45 Times Cats Completely Ignored Someone’s Desire For Personal Space

By Arvyn B

This article was originally published on funcatz

We all know that cats are utterly adorable creatures. There is something so sweet about their huge, babylike eyes and the way that they seem to act like little people. As Freud said, “time spent with cats is never wanted!” They are also quite independent animals and usually like to be left alone. Any cat owner will know that you just don’t disturb your feline when it has found a comfy spot! However, it seems that these pure animals do not extend this same sense of personal space to their owners. Your bubble is their bubble. These animals might have a reputation for being unpredictable, but you can definitely predict that they’ll invade your personal space how they please. No matter what the cost!

Bathroom hunting

Most cat owners will experience this phenomenon at some point in their pet’s life. They love to follow their owners to the bathroom and watch them as they do their business. Why? Apparently, it’s a sign of love from them.

Image courtesy of captcash (Reddit)

Cats do it because they want to know exactly what you’re doing when away from them. They also get concerned that you might fall into the toilet! It can be a little annoying, but it’s all from a good place.

Bath buddy

However, this feline took it one step too far! It is a long-standing myth that cats hate being anywhere near water, and this kitty seems to have no problem at all. The user said the cat fell asleep on his shoulder as a kitten and kept it up.

Image courtesy of IsaacTowellComedy (Reddit)

It seems that this stopped the cat from ever being scared of water. Even as an adult, she’s sleeping without any problems. We’re not sure that the bathroom is the best place for a snooze, but it is pretty cute!

No privacy

Continuing with the bathroom shenanigans, many cat owners will be familiar with this experience. If there’s a gap under your door, your kitty will find a way to put its paw underneath it! This is to explore what’s in the room.

Image courtesy of Woohfer (Reddit)

They also want to check that you are not hurt in the bathroom. Usually, cats will put their paws under the door and scrabble around to see if they can find anything. This one was content with just hanging out!

The perfect perch

Cats love to sit in high places so that they can look down on everything. It makes them feel safe and aware of any predators that might want to eat them. However, we don’t think this spot was a good one.

Image courtesy of Nyliecyrus (Reddit)

It’s definitely picture-worthy, though. The user who posted this said her cat goes from the toilet to the sink, then climbs on her shoulders. He jumps onto her head and perches himself on the hair towel. That’s a mighty headpiece!

Stranger danger

Having your cat watch you in the shower can be unsettling enough. But having a stranger’s cat checking you out? It is completely unnerving! That’s what happened to this user, who snapped a photo of their bathroom window, where an unwanted guest lurked.

Image courtesy of MauSekhmet (Reddit)

As many users commented, this is sometimes how you end up adopting a cat! It seems that this kitty is obsessed with this particular human because he keeps visiting them on a daily basis. We guess that they must love the attention.

Peeping Tom

Have you ever heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”? Looking at this photo, it’s not difficult to see where this idiom came from. Cats are very inquisitive creatures, and they do not believe in giving their owners any privacy.

Image courtesy of Bhaktee (Reddit)

As we’ve already seen, that includes during bathroom visits as well. This kitty cat was dying to see what its human was doing in the shower. They decided to take a sneak peek. There’s something very charming about its curiosity.

Where there’s a will…

If you really don’t want your cat to disturb you in the bathroom, you can always try locking the door, blocking the gap on the floor, and closing any windows. We can’t guarantee you’ll be successful at keeping them out.

Image courtesy of zly-wplyw (Reddit)

As this photo proves, cats will find any way that they can to come and spy on you. And that includes breaking through bathroom vents to check what is happening! We can’t be too mad as it’s all for protection.

Why, oh, why?

This one is too delightful for words. Apparently, this cat fears for the user’s life each time they decide to take a bath. The kitty comes up to the bathtub and pulls this heartbreaking face as they check on their human. It’s unbelievably sweet!

Image courtesy of omgawolf5 (Reddit)

You can almost hear the kitty saying, “why, human, why?” You would think that after 12 years, it would learn its lesson that there’s no danger in the bath. But diligence does not sleep. This concerned kitty wins a gold star.

Shower shock

Some cats like to invade the shower to check what you are doing. For others, they would rather save their energies on judging you when you step out. It’s not too difficult to see what this pair were thinking when their owner left.

Image courtesy of EroticLlama96 (Reddit)

Their expressions are the definition of “oh my god!” It appears that cats are really quite fascinated with people being in the shower. They don’t understand why we need to subject ourselves to being drenched in water every single day.

Lovely lifeguard

All the kitties we’ve seen so far have been relatively calm in the bathroom. They have mostly just been watching their humans and casting judgment from afar. Not this guy! He screams at his owner whenever she takes a bath.

Image courtesy of mollyaclarke (Reddit)

Perhaps the cat thinks that he is a lifeguard and wants to save his human from drowning. Or maybe he’s trying to make soothing sounds to help her relax. Either way, it is pretty hilarious how needlessly terrified this cat is!

Nosy neighbor

Here is another stranger that just can’t help being a peeping Tom. The person who took this photo said that their neighbor’s cat comes to stare at them through the bathroom window every single day. The distorted window frame makes it quite comical.

Image courtesy of i_am_atoms (Reddit)

We guess this cat must really want to know about this human, or perhaps they are trying to protect them from danger. Either way, it’s a pretty curious kitty! This daily visitor must be friendly in its own way, if a bit weird.

Cinnamon Chilling

This cat is called Cinnamon, but we think Nosy would be a better name for it. Just look at how she is sitting in the sink, staring at her human! She seems to be very familiar and comfortable in this pose.

Image courtesy of sam474 (Reddit)

According to the user, Cinnamon likes to watch everyone who goes into the bathroom. She sits in the sink while doing so. If only all bathroom visitors could be as cute as her! Make sure to wash your hands carefully if you visit this home.

Creeping through the crack

This cat looks like it’s seen many things… and most of them were not good. He was peeking through the crack in the door as though his life depended on it. He wanted to see what they could be doing in the bathroom. Maybe something scary!

Image courtesy of wendallbear (Reddit)

Just look at the way his eyes are opened wide in fear, and his fangs are slightly sticking out. Maybe he thinks his owner is being attacked, and he needs to jump in to save him. Nothing to fear; it’s just water!

Crouching kitty, hidden dragon

One piece of advice for any cat owner – close the door when you use the bathroom. Otherwise, you might end up with a visitor like this, spying on you! At least this kitty was quiet and didn’t make any noise.

Image courtesy of waterfae (Reddit)

It just sat there silently, watching and judging its human for choosing to take a shower. If anyone else did this, it would be quite creepy. But as cat owners, we’re super used to seeing our kitties follow us everywhere.

Doctor Kitty

The user of this photo said that they were sick all night long, so they kept running to the bathroom. It seems that their cat knew this somehow and refused to leave the user’s side! Perhaps this kitty’s a wannabe doctor.

Image courtesy of pizzapugss (Reddit)

Any cat owner will tell you that their pet appears to understand their emotions. It sounds impossible, but we can attest to its truth. Cats are very tuned in to our feelings and know when we are not feeling our best.

Supervising in the Shower

Here’s another kitty with a job. (Wonder if he pays rent?) This time, the cat is playing the role of a supervisor. Look at how intently he’s gazing at his owner! He seems to be very interested in this whole shower business.

Image courtesy of casadella (Reddit)

This kitty could easily be a bathroom attendant, too. A very fluffy and adorable attendant at that – you could almost mistake his collar for a bowtie! He seems to be worried that his human is going to fall into the drain.

Baby monitor

Who needs a baby monitor when you have a feline as protective as this one?! This cat is extremely vigilant about making sure all is well with its owner’s newborn baby and follows the child around everywhere. We would love a pet like this!

Image courtesy of wroy88 (Reddit)

That includes following the baby to the bathtub. She jumped right onto the mom’s back to try and ensure the baby was fine. She does not seem to approve of bathing the newborn. No fear, kitty; Mom knows what she’s doing.

Double trouble

If you have ever wanted to know the difference between owning a cat and having a dog, this photograph is the only demonstration that you need. The cat seems to be really interested in observing and learning more about the water.

Image courtesy of jumperposse (Reddit)

However, the dog has a huge smile on its face and is just happy to be there! We’re not sure who is guarding who in this relationship, but it’s simply delightful beyond words. Let’s hope they left the owner in peace.

He’s seen too much

There is a short story with this picture. The user posted that their kitty usually likes to shower with his human dad in the mornings. One morning, the cat chose to shower with Mom instead. He does not look pleased with this turn of events.

Image courtesy of billypilgrimm (Reddit)

He seems to have really regretted that decision – just take a look at the expression on his face! We have no idea what the cat saw that made him react this way, but you can bet that this little guy went back to his old routine.

Sink spy

One of the most popular places for cats to hide is in the bathroom sink. This is because it’s small, and they can use it as their perfect lookout spot. It is the perfect place to spy on anyone who enters.

Image courtesy of Hobostabz (reddit)

Don’t be surprised if you find your kitty secreting themselves away in here next time. Just let them do their thing, and they’ll eventually jump out. Or they might just stare at you while you do your thing, like this one.

Are you okay?

At least this cute little orange tabby decided to give its owner a bit of privacy in the bathroom. Instead, this user said that Karl the cat waited until they were finished to greet them with a paw to the hip.

Image courtesy of huphelmeyer (Reddit)

This is certainly the politest cat that we have ever known. As we have seen already, most cats will just jump straight into the bathroom to check that you are okay, unlike this sensible kitty. What a proper little sir he is.

It’s my bathroom!

In many cities around the world, cat cafés and bookstores are the newest hotspots. Who does not want to drink some coffee and eat food or read some good literature while surrounded by a bunch of kitties? It sounds like a real dream to us!

Image courtesy of doctordaok11 (Reddit)

Unfortunately, not everyone has such a relaxing trip. This user went to the bathroom at one of these cool cafés and got screamed at by one of the residents! Perhaps they were afraid that the user would use their favorite toilet.

Alone time? What alone time?

After a long day of work, sometimes the best thing to do is to just unwind with a nice, hot bath, away from all distractions. What could be better? Sadly, any cat owner will tell you that it’s just not possible.

Image courtesy of wenzzzz (Reddit)

Kitties are extremely nosy animals and will not let you leave their sight. They will jump into the bathtub with you, too! Both of these felines seem very interested in understanding how bathtime works and why humans love it so much.

Kitty hygiene

Most of us know the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day. It helps stop plaque and keeps your breath smelling minty fresh. This kitty also seems to understand brushing – either that, or he wants all the attention!

Image courtesy of Inkspecialist (Reddit)

If only brushing a cat’s teeth were this easy – any cat owner will know that they absolutely hate it. And it looks to us like this cat feels the same way and intends to keep its owner’s attention no matter what.

Shock horror

Another reason why people like cats so much is because their faces show so many different emotions. They can look angry, sad, happy – you name it, they can express it, just like humans do. Can you guess how this kitty feels?

Image courtesy of coloradogrl85 (Reddit)

If you said “shocked” or “horrified,” then you would be absolutely correct! Luckily, there was no real cause for concern – the cat was just surprised that their human was (willingly) taking a bath. It is still pretty funny, though!

Is that comfortable?

We have already seen quite a few different ways cats try to keep an eye on their owners when they are in the bathroom. Here is a bit of a unique approach – sitting directly on top of the shower!

Image courtesy of flopsycat (Reddit)

We can’t imagine that this position is all that comfortable. In fact, we’re sure it’s not – for a person. But that doesn’t stop this kitty, who is determined to keep his owner in his line of sight. He always sits like this, apparently.

We’re all in this together

One cat on its own is enough trouble for a household. Two is quite a handful. But four cats?! It is complete madness! We doubt that you would ever get a minute of peace with this many felines roaming around.

Image courtesy of everythingvanishes (Reddit)

They look like they are watching TV. But it turns out that the show isn’t anything too interesting – just their human taking a shower. We can’t even begin to imagine how much work looking after this litter box would be.

Pokey pokey

Some of the cats we’ve seen so far like to use their voice to get their owner’s attention. This cat prefers to be a little more physical – or rather, a lot more physical. This cat pokes people in the bath!

Image courtesy of milliepow (Reddit)

There could be a number of reasons why it is doing this. The cat could be checking that they’re still alive or maybe trying to see if water has the same effect on people as it does on cats. “How does your fur feel, Mom?”

Eyes in the dark

We feel very sorry for this owner. This cat has taken the phrase “invasion of privacy” to a whole new level – he is sitting in the owner’s underwear! He looks pretty comfortable, so we wouldn’t want to disturb him.

Image courtesy of bubzyyy (Reddit)

If you’re ever faced with this situation, it’s best just to leave your kitty to emerge in his own time. You don’t want to end up facing those razor-sharp claws, especially not while you are sitting on the toilet. That would be pretty terrible!

Somebody’s watching me

Here is another dynamic duo for you. These two pets are definitely on the same page because they are staring in confusion at their owner. Calm down, guys; it is just a bubble bath! It’s similar to what you have to face every now and again.

Image courtesy of darthpickles (Reddit)

It is incredible how curious animals are with the concept of humans having a wash. If you did not know, cats groom themselves for about 30% to 50% of the day, so they usually don’t need their owners to bathe them.

Take me with you

This little kitty is determined to not let this human out of her sight – and that includes holding the door open so that she can come and see! The funny thing is, this human is not even her owner.

Image courtesy of derdota (Reddit)

It’s actually the owner’s sister who took this photograph. We’re not sure why this cat is so obsessed with her, but we have a feeling that she does this to a lot of people. Good luck going to the bathroom!

Utter joy

Not all of the cats on this list are so shocked at the idea of having a bath. This feisty feline seemed instead to be really happy about it. Just look at that cheeky grin on his face! He was stoked about this.

Image courtesy of thepanda2525 (Reddit)

The user who posted this pic named the cat Aberfort’. Judging by the expression on his face, we reckon he just realized that humans regularly and willingly take baths to keep clean. He looks about ready to hop in himself!

You’re not going!

This trio of kitties must be the most determined gang we have seen thus far. They pulled out all the stops to make sure their humans could not go to the bathroom, and all decided to sit on the throne themselves!

Image courtesy of udonfans (Instagram)

We think that this was probably a very successful attempt. After all, there is no way that any one of us would want to disturb these kitties when they’re looking so ready to rumble. These cats are a smart bunch!

You did a what?!

This cat needs a little help with understanding a basic human function – using the toilet. He looks absolutely terrified that his human is using his second water bowl as a litter box! We’re not sure what was scarier for him – the sight or the smell.

Image courtesy of snorri_sturlson (Reddit)

Either way, this cat is definitely not having it. It’s strange because cats are very insistent on having their privacy when they use the litterbox. They would hate for us to disturb them, but they don’t care about disturbing us!

Mirror image

This kitty is so beautiful! The user was washing their face before bed when their cat decided to check out the ring-light mirror. The result? This stunning picture! We reckon this cat will be gracing magazine covers soon. Hello, world!

Image courtesy of bergalicious_95 (Reddit)

This kitty definitely knows how to work her angles – we’re jealous! The way she was looking at herself, it was almost like she recognized how beautiful she was. We guess you could say that she is really feline herself.

Waiting patiently

This pair is probably the most considerate one on the list. They decided to wait outside the bathroom door for their human instead of pestering him inside. If only all cats could be as well-mannered as these two were acting here!

Image courtesy of kickahippo (Reddit)

Of course, the door is shut, making us think that these cats must have bothered their owner before he went in. At least he had the sense to shut it! We have a feeling the cats will zoom into the bathroom as soon as the door opens.

Let me help you!

You would think that, after a few years, this cat would have learned his lesson. Apparently not! This user said that every time they have a shower, their cat tries to break through the shower door to get to them. Why?

Image courtesy of nychomie (Reddit)

Because their human is obviously suffering inside the shower, of course! Why else would a person be found inside a small? Surely no one goes in that little box of their own accord! It’s truly a mystery – or should we say, a miaow-stery.

Guardian protector

We mentioned earlier how cats seem to have a deeper level of understanding about their human’s feelings. This picture is definitive proof of that. The user who posted this photo had suffered a huge panic attack at home, and they felt it.

Image courtesy of lilvamp666 (Reddit)

The person chose to relax in a nice, long bubble bath. The cats, who had seen this user’s panic attack, were concerned and refused to leave their owner’s side. The result? This photo of these guardian angels. We love it!

I’ll stand by you

Just like so many before him, this cat insisted on following his human to the bathroom. The owner was feeling very upset and crying a lot. To comfort her, this kitty crawled into the sink to show that he was looking after his human.

Image courtesy of Helektra (Reddit)

We’re not too sure how much comforting was going on since the kitty is fast asleep, but it’s the thought that counts after all! Cats are a source of happiness and can make you feel better after a tough day.

I see you

Here is another cat that does not seem to have any understanding of personal boundaries. She’s made a little nest for herself in her owner’s pants. The way she’s looking at the camera, it is like we have disturbed her!

Image courtesy of bannonpants (Reddit)

There is no easy way to get out of this situation apart from letting your kitty chill there until she’s ready to go. Hopefully, this feline doesn’t get much bigger, or she will end up ripping all of her owner’s bottoms.

First-time fears

When you take home a stray, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Your kitty has to get their shots, start eating proper food and get used to being in a new environment. That includes understanding bathtubs, too!

Image courtesy of orionx97 (Reddit)

This little fluff bucket had not yet been exposed to such large quantities of water. This was her very first home and even if she was trying to be a well-behaved kitten, she could not keep in her surprise at seeing her new mom submerged in bubbles.

Tears for two

That’s right – it is another cat and dog combination who are worried about their owner being in the bath. It’s hilarious to see how scared they both are. The dog was crying as the cat was screeching in fear!

Image courtesy of anevpm (Reddit)

It is a good sign that they’re doing this. After all, it shows how protective they are of their human and how scared they are of them being hurt. Still, you would think they’d learn their lesson by now and be used to this ritual.

All eyes on me

This group of kitties has decided to take three different spots to observe their human, who surely felt like their favorite entertainment source. The user who posted this said that they had done this every single time, ever since the cats were kittens!

Image courtesy of RoboticArrow (Reddit)

We love the cat in the bottom right photo. The expression on his face makes it seem like he could not and will not ever get over this sight. We think he is probably fascinated with this human’s routine, even though it probably rarely changed.

We see you

Whatever this person was doing on the toilet, it appears he has summoned the entire force. All four kitties decided they needed to keep an eye on their owner! We love the range of expressions on each of their furry faces.

Image courtesy of chefjessphd (Reddit)

The orange cat looks confused, while the black and white one is a little angry. The white one at the back looks like he’s trying to speak, and the brown tabby just looks regal. What a goofy bunch of felines!

Whatcha doing?

This kitty will not let anything stop her from spying on her human – certainly not a silly wooden door! Instead, she decided to peer under the gap to check out what mysterious things could be happening in the bathroom.

Image courtesy of rolly-polly (Reddit)

She might even have been asking her owner if he’s almost done. She was very curious to know why they would lock themselves away from her. We think the human needed to buy a better, floor-length door! Unless they enjoyed this game.