45 Times That People Were So Lazy That They Managed To Infuriate The Entire Internet

By Jana I

This article was originally published on gethappyday

There is nothing bad with feeling lazy on some days. We all work so hard already that it’s not unusual to wake up one day and not feel like doing anything at all. Lazy days are essential to recharge our batteries, after all.

But we have to admit that people who are lazy all the time can be pretty annoying. Can you imagine how upsetting it must be to live with someone who is too lazy to even flush the toilet? And that is not the saddest part, folks.

When your laziness only affects you, there is no problem with that. But when it disrupts other people’s lives? That’s where we draw the line. And trust us, some of the stuff that lazy people do can literally ruin another person’s day!

For this article, we have compiled 45 images of some top-of-the-shelf lazy people. Just remember that some of them will literally get you mad!

Peak laziness

We can’t stand it when people finish eating but leave the dirty dish on the table or put it back in the fridge. It’s the same with milk. If you drank all the milk, throw the bottle away or recycle – don’t put it back in the fridge.

Image Courtesy of SneezyHydra / Reddit

Someone on Reddit said this is not only lazy but rude as well. And we can’t agree more! When we try to understand why folks do this, we can’t. And look at that dirty spoon! If the person had rinsed off the grease and food, it wouldn’t look so bad.

Blind reaction

We all know someone that does stuff like this, and it makes us wonder to this day how they have not caused an accident yet. Someone stumbled upon that kind of person, and they’re really trying to understand how anyone can drive like this.

Image Courtesy of NotSoAverageStoner / Reddit

When we tell you we are not even a bit surprised that this person crashed their car, we wouldn’t be lying. That was a disaster waiting to happen. There’s a reason why you should clean your windshield in winter instead of being lazy. Defrost that thing, and then you can drive away.


There is nothing worse than when a person doesn’t respect another person’s property or public property. Imagine what their rooms look like if this is how they behave everywhere else. It’s appalling and disgusting. Take a look at the image.

Image Courtesy of muammargaddafisghost / Reddit

If there was no trash can or the trash was filled to the brim, we wouldn’t say it was so bad. But the fact that there is a perfectly fine bin right there is really driving us mad! Where are your manners, folks?


We are all for chasing your dreams and working on yourself to achieve great things. But some lines you just don’t cross, you know? This guy wanted to succeed as a live streamer. However, he took things to a level he should never have.

Image Courtesy of themuffinmanV3 / Reddit

We don’t even want to start explaining what’s in those gallons on the floor. The room itself looks so messy that we can’t stand to look at it. Work on your dreams, man, but also keep your life neat. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Too lazy to throw the old TV out

When you purchase a new item for your household, you probably feel really good about it. So, we are extremely curious how some people do not have the motivation to throw or give away old stuff and make the room nice and tidy.

Image Courtesy of skeeverbutt / Reddit

Look at the grotesque picture this person created. We can’t even start to explain what we think about it. You get a new flat screen, yet you can’t throw away those centuries-old TVs? Get those old ones to your grandparents’ house or donate them somewhere. This is super unsafe.


Whoever did this had to be the queen of all Karens. No way this is a good, nice, and easy-going individual. We mean, you can’t leave your dirty Starbucks cup in the supermarket aisle and expect people not to judge you and your actions.

Image Courtesy of SergeantJinto / Reddit

The fact that this person is literally called Karen is hilarious. It hits the right spot, and we love this little fact. All jokes aside, if you do things like this or you think this is okay, you need to change your habits immediately. No one should have to clean after another adult!

Problem-solving skills

This is a mix of hilarious, absurd, and stupid. We can’t decide which one is winning, so we will just show the image to you and let you decide. Trigger Warning: we will show some dirty dishes and absolutely lazy behavior. Be warned!

Image Courtesy of bjarbeau / Reddit

This girl’s roommate avoids washing the dishes by just simply throwing them away! Who does that? We don’t know if we should be impressed by that idea or disgusted by her pure laziness… It’s so confusing. All that plastic, all the waste…

Van Gogh-wannabes

We support art, and we love artists! They can make some amazing creations and inspire us to do the same. However, those that are buying these color sprays and trying them out this way have no manners at all, and that’s sad.

Image Courtesy of JustAnotherHuman007 / Reddit

Aren’t these people even remotely ashamed of their actions? Well, we know they have no conscience if they’re doing this kind of stuff, so they probably don’t care. You see the color of the lid and then decide that’s the color you’re going to get. That’s it!

Abandoning a shopping cart

Whenever we go grocery shopping, we are impressed by the sheer evilness of people that drop their carts off wherever they want and leave the parking lot. They just drive home without any regrets. We are super furious about that, especially after seeing this photo.

Image Courtesy of Sarah Coffey Pruett / Facebook

This is one of the motives why parking your carts anywhere other than their designated place is not nice. Think of the other people. What about the workers that have to run around and collect the deserted carts all around the lot?

Gender reveal mess

We are all for gender reveal parties. It seems like a lot of fun. It’s a joy to find out whether you will have a boy or a girl and get to imagine your life in the future. It’s so exciting and joyful. However, this is not how the location should look after.

Image Courtesy of SnooSquirrels7857 / Reddit

This is what was left of a gender reveal party in a park. Congrats! It’s a boy! But you don’t get congratulations for leaving this kind of mess behind. What about your fellow residents who also go to the park? What about the environment?

When chicken smells like feet

If someone says their chicken smells like feet one day, that won’t be surprising. No, not after seeing this image. At this point, there is nothing we haven’t seen before. Take a look at the next picture we have for you, and tell us how grossed out you are.

Image Courtesy of alien_eye / Reddit

If we saw this in the supermarket, we would storm out of there and never come back. It is foul and disgusting. Can someone really be that lazy and not bother to get the ladder to change the price tag? We don’t want to be a Karen, but we would totally speak to the manager.

Shame on her!

When we tell you we were livid when we saw this picture, we’re not even exaggerating. This is something we absolutely hate. It’s one thing to be lazy, but when one’s laziness is prejudicial to the environment and to other people, we get really upset.

Image Courtesy scrawny11 / Reddit

Someone took a picture of this lady that supposedly picks up her dog’s poop and then throws the bag in the same tree every time. Look at that pile of plastic bags hanging from the branches! We are absolutely furious. We hope she’ll feel ashamed after learning she’s gone viral.


When we tell you we burst out laughing at this image, it’s true. It reminds us of a grilled chicken tender with some smoked paprika, pepper, salt, and basil. It’s so funny. Take a look at the image and tell us you haven’t thought the exact same thing.

Image Courtesy Kratsas / Reddit

This poor guy trusted someone to spray him with sunscreen, but, unfortunately, said person was too lazy to spread it nicely and cover his whole back. Now he looks like a grilled chicken breast, and we’re legit worried about his health!


Now, this one is deeply disturbing on so many levels. But it does have that chaotic energy that is sometimes entertaining; we can’t lie. If you have an Aries in your life, this is exactly how they behave and what they do.

Image Courtesy of reddit.com / Reddit

This is so funny to us, and for no reason. We don’t know if we should be disturbed or entertained. This was either done by a kid or an adult that is extremely unpredictable. You can pick and choose which version you prefer.


This is another toilet paper incident we came across and had to share with you. We found it so true to human nature – especially for males, if we might add. Dear men, don’t get angry, but it is what it is. Don’t deny your true nature.

Image Courtesy of trianglefor2 / Reddit

Throwing away an empty roll of toilet paper is just too much work, don’t you all agree? Absolutely yes! Instead of throwing it away, just put a new roll next to it. Problem solved. It’s easy. We just wonder what they’re going to do once that roll is finished.

Self-care gone wrong

You know, what you consider self-care can be considered stressful for someone else. Have you ever thought about the baristas that have to make dozens of soy milk vanilla lattes in seconds? Well, getting a cup of that might be your self-care routine, but for that poor barista? It’s stress, stress, stress.

Image Courtesy of AL3XAND3R_GTZ / Reddit

Someone’s self-care bubble bath with bath bombs might be a definition of happiness and relaxation. However, leaving the bathtub stained like this is just asking to get bad karma on your record. Clean the tub when you are done; there are other people who will want

He has a license

Driving underage is a huge law violation. There is a reason why they don’t give out driving licenses to just about anyone. Do you think this person is of-age to drive this thing? It doesn’t matter that it’s a cart. That’s beside the point…

Image Courtesy of WellOKDenzReport / Reddit

However, what made internet folks really mad about this photo was the fact that this young man was getting pulled around by his grandmother. Not only was he being lazy, but he was also being incredibly disrespectful for making his granny pull his weight around.


Here comes a picture that gives us the worst type of PTSD there is. When we see shaved beard hairs just lingering in the bathroom basin, we are seconds away from throwing up and breaking up with a certain someone!

Image Courtesy of nymphymixtwo / Reddit

It’s not that difficult to clean it up and rinse it with some water. If you’re feeling lazy, just turn on the tap and let the water do its job! It’s not that hard, we promise you. And no, you are not losing your dignity or manhood; you are scoring some serious points!

Pay to play

You know that feeling when you pay for a game, just for it to have a bunch of new in-game purchases that you need in order to enjoy the game? Yeah, that’s exactly the way we felt when we saw this picture. Their landlord must be into business strategies.

Image Courtesy of marblesbykeys / Reddit

Someone online said you need to pay to unlock this feature: $1 per button. We thought that was hilarious. But all jokes aside, we are bewildered by what this landlord was thinking. We can’t comprehend why and how this happened.

The reality of our generation

If you feel defeated by this picture, just know that it is the reality of our generation and the generations to come. There is an influx of fitness enthusiasts, and that is all good and dandy, but there are still those that are too lazy to be healthy.

Image Courtesy of expat100 / Reddit

What we need to do is start moving. Get up and get those steps in. Everyone can easily get thousands of steps a day if they really try. Don’t let your laziness give you health issues and unhealthy life. Keep a balanced diet, and move, move, move!

Too tired, you say?

If someone tells us they are too tired after making this kind of a mess, we are suing. We don’t know who, but we are suing! Nope, you need to clean this mess yourself. We can help, but that’s about it. Where do these ideas even come from, for real?

Image Courtesy of WaltzRevolutionary10 / Reddit

This Reddit user must have nerves made of steel and a deep, profound love for her sister to be cleaning the wax from a failed attempt to make a candle. You need a spatula, girl; this ain’t getting anywhere without something sharp to lift it from the tiles. Good luck.


This image was truly triggering for us. If there is one thing that we can’t stand, it’s when someone does something but does it only halfway. Either that or they haven’t tried hard enough…or they’re doing it with no intention of it looking good. Ugh!

Image Courtesy of WaltzRevolutionary10 / Reddit

Why would you even volunteer to paint the walls if you are going to pull something like this? No one deserves this. Take that coat rack down, unscrew it or whatever you have to do, and paint the rest of the wall, please. Or maybe just remove the clothes and do your job!

No way this is real!

Well, what are we supposed to say to defend people like this lady here? It’s nothing to brag about; it’s nothing to be proud of! This behavior is shameful. Please, never be lazy to the point it affects other people and their well-being!

Image Courtesy of _paolaliss_ / Twitter

Just imagine if these dogs see another dog. She is going to be in a lot of trouble! Not to mention that she is literally disrupting the traffic with her slow driving just because she was too lazy to walk her own dogs.


We understand some kids are just inconsiderate and insensitive, but that’s the kind of stuff that we blame on the parents. It’s their job to teach their child to behave appropriately and have empathy towards everyone. And when they fail, this is the kind of stuff we witness.

Image Courtesy of maebyline / Reddit

Inconsiderate kids turn into inconsiderate adults! Whoever did this mess at the movie theater is definitely not considerate in the slightest. Leaving this mess behind you and not even attempting to clean is sad. We know there’s people to clean the theater, but be considerate of them!

Customer service: nonexistent

If we were the customers that received a package or an envelope in this way, we would complain. Imagine you are waiting for your important package, only to find it a couple of hours later sitting on the pavement and out in the rain?

Image Courtesy of YourWarDaddy / Reddit

There was also another person sharing their experience and stating how this company threw their mattress over the fence, not once notifying them that it arrived. The sprinklers were on and ruined the mattress. Well, we hope they got a whole new mattress after that.

Someone call Gordon Ramsay

One of our favorite things on the internet is when Gordon Ramsay blasts other people for their cooking. It’s so satisfying to watch others suffer. We are joking, but you know what we mean. He is so blunt and so dramatic; it’s a chef’s kiss. Pun intended.

Image Courtesy of Kahne_Fan / Reddit

We feel like this lazy cook deserved a little bit of fire under his bum for serving a customer like this. No one in their right mind would do this. Call Gordon, and tell him everything. They will soon regret every step that led to this abomination.

House pets

We have already talked about some painting mistakes and oversights (laziness). However, this one beats all the aforementioned and all the ones that will come to be. It’s crazy, it’s hilarious, and it’s kind of avant-garde. Take a look at this awful masterpiece.

Image Courtesy of DimitriTooProBro / Reddit

Imagine you are repainting your living room, and you are lazy to the point of leaving actual dead insects on the wall. We can’t believe this is real. Can someone confirm if it’s real? If it is, we lost all trust in humanity.

Is it really so bad to walk?

Imagine walking! Wow, what a concept. You should try it out sometime. You were given legs to use them, folks. Don’t be lazy to the point of worsening your blood circulation. It’s okay to walk once in a while. We promise you that you will be fine.

Image Courtesy of iseeyoustandingthere / Reddit

This guy not only grabbed a cart designated for people with mobility impairment, but he also had to use his hoverboard because, apparently, walking is so difficult he can’t do it. We feel nothing but disappointment when we look at a picture like this. Faith in humanity successfully lost.

This feels illegal

We love ice skating. However, each year we go, we have to learn it all over again. It’s still super fun, though! But we can’t imagine someone doing this once they are done with renting their ice skates. It’s unfathomable, unbelievable, and unacceptable.

Image Courtesy of Nervous-Clock8361 / Reddit

We can’t even start to think about what the workers go through when they begin sorting these ice skates out. But what goes through the head of someone throwing the ice skates to the pile instead of acting normally and giving them to the workers or neatly putting them away?

Tower of Pisa who?

This is a tower that is going to give the tower of Pisa a run for its money! The tower in Italy has nothing on this new tower we found. Do you want to see what we are talking about? Well, make sure you are ready for this. It’s a real sight.

Image Courtesy of catserole / Reddit

This is peak laziness if we have ever seen it. Doesn’t it look better than Pisa? Of course not. How can someone live like this? We are honestly baffled. The stink, the mess, the chaos! We could never do it. But to each their own…right?

At least the driver can see?

Snow is beautiful…don’t get us wrong. However, if you drive and don’t have a garage, it can be a pain. However, we are not saying that this person’s actions are good. No, we are just saying that we can kind of get it. Kind of.

Image Courtesy of occolla / Reddit

This genius cleaned the snow off a windshield only from their side. It’s funny, and it’s effective. Much better than leaving it frozen like the one we’ve seen a few pictures ago, if you remember. Nonetheless, this one made us laugh, even though it’s lazy.

Someone will take care of it

If there is something we can’t stand, it’s when people say something like, “no worries, someone will take care of it instead of me.” Don’t be like that. The people that do this kind of stuff should really reconsider their whole life.

Image Courtesy of TurkayLurkay / Reddit

We are really wondering what kind of thoughts you need to have if you think this is an okay thing to do. It’s not that difficult to just throw your pet’s poop in the trash. No one should clean after you or your dog. It’s no one’s business!

Ah, yes, the freezer avoidant

We all know these people. Maybe we have never seen them, but we have definitely seen their works of art. The spoiled chicken legs, the melted ice cream, or the molded minced meat chilling in a non-chilling aisle with chocolates and snacks.

Image Courtesy of All_dex_no_flex / Reddit

We are sure you have come across this kind of thing at least once in your life. Maybe you’re the one who does this! Not only does the meat spoil, but the workers have to take care of it. Instead of giving them extra work, we can simply put the products back where they belong.

Library villains

If you go to the library often or read books when you have free time, we are proud of you! In the era of sixty-second videos, it’s impressive to have the focus to read a whole book in its entirety. However, if you are a library/bookstore villain…

Image Courtesy of Swaggie-J / Reddit

Please, leave those books in their rightful place. Don’t place them on the floor and disrespect them like that! Even though we’re mad that they did this in the first place, we hope that this person did actually tidy everything up after.

Shared laundry room

Sharing any facility of your home or flat is something we would never recommend. However, we know that sometimes it is unavoidable. This picture is the exact reason why you should never do it if you don’t really have to.

Image Courtesy of Puzzleheaded_Heron44 / Reddit

This is definitely not okay. You should never clutter up any communal spaces with your stuff. These poor people that have to share are disgusted, and we are too. How can someone leave their laundry sitting like this for days, stinking up the place? Gross.

That’s a no from us!

There is nothing worse than letting food spoil and rot in the refrigerator. Living with roommates will make the odds of this happening much higher. We are deeply disturbed by this image, and if you are too, we are on the same page.

Image Courtesy of flergityberg / Reddit

The one on the left looks like it developed an organism. It looks like it could start moving and gaining intelligence in a just a couple of working days. We feel like throwing up. Imagine the stink, and then having to clean this up before your roommate ruins the entire fridge!

Disposing the trash: the lazy way

Throwing the trash in the bin instead of leaving it to rot in front of your door in an apartment building is an upgrade. Believe it or not, that kind of stuff really happens. However, we’re still upset that someone just stacked all that trash when there’s an empty bin right next to this one.

Image Courtesy of FeelinSheepish / Reddit

To be frank with you, it is kind of gross and icky to touch the lid of an unopened container. So, we can give these people the benefit of the doubt. However, you can always use a piece of cloth or gloves to open it.

Doing the bare minimum

Lazy people live by the “if it’s not my job, I am not going to do it” mindset. However, doing that extra thing will ensure your job is done properly. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to do something more, something that’s not in your job description, and have good results.

Image Courtesy of Riresurmort / Reddit

First, they should have cut the plant before the painters got there. In that case, the painters would be have been able to do their work properly. We doubt that the painters had the authority or equipment to cut it down or remove it. Nonetheless, someone was lazy.

When renovations don’t go your way

We are all for office renovations and changing up the workplace. There is nothing as refreshing as having a nice office and a pleasant surrounding at work. It’s important for a more productive working day, as a beautiful environment can literally motivate workers to do their best.

Image Courtesy of untamedorgins / Reddit

However, if you intend to do some office renovations and do them like they did in the image, you’re better off not doing anything at all. We are begging you. Imagine having OCD and working at this cubicle? We could never!

It’s right there!

There are a few things in this world we can’t understand, and this picture below is one of them. We are truly bewildered and confused by the logic behind this type of behavior. You are in nature, folks, and you have a trash bin right there!

Image Courtesy of MissMoows / Reddit

How could you bring yourself to do this? The trash can is right there, and it wasn’t even full. We don’t know if people do this kind of stuff to be mean on purpose or if they are actually that lazy.

Roommates back at it again!

This person claimed that they washed all the dishes at 5 PM the day before and went out. They came back the next day, and this is what they saw. Supposedly, their roommates left it like that, and you know what? We believe the person who posted this image.

Image Courtesy of TragicGirl11 / Reddit

Reddit doesn’t seem to disappoint us. It holds so much content like this. It is truly disappointing and depressing how many lazy people are there in the world. How do they not feel overwhelmed with all the dishes? And how do they not feel bad for giving so much work to their roommate?

We have a winner

Well, we would say this one takes the cake. We truly got ourselves a winner with this image. Take a look at the state of this PlayStation controller and tell us this is not normal. We have never met anyone who does this kind of stuff in real life.

Image Courtesy of spacepasta / Reddit

We assure you that your controller is not hungry. Actually, the controller doesn’t eat at all. It’s a gadget, you see, and it is powered by batteries. It doesn’t need food. And how can you even play a video game while your hands are busy holding a slice of pizza?

The irony

There are a few things we love about this world, and self-inflicted irony is definitely one of them! Nothing hits quite as nice as some irony to spice things up. This is something we have found while doing our Reddit research.

Image Courtesy of BiggerFoote / Reddit

Good thing they blurred out the image of the girl. It’s one thing to embarrass yourself for a few groups of online communities, but it is completely another one to be made fun of by the whole internet. Protect her identity, even though her logic is so broken.

Never entering that car

If our date came over and picked us up in a car that looked like this from the inside, we would not go out with them anymore. Anyone that has such bad habits that they keep their car this dirty and infested is not worth our time and energy.

Image Courtesy of Cien_Almas / Reddit

Talk about pictures you can smell! The masks, the cigarette buds, and the mess are an instant repellant. Please, folks, do better. This is unacceptable. It’s not only lazy, but it’s gross too. It doesn’t improve your life in any way, and it certainly won’t get you lucky on a date.

This is humanity

There is only one picture to capture laziness in its essence. You can describe yourself as hard-working and not lazy, but you can’t tell us you have never used a shortcut in your life. That would be a lie, and we would never believe it.

Image Courtesy of veggie-man / Reddit

Look, there is nothing wrong with taking shortcuts. If you’re late for a meeting, go for it. But if there is a sign literally asking you not to step on the grass, why would you ignore it? To be honest, these aren’t even effective shortcuts, so what’s the point in destroying the grass for nothing?