Tacky Till Death Do Us Part: The Funny Yet Awkward Weddings We’ve Attended

By Aileen D

This article was originally published on brideliving

While we don’t expect the bride and groom to shell out that much money for their wedding, we do expect them to maintain some degree of class that this occasion calls for. Pastel gowns, a solemn ceremony, and probably a grammatically correct invitation. Those aren’t much to ask for, are they?

We didn’t need any more reason to hate public functions and events. We already have an extended list of motivations! But because we want to be there when you celebrate your special day, we have sent out the RSVP and bought you a gift.

The least we can ask for, really, is a little class. No one deserves to attend a wedding with any of this faux pas. Keep on reading to see what we’re talking about.

Passion For Fashion

When you’re a long-time fan of a movie or an artist, they’re a huge part of your life. Some fans love a movie so much they literally get it tattooed on their skin. It’s a way of letting people know just how much they love a singer or an actor, or a movie.

Image courtesy of thatsitimweddingshaming / Facebook

It’s not unusual for adults to be fans of children’s movies, but this woman took it a bit too far. If you are a grown-up and adore Cars, that’s fine. Honestly, we love it too. But wearing this pair of heels at your own wedding? We can only hope her gown will hide the shoes!

Had Indigestion

This couple had been together for a long time. He was certain she was the one, and she couldn’t wait for him to ask the question. He planned to ask her hand on their anniversary night. The stage was set.

Image courtesy of facepalm / Reddit

Poor guy. He said his stomach was all in knots. We had told him it was totally understandable and then reassured him that she’d say yes. But we didn’t know that he had another reason to say that. To the bathroom, quick!

Purge Night

We all have our eccentricities and peculiarities. It’s pleasant to talk about them now and then. Tell the world that we’re all human. But there are some things best reserved for the honeymoon. Although, we hadn’t caught her wearing lingerie…

Image courtesy fo bekinditsgang / Reddit

The bride came clad in satin PJs with a Minnie Mouse costume on her head. How do you think he was able to show up with a straight face to the office after having worn this childish fantasy in a room packed with loved ones and colleagues?

How Convenient

We can always count on a mini-mart to house the snacks that we crave in the dead of night. There are all sorts of drinks too, chilled just the way you like it. You could get a pack of cigarettes or even microwave-ready meals at your convenience.

Image courtesy of ds3101 / Reddit

But the last thing we had expected was to inconveniently find a couple saying their vows before the cashier. While it might have been a breeze for these guests to choose their pick of food for the reception, it would have been better to hire a catering service.

For the ‘Gram

Nothing can keep two people from saying their vows before loved ones and family, not even the lack of funds. While these two were constrained to hold their wedding inside a Walmart store, the couple said they had no regrets.

Image courtesy of soul_oh / Reddit

Of course, management had to switch the PA system between the bride and groom reading their vows and calling housekeeping to aisle 5. And guests had to fold the seats properly after the ceremony. But all in all, everyone said that it was a success!

What In The World?

Is there anything more cliché than a wedding ceremony? It’s like every wedding follows the same old recipe. If you’ve attended a few weddings in this lifetime, you know what we’re talking about. It’s not hard to understand, then, why some brides decide to innovate.

Image courtesy of thatsitimweddingshaming / Facebook

This bride wanted to mix tradition with innovation, but she didn’t know how to do it. Then, the groom jokingly suggested that they should tell the guests to wear clown masks for the ceremony. It’s kind of hard to imagine she’d find this idea acceptable, but this image is enough proof.

One Too Many

After a fairytale ending, everyone was in a celebratory mood. The champagne was pouring, guests were coming in, and everyone was eager to wish the newlyweds the best for their life together. But the bride might have had one too many.

Image courtesy of YouOtterKnow / Reddit

Well, she might have had a couple from the start. She said it helped keep the nerves at bay. Then she had more during the reception, and there was no stopping her. Fortunately, she married a man she could rely on when she needed him.

Are You Sure About This?

With just one look, we can tell that the groom has married the right woman. You can tell that they are truly meant for each other, considering that they agreed to tie the knot at this peculiar location. We’re legit concerned for their safety!

Image courtesy of thatsitimweddingshaming / Facebook

So many things could have gone wrong at this moment. Do we even have to talk about them? All we know is that these two are probably adrenaline junkies and have a tacky sense of style. We wonder how the bride was able to walk in that terrain with those shoes!

Off Their List

This man and woman couldn’t stand another day without getting hitched. So the morning they got their marriage license, they decided then and there to call the pastor so she could officiate the ceremony before brewing themselves a pot of coffee.

Image courtesy of nicall / Reddit

After crossing this item off their list, it felt like such a big win! We would feel victorious too. How else can you top this achievement? Bet this last-minute ceremony primed their day and every other day of their lives. To the early birds!

Another One Up

For some moms, seeing their daughters dressed in white takes them back to that special moment they were wedded. Especially if she chooses to upcycle their wedding gown. But for some moms, the ceremony means something entirely different. And we don’t say that in a good way.

Image courtesy of Amy Penzza / Reddit

Some mothers feel like they are being upstaged! Since this mother-in-law couldn’t handle the idea that everyone’s eyes would be glued to her daughter-in-law, she decided to do a one-up on her. The priest nearly wedded her off to her son!

Apostrophe Catastrophe

We have seen this mistake being made more often than we would like. It seems that the apostrophe really has a way of catching people out. If you need to brush up on where to put an apostrophe, here is a quick lesson.

Image courtesy of almapanz/Reddit

An apostrophe followed by the letter “s” is typically used if you are compounding two words (e.g., “it is” becomes “it’s”) or if you are displaying possession (e.g., “the dog’s bowl”). Getting this wrong might have you sitting in front of a grammatically incorrect neon light on your wedding day. Yikes!

Recycling, That’s All

The bride and the groom were hoping that this one guest would say no. They invited her out of courtesy, but it was only a couple of weeks before the wedding, and they hadn’t received a response from her. At the very last minute, she sent an RSVP.

Image courtesy of Ladeboobop / Reddit

And just as they had expected, she came to the wedding committing another social blunder. She might not have been meaning to, but she could have chosen to have her bridal gown adjusted for the wedding. Better yet, she could not have come.

‘Til Death Do Us Part

How do you think these two lovebirds met? Well, they first laid eyes on each other at a bungee-jumping activity. They both had a need for an adrenaline rush, and since then, it has been one heart-thumping activity after another for these two.

Image courtesy of forking / Reddit

Most weddings, although joyous, can be a bore. You have to sit through a couple announcing their vows in front of everyone. But this couple wanted to break that stereotype. That’s why they decided to host the wedding at death-defying heights.

Hide The Children!

These days, it’s not unusual to meet people who think weddings are boring. Couples want to keep their guests entertained during the ceremony so that the energy is always positive during this special day. And coming up with random ideas is a way of ensuring everyone will have a good time at your wedding.

Image courtesy of morning1022 / Reddit

Well, you don’t have to let your creativity go that far. If you’re having a country-themed wedding ceremony, we’re sure there are other ways of innovating while still keeping men from being indecent in public. Remember, there’ll probably be kids at your wedding!

The Last Straw

Another (less outrageous) way to incorporate hay into your big day is by using it as seating for the ceremony. If you’re going for a more laidback, country-chic aesthetic, then hay benches are both cost-effective and can look quite pretty.

Image courtesy of weddinginclude.com

However, as with anything decor related, you have to know how to put it together in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing way. This is definitely not how it’s done. Besides, no guest wants to sit on a wooden plank for an hour.

Inspired by a Story

For most folks, ending up with the love of their lives is enough of a fairytale ending. After all, what are the odds of marrying your first love? But this couple didn’t stop there. Their wedding theme had to be inspired by a fictional, dystopian story.

Image courtesy of vaguely – witty / Reddit

Now, we have never watched this particular show. But judging by the synopsis and this shoot, we’re relieved we didn’t watch it. We have read that women in the story were forced to have children against their wishes. We’re declining the invitation.

Bring The Whole Community

As much as we would love to have you come to the wedding, do respect the invite which states that you’re only invited to bring a plus one. No more than that. Please don’t bother bringing the whole clan. Love lots, the bride and groom.

Image courtesy of entomofile / Reddit

As if those song suggestions were not suggestive enough. Can you imagine this clucking woman leading her chicks to the buffet table? Come this way, folks. Follow me / Why don’t you follow me to a place where food is free?

The Intention That Matters

So here’s a fact. There have been more marriages solemnized in Las Vegas than in any other state in the world! With enough beer and entertainment, you’re guaranteed to find the lone person you will want to spend the rest of your life with!

Image courtesy of corrupt_files / Reddit

Just look at all these couples lined up to declare their love for each other. The beautiful thing about this arrangement is that they are each other’s witnesses too. Imagine getting married at a time when loyalty feels like a prehistoric concept!

No Kidding

Some individuals love to rain on other people’s parades. Not only did this couple manage to come late to the wedding, but they also managed to steal everyone’s attention by dressing up like they were going to the grocery store or something.

Image courtesy of batmom525 / Reddit

You would think that the bride telling them the color tone for the wedding would have sufficed. But no! This couple decided that the rules didn’t apply to them. They showed up at the wedding only to feast with the newlyweds.

A Special Guest

Depending on the budget you’re on, you probably won’t get to invite all of your friends. Choosing which ones will make the select list is not an easy task, especially because some people’s feelings get hurt easily. For this couple, there was only one guest that had to be at the ceremony.

Image courtesy of Icarium 13 / Facebook

As you can see, there are not a lot of people at their wedding. They were clearly on a budget, so they couldn’t invite all of their friends, but they had to invite Thanos. Now we know what the evil warlord gets up to when he isn’t trying to annihilate half of the world’s population.

Jumping Head First!

If you want to have a successful relationship, you should probably get to know your partner first. Don’t be moving in together after one month just because you’re oh so in love. Remember: the first few months of every relationship are perfect, but that doesn’t mean you’ll live happily ever after.

Image courtesy of thatsitimweddingshaming / Facebook

This couple met online, and their connection was so intense that they decided to get married after they met in person for the first time. Their friends warned them they shouldn’t jump into a relationship so fast. Well, they obviously didn’t hear and even made fun of the advice they got!

Wear Your Heart On Your…

Who can’t help but fall for a romantic? These are the brave people who are willing to do anything for love. They are unafraid to pursue their love interests and cross oceans for them. They will unapologetically shout from the rooftops and wear their heart on their…

Image courtesy of therightcoaster / Reddit

caps. Not that there’s anything wrong with loving a pair of these. But there is a certain etiquette about wearing hats indoors. He should have taken these off and paid a little courtesy to the bride and bridesmaids with their all-too revealing necklines.

Honeymoon For Three

Ah, who doesn’t love a good honeymoon? Planning a wedding is so stressful and can really take a toll on you. The big day itself can be riddled with anxieties and can leave you exhausted. That’s why it is always fun to zoom off to a relaxing honeymoon to destress.

Image courtesy of ChiefWamsutta/Reddit

However, if you are going to be on a tropical island anyway, you might as well make it into a girl’s trip, too, right? We are not sure that this is what the husband had in mind when he pictured his romantic honeymoon.

Play Pretend

The bride and groom were handing out invitations to everyone. The groom had decided on his best man, but they were both wary about the latter bringing his girlfriend. The couple knew that she was just a little territorial when it came to her man.

Image courtesy of carlinh / Reddit

While there isn’t anything wrong with that, understand that she has acted out on several occasions just after seeing her boyfriend talk with another woman. And after finding out that he came to the wedding alone, she photoshopped herself in it.

A Certain Death

Each culture and religion has its own traditions. And most couples tweak it based on their preferences. You might see guests light floating lanterns and cast a wish or the bride throwing a bouquet for any of her bridesmaids to catch.

Image courtesy of olenlahe1337 / Reddit

But this bride had her maiden name engraved on a metal tag, then she pinned it to a fish and then sent it down the river. We’re not sure, but she might have meant to let it sleep with the fishes and dispose of her old life.

*Audible Gulp

This bride and groom had set a budget and were sticking to it. To ensure that their guests would, too, they gave out these invitations that helped guests choose how pricey their meals would be. It all depended on the gift they’d be giving.

Image courtesy of the ultimateshart / Reddit

The guest looks at the invitation and loosens the tie around his neck. “Uhm. Yeah. I’m allergic to seafood, so we’ll cross that one off.” He nervously looks around. “Look, how about you give me a glass of water?” He makes himself comfortable. “It’ll only be four hours tops!

Private Reception

Guests knew how much of a cheapskate this couple was. But they didn’t expect them to be this thrifty. They had invested in ‘Gram-worthy attire, and they were shocked beyond belief to know that they would be seated in an open parking lot.

Image courtesy of cassie1992 / Reddit

Of course, they couldn’t complain to the wedding organizer or the bride and groom. They just had to bear their losses and use the invitation as shade from the sun. Well, at least their food would be served warm, right?

Locks Of Love

We have all seen the cheesy Instagram posts of perfectly planned proposals and gorgeous diamond rings. Okay, we get it; your boyfriend is a millionaire that can afford a ring bigger than our ambitions. No need to rub it in.

Image courtesy of mdnnnsph/Reddit

While some might scroll bitterly through the enviable posts, others buck tradition and go for something a little more unique, like this guy who proposed with a lock of his own hair. Now, that is true love. Anyone can buy a diamond ring, but not everyone is willing to go bald for love.

Potatoes, Potatos

This couple didn’t want to sweat the details. They didn’t hire a wedding organizer, nor did they hand out expensive-looking invitations. They personally invited loved ones, but they sent this to those who they couldn’t ask in person. Kudos for the creativity!

Image courtesy of yearofpenny / Reddit

Potatoes, potatos. A wedding invitation is still a wedding invitation. If you don’t want to go, then it’s not a loss. If you do, you can enjoy the event like the losers that we are, but at least we will have fun together. Is that a deal or what?

Snacks Anyone?

Have you ever heard the saying, “there is nothing new under the sun?” Well, that definitely applies to weddings. Any wedding theme you can think of has probably already been done and posted on Pinterest. Standing out from the crowd is almost impossible.

Image courtesy of hummingbirdflorist.blogspot.com

We have to say; this bride definitely succeeded in standing out. We don’t know many brides who would be brave enough to walk down the aisle holding a marshmallow bouquet. This is not the most romantic arrangement we have ever seen, but as long as she likes it!


Oftentimes, people shell out a lot for their weddings, only for most of these items to be used once. Well, this couple wanted to reinvent the game. The groom decided to apply his handyman skills, and the bride decided to market it.

Image courtesy of ajlk24 / Reddit

Consider this urinal pre-loved. Bidding starts at $150, and delivery expenses will be at your cost. Expect that the urinal will give off a certain smell, but not to worry, we put ice on it on the day of the wedding.

When You Settle For Less…

If you follow pop culture stuff, you must have noticed that female artists, as well as gay male artists, usually choose extravagant outfits to debut on red carpets. On the other hand, straight men always settle for the usual suit. It’s pretty unfair, really.

Image courtesy of thatsitimweddingshaming / Facebook

It’s annoying to see women going all out while men put on the first outfit they see. This bride spent hours getting ready, not to mention the hours she wasted with dress fittings. All of that trouble only for the groom to show up looking like he’s about to hang out with his homies!

Do You Take Errr…

We can never stress this enough. It’s the bride and groom’s day. Do not do anything that will take the limelight off them. Do not get dressed in a floor-length gown, especially if it’s the same color as the bride’s dress…

Image courtesy of lumpysweater / Reddit

…or you might risk the ire of some well-meaning guests who spill their glasses of wine on you. Consider yourself warned. And for the bride and groom, make sure to have aplenty stock of red wine. You don’t want anyone’s glasses running out.

Whose Side Are You Taking

We have never felt anger the way we have now. This bride has always felt like her stepmother upstaged her. We never took it seriously until we saw her stepmother wear this gown to our friend’s wedding. And what’s worse is that…

Image courtesy of Luallone / Reddit

…her husband (the original poster’s biological father) didn’t reprimand his wife! While he thought his daughter looked absolutely beautiful, he enjoyed the fact that his wife drew equal attention to his daughter’s special day. Whose side is he really on?

No Witchcraft, Please

Here is another absolute no-no. Some guests nearly suffered a heart attack blocking the incantations this little girl was muttering mid-seance. She claims the bride’s maternal aunts wanted to give their blessing, too, which is why she tried to communicate with them. Guess what the bride did.

Image courtesy of ISol1hM / Reddit

She blew all the candles and then ushered this girl back to her seat. Not only was that a fire risk, but the last thing anyone wanted was a possession mid-way the festivities. There are enough drunks as is, honey.

Balloony Tunes

If you have never planned a wedding, you might feel like you’re a bit out of your depths when it comes to decor. There are so many options to choose from, but they are all ridiculously expensive. With this in mind, we can understand why this couple decided to go for balloons.

Image courtesy of manolobrides.com

Balloons are used for all sorts of occasions, so they must work for weddings, too, right? While balloons at a wedding might work when done right, when they are done like this, they just look super tacky. The worst part is that they will be making squeaking noises throughout the whole ceremony. Tragic.

E For Effort

As we said, creating decor that is fit for a wedding is not for everyone. It can be a struggle to put together the right color schemes and textures to create a space that is special enough for that big day.

Image courtesy of fashionnistta/weheartit.com

The person who created this table arrangement tried very hard. They put in a lot of effort, and we commend them for that. However, it is, erm, how do we say this? It is not to everyone’s taste. Better luck next time!

You Have Our Prayers

This bride and groom might have been meaning well, but if they didn’t want to invite people to their wedding, why didn’t they just leave it at that? Don’t call them. Don’t inform them. And don’t send out an explicit invite like this one.

Image courtesy of sar0025 / Reddit

We would be equally tempted to say, “you have our prayers. Best of luck on your marital sojourn. We’ll see you in the office first thing on Monday.” Does this invitation scream loser or what? It belongs in the trash.

Too Late to Back Out

This couple had heard rave reviews about this wedding coordinator. They had to have her for their wedding. Fortunately, they were able to secure her services, but they regretted it not long after guests started complaining about this lengthy directive.

Image courtesy of OyeSimpson / Reddit

Seramony? There’s usually auto-correct on a quality phone. Second, the couple does not need to be treated as if they were in a fishbowl. Let them interact with the guests! And while we applaud this organizer for telling people to refrain from using their phones, she could have phrased it discreetly.

Who Needs Spellcheck?

To add to our list of outrageous spelling mistakes is this absolute disaster. You would think that given the cost of wedding invites, the person making the invites would make sure that all the spelling is correct before pressing print.

Image courtesy of Lumpy-Criticism-3514/Reddit

But alas, they didn’t, and now the couple either has to print new ones, or they have to send these out and hope nobody notices. It is pretty hard to miss, though. Their best bet is to pretend they did it on purpose. That would work, right?