyal friend for a lobster dinner. Bon appétit, bridezilla!

Ugly Heart

There’s no winning with these brides. If the child isn’t pretty enough, it’ll ruin the ceremony, but if the child is too cute, they’ll take the attention away from the bride. Either way, someone who has this kind of attitude shouldn’t be allowed to include children at all.

Image courtesy of Indigo-au-naturale/Reddit

Let’s give a round of applause to the reposting superhero! The bridezilla got some serious heat and quickly hit the delete button. Thanks to our vigilant online guardian, that moment lives on forever! Remember, what happens on the internet stays on the internet, like that embarrassing childhood haircut.

How to Lose a Friend in One Simple Text Message

According to bridezilla over here, her wedding is worth more than spending the last hours with a family member before they pass away. Her partner’s grandmother may not be her family by blood, but that doesn’t mean she’s not part of their family and should miss it.

Image courtesy of Delicious-Midnight11/Reddit

Bridezillas need to remember something—it may be the most important day of their lives, but it’s not the most important for everyone else. Almost anyone would rather say goodbye to their relative and visit the newlyweds at a later stage.