40+ Reasons Why Teachers Are The Real MVPs: Rib-Tickling Notes Edition

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on healthandwellnesnews

Picture this situation. You are in a kitchen, preparing dinner, and hoping that your child is gradually becoming independent and responsible. Your child returns from school, and he hands out a note to you from the teacher.

Generally, our educators do an excellent job of maintaining decorum in the class and directing their students to a better future. Truth be told, criticism is not something that parents always love hearing because they prefer to hear about how brilliant their child has been performing.

Don’t worry if you feel embarrassed about the notes you receive from your children’s teachers. We want to tell you that you aren’t the only one facing the music. Take a look at these cringey notes that teachers wrote to parents.

Don’t work hard, but play hard.

Children love playing around and having fun. When today’s adults were kids, some of them might have been just like this child. For those who are and those who were, you aren’t alone. Little Josiah is there by your side!

Image Credits: jennynin / Instagram

Josiah looks like he has a pretty carefree approach. It is simple for him. He doesn’t want to work because it is not fun. We won’t blame him for feeling this way because even we can relate to him sometimes.

Imaginative and creative name-calling

This letter is about to leave you rolling on the floor in laughter. It is common for children to pick up inappropriate words from bad influences or other sources and spread them at school. Read the letter to know what happened during this exciting adventure at playtime.

Image Credits: dailymail.co.uk

Honestly, it is pretty innocent mischief! Even the person posting the letter says that it is the funniest thing they have ever seen. However, we hope that the parents wisely took care of the situation after receiving this alarming but rib-tickling note.

Itchy Brian

This hilariously cute letter is about Brian, who doesn’t seem to like math. We understand him because math has given almost everybody a headache at a certain point in their lives. Brain missed half of the math lesson at school. Read on to know why.

Image credits: demilked.com

One of the loveliest things about this letter is that it ends with a pretty positive message. We are glad that Brian doesn’t have lice, and it’s math that makes his brain itch, metaphorically and literally! Although, we do hope that math becomes easy for Brian in the future. ‘Till then, scratch away!

A little alone time

Kids must learn about standing up for themselves. Unfortunately, Lillian didn’t have the best experience standing up for herself, as she went a little overboard, leading to her detention. She threatened her classmate by inappropriately saying that she’d punch him in his -ahem – male parts.

Image Credits: shareably.net

As a result, the kind teacher decided that Lillian should have some time alone to understand her mistake. It will also help her have a better solution when somebody upsets her. We hope that Lillian has learned her lesson too.

“Accidental’” bite

Children are pretty good little explorers, and some also like biting things. In many ways, they are absolutely fearless, and they for sure get into their share of mischief. That’s what happened between Danica, Danica’s friend, and some chapstick. The note says it all.

Image Credits: er_iicaaa / Instagram

It is so sweet of the teacher who tells the parents what happened to Danica’s chapstick and apologize on behalf of Danica’s friend. Don’t blame the friend because these chapsticks do smell good. Maybe the friend got carried away? Children are so cute!

Like an elephant

Most children love animals, and they seem to be fascinated by them. Some of them are fascinated to the extent that they end up imitating and behaving like animals every now and then. Well, it looks like the teacher wasn’t interested in playing zoo keeper.

Image Credits: ketchuppisveggie / Instagram

Now that we have read it, it was probably annoying to clean up all of that mess. What we’re wondering is, did the child spray it like an elephant, or is the teacher just exaggerating? We might need some video evidence.

Poor lizard

Sometimes, kids end up doing weird things that could be really embarrassing for their parents. The letter explains what Tanner did at school and how the teacher discovered the situation. This, though, sounds to us like the teacher overreacted a bit.

Image Credits: lmcfadin_xo / Instagram

It seems like Tanner had a dead lizard (of all things) in his sock. On top of that, Tanner was playing with it. Well, it would be best for Tanner’s parents to check his socks regularly. We hope that Tanner wasn’t punished severely.

The artist

Although the artwork here is questionable, children love drawing, and they draw the most random things. It also could be liberating for some. However, it wasn’t the best stress reliever for this child, as he was caught drawing people’s buttocks.

Image Credits: jaycali_beauty / Instagram

The letter reads that the child was busy drawing people’s bottoms during math rather than finishing assignments. He also requested the teacher not to tell the mother, tried reasoning with the teacher, and announced his doings to the class—quite an embarrassing incident for the parents.

Birthday suit

Honestly, the letter you’re about to read is something that kids commonly do in preschool. Kids aren’t known for preserving their birthday suits for their birthdays if you get what we mean. If you aren’t getting a gist of what we are trying to say, then have a look at this letter.

Image Credits: amypilott / Instagram

The teacher’s comments look pretty shocking at first. Allie stripped down to her birthday suit at school. Gladly, there was no actual harm as the teacher had Allie’s back. She covered her up as soon as she saw her in that condition.

The fruit launcher

Why do so many children never get along with their fruits and veggies? Maybe their palettes have yet to develop to enjoy eating “adult food.” Nonetheless, here is a little note from Xavier’s teacher to his parents. He’s been ratted out!

Image Credits: tnt6977 / Instagram

Not only was Xavier not eating his fruits, but he was also always throwing them away. However, it isn’t right to force a child to eat something he doesn’t like, so better not even to put it in the lunchbox to begin with. He might develop resentment for that fruit otherwise.

Always hope for a better tomorrow.

This letter would have been quite embarrassing for Charlotte’s parents. It also would’ve been a tough job for poor Ms. Taylor. However it went, we can see that it was a pretty tough day at school for both of them. Have a look for yourself.

Image Credits: tereacovington / Instagram

Charlotte was quite a little terror that day. We wonder how they managed to get all that sand out of her pants. On top of that, she even hit Ms. Taylor. Yet, the teacher is pretty optimistic. The note will surely encourage Charlotte’s parents to guide her spunk in positive directions.

One risky experiment

We know how kids try experimenting with everything. Demi here tried to jazz up her hair. We aren’t sure what was going through her mind and what made her do it, but she cut off a piece of her hair.

Image Credits: thesun.co.uk

Her teacher wrote a letter to Demi’s parents and attached the hair. It is visible that the teacher feels quite guilty for not being aware of Demi’s experiment. We hope that it won’t be that big of a problem for her parents.

Booger collections

This one is pretty hilarious. Timmy and Jake have been conducting a super-weird contest that goes by the name of “the biggest booger ball.” Read the letter to find out how this highly esteemed competition went down in the end.

Image Credits: greenlemon.me

Weirdly, they keep their “collections” in their pencil cases. We wonder how their parents dealt with this situation. However, the part where the teacher asks Mrs. Thompson to postpone her child’s game for good is hilarious. However, they should know that no one can stifle ambition.

Attitude problems

Meet Madison, a kid who is impressed with her looks. Please take a look at the hilariously cute letter her teacher wrote for her parents. Her teacher wrote this letter as Madison refused to do her work during class that day.

Image Credits: earthwonders.co

She was not working because she thought she was too pretty to work, as we see here. What a mood. We understand her, and it’s pretty wise of the teacher to leave that part to Madison and her mother! Informing her parents was smart.

Sarcasm at its best

Meet Juliana, an honest but sarcastic little kid. She’s pretty sassy for someone so young and seemingly innocent. We like that attitude and honesty, though. But we also understand that the teacher needed to let her parents know about it.

Image Credits: izismile.com

The funniest part is that Juliana literally said, “good luck with that,” when the teacher told her class to use quiet voices. We just realized that Juliana’s phrases actually seem to be perfect for a tagline. This kid has a future.

Say what?

This one must have been pretty embarrassing and challenging for the parents. Children these days are also learning quite a lot about how adults confess their love. We say so because this child tried to kiss a girl in the cafeteria.

Image Credits: josephcolandrea / Instagram

Looking at the emoji in the letter, it is safe to say that it must’ve been how the parents felt after learning about this incident. We understand that their child needs to contain their emotions a bit. But we also imagine the parents laughed a lot.

A martial artist in the making

Learning karate and other martial arts is excellent because not only will it keep you fit, but it will also teach you self-defense. But it looks like Jonathan got carried away with the skills and started using them in the wrong way.

Image Credits: Palmzlike86 / Reddit

As a result, Dennis was the victim of his acts. We hope poor Dennis is okay, and we also hope that Jonathan learns to control his powers and channel them toward the greater good. Kind of like a mini Batman.


We all are familiar with children using slang and random words to address other classmates or friends. Many of us might have also done it when we were kids. Little Dale here decided to call his classmate a less-than-nice name.

Image Credits: lizziefranksadventures / Instagram

Well, his parents would’ve been pretty embarrassed by receiving this cringey letter. They must be wondering two things at the moment. Firstly, where is Dale learning all these words, and secondly, what is up with that typed bit? Leave the polar bears out of it.

Alarming answers

Here is another child who learned inappropriate words and used them in class. This one went a little overboard, considering the response from the child. We think that kids who are old enough to learn about hyperboles are old enough to know the meanings of phrases.

Image Credits: Dandy_Taters / Reddit

Although filling the blank with “your mama” would be cheered on by us millennials, it is indeed an inappropriate response for class, as the teacher mentioned. It could be that kids are way smarter than you think they are. Here’s the secret: they are!

Best excuse ever

This little kid got in trouble for calling her classmate ugly. But her excuse was out of this world and something that we can only expect from children! Their imaginations are wild. Read on to learn about her fantastic reason.

Image Credits: sneakertoast.com

Her brain hurt because she fell from a chair. But on the bright side, she was fine! And that is why she called her classmate ugly. The incident sounds so cute because there is no relevance between each part of the story.

Nasty threat

Toilet training is among the very first things that toddlers learn. So, kids in school do know how to take themselves to the washroom without hassle. Considering these things, the child should know that it is pretty wrong to threaten to “go” on another classmate.

Image Credits: ebimbib / Reddit

That’s pretty harsh, coming from a child’s mouth. It must have been quite embarrassing for everyone. But what made the kid so frustrated that he made this threat? We want to know about the other kid in this scenario, honestly.

Risky experiment Vol. 2

Meet Raeya, who had the sudden urge to cut her hair. She did it with child-safe scissors. It seems to be a pretty fun experiment since so many kids seem to do it, and we are even reading about this haircutting adventure for the second time here.

Image Credits: katmaritza / Instagram

Fortunately, a teacher spotted Raeya cutting her hair and stopped her before she went completely bald. It would be so cool if little Raeya grew up to be a hairdresser, and this episode would be a cute and funny story to look back on.

Acting upon urges

Some of us aren’t the biggest fans of books, especially educational ones. Thus, we can relate to Haiden, who acted upon his urges and ripped a book apart. However, the teacher took care of the situation and also wrote the parents a letter.

Image Credits: ruinmyweek.com

He did rip it apart like it wasn’t a big thing for him, but the teacher also reprimanded him for his act by moving him to the library and giving him time to think things through. Although we understand his urges, the teacher dealt with the situation perfectly.

The King Cake Situation

The letter is about Mrs. Shapiro, a teacher who informs Charlie’s parents about one “King Cake incident.” It looks like Charlie has been caught up in a lie by the teacher. On the brighter side, he came clean about the lie.

Image Credits: worldwideinterweb.com

According to the cute letter, Charlie admitted to his teacher that he lied to his parents about the situation. On a positive note, he also promised that he would apologize to his parents when he returned home. It looks like Charlie is a bright kid with a lot of understanding!

Don’t say cheese!

Gabby’s teacher sent this cringe-worthy note to her parents to inform them that Gabby couldn’t stand Brie cheese. Something tells us that the parents must know that already since they are her parents. In that case, what’s the point of the letter?

Image Credits: evildoer993 / Imgur

On the other side, maybe Ms. Stephany is only trying to help and ensure that Gabby is fine with lunch. We think it is the latter because if not, there is literally no point in writing a letter about Gabby’s food preferences to her parents.

Gaming insults

This letter is about a child who referred to her classmate as a “Hanzo Main.” We must say that kids these days are pretty innovative. Worry no more if you don’t know the meaning of this term. We didn’t know either, so we had to Google the word. Let us explain.

Image Credits: lootgaminghq / Instagram

Hanzo is a masculine fictional character from a video game, and that’s pretty much it. We seriously don’t know how it is even a bad thing. It looks like the mom posted the incident and had a good laugh about it.

Working on listening skills

It was a challenging day for this girl in school, as she ended up twice in the “think about it chair.” It was done to clear her mind and improve her listening skills, which were lagging by the looks of it.

Image Credits: bobbie29 / Instagram

Aysha wanted the directions to be repeated many times, yet she still had trouble listening. Her parents probably weren’t pleased to see this note, but there is always scope for improvement. Her teacher also encouraged Aysha by saying that each day is new.

Napping in class won’t get you grades

The teacher’s tone seems pretty funny and sarcastic in this letter. Compared to the other notes that we have seen, this one is relatively short and blunt. It is pretty simple to understand and cuts all the nonsense. Have a look.

Image Credits: domesticatedcompanion.com

It looks like the child didn’t get a good night’s sleep before school. Thus, he slept during the class and got caught by the teacher who sent this note to the parents. We relate with the kid because we all have those days when we feel tired and simply not in the work mood.

Oversmart kids

It rarely ends well for the kids when they try outsmarting their teachers. If you ask why, it is because, firstly, children can be clumsy with their lies, and secondly, teachers are always paying attention to the students. That’s their job! 

Image Credits: littlethings.com

Chad and Sean tried to outsmart their teachers, but they got caught pretty quickly. The teacher made sure to issue them a warning. Thanks to the boys, a total of five precious, holy teaching minutes were lost in the process.

Forging handwriting

Meet Collin. He got caught in an attempt to miss school and play games. The letter looks pretty cute, and the efforts are appreciated, although they were all in vain! We wonder about this little kid. He’s another one that is going places.

Image credits: shareably.net

Does it seem like a teacher’s letter? The handwriting is pretty clumsy and childlike, and there are a lot of spelling mistakes. Also, which teacher will tell children to play video games and write “I’m the teacher” at the end of the letter? Nonetheless, we can’t stop laughing at this hilariously cute attempt!

He doesn’t like the crust

We all love pizzas, but many of us would eat everything and leave the pizza crust. It looks like Max is one of them as well! So, Max’s teacher wrote a letter to Max’s parents only to tell them that Max doesn’t like the crust.

Image Credits: worldwideinterwebs.com

The letter from Max’s teacher only consists of one sentence, which says that Max enjoyed the pizza but not the crust. That’s pretty informative, conveying such insightful details to the parents. We wonder how the parent responded to the note if they responded at all.

The BM

This letter, indeed, has to be one of the most embarrassing notes to write for the teacher and for the parents to read. It will surely gross you out, but it will also make you laugh! Daycare teachers really have eventful jobs.

Image Credits: unknown user / Imgur

The teacher subtly wrote it by simply encircling the acronym for a bowel movement and asking the parents to check the backpack. Writing the letter and catching the child in the act or after it must have been nightmarish for the teacher. 

Instant sleep

We can’t seem to understand the precise purpose of this note. Is it because the teacher wants to ask parents to prepare a more energizing lunch? Is it a complaint? Or is it to trigger a demand for a power nap after lunch for children?

Image Credits: worldwideinterweb.com

Falling into a sweet nap right after having a fantastic lunch feels so good. We are sure that Gisele here went through the same feeling. The note is so simple. She had a little lunch, and she fell asleep on the table. If that’s not cute, we don’t know what is.

Maintaining the dress code.

There have been teachers – and there still are some teachers – in school who are highly particular about the dress code. This one wrote a note to the child’s parents because the length of her skirt was too short because of her growth spurt.

Image Credits: sneakertoast.com

According to the note, the skirt is shorter than the required length, which is the knee length, as stated in the planner. Also, the teacher wants the skirt to be replaced ASAP. Do you think the note is a bit passive-aggressive?

Tongue tantrums

The handwriting is difficult to read, but don’t you worry; we have decoded it. Kids’ moods are sometimes confusing, always cute, and sometimes frustrating for those who have to deal with it. It might have frustrated the teacher, who wrote a note to the parents.

Image credits: sneakertoast.com

The teacher wrote that the child was doing pretty good in the afternoon, but things didn’t go well when the teacher was disciplining the class, as he was sticking his tongue out all the time. We can’t stop laughing at this cute letter.

Earned the detention

We have a really naughty kid here. People love it when they hear stories of kids acting up, but it wouldn’t always be that way if you were a teacher. Take this teacher who gave their best effort to control Joe before giving him detention.

Image Credits: sickchirpse.com

Looking at Joe’s deeds, it almost feels like his acts earned him his detention. Not only did he keep on making that squeaking noise, but he also farted on another student’s face. The note is pretty cringe, but we applaud the teacher’s efforts. We wonder how Joe’s parents felt about it.

Wrong browser

It’s cute when kids think that they can fool adults. Sometimes, they manage it, but they don’t most of the time. Some children can get away with anything, and some teachers honestly believe they never do wrong. But that didn’t happen this time.

Image Credits: unknown user / Imgur

Irrespective of his teacher’s multiple warnings, he kept on insisting that the browser was different. What we are curious to know is how a .exe file becomes a browser. Well, he could be playing a game when the teacher isn’t looking. Though he couldn’t get away with it, his confidence was appreciated.

Big Revelation

Superheroes are probably the favorites of all kids. Little Anthony here is certainly one of them. He loves superheroes and is also a massive fan of Superman. Unfortunately, his character points were deducted, and he had to stay in detention.

Image Credits: ranker.com

He thought of disrupting his class by standing up and unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his Superman t-shirt. He then announced that he was Superman. Sorry for the lame joke, but who is Clark Kent in that case? On a serious note, the teacher wasn’t amused, but we were.

True friendship

Kids often struggle with their simple daily tasks, like getting on the potty. Fox went through the same trouble, but his friend, Parker, gave a helping hand. Thus, the teacher wrote a note to Fox’s parents, and we are melting!

Image Credits: popsugar.com

If Fox is reading, we want him to know that we fully understand your trouble! It is also pretty cute and wholesome that he has such great friends who can help him in these situations. Fox’s parents must be relieved to receive this note and happy he has good friends!

An emotional day at school

This little girl had an emotional day at school. It is pretty common because children can get so emotional at unexpected times! It is pretty cute to see the little angels this way. The teacher decided to write a note to inform parents about the day.

Image Credits: winkgo.com

What we can infer from this note is that the little child is daddy’s favorite girl. Thus, she loves her dad a lot. Wow, that could also be the reason for so many sweet little fights between her mom and dad.

Can’t stop dancin’

After looking at so many cringe-worthy notes, even those who didn’t know before now know that children can do the weirdest and the most random things during class. Most teachers will be frustrated by their shenanigans, but it is also pretty funny for us to read.

Image Credits: arielxim / Instagram

The teacher had to write a letter to the parents because their kid was continuously popping and locking in class. What’s funny is that the teacher is asking the parents if they could send their little one to a dancing class so that he doesn’t dance during this class. Love it!

Blame this one on Harry Potter

We have saved the most hilarious one for the last. For all the Harry Potter fans in the house, you know how addictive it is and how its slang and terms are always on our tongues. Sadly, these terms could also land you in detention.

Image Credits: hilariousimagesdaily.blogspot.com

Our Hogwarts fan learned things the hard way because he ended up calling a teacher a “muggle.” It would’ve been different, although still insulting, if he had talked to a student that way. We bet he won’t refer to someone superior to him in that way after he learns his lesson.